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Bibb City Historical Collection (MC 166)

Historical Note

Bibb City was founded in 1903 and incorporated in 1909 specifically to serve the needs of workers at the Bibb City Mills, which were located in the middle of the new town. It was a professionally planned model company town, offering housing, schools, a clinic, businesses, recreational facilities (including a swimming pool and the Comer Auditorium), a hotel for single women who worked at the Mills and churches, all within walking distance of where most of its residents worked. As the desegregation movement grew, the Mills discontinued support for the social activities and in 1964 began selling the houses, mainly to the families who had lived in them up to that time. In December of 2000, following the closure of the Mills, Bibb City gave up its charter and was annexed by the Columbus/Muscogee County Consolidated Government.

Scope and Contents

John S. Lupold accumulated this collection in 2002 while teaching in the CSU History Department. It focuses on the founding of Bibb City in 1903 and the subsequent history of the mill town. Included are minutes of the town council, maps, photographs, history student papers on various subjects pertaining to Bibb City and oral history transcriptions of interviews with residents. This is an invaluable collection for anyone doing research on the town of Bibb City in Muscogee County, Georgia.

1903-2002 2 boxes (2 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Bibb City Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Bibb City Historical Collection (MC 166)
Columbus State University
Columbus, Georgia


These materials were transferred to the CSU Archives by Professor John S. Lupold in March of 2002.

Note to researchers

See also:

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F78 Bickerstaff, Margie, These People, the Salt of the Earth

F24 Grantham, Roger, Bibb City

F77 Lamb, James D., Bibb City : 1940-1965, The Loss of Paternalism

F101 Roper, Robert, From Bibb Mill to Bibb city: a Study in Successful Labor Reform

F37 Smith, Caroline, Minnie Clyde Balkcom and the Bibb City Experience, 1936-1998

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Box and Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1 –Bibb City Trivia and list of houses, n.d.

Folder 2 – The Bibb Recorder. August 5, 1966

Folder 3 – U.S. Census for Columbus/Bibb City. 1920

Folder 4 – City directory samples from the 1900s to the 1950s (photocopies)

Folder 5 – Research paper by Charles E. Aguar, Earle S. Draper: Unsung Hero of American Planned Community and Regional Development. September, 1987.

Folder 6 – Historic American Engineering Record Reports. Columbus Plant of the Bibb Company (HAER GA-12) and Hydroelectric Power Development at North Highlands. (HAER GA-26). 1977

Folder 7 – Unpublished drafts of Historical Significance of Bibb City and A History of Bibb City, by John S. Lupold. 2010

Folder 8 – Notes on incorporation of Bibb City. 1990s (?)

Folder 9 – Industrial Index (Copies). 1920s

Folder 10 – Ledger-Enquirer articles (copies/transcripts). 1920-1990s

Folder 11 – Ledger-Enquirer articles (including photocopies). 1980s-2000

Folder 12 – Letters – NRA. Photocopies and typescripts of letters concerning the textile strike of 1934 and its affects on striking workers and their families in the Columbus, Georgia region. 1933-1934

Folder 13 – Maps and plans. 1910s-1970s

Folder 14 – Maps and papers relating to the sale of 34.113 acres of the former Bibb City to the River Mill Village, LLC by The Bibb Company. 1999.

Folder 15 – National Register of Historic Places Registration Forms with historical information, maps and photos. January, 2010

Folder 16 – Oral history interviews with Mable Bass (December 1, 1996), Travis Hall (February 11, 1988) and Harry Hardin (February 17, 1988)

Folder 17 – Oral history interviews with Brooks Griffin and Plez Johnson (June 28, 1977), Isaac McAllister (October 15, 1975), Paul Watford (November 16, 1996), Harry Morgan (November 18, 1996), John Wells (November 11, 1996), and William Brogdon (May 27, 1989)

Folder 18 - Oral history interviews with Eulis Pippin (February 16, 1988), Maria Butler Meltzer and Brenda Lankford Follett (February 8, 1988), Raymon Cox (February 18, 1988), Mrs. Iva Lankford (February 19, 1988)

Folder 19 – Oral history interviews with Virginia Love (November 15, 1996), Linda Cope (Fall Semester, 1996), Marcus Thomas (October 30, 1996), John and Mildred King (November 14, 1996), Gerald Colwell (October 30, 1996)

Folder 20 – Photos of Bibb City architecture. 2000s (?)

Folder 21 – Sanborn maps of Columbus/Bibb City (copies). 1929, 1940

Folder 22 – Notes on sources and copies of newsclippings. 1920s-2000s

Folder 23 – Student papers

Labor Strikes in the Columbus Textile Mills During the Summer of 1934, James H. Creek. May 31, 1984

A Brief History of Bibb Manufacturing Company [transcript from company files. 1966

Columbus , Georgia : The Bibb Manufacturing Company, Alva C. Smith. n.d.

Minnie Clyde Balkcom and the Bibb City Experience, 1936-1998, Carolyn Smith. March 16, 1998

The Mill Village of Bibb City, Georgia, Emory Danny Ellis. March 1, 1983

Bibb City : 1940 – 1965, The Loss of Paternalism, James D. Lamb. June 12, 1989

From Bibb Mill to Bibb city: a Study in Successful Labor Reform, Robert Roper, n.d.

Folder 24 – Student papers

Houses of the Village: The Foundation of an Era, Lisa Cheatham. March 7, 1997

Bibb City, Rodger Grantam, n.d.

These People, the Salt of the Earth, Margie Bickerstaff. June 7, 1989

The Unmaking of a Southern Cotton Mill World, TobyMoore, June, 1998

Folder 25 – Bibb Manufacturing Company. 86th Annual Report. 1962

Box 2–Bibb City Town Council – Minutes