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Letter from George Washington Carver to George Philips, July 11, 1933

Letter to Mr. George Philips Page 1 Letter to Mr. George Philips, Page 2

Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute

July 11 -- 33

My dear Mr. Philips:--

Thank you for your first letter. I did not write anything about my beloved friend Dr. Cosby.

As you know possibly, that i would love to do it, but my nationality and complexion would make it difficult for me to get it in a paper.

I regret so much as well as you that such a condition exists, but it does nevertheless and we have to put up with it as best we can.

I am sure you remember the incident in the park in Montgomery, where they drove me out. We run up against these things so much that we remain silent so much against our will.

My friend, I would not tell other people this but you know me well enough to understand that it is one friend talking to another dear friend.

Very sincerely yours,

G. W. Carver