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Junto Club Programs (MC 104)

Scope and Content

This collection consists of programs of the Junto Club of Columbus, Georgia. These programs generally contain phone numbers and addresses of the membership. Many contain previous topics taken up by the club back to 1924 as well as the by-laws and constitution of the organization.

1962-2005 1 box (.3 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Junto Club Program Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State Universit y. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Junto Club Program Collection (MC 104)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


Donated to the Archives by Mrs. Benjamin H. Hardaway in 1996.

Note to Researchers

See also: Columbus Women's Study Clubs Collection (MC 85)

Box and Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1

Family Portraits, 1962-1963

All the World's a Stage: Woman's Role, 1963-1964

The Legacy of Greece, 1964-1965

Man's Search for God, 1965-1966

The Old Northwest, 1966-1966

Island Stories, 1967-1968

Remembering the Happy Times (2 copies), 1968-1969

The Soul of Spain, 1969-1970

The Age of Louis XIV, 1970-1971

The Middle East on a Flying Carpet (2 copies), 1971-1972

From Adam's Rib to Women's Lib, 1972-1973

Compute (Contemporary Issues) (2 copies), 1973-1974 (contains an invitation to a party in honor pf the 50th Anniversary of The Junto). Includes the introduction of Mrs. Tom Huston (Minnie Bullock) by Loretto Chappell, on March 20, 1974, the 50th anniversary of the Club, as well as Mrs. Huston's address of the same date.

Victorian Kaleidoscope (2 copies), 1974-1975

Sweet Land of Liberty (2 copies), 1975-1976

This Is Her Georgia (in honor of Loretto Chappell) (2 copies), 1976-1977

The Nobel Prizewinners in Literature 1901-1937 (2 copies), 1977-1978

Open a new window, Open a new door! (2 copes), 1978-1979

Getting to Know You (Characters from fictional works) (2 copies), 1979-1980

Accentuate the Positive from A to Z (2 copies), 1980-1981

Southern Writers (2 copies), 1981-1982

Doctors in Literature (2 copies), 1982-1983

Around the World in 18 Days of Myth and Legend (2 copies), 1983-1984

Folder 2

Yankee Doodle Humor (2 copies), 1984-1985

Orations (2 copies), 1985-1986

My Country Tis of Thee (2 copies), 1986-1987 (Discussions of states of the Union)

Mystery, Mayhem, and Murder (2 copies), 1987-1988

Pairs (2 copies), 1988-1989

Travelers' Tales (2 copies), 1989-1990 (famous explorations)

Opening Lines (2 copies), 1990-1991

The Final Word (2 copies), 1991-1992

The Ladies...bless 'em: Women in Art (2 copies), 1992-1993

Les Beaux Arts et the (sic) Belles Lettres de France (2 copies), 1993-1994

Unchained Melody (2 copies), 1994-1995

How We Communicate (Say What???), 1995-1996

For Treasure Seekers Only, 1996-1997

In Our Time: American Literature of the Last Half Century, 1997-1998

Georgia: Then and Now, 1998-1999

Celebrate the Best of the Best!!! (2 copies), 1999-2000

The Junto, Columbus, Georgia: Looking Back 76 Years, May 16, 2001

Once Upon a Time…, 2001-2002

The Story of Islam, 2002-2003

Hail to the Chief, 2003-2004

Classics, 2004-2005