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Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr. Collection (MC 18)

Biographical Note

Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr. was born in Columbus, Georgia. He graduated from Emory University with a degree in history and works with the Georgia Office of Historic Preservation as an historian. He also writes a weekly column on genealogy for the Atlanta Constitution. He has been an avid collector of postcards and Columbus-related material.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of items relating to the Columbus area. These items include a variety of items relating to the Blackmar-Drake family; Columbus High School yearbooks (the Cohiscan); ledgers, daybooks and letterheads from several Columbus businesses; bound city annual reports including those from fire chiefs, school superintendents, police chiefs and voter registrations 1872-1899, photo albums, postcards and records of various social and civic groups.

1835-1953 2 boxes (2 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr. Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr. Collection (MC 18)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


This collection was donated to the Columbus State University Archives by Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr. over a period of years from 1979 through 2003.

Note to Researchers

See Also: Blackmar Family Collection, MC 91.

The photographs and postcards have been removed from this collection and are housed with the Historic Photograph Collection. The bound City of Columbus annual reports are located in the Archives Research Room.

Box and Item List


Item 1 – Resolution Honoring Archelaus Augustus Drake. 1962.

This booklet was adopted by the Board of Directors of the Bibb Manufacturing Company in Macon, Georgia on April 26,1962 in memory of Archelaus (Archie) Augustus Drake (November 17, 1887-December 23, 1961), having fulfilled “positions of trust and importance during his many years of service.”

Item 2 – Harmony Circle By-Laws,Columbus,Georgia. 1896.

This contains the application for the incorporation of Harmony Circle, a social group whose aim was the promotion of pleasure and education for the residents of Muscogee County, Georgia. It was printed in Columbus, Georgia by Thos. Gilbert, Printing, Book-Binding, Paper Boxes, 1896 - 19 pages.

Item 4 – Blackmar and Drake Family Photo Album. 1870s-1890s.

Item 5 – Blackmar Genealogy, printed by Thos. Gilbert. Also contains various loose papers relating to the Blackmar family. 1898.

Item 6 – Columbus Enquirer-Sun. Centennial Edition. 1928.

Item 7 – W.A Redd & Co.Store Ledger, Vol. 2. 1844-1845.

Item 8 – Columbus High School Cohiscan. 1919.

Item 9 – Columbus High School Cohiscan. 1932.

Item 10 – Columbus High School Cohiscan. 1948.

Item 11 – Columbus High School Cohiscan. 1950.

Item 12 – Columbus High School Cohiscan. 1951.

Item 13 – Columbus High School Cohiscan. 1953.

Item 14 – Empire Brick Co. Letter to R. F. Strickland Co in Concord, Georgia regarding a complaint about a shipment of bricks. October 15, 1917.

Item 15 – Letter from L. C. Kunze, president of the Columbus Office Supply Co. to Concord Banking Co of Concord,Georgia, regarding a printing contract. November 22, 1920.

Item 16 – Price quote for common brick from the Columbus Brick & Tile Company to the R. F. Strickland Co. in Concord,Georgia. November 16, 1922.

Item 17 – Invoice from the Goldens' Foundry and Machine Company to the R. F. Strickland Co. of Concord, Georgia for a pulley. October 27, 1917.

Item 18 – Letter from G. F. Broadhurst, agent of the Byrnes Belting company of Chattanooga,Tennessee to the Anderson-Tully Company concerning a bid on equipment. Written on Ralston Hotel letterhead inColumbus, Georgia on November 2, 1916.


Folder 1 – Columbus (Georgia) Transportation Co. Bus Schedules. 1954.

Folder 2 – Lock and Key, or a Complete Set of Tables for Ascertaining the Cost of Any Commodity by Weights, Measures &c. Ready Cast Up Together With Complete Interest Tables by Which The Interest of Any given Sum May Be Found From $1 to $10,000 at Seven or Eight Percent, &c. &c by Francis H. D'Chemin. Printed by Marks, Flournoy & Jeter in Columbus,Georgia. 1835.

Folder 3 –Chattahoochee Conclave No. 341 By-Laws. 1899.

This conclave was a mutual insurance group.

Folder 4 – Letter from John A. Urquhart of Columbus, Georgia to Jos. Bryan, Esq. of Washington City. July 9, 1839.

The letter concerns the administration of an estate. Reference is made to a General Shorter and a Judge Shorter, who are probably General C. Shorter (b. 1788) and Judge Eli S. Shorter (1794-1836), prominent brothers active in east Alabama and Georgiain the early part of the 19th Century. Judge Shorter's daughter Mary Jane was married to Dr. John A. Urquhart (October 7, 1805-October 29, 1876) of Columbus. The estate referred to may be that Judge Shorter.

Folder 5 – Wooden nickels and matchbook cover. n.d.

These are a wooden nickel good for half-price admission to the Antique Automobile Museum in Hamilton, Georgia, a wooden nickel from Wells Dairies Co-Op and a matchbook cover from CB&T.

Folder 6 – 'In Memoriam' Ribbon from Box Springs (Georgia) Knights of Pythias. n.d.

Folder 7 – Carrier's Greeting from the Columbus Enquirer-Sun. c. 1909

This consists of the lyrics of The Song of the Christmas Bells

Folder 8 –Chattahoochee Valley Fair Primium List. 1924.

Folder 9 – “No Time for Sergeants” program from the Three Arts League presentation of February 15, 1958.

Folder 10 – Oglethorpe Chapter, DAR. Annual Report. 1913-1914.

Folder 11 – Oglethorpe Chapter, DAR. Annual Report. 1925-1926.

Folder 12 – Oglethorpe Chapter, DAR. Annual Report. 1926-1927.

Folder 13 – Letter from R.C. Pearce of Columbus,Georgiat o G.W. Dudley of Americus, Georgia. February 26, 1858.

Folder 14 – Copy of the Wynnton High School diploma of Blanche Estelle Montgomery. 1912.

Folder 15 – Goetchius Family Genealogy made by Henry R. Goetchius of Columbus, Georgia. n.d.

Folder 16 – Will of William D. Lynch. Copy. 1880.

Folder 17 – Letters from R.G. Hitt of Augusta, Georgia to L.M. Lynch of Columbus, Georgia. July, 1893.

These concern Mr. Hitt's offer to represent Lynch in attempting to recover some land inTexasthat had belonged to his uncle, Reuben Lynch, who was a soldier in theTexas revolution. His terms were one half of any recovered property.

Folder 18 – Photo of the Carnegie Public Library,Columbus,Georgia. 1920s.

Item 19 – J. H. Shorter—Receipt Book. 1836-1847.

Item 20 – City of Columbus (Georgia) Annual Reports. 1872-1899.

This bound volume has been removed from the collection, cataloged and placed in the Archives Reading Room.