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Kenneth Crooks, Jr. Collection (MC 151)

Biographical Note Permission to Publish
Scope and Content Box and Folder List

Biographical Note

Kenneth Crooks, Jr. was born in Boston, Massachusetts where his father, Kenneth Crooks, Sr., had completed the PhD. Program in zoology from Harvard. Kenneth Crooks, Sr. would soon take a position at Hampton Institute as Professor of Biology. The Crooks remained in Virginia for fourteen years until the call of their native island of Jamaica became too irresistible. With assistance from the American Friends Board of Missions, the Crooks were able to fulfill their longing and return to Jamaica. Kenneth Crooks Sr. had accepted a position as Headmaster of Happy Grove School and was to be the Pastor of Seaside Friends Church. Life in Jamaica provided a lasting impression on Kenneth Crooks Jr. Although the Crooks where very well educated, the family did without many common luxuries such as hot water. Ken Jr would remain in Jamaica until he graduated from Happy Grove under the tutelage of his father in 1951. Soon after graduation, Ken Jr. embarked upon his own personal journey of self discovery. Ken literally worked his way up the eastern seacoast with his destination being the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Among many of Ken's accomplishments while at Amherst was the fact that he was a fairly good football (soccer) player, earning an All New England status. Academically Ken was an average student and he would eventually complete his degree in Management in 1957. However, Ken's learning did not confine itself to playing field or the class room. While he was receiving in BA in Management, Ken received his Ph.D. in racism. Ken's experience with race and place in American society was an eye-opening experience that would be the seedbed of his commitment to better the life of everyone. The next stop in Ken Crooks journey took him to a short military stint in the US Army. After being honorably discharged Ken settled in Atlanta, Georgia in 1961. Ken attended Atlanta University and received his MBA in Administration in 1962. While studying for his graduate degree Ken served as President of the student body. His position allowed him to come into contact with many of the states civil rights leaders and activists such as Julian Bond and Herschel Sullivan. Although Ken did not do much protesting, the movement left a lasting effect upon him. Ken's concept of the American Dream had been turned on its ear. Ken came face to face with the disjunction between the stated lofty ideals of the American Creed and the reality of the second-class status of African Americans and other minorities. In short, Ken had discovered what Gunner Myrdal had labeled the American Dilemma. Ken's philosophy and direction in life soon changed. No longer consumed with the pursuit of wealth, Ken became a devoted advocate of eradicating social and economic injustices. The Urban League became the vehicle that would allow Ken to devote his life to the task of providing service leadership on a national, regional and local level. Ken Crooks has been affiliated with the Urban League ever since his days in Atlanta. He has held 19 different titles, among them was the President and CEO of the Metro Columbus Urban League in Columbus, Georgia. The Urban League was born in Columbus in 1971 when the city faced its most pressing racial situation. The Urban League was brought in to sooth the tension and promote diversity by eliminating racism and discrimination. In 1993, Ken Crooks arrived in Columbus and continued the mission of the Urban League.

Scope and Content

The Kenneth Crooks Jr. Collection consists of one linear foot of material which documents the life and career of the Urban League ambassador. The first series and least voluminous, Personal, comprises 1 linear foot of material. Included is the autobiography of Nella Edgar Crooks and brief biographical profiles of Kenneth Crooks and Kenneth Crooks Jr. Series two, Metro Columbus Urban League, contains 1 linear foot of materials which document Crooks tenure with both the Urban League in Broward County, Florida and in Columbus, Georgia. Much of the material in this series chronicles the Urban League's commitment to diversity. Series three, Urban League: On Location, contains 2 linear feet of VHS video cassette recordings of the show Urban League: On Location hosted by Kenneth Crooks Jr.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Kenneth Crooks, Jr. Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Kenneth Crooks, Jr. Collection, MC 151
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


Donated by Kenneth Crooks, Jr. October 2002.

Box and Folder List

Series 1

Box 1

  • Folder 1: Asbury United Methodist Church
  • Folder 2: Crooks, Kenneth B.
  • Folder 3: Crooks, Kenneth B. Jr.
  • Folder 4: Crooks, Kenneth - Miscellaneous
  • Folder 5: Crooks, Nella Edgar
  • Folder 6: Fort Valley State University - Office of Development
  • Folder 7: Ma Rainey
  • Folder 8: Ma Rainey - Clippings
  • Folder 9: St. Luke s Episcopal Church
  • *Folders 10 - 14 are closed to researchers until further notice.*
    • Folder 10: Crooks, Kenneth - Financial- Automobile
    • Folder 11: Crooks, Kenneth - Financial- Miscellaneous
    • Folder 12: Crooks, Kenneth - Financial- Phone Service
    • Folder 13: Crooks, Kenneth - Financial- Taxes 1996
    • Folder 14: Crooks, Kenneth - Financial- Taxes 1997

Series 2

Box 2

  • Folder 1: AT&T Emergency Shelter
  • Folder 2: Campaign for African American Achievement
  • Folder 3: Case III Conference
  • Folder 4: Center for Diversity and Race
  • Folder5: Columbus & the Valley Magazine - A
  • Folder 6: Columbus & the Valley Magazine - B
  • Folder 7: Columbus & the Valley Magazine - C
  • Folder 8: Diversity Literature
  • Folder 9: Diversity Workshop
  • Folder 10: Job Training Partnership Act
  • Folder 11: Leadership Morality Institute
  • Folder 12: McBride, Catrina
  • Folder 13: Memphis Diversity Institute
  • Folder 14: Metro Columbus Urban League
  • Folder 15: Metro Columbus Urban League - Membership list
  • Folder 16: Metro Columbus Urban League - Miscellaneous
  • Folder 17: Metro Columbus Urban League - Staff and Volunteer
  • Folder 18: NAACP
  • Folder 19: Porter, Eddye L.
  • Folder 20: Power Up
  • Folder 21: Sammons, Norman E.
  • Folder 22: Taylor, Jessie
  • Folder 23: United Way
  • Folder 24: Urban League - Affiliates
  • Folder 25: Urban League - Broward County, FL - Correspondence
  • Folder 26: Urban League - Broward County, FL - Program Profiles
  • Folder 27: Urban League - Miscellaneous News Clippings
  • Folder 28: Metro Columbus Urban League - Financial - Fund Raising
  • Folder 29: Metro Columbus Urban League - Financial - Fund Raising

Series 3

Box 3

Tape 1: June - September 1996

  • 1. Coffee Break Great American Family Award
  • 2. Fort Mitchell National Cemetery Children's Health News
  • 3. Teen Challenge Hope for Haiti
  • 4. Teen Challenge Hope for Haiti
  • 5. Primus King Mens Progressive Club
  • 6. Pastoral Institute Urban League Celebration Event
  • 7. 100 Women on the Move Urban League - Invest in Youth
  • 8. Concerned Citizens of South Columbus (CCSC) Columbus Times Urban League Volunteers
  • 9. Parents, People Involved Program

Tape 2: September 1996 Urban League 25th Anniversary

Tape 3: September - October 1996

  • 1. One Cent Sales Tax
  • 2. Tax and Car Tags, Mental Health, Clean River Campaign, Football Classic
  • 3. Child Abuse, Flu Season, Fitness
  • 4. Fighting for your Marriage, Fashionetta, Head and Shoulders, I Am , Ma Rainey House - Poems

Tape 4: October - December 1996

  • 1. St James AME Morehouse College
  • 2. Columbus Community Center Project Rebound, Voter Registration, Voter Education
  • 3. Morehouse Glee Club, EAAA ,Chamber of Commerce, Franklin Graham Crusade, Shriners Sickle Cell Project
  • 4. Modern Free Safe and Drug Free School Program
  • 5. United Way Campaign Voter Education Each One, Reach One
  • 6. Head and Shoulders - Columbus Times, Gregory Blue St. James AME 133rd Anniversary, Investment Seminar for Seniors
  • 7. United Way Banquet
  • 8. Ministerial Alliance Cancer Society
  • 9. Open Door Urban League Guild Midnight Basketball
  • 10. Mother Mary Mission School Leadership Morality Institute Revelation Missionary Church Education; Opportunity Center

Tape 5: December 1996 - February 1997

  • 1. Christmas Special
  • 2. School Board
  • 3. MLK Pride Month
  • 4. Minority Business Health Issues for Mothers, A.J. McClung YMCA Minority Business Kickoff
  • 5. Unity Week Big Brother and Big Sister Nutrition Education
  • 6. Better Business Bureau Girls Inc. Homeless Services Nulights
  • 7. Black History Month - Jack Myers Girls Club Children Services Providers Lions Mobile Eye Unit
  • 8. Black History Observance, Columbus Times Black History Curriculum

Tape 6: February - March 1997

  • 1. MC UL Board Marriage Builders CSU Minority Affairs Bridge Builders
  • 2. DFCS Help Line Korean Americans
  • 3. Boys Scout Men of Action Health Fair Big Brother/ Big Sister
  • 4. Easter Seals Procurement Opportunity Fair Child Advocacy Center WICK

Tape 7: March - April 1997

  • 1. Controllers Uptown Columbus Health Matters MCUL Employment Programs
  • 2. Ministerial Alliance ABWA Banquet City-Wide Youth Conference Ministerial Alliance
  • 3. International Day New Connections to Work Child Abuse Girl Scouts
  • 4. New Connection to Work Women of the Year
  • 5. Welfare Reform Cancer Foundation Business Resources – SCORE

Tape 8: April - May 1997

  • 1. Welfare Reform
  • 2. Children s Harbor Volunteer Center Mother's Day Ma Rainey Museum
  • 3. Urban League Chill Out 97
  • 4. Civic Center Russell County Historical Society Memorial Day Celebration Citizen Classes

Tape 9: June 1997

  • 1. Summer Youth Academy Medical Care for the Homeless Ma Rainey House Phenix City Gospel Fest
  • 2. Little Miss Wheelchair New Directions Miss Ebonite Crazy Hatter
  • 3. Business Seminar Men of Action Nation of Islam
  • 4. Senior Workers Salvation Army Supportive Employment Columbus Museum

Tape 10: July - August 1997

  • 1. Summer Youth Employment Health Career Summer Camp Summer Youth Academy Coca-Cola Space Science Center
  • 2. Goodwill Nerusia Johnson Summerfest 97
  • 3. Columbus INT Labor Day Classic Football Health Issues Soccer in Columbus
  • 4. Summer Youth Academy Columbus Youth Network

Tape 11: August - September 1997

  • 1. RedStixx CASA Health Matters Timeout
  • 2. Columbus Health Department Getting Ready for School Blood Donation Life lInk of Georgia
  • 3. Diversity at CSU Diversity
  • 4. United Way Kickoff

Tape 12: October - November 1997

  • 1. Modern Free Contact Civic Center United Way
  • 2. Women s Health Car Seat Program Homelessness Fountain City Classic
  • 3. EBT Cards Teen Pregnancy Child Support Enforcement Stomping at the Liberty
  • 4. Valley Rescue Mission Columbus Museum Safety Cab Exchange Club

Tape 13: March - April 1998

  • 1. Muscogee County School District Bobby Peters Easter Seals Easter Shoe Drive
  • 2. Employee Management Our Lady of Lourdes Parks and Recreation JTPA
  • 3. Easter Volunteer Week Contact Help Line First Call
  • 4. Women s Rehabilitation Center Brewer Elementary School First Step Conversation with Women

Tape 14: April - May 1998

  • 1. AHEC - Health Sickle Cell Children's Harbor Pet Health
  • 2. Leadership Morality Institute United Way Leadership Morality Institute Chill Out
  • 3. NAACP Conference
  • 4. CCSC Memorial Day Small Business NAACP Omega Psi Phi

Tape 15: June - July 1998

  • 1. Recycling Health Georgia Pride
  • 2. NAACP Summer Safety Housing Authority CCSC Summer Program
  • 3. United Way
  • 4. Columbus Museum

Tape 16: November - December 1998

  • 1. Thanksgiving Blessing Big Brother/Big Sister A.J. McClung YMCA John Washington Basketball Tournament
  • 2. Fire Safety Safety Cab Safety Youth Alive 98
  • 3. Friends for Always For the Love of Judy Signs of the Times Last Call
  • 4. PeachCare for Kids 5. Urban League 1998 Recap

Tape 17: January 1999

  • 1. Boys Club Black Chamber of Commerce Bridge
  • 2. Alpha Breakfast Mens Progressive Club NCGCC Tri-Community Clean up
  • 3. Foster Care Lions Lighthouse Mobile Eye Care Foster Care Girl Scout Cookie Run
  • 4. Community Health Program MCUL Membership Drive Metro Columbus Urban League Liberty Theater
  • 5. Missing Children Sweet Treat Civic Center

Tape 18: January - February 1999

  • 1. CSU Black History Contact Heritage Bowl 4th Street Baptist Church
  • 2. Jason Strong Risa Lore Hubble Voyage Humor in Music
  • 3. Girls Scout New Horizons Summerfest
  • 4. Friends of the Library Mayor's Commission Homeless Task Force Mary Crooks

Tape 19: March - April 1999

  • 1. A.J. McClung YMCA Lonnie Jackson Ken Crooks
  • 2. Women's Association Imperial Stars Working Closet Miss Urban League Pageant
  • 3. Shoe Drive Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus Summer Youth Program Step One
  • 4. Anastasia on Ice Redstixx Baseball Victim Witness Assistance Program Teacher of the Year
  • 5. Foster Parent Month Arts in the Park Teen Walking for Abstinence

Tape 20: November 1999

  • 1. Friends of the Library Veterans Day Valley Rescue Mission Fountain City Classic

Tape 21: December 1999 - January 2000

  • 1. IBS Youth Camp St. James AME Christmas Concert
  • 2. Urban League Programs
  • 3. Tri-Community Clean-up Drive Black History Steering Committee City Wide Mens Fellowship Columbus Black Chamber of Commerce
  • 4. Unity Sunday for all Faiths Ebony Fashion Fair Springer Opera House Alpha Breakfast
  • 5. Contact Help Line Women to Women Clinic

Tape 22: May - June 2000

  • 1. Summer youth Academy Goodwill Victim Witness Program Summer Employment
  • 2. Mental health Awareness Month Riverland CB Club Summer Camp at CSU Salvation Army
  • 3. Columbus Community Center Valley Rescue Mission Coalition of Black Investors CCSC
  • 4. Fatherhood Summit Frunsha Hair Show Society for Human Resource Management

Tape 23: June 2000

  • 1. Bridge Builder Mens Health Expo JROTC Safe Summer 2000
  • 2. Camp Joy Purple and Gold Golf Tournement Milton Music Group UGA Youth Program
  • 3. Parent to Parent Children Youth and Family Coalition

Tape 24: July 2000

  • 1. Columbus Police Department Midnight Basketball League Open Door
  • 2. Columbus Technical College J & J Hair Salon Mayor s Committee Summer Fest
  • 3. Third World Cop American Red Cross Columbus Chamber of Commerce Starting Your Own Business
  • 4. 1st African Baptist Church Mayor's Commission on Diversity Georgia Department of Labor Head Start

Tape 25: August - September 2000

  • 1. St. James AME Columbus Museum Mortgage Columbus Redstixx
  • 2. Girls Inc. Minority Business CCSC Tutorial Program NAACP Columbus Branch
  • 3. Schwob Music Department at CSU Harvest America CASA 100 Women on the Move
  • 4. All Saints Presbyterian Church Making of a Firefighter Mother Mary Mission School Coming of Hope

Tape 26: September - October 2000

  • 1. Servant Leadership For Ladies Only Georgia Music Hall of Fame Sickle Cell Anemia
  • 2. 5 Guys Named Moe Come On In Inc. Mortgage Assistance of America Davis Broadcasting
  • 3. Voter Registration Alpha Phi Alpha Uptown Alive Racing to Educate
  • 4. Domestic Violence Renaissance Women s Health Columbus Symphony

Tape 27: October 2000

  • 1. Contact help Line Keep Columbus Beautiful Foxie 105 Fashionetta
  • 2. Prostate Cancer Adoption
  • 3. Gateway Columbus Salvation Army Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research
  • 4. Columbus Health Department League of Women Voters Modern Free Columbus Times

Tape 28: October - November 2000

  • 1. Rehabilitation Services Emergency Services Columbus Hospice National Food Bank Week
  • 2. Car Seat Safety Christmas Assistance Tobacco Use Prevention The Wonder
  • 3. Yielded to the King Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research
  • 4. National Infantry Museum Habitat for Humanity Family Center Listen Up

Tape 29:November - December 2000

Tape 30: January - February 2001

  • 1. Unity Week Columbus Symphony CASA
  • 2. Alpha Unity Award MLK Pride Clean Up MLK Seminar
  • 3. Educational Opportunity Center Teen Pregnancy, Child Abuse Summit Girl Scout Cookie Run/Walk Good Works
  • 4. Columbus Regional Volunteer Services Changing Careers Black History Month at CSU Community Care Mobile Unit

Tape 31: February 2001

  • 1. Springer Opera House Columbus Symphony Orchestra Black History Month
  • 2. South Columbus Library Homelessness Homework Hotline Black History Month
  • 3. Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau Child Safety Long Term Health Care Black History Observance
  • 4. Distinguished Lecture Series Community in Schools Simon Schwob Library ICAPP

Tape 32: March 2001

  • 1. Money Management Conference Healing Hearts Support Group Ministry Charter Commission Reading for Kids
  • 2. House of TIME Chattahoochee Valley Resource Center National Eye Donor s Month
  • 3. Women's History Month CSU Women's History Month Celebration Fourth Street Baptist Church Music Workshop Men on the Community
  • 4. Minority Business Advocate 4-H Summer Camp Bridge of Hope Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten registration

Tape 33: March - April 2001

  • 1. Urban League
  • 2. Small Business Conference 211 Showtime at the Liberty Theater
  • 3. Georgia State Beauty Culturalist League 211 Georgia Cities Week Victim Rights
  • 4. Importance of Advertising Teacher Appreciation Week Dawson Drive 2nd reunion Riverfest

Tape 34: May 2001

  • 1. Columbus Convention and Visitors Center Human Society Kendrick High School Centry Travel
  • 2. Midnight Basketball League Renaissance Week Britt David Computer Magnet School
  • 3. Columbus Museum Revaluation Missionary Baptist Church Percy Robinson
  • 4. One Church, One Child Gates House Math Camp at CSU St. John's AME Church

Tape 35: June 2001

  • 1. Camp Joy Georgia Arthritis Action Plan Lonnie Jackson
  • 2. Higher Level, INC. Angel Food Ministry Chattahoochee Aids Institute Women to Women
  • 3. Purple and Gold Golf Tournament Camp Best Friends Welfare Power Up
  • 4. Columbus Library Gee Money Theatrical Company Building Models for Youth My Community My Place

Tape 36: June -July 2001

  • 1. One Dollar at a Time BAND Liberty Theater Summer Camp IMMAC Entertainment
  • 2. Business Against Drugs Business One Stop Shop Small Business Chamber of Commerce
  • 3. CSU at the Rankin Good-es Urban Wear Beacon College Alfie s African Treasures
  • 4. Muscogee County School District Girl Scouts Coca-Cola Space Science Center Building Your Own PC

Tape 37: September - October 2001

  • 1. Stewart Home Yard Bazar Nonfiction - rap group
  • 2. Columbus Health Center Safe Communities Physical Screening for Students Celebrating Children
  • 3. St. Mary s Road United Methodist Church American Heart Walk Project Alpha 2001
  • 4. Chattahoochee River Keeper FootNotes Fall Math and Science Fest DVR Candlelight Vigil
  • 5. Quit Line Holy Convocation Book Sale Muscogee County Regional Records Center

Tape 38: December 2001

  • 1. Inspiration Hope Outreach Ministry Columbus River Dragons Trouble of the World CASA
  • 2. Housing Department Columbus Museum Carols by Candlelight
  • 3. Protecting Against Fraud NuRock Housing Foundations Valley Rescue Mission
  • 4. Urban League

Tape 39: December 2001 - January 2002

  • 1. DTTO National Service Christmas Tree Recycling Urban League 2002 New Years Resolution
  • 2. Weight Loss Georgia Forestry Commission New Revelations MLK Pride Clean Up
  • 3. Girls Scouts Tri-City Unity Service 2002 Hair Connection 3rd Annual Emerald Ball
  • 4. Columbus Business Opportunity Swan Duo Gospel Extravaganza Black History Month Celebration

Tape 40: CASA

Tape 41: Richard W. Williams Field

Tape 42: Louis Farrakan