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Marjorie Cargill Petri Collection (MC 77)

Biographical Note

Marjorie Cargill (September 28, 1905-October 24, 1994) was the daughter of J. Ralston Cargill. She was born and died in Columbus, Georgia.  She married Lawrence C. Petri, who was a partner in Neal and Petri Jewelers, a leader in the Knights Templar of Georgia and involved in oil and gas exploration in both Georgia and Texas.

Scope and Contents

The collection comprises personal, social and professional material of the Cargill and Petri families.  Much of the collection consists of printed materials, as well as photographs and postcards.

1860s-1989 3 boxes (2 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Marjorie Cargill Petri Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives.  Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Marjorie Cargill Petri Collection, MC 77
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia

Note to Researchers

See also:

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These materials were donated by Marjorie Cargill Petri in 1980.

Box and Contents List

Box 1 :

Folder 1 – Oil and gas lease. M. H. Tidd of Talbot County, Georgia and B. DeWitt of Dallas, Texas. November 30, 1959

Folder 2 – Printed materials including the following items:

1. Card about “Oil Possibilities in Georgia,1950.”

2. Publication on the geology and mineral resources of Georgia, by Garland Peyton, Atlanta, Ga. Booklet, Circular 1. June, 1947

3. Directory of Georgia Mineral Producers, Atlanta, Ga. Booklet, Circular 2. 1959.

4. Georgia Mineral News Letter Vol VII, No. 1 Spring-Summer. 1954.

5. Georgia Mineral News Letter Vol XII, No. 1 Spring-Summer. 1959.

6. The Industrial Minerals of Georgia Garland Peyton, Director, Booklet.

7. Hints on oil prospecting surface indications and manner of occurrence of petroleum described by United States Geological Survey reviewed and reprinted by Captain Garland Peyton, Booklet, 1941.

8. Department of Mines, Mining and Geology State Division of Conservation Agriculture Laboratory Building. Atlanta, Ga. Booklet, 1959. Enclosed, manuscript note, 1958.

9. A lsmalle map of Georgia State. Stamped "Department of Mines, Mining and Geology, Atlanta Ga" on the back.

10. “Map showing relation of Tuscaloosa Rocks and Brewtonwell to Georgia and Florida-March-April 1952".

11. “Georgia gets set for the big push”, article by Frank Gardner, Vol. 58, No. 14. April 4, 1960

12. “U.S.exploration scoreboard for 1959”. Article in The Oil and Gas Journal.

13. Map of Georgia (Texaco)

Books and Booklets

Folder 3 1. Webster's New International Dictionary a new creation with illustration 1881. Includes a letter concerning spelling of foreign place names from the Department of Commerce. Washington, D.C. 1930.

2. Farm Festival, William Carleton, NY, 1880, 167 pages.

3. Jewish Artisan Life, Franz Delitzsch, D.D. NY 1883, 120 pages.

4. Handy Atlas of the World, Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor. NY 1883, 32 pages.

5. College Topics, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Vol. I, No. 2, February, 1891, W.A. Marschall, C.C. Johnson, Booklet, 64 pages.

6. The Complete Poetical Works, John Greenleaf Whittier, U.S.A. 1892, 547 pages.

7. Around the World In Eighty Minutes, Henry Altemus, Philadelphi,. 1894, 223 pages.

8. Mr. Crewe's Career, Winston Churchill, NY, 1908, 498 pages.

9. The Cohiscan (Columbus High School Annual), Columbus, Ga. 1914, Vol. I, 67 pages.

10. The Cohiscan (Columbus High School Annual), Columbus, Ga. 1914, Vol. 2.

11. Eneas Africanus -- Defendant, Henry Stillwell Edwards, Macon, Ga. 1923, Copyright 1921, 40 pages.

12. A Few Figs from Thistles Poems and Sonnets, Edna St. Vincent Millay, U.S.A. 1922, 32 pages.

13. Words (spelling, pronunciation, definition, and application), Rupert P. Sorelle and Charles Wikitt, U.S.A. 1928, 183 pages.

14. Diplomatically Speaking, Lloyd C. Griscom, U.S.A. 1940, 476 pages.

15. One Man's Opinion, R. B. DeWitt, Booklet, 1958, 64 pages.

16. A Dream of Fair Woman, by Alfred Lord Tennyson. George W. Jacobs, Philadelphia, [n.d.] 31 pages

17. The Little Minister, James M. Barrie, U.S.A., 250 pages.

18-26. (Garden Memo) Cargill Nursery Booklets.

Folder 4 – Columbus Ledger-Enquirer newspaper clippings. 1957-1960

Folder 6 – Musical Game “The Great Composers” Published by Theodore Presser,Philadelphia.

Folder 6 – Letters concerning oil and gas exploration and leasing in Georgia and Texas.

Fodler 7 -- Miscellaneous material including information about oil and gas exploration.

Order From To Date

1 Townes DeWitt 9/30/47

2 DeWitt Haynes 4/14/49

3 Johnston DeWitt 4/21/49

4 DeWitt Fortson 1/23/60

5 Fortson DeWitt 1/27/60

6 Fortson L. Petri 1/29/60

7 Smith (no addressee) 2/2/60

8 L. Petri Smith 2/3/60

9 Smith L. Petri 2/4/60

10 L. Petri Fortson 2/10/60

11 L. Petri Smith 2/10/60

12 L. Petri Peyton 2/11/60

13 Smith L. Petri 2/12/60

14 L. Petri Smith 2/23/60

15 Smith L. Petri 2/24/60

16 Smith L. Petri 3/10/60

17 Smith Turner 3/15/60

18 Smith L. Petri 3/17/60

19 DeWitt L. Petri 3/18/60

20 Smith Marjorie Petri 3/22/60

21 Smith DeWitt 3/22/60

22 Scarbrough DeWitt 3/22/60

23 Scarbrough Smith 3/22/60

24 Smith Marjorie Petri 3/23/60

25 Smith Scarbrough 3/23/60

26 Smith DeWitt 3/24/60

27 Smith Mr. and Mrs. Maund 3/28/60

28 DeWitt Smith 3/30/60

29 M. Petri Smith 4/2/60

30 DeWitt L. Petri 4/2/60

31 M. Petri Smith 4/2/60

32 DeWitt Petri 4/2/60

33 Smith Marjorie Petri 4/5/60

34 Smith DeWitt 4/6/60

35 DeWitt Smith 4/11/60

36 Smith Mrs. Petri 4/13/60

37 Smith Marjorie Petri 4/15/60

38 Saunders Newsom 4/18/60

39 Hurley Chamber of Commerce 4/19/60

40 Smith Mrs. Petri 4/20/60

41 Peyton Newsom 4/20/60

42 Smith DeWitt 4/22/60

43 L. Petri Newsom 4/27/60

44 DeWitt Newsom 4/30/60

45 Newsom L. Petri 5/2/60

46 L. Petri Jordan 5/16/60

47 DeWitt L. Petri 5/23/60

48 DeWitt Smith 6/15/60

49 Smith Mrs. Petri 6/16/60

50 DeWitt Mr. and Mrs. Petri 6/16/60

51 DeWitt Scarbrough 6/16/60

52 Smith L. Petri 6/18/60

53 Smith L. Petri 6/30/60

54 DeWitt L. Petri 7/4/60

55 Smith Mr. and Mrs. Petri 7/6/60

56 Mayone Petri Judge 7/11/60

57 DeWitt Mr. and Mrs. Petri 9/8/60

58 Smith Marjorie Petri 9/24/60

59 Smith Marjorie Petri 10/6/60

60 DeWitt Sparks 10/6/60

61 (no name) Smith 10/27/60

62 DeWitt Mr. and Mrs. Petri 10/28/60

63 Marjorie Petri, L. Petri DeWitt 10/30/60

64 (no name) DeWitt 11/4/60

65 DeWitt Smith 11/10/60


Box 2 :

Folder 1 -- The Community Service League Cookbook (original and copy). Printed in Columbus, Georgia between 1931 and 1936.

Folder 2 – Culinary Art of the First Baptist Church (photocopy). n.d.

Folder 3 – Facts in Favor of Deepening the Chattahoochee, Apalachicola, and Flint Rivers. (photocopy) 1901.

Folder 4 – Popular Dishes (Student's Club booklet). (photocopy). n.d.

Folder 5 – Original Salad and Dessert Recipes by Mrs. Thomas Arendel Williams. Columbus, Georgia. 1912

Folder 6 – 7th Annual Register and Statement. Columbus Female College. (original and copy). 1881-1882

Folder 7 – Chappell College Art Reception (original and copy). 1891

Folder 8 – Surgical Clinic, article by Dr. W.L. Bullard. (photocopy), 1895.

Folder 9 – Annual Catalogue of Chappell College 1890-1891. (original and copy)

Folder 10 -- Annual Announcement The Home School (original and copy). 1895-1896

Folder 11 – Chappell College Commencement Exercises (original and copy) June 9, 1891

Folder 12 – The Columbus College for Young Ladies Catalogue, includes envelope (original and copy). 1893

Folder 13 – Hanged As A Spy (original and copy). Reprinted article. 1906

Folder 14 – Grier's Almanac (original and copy). 1937

Folder 15 – Grier's Almanac. 1905

Folder 16 – Grier's Almanac (original and copy). 1902

Folder 17 – Newspaper clipping of an article about a wedding reception held by Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Cargill for their daughter Evelyn. (6 copies) 1890s

Folder 18 –Georgia Midland and Gulf Railroad Co. Stock certificate owned by J.W. Cargill. 1887

Box 3 :

Folder 1 – G.R.I. 1882, Journal of an unidentified school girl. 1904-1905

Folder 2 – Photo album with various unidentified photos. 1860s-1890s

Folder 3 -- Photos: 1) young girl seated. 2) building with frozen fountain. 3) man seated at desk. 4) profile of two women.

Folder 4 – Program for laying the cornerstone of St. Mary's Chapel (original and photocopy), October 25, 1891

Folder 5 – Reproductions of paintings including:

“Ballerina Back View” Christmas print

“Allison” print

“The Gold Shawl” Christmas card

“Russian Ballerina” Christmas card

“Natalia” Christmas card

Exhibition of paintings by Nordhausen 11/80-01/81

The Art of A. Henry Nordhausen Exhibition Program 9/89-12-89

The Art of A. Henry Nordhausen, Schmeckbier

Folder 6 – Mary Flournoy Passailaigue-related material including:

The Flower World Program 10/30/83

The Birth of the Tea Olives Poem 1985

Mary Flournoy Passailaigue Exhibition program 12/10/72

Invitation to Exhibition of Ten Valley Women Artists, Inauguration of Columbus College's All About Eve Week

“To Inaugurate All About Eve Week” program 9/9/73-10/7/73

Folder 7 – Gerry Bosch related material including:

“Sheep” by Gerry Bosch. Christmas card. n.d.

“Tree” Christmas card. n.d.

“There was no Place for them in the Inn” Christmas card. 1984

“Partridge Berries” Christmas card. n.d.

Gerry Bosch exhibition program 12/4/83

“Going to Church” Christmas card. n.d.

Gerry Bosch exhibition program 10/30/76-1/1/77

Gerry Bosch biography. n.d.

Exhibition of Gerry Bosch 10/29/72-11/26/72 (program and biography)

Folder 8 – Art related material including:

Christopher Thomas Land exhibition invitation 2/5/84

Exhibition of Evelyn Scarbrough Smith 10/12/69-12/6/69

Profile of Earl McKey. n.d.

Invitation to exhibition of Katherine Palmer Hazouri 12/13/79

Card from Isabella and Hamish Montgomery. n.d.

Americus, Ga.driving tour pamphlet. 1978

World War I and its Legacy,Fort Benning article. n.d.

History of the Country Club of Columbus 1909-1983 (Cataloged and available in the Archives Reference collection. HS2725.C652P87.1983

Invitation to preview Historic Churches and Temples of Ga. 11/20/86

Membership brochure for Historic Columbus Foundation, Inc. 1971

Funeral cards of Lawrence Charles Petri (September 12, 1905-November 5, 1977), Grand Commander of the Knights Templar of Georgia. November, 1977

Profile of Gloria Sampson. n.d.

“The Folly” Extends a cordial welcome, History of home owned by Alfred Iverson. n.d.

Wesleyan Female College Pupil's Recital program. (photocopy). 3/6/1885

Chattahoochee River Steamers Pass. 1902

North and South Railroad of Georgia Pass. 1878

Walker-Peters-Langdon house brouchure. 1971

Thanksgiving Dinner Card, Exchange Hotel, Montgomery, Alabama. 1886

Merchant and Planters Steamboat Co. Pass

Invitation to the Parade and Inspection Columbus Fire Department 5/16/1882

Ridgewood Designer House (two copies). 1988

Folder 9 –Camellia stamp related material including:

Slide of painting by Anne T. Cargill

List of addresses to citizens stamp advisory committee

Letter to Belmont Faries from Marjorie Petri, 9/14/78

“Camellia Societies Meet” article

Letter to William F. Bolger from Marjorie Petri regarding a possible Camillia Stamp. 9/14/78

“Georgia Host to Camellia Lovers” article 11/12/78, Columbus Ledger Enquirer

“Area Camellias Are Not Limited” article by Mary Margaret Byrne. 1970s

“City Should Push Camellia on Stamp” letter to the editor

“Brinkley Pushes Area Camellias”.Columbus Ledger Enquirer. 10/29/78

“The Living Today Page”.Columbus Ledger Enquirer. 10/2/79

Folder 10 – Reproductions of scenes of Old Columbus, Georgia. n.d.

Folder 11 – Photocopies of various Columbus, Georgia-related initiations, brochures, programs, announcements, etc. 1871-1900s