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Craig Lloyd/Eugene Bullard Collection (MC 181)

Biographical Note Permission to Publish
Scope and Content Box and Folder List

Biographical Note

Dr. Craig Lloyd, a native New Yorker, served as Professor of History and Archivist at Columbus State University until his retirement in 2001.  Lloyd, a graduate from Middlebury College in Vermont, initially arrived at CSU, then Columbus College, in August of 1971 after completing his PhD at the University of Iowa.  Dick Amundson, chair of the Columbus College Social Science Division initiated the call that made Lloyd the 8th hire in the History Department since 1969.  Lloyd's PhD dissertation, Aggressive Introvert: Herbert Hoover and Public Relations Management, was published by Ohio State Press shortly after his hire at Columbus College.

Lloyd began working in the Archives in 1985, when the position was a half time one.  Teaching history in the mornings, Lloyd spent the remainder of his afternoons in the Archives. Here Lloyd began his 13-year labor in producing the definitive biography of Eugene Bullard entitled: Eugene Bullard, Black Expatriate In Jazz-Age Paris.

Although he was the first African American fighter pilot, Eugene J. Bullard (1895-1961) is still a relative stranger in his homeland.  The Columbus, Georgia native was an accomplished professional boxer, musician, club manager, and impresario of Parisian nightlife between world wars.  Bullard found in Europe a degree of respect and freedom unknown to blacks in America.  There, for twenty-five years, he helped define the expatriate experience for countless other African American artists, writers, performers and athletes.  The above text was taken from Craig Lloyd's, Eugene Bullard, Black Expatriate In Jazz-Age Paris.

Scope and Content

Five boxes equaling 5 linear feet of material comprises the Craig Lloyd/Eugene Bullard Collection.

Box 1 consists of various manuscripts and manuscripts revisions of Craig Lloyd's book Eugene Bullard: Black Expatriate in Jazz Age Paris published by University of Georgia Press 2000.

Boxes 2 and 3 contain the correspondence of Lloyd in carrying out his research for his book on Bullard, presentations and articles by Lloyd on the subject and a mix of primary and secondary sources relating to Eugene Bullard.

Boxes 4 and 5 consist of mainly primary and secondary sources on Eugene Bullard used by Lloyd.  Also, Lloyd's slide show on Eugene Bullard is included.

Box 6 is housing for oversized materials.

1910-2015                                                            6 boxes (6 l.f)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Craig Lloyd/Eugene Bullard Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives.  Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Craig Lloyd/Eugene Bullard Collection (MC181)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


Donated to the Columbus State University Archives by Craig Lloyd.

Note to Researchers

See Also:  Margaret S. Sullivan Papers (MC 298)

Box and Folder List

Series 1 – Craig Lloyd Academic Papers

Box 1

Folder 1 – Correspondence (Academic), 1960s-1970s

Folder 2 – Correspondence with Prof. Joseph Gordon, Polomar College, fall 1977
     This folder contains: Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 3 – Essay on Nunnally Johnson for Dictionary of Georgia Biography, 1980

Folder 4 -- 2005 GAH Meeting, Columbus, April 7-9, 2005

Folder 5 – History of CSU Archives by Craig Lloyd

Folder 6 – 2005 Lecture at Auburn, on Columbus Black Middle Class, 2004
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Auburn University Campus Guide; Handwritten Notes; Unidentified Photos from Lift Every Voice, Columbus Georgia's African American Heritage.

Folder 7 – Lloyd Various Writings
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings; Handwritten Notes; Piece Forth Coming in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer; Columbus College Reaching Tomorrow Magazine, 1983; "Final Report of Task Force # 9: The College's Responsibility in Community Service" (Paper); "The South Since World War II" (Paper); "American Liberalism: An Historical Definition" (Paper); "Pernicious Words of Free Speech?" (Paper); Columbus Magazine, May/June 1983.

Folder 8 – Materials Pertaining to Essay on Christopher Lasch I, 1962/65
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "Christopher Lasch: The Historian as Critic" (Paper); Newspaper Clippings; "Revolted by Elites" by Christopher Phelps in In These Times, March 20, 1995; "Cristopher Lasch: Critic, Humanist, Historian" (Paper); "History as Social Criticism: Conversation with Christopher Lasch", Interviews by Casey Blake and Christopher Phelps, March 19, 1994; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 9 – Materials Pertaining to Essay on Christopher Lasch II, 1962/65
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "Women and the Common Life" by Mary Ann Glendon, 1997; "Reconsideration of Christopher Lasch" by Jeremy Beer, fall 2005; "The Historian as a Social Critic: Christopher Lasch and the Uses of History" by Kevin Mattson in The History Teacher, Vol. 36, # 3, May 2003; "Christopher Lasch: Critic, Humanist, Historian" AQ # 587 (Paper); "Stalking the Bourgeois Family" by Charles Tilly and Louise A. Tilly in Social Science History, Vol. 4, # 2, May 1980; "The Life of Kennedy's Death" by Christopher Lasch in Harper's, Vol. 267, October 1983; "The Degradation of Work and the Apotheosis of Art" by Christopher Lasch in Harper's, Vol. 268, February 1984; Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 10 – Materials for Essay on William Lederer and "The Ugly American", 1984/1985
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "Vietnam and the Confused American: Fantasy, Entertainment, and Propaganda in the Journalism of William Lederer" (Paper), March 31, 1986; "The Ugly American: A Bestseller Re-Examined" Submitted by: Joan Iversen, 1983 (Paper)

Folder 11 – Miscellaneous & CD
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "Black History" Photos as 4/24/2003 (CD); Photos; Newspaper Clippings; "The Junto – Columbus, GA, Looking Back 76 Years", May 16, 2001; "Sketch of Ma Rainey" by Craig Lloyd, 3/2006 (Paper); Columbus Black Heritage Georgia, Visitors Guide; "An Argument for the M.A. in History for Army Personnel" by Craig Lloyd (Paper).

Folder 12 – National Endowment for Humanities Seminar, Yale University I, 1984
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Photo; "On Decolonization and Informal Empire" by Robin W. Winks in the American Historical Review, Vol. 81, # 3, June 1976; " The Political Economy of the Bantu Homelands: A Study of the Cheap-Labor System in South Africa" (Paper); "Collaboration and Closing Frontiers: The Political Dissolution of the Zulu and Sioux" by Jim Gump (Paper); Proposal for a Book to be Entitled: "The War We Lost: Essays on the Vietnam Experience" by George Moss (Paper); "The Making of a Dictator: Fact and Fiction" by Napoleon N. Sanchez (Paper).

Folder 13 – National Endowment for Humanities Seminar, Yale University II, 1984
     This folder contains: Chapter 15 – "Racism and Color, Colonialism and Slavery"; Chapter 18 – "Race and Class"; "Splitting Up: A Comparative Analysis of Conditions Under Which States Successfully Break Away from Soviet and American Empires in Eastern Europe and Latin America" by Paul Conway (Paper); "Building the New United States Navy: The Imperial Connection" by Karen Markoe (Paper); "Imperial Dreams" by Bob Kirk, July 1984 (Paper) "Prospectus for a Comparative Study of Settler Women on the Frontiers of Australia and the United States, 1840-1880" by Susan Bailey (Paper); "Election "84 Post-Mortem, Nov. 14, 1984" (Paper); Handwritten Notes.

Folder 14 – New Georgia Encyclopedia, 2000s
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "Primus E. King (1900-1986)" by Craig Lloyd (Paper); "Columbus State University" by Craig Lloyd (Paper); NGE Writers Guidelines and Contributor's Guidelines; Unidentified Photos from "Lift Every Voice" Columbus Georgia's African American Heritage.

Folder 15 – Ohio State Press Editing of Book on Herbert Hoover I and copyright (Manuscript)

Folder 16 – Ohio State Press Editing of Book on Herbert Hoover II (Manuscript)

Folder 17 – Review of Book on Herbert Hoover, 1970s, 1980s

Folder 18 – Student's Correspondence, 1970s, 1980s

Folder 19 – Various Papers of Craig Lloyd
     This folder contains: Proceeding and Papers of the Georgia Association of Historians, 1991, Vol. XII – "Christopher Lasch: Critic, Humanist, Historian" by Craig Lloyd (Portion of this Paper Presented at Georgia Academy of Science Meeting, 1987); "The Vietnam and the "Confused American: Fantasy, Entertainment, and Propaganda in the Southeast Asian Writings of William J. Lederer" by Craig Lloyd, 1985 (Paper); "The End of Liberalism" (Paper); "American Historians and the Mexican War: the Role of Moral Judgment in the Writing of History", 1964 (Paper); "Sunbelt Odyssey" by Craig Lloyd, 1976 (Paper); "Recent Analyses of the American Race Problem Against the Background of the 'Negro Revolution': The Destruction of the Myrdalian Hypothesis", 1965 (Paper).

Folder 20 -- Margaret Sullivan Research Materials, 2015

Folder 21 – Newspaper Articles collected on Herbert Hoover

Folder 22 – Caryl Lloyd's Publications
"Formative Texts and Family Values in the Library of Absalom Harris Chappell" (Includes Research Notes and Copies)
"Representing Silence: Diderot and Greuze

Folder 22 continued in legal size folder: Research notes and copies of "Memorials of the Last Year of my Minority November 29 1871/72."

Folder 23 -- Certificate of Achievement for River March '96


Series 2 – Eugene Bullard Research

Box 1

Folder 1 – Air Service
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes – The Lafayette Flying Corps Vol. 1.

Folder 2 – "All Blood Runs Red" by Eugene Jacques Bullard, Georgia Years (Manuscript)

Folder 3 – King Alfonso XIII, 1963

Folder 4 – "America Will Never Fly" by Kenneth Brown Collings, 1996

Folder 5 – "American Fighters in the Foreign Legion", 1914-1918
     This folder contains: "American Fighters in the foreign Legion, 1914-1918" by Paul Ayres Rockwell, 1930; Correspondence; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 6 – American Legion, 1935
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes – Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 7 – American Troops Arriving in Paris, 1917

Folder 8 – Armistice Day, 11/11/1918

Folder 9 – Annees d'Occupation, 1985
     This folder contains: La plus Grande Actrice Francaise Passe aux Aveux, JEANNE MOREAU, Journal d'une Femme de Coeur, by Jean-Francois Josselin in the Nouvel Observateur, # 1532, 17/23 Mars, 1994; "Les Ruines de Subure, Montmartre de 1939 aux Annees 80" by Louis Chevalier, 1985.

Folder 10 – Armstrong, Louis
     This folder contains: "Swing that Music" by Louis Armstrong, 1936; Correspondence; "Louis Armstrong" by N.J. Canetti; "Louis Armstrong, an American Genius" by James Lincoln Collier; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 11 – Thabiti Asukile, J.A. Rogers on E. Bullard, 2000s

Folder 12 – Peter Atkinson – Army Times, 2003
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "Eugene J. Bullard, 1895-1961" by Craig Lloyd (Paper).

Folder 13 – Author's Notes on All Blood Runs Red, February/May, 1989
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes.

Folder 14 – Josephine Baker, 1989-1995
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; "Josephine, the Hungry Heart" by Jean-Claude Baker and Chris Chase, 1995; "Music-Halls et Cafes-Concerts; "Jazz Cleopatra – Josephine Baker in her time" by Phyllis Rose, 1989.

Folder 15 – Peter Barto – Correspondence, etc.
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "Prospectus: A Timeline of Eugene Jacques Bullard" by Peter Barto, 3/6/1995.

Folder 16 – Bechet, Sydney
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; "Bechet" by Fabrice Zammarchi, 1989; "La Musique C'est ma Vie" by Sydney Bechet, 1960.

Folder 17 – Gwendoline Bennett's "Wedding Day, A Story", November 1926

Folder 18 – Bennett, James Gordon, 1883-1918
     This folder contains: "The James Gordon Bennetts Father and Son, Proprietors of the New York Herald" by Don C. Seitz; Newspaper Clippings; Handwritten Notes; "The American Negro and Foreign Opinion" by William S. Nelson in The Crisis, August 1923.

Folder 19 – "Black Aviators: Flying Free" VHS, 2001

Folder 20 – Book Reviews of Eugene Bullard & Photo, 2000s
     This folder contains: Photo; Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings; "Le Tumulte Noir, The Black Expatriate Experience in 1920s Paris" by David Gregor, 2001; "The Man Behind the Book" by Craig Lloyd (Paper).

Folder 21 – Boxing and Boxers
     This folder contains: La Boxe, 3 December, 1913; La Boxe, January 1914; "Beyond the Ring, the Role of Boxing in American Society" by Jeffrey T. Sammons, 1988; "Second Out, Chats about Boxers, Their Trainers and Patrons" by Fred Dartnell, 1924; "Ten – and Out!, the Complete Story of the Prize Ring in America" by Alexander Johnston, 1927; London Borough of Camden Guide to the Collections, Local History Library; "Who's who in boxing" by Bob Burrill, 1974; Newspaper Clippings; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 22 – Paul Brown and Caroline Brown Documentary Proposal, CD & Photo, 2008

Folder 23 – Bullard, Eugene – Decorations & Honors

Folder 24 – Color Photo of Bullard's Harlem Apartment, 2007

Folder 25 – Bullard Movie Projects – Gil Bellows Correspondence, 2000s

Folder 26 – Bullard Papers and Georgia Association of Historians
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "The Challenge of a Memoir in Biographical Research: Eugene Bullard's "All Blood Runs Red" (Paper); "Young Eugene Bullard in Georgia" by Craig Lloyd (Paper), 2000.

Folder 27 – Bullard, Eugene – 170th Infantry Regiment, 1982
     This folder contains: Map of the Puy de Dome, 1918/1919; "Histoire des Communes du Puy de Dome" sous la Direction D'A. G. Maury, 1982.

Folder 28 – Bullard, Eugene – Columbus, Georgia
     This folder contains: Newspaper clippings; Correspondence; Handwritten Notes; Census of the United States.

Series 2 – Box 2

Folder 1 – Bullard, Eugene – Fort Valley, Georgia, 1991

Folder 2 – Bullard, Eugene – National Archives, 1919
     This folder contains: Headquarters Air Service Lines of Communication American Expeditionary Forces, 1917; Handwritten Notes; "Blacks in the Army Air Forces during World War II: the Problems of Race Relations" by Alan M. Osur, 1986; Telegrams.

Folder 3 – Bullard, Eugene – Wedding, 1923
     This folder contains Handwritten Notes.

Folder 4 – Bullard, Marcelle – Social Status Suggested, 1920s-1930s
     This folder contains Photos of Paris des Annees 30, Jacques Lanzmann, 1987.

Folder 5 – Bullard, William Lewis
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings; "History of Stewart County, Section 1" by Helen Eliza Terrill, 1958; "A Note on the Pitfalls of Black Genealogy: the Origins of Black Surnames" by Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr.

Folder 6 – Buster Brown, 1990

Folder 7 – P.J. Carisella and John Ryan Correspondence, 1988

Folder 8 – CDs
     This folder contains: "Four Sample Scenes from Gene Bullard, C'est Moi! By Norman Weinstein (CD); Flushing Cemetery, Oct. 2003, Federation of French War Veterans (CD); The Lafayette Flying Corps, James Norman Hall & Charles Bernard Nordhoff (CD); Real Ragtime (CD).

Folder 9 – Champagne, 1915 / Verdun, 1916

Folder 10 – Jamie Cockfield Correspondence, 1990s
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings' "All Blood Runs Red" by Jamie H. Cockfield, 1995; "The Black Eagle" by James Wakefield Burke in The Retired Officer, May 1984; "Eugene Bullard, America's First Black Military Aviator, Flew for France during World War 1" by Jamie Cockfield in Military History, February 1996.

Folder 11 – The Cold, Snowy Winter of 1916-17

Folder 12 – Commemoration Ceremony at Columbus Airport & VHS, June 24, 1993
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings; VHS.

Folder 13 – Connell, Louise Fox – Radcliff College
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Transcript Interview with Mrs. Richard Connell, March 31, 1977; List of the Newspapers in Which Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt's Column Appears, October 23, 1959; "Some Highlights from Eugene Bullard's Adventurous Life" by Connell, Press Release for April 26, 1960; A Child Runs Away from Hatred".

Folder 14 – Corner, Caroline (Marcelle, Eugenie Henriette Straumann – Vital Statistics), 1991/92
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Handwritten Notes; "All Blood Runs Red" a Proposal for a Documentary Film.

Folder 15 – Correspondence with University of Georgia Press Staff, Contract with Press, Sales Records, 1999/2000

Folder 16 – Correspondence Relating to Securing Use of Photographs for Book & Photos, 1990s

Folder 17 – Dickson, Jeff Davis
     This folder contains: "Du Vel'd'Hiv' au Palais des sports et des Arts" by Andy Dickson (Autographed), December 16, 1999; Correspondence; Photos; Handwritten Notes; "Le Vel'd'Hiv' 1903-1959" by Lilianne Grunwald and Claude Cattaert; "Ringmaster of Paris" by Jerome Beatty, 1938; Biography; Newspaper Clippings; "Magnolia Sketches" Broadcast Over WJDX, Jackson, Mississippi, March 20, 1941, by Harris Dickson.

Folder 18 – Handwritten Drafts I

Folder 19 – Handwritten Drafts II

Folder 20 – Handwritten Drafts III

Folder 21 – Essay – Columbus and the Valley, 1995

Folder 22 – Faculty Development Grant, 1987

Folder 23 – Faculty Development Grant, Oxford, 1990/Norfolk, 1991

Folder 24 – Faculty Development Grant, Paris, 1992

Folder 25 – Faculty Development Grant, Boston and Paris, 1994

Folder 26 – Faculty Development Grant, Paris, 1986 – New-York, 1997

Series 2 – Box 3

Folder 1 – Fabre, Michel
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Handwritten Notes; "A Street Guide to African Americans in Paris" by Michel Fabre and John A. Williams, 1996; Afram Newsletter # 38, December 1993; "Way B(l)ack Then and Now, a Street Guide to African American in Paris" by Michel Fabre and John A. Williams, 1992; Afram Newsletter # 35, Juin 1992 – Afram Newsletter # 36, November 1992; Etudes Afro-Americaines; Afram Newsletter # 39, Juin 1994

Folder 2 – Oscar Fann Interview with Craig Lloyd, VHS, October 13, 1994

Folder 3 – Fighter Pilots of World War I by Robert Jackson, 1977

Folder 4 – Flanner, Janet, Paris was Yesterday, 1925/1939

Folder 5 – "Flashes from the War Zone" by Will Irvin, July 15, 1916

Folder 6 – St. John Flynn / Georgia Public Broadcasting, Interview with Craig Lloyd, May 21, 2001 & CD

Folder 7 – Flyboys (Film) (Eugene Bullard), 2006
     This folder contains: Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 8 – Flyboys Film and Other Bullard Film Proposals, 2007

Folder 9 – "France a Tribute by an American Woman" by Florence Gilliam, 1945

Folder 10 – French Ministry of Culture Correspondence, 2000

Folder 11 -- French Intelligence – The Deuxieme Bureau
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; "Second Bureau" by Philip John Stead.

Folder 12 – French Legion of Honor, 2002

Folder 13 – French Military Aviation WWI
     This folder contains: "I Flew with the Lafayette Escadrille" by Edwin C. Parsons; "L'Histoire de L'Aeronautique" Aout 1939; "High Adventure, a Narrative of Air Fighting in France" by James Norman Hall, 1918; "L'Escadrille Lafayette" by Lieut. Col. Georges Thenault, 1939; "Flying for France with the American Escadrille at Verdun" by James R. Mc Connell, 1917; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 14 – French Ministry of Culture Correspondence, 2000

Folder 15 – Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame & Photos, August 26, 1989
     This folder contains: Photos; Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 16 – Genet, Edmond – Diaries of, 1918

Folder 17 – German Invasion of France, May/June 1940

Folder 18 – W.C. Gough Reminiscence of Bullard (Annie Gross Murder Case), 1902
     This folder contains "From Kew Observatory to Scotland Yard, Being Experiences and Travels in 28 Years of Crime Investigation" by Ex-Chief Inspector W.C.Goufh of the C.I.D.

Folder 19 – Le Grand Duc from Montmartre in 1925, by Jean Gravigny

Folder 20 – Dr. Edmund Gros, 1919

Folder 21 – Gubert, Betty, 1990s-2000s
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "Invisible Wings, an Annotated Bibliography on Blacks in Aviation, 1916-1993" compiled by Betty Kaplan Gubert; "The Black Eagle – How a Determined Young Man Escaped America's Prejudice and Went on to Distinguish Himself as a Pilot with the Famed Lafayette Flying Corps.", by James Wakefield Burke; Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 22 – Gunter Air Force Base, Photos & VHS, November 8, 1988
     This folder contains: Photos; Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings; "Abbreviated Biography of Corporal Eugene Bullard"; Gunter Air Base, Eugene Jacques Bullard Ceremonies (VHS).

Folder 23 – Gypsies, 1970s
     This folder contains: "Gypsies Wanderers of the World" by Bart McDowell, 1970; "The English Gypsy Caravan, its Origins, Builders, Technology and Conservation" by C.H. Ward-Jackson and Denis E. Harvey, 1972; "Gypsies, Their Life, Lore, and Legends" by Konrad Bercovici, 1883-1928; "Dictionary of Gipsy Life and Lore" by H.E. Wedeck, 1973; "Gypsy Wagon Ride" by Bob Herrell, 4/22/1974; "When the Gypsies Came" by Frances Patton Statham.

Folder 24 – "Harlem in Montmartre, A Paris Jazz Story" & CD, 2008/2009

Folder 25 – Harlem in Montmartre, DVD – Eugene Bullard & French Newspaper Clipping, 2010

Folder 26 – Henri, Robert
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; "Anthologie des Avocats Francais Contemporains" by Fernand Payen, 1913; "Les Grandes Affaires Criminelles" 1974; "Paris au Jour le Jour: les Evenements vus par la Presse" by Elysabeth Hansser, 1968.

Folder 27 – High Flew the Falcons – The French Aces of World War I, by Herbert Molloy Mason, Jr., 1965

Folder 28 – Hill Street Press, Athens, GA Correspondence, 1998

Folder 29 – "Tommy Hitchcock", an American Hero, by Nelson W. Aldrich, Jr., 1984

Folder 30 – Les Halles, 1939/40

Folder 31 – Langston Hughes Reads, Cassette, 1990

Folder 32 – "Illustration Notre Aviation de Guerre"

Folder 33 – "The Incredible Life of Monsieur Bullard" by Mary H. Smith, December, 1967

Folder 34 – Robert J. Jackeman Correspondence, 1992
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings; "The Divided Skies – The Black Public Becomes Air-Minded", by Robert J. Jackman; "Aviation and Tuskegee Institute" the Early Years.

Folder 35 – Jazz Reaches Europe

Folder 36 – Tim King – (Oregon), 2006

Folder 37 – Kisling, Moise

Folder 38 – Koo, Wellington – Family
     This folder contains: "No Feast Lasts Forever" by Madame Wellington Koo, 1975; "Wellington Koo and China's Wartime Diplomacy, 1927".

Folder 39 – Hana Lane Correspondence, January 28, 1997

Folder 40 – Sean P. Lavin Contract with UGA Press for right to Book, 2013

Folder 41 – Lecture on Bullard before GA Historic Society in Savannah, November 10, 2005

Folder 42 – Luncheon at Columbus College, November 17, 1988
     This folder contains: Slides; Newspaper Clippings; Historic Chattahoochee Commission Matching Money Marker Program Guidelines; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 43 – Lyon, France, 1916
     This folder contains: Photos; Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 44 – Manhattan vs. Liner, July 18, 1940
     This folder contains Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 45 – Maps of the 9th Arrondissement, Paris

Folder 46 – Herbert M. Mason, Jr. Correspondence, 1993

Folder 47 – Mc Kinley, James, 1995
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 48 – Miller, Patrick B., 2001

Folder 49 – Miscellaneous: Letters, Bullard Related Items
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Historical Art in Bronze by Eddie Dixon; Black Film Center/Archive: Richard E. Norman Collection; "Who was that Black Man: A Note on Eugene Bullard and the Sun Also Rises" by Frederic J. Svoboda; Newspaper Clippings; "A Century of Flight – Military Pioneers Who Made Aviation History", by Grace Jones, Paris Match, Nov. 10, 1988.

Folder 50 – Miscellaneous (Bullard) & Photos
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "In the Footsteps of a Legend" by Cal Fussman in Time, April 23, 2007; Photos; Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 51 – Miscellaneous, Publications on Bullard or Related
     This folder contains: "Black Wings, the American Black Aviation" by Von Hardesty and Dominick Pisano, 1983' "Legacy, Eugene Bullard: The First Black Fighter Pilot" Feb./March 1995; "Reaping the Whirlwind, the Civil Rights Movement in Tuskegee" by Robert J. Norrell (Paper); "Blackface, White Noise -- Jewish Immigrants in the Hollywood Melting Pot", by Michael Rogin; "Between Two Fires – Europe's Path in the 1930s", by David Clay Large; "Jim Crow in Georgia" by Hammond Moore in South Atlantic Quarterly; "Daughters of the New World" by Susan Richards Shreve; "The Black Icarus: Eugene Bullard in the Dawn of Military Aviation" by Jamie H. Cockfield in Over the Front, Vol. 9, # 4, Winter 1994.

Series 2 – Box 4

Folder 1 – Montmartre du Plaisir et du Crime, 1980
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; "Montmartre du Plaisir et du Crime", by Louis Chevalier, 1980.

Folder 2 – John Morrow, spring 1991

Folder 3 – NAACP – The Crisis (Magazine), 1983
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; Selections from The Crisis; The Crisis Editorial, Vol. 13, #4, February 1917.

Folder 4 – New-York Harlem – Research, Summer 1997
     This folder contains: Map of New-York City Subway, May 1996; Newspaper Clippings; Photos; "Seventh Avenue: the Great Black Way", by Jervis Anderson, 1950; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 5 – New York Years Documents
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; Newspaper Clippings; Correspondence; Restivo Ristorante Menu; New York City Map (Downtown & Vicinity); New York City Map; The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library (Brochure)

Folder 6 – Norfolk – Newport News / Martha Russ
     This folder contains: "The Mariner's Museum in Newport News, Virginia" (Brochure); "The Steamship Historical Society of America (Brochure); Maps; Newspaper Clippings; "The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company, Railway's Extension to Deep Water Created Port City" by Clarence W. Newman (Article); Handwritten Notes; Photos.

Folder 7 – Jacqueline O'Garro – Bullard and Richard Reid Correspondence, 1980s-1990s

Folder 8 – Matthew Owen Correspondence, 1997
Folder 9 – Hughes Panaissie

Folder 10 – Paris Library Forms, 1987

Folder 11 – "Paris, the Glamour Years, 1919/40" by Tony Allan

Folder 12 – "Le Paris Noir de l'Entre-Deux Guerres" by Andre Kaspi and Antoine Mares

Folder 13 – Parisian Newspapers (Coverage of Beating of Bullard, May 1919), 1919

Folder 14 – Parsons, Edwin, 1967

Folder 15 – Pecksill, New-York, Robeson Concert and Riot, September 6, 1949
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 16 – Photos of E. Bullard I

Folder 17 – Photos of E. Bullard II

Folder 18 – Preparations for Paperback Edition of Eugene Bullard UGA Press, 2005
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "Preface to the Paperback Edition" First Draft, 2nd Draft, and 4th Draft; Preface; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 19 – The Prince of Wales – King Edward VIII (Abdicated), 3 November, 1936
     This folder contains: "Histoire d'un Roi, les Memoires de son Altesse Royale le Duc de Windsor", 1951; "Chaplin, his Life and Art" by David Robinson; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 20 – "Private Bullard" by Will Irvin, in The Independent, Vol. 112, # 3864, March 15, 1924

Folder 21 – Recent Research Findings on Eugene Bullard & Bullard Correspondence, 2002
     This folder contains: "Life of WWII Flying Age Honored" by Joyce Shelby in New York Daily News, February 3, 2002; "Before Tuskegee Airmen, there was the Black Swallow of Death", by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., April 7, 2013 (Article); Newspaper Clippings; "Seeds of Discord, de Gaulle, Free France and the Allies" by Dorothy Shipley White, 1964; "Belle Davis and Her Piccaninnies: a Preliminary Bio-, Disco-, and Filmography" by Rainer E. Lotz in ARSC Journal; "L'Amer Destin du Clown Chocolat" by Boris Thiolay in L'Express, 14 Mai, 2009; "Simply Anderson" by John N. Cooper; "What the Queen Likes to Quaff" by Eric Felten in the Wall Street Journal, July 15, 2006; "The Gold Star Mothers" by Bo Lindstrom and Dan Vernhettes; Best Books About Americans in Paris.

Folder 22 – Research in New York Times, summer, 1997

Folder 23 – Research Notes (Handwritten)

Folder 24 – Research Notes, New-York City Public Library (Handwritten)

Folder 25 – Jean-Paul Rigaut Correspondence, 1992

Folder 26 – Scattered Pages from Eugene Bullard's Memoir "All Blood Runs Red"

Folder 27 – Scott, Larry – Research on EJB

Folder 28 – Script by Richard Liebman and Blu de Golyer for an ETB Film Project

Folder 29 – Sissle, Nobel, 1918
     This folder contains: "Reminiscing with Sissle and Blake" by Robert Kimball and William Bolcom; "Swing Out, Great Negro Dance Bands" by Gene Fernett, 1997.

Folder 30 – Slide Show / Text (E. Bullard)
     This folder contains: Sources on the Life of Eugene Bullard and Handwritten Notes.

Folder 31 – Sparks, James, 1933
     This folder contains Newspaper Clippings.

Folder 32 – Smith, Ada Louise (Bricktop)
     This folder contains: Newspaper Clippings; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 33 – Dan Taylor Documentary Project & CDs, 2010
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "The Knight of Issoudun" DVD; Paul Piasecki, Director of Photography, and DVD.

Folder 34 – Thompson, Daisy Bullard – Telephone Interviews, March 14, 1989

Folder 35 – Trains – Atlanta, Georgia
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; "Night Trains, the Pullman System in the Golden Years of America Rail Travel" by Peter T. Maiken; Photos and Negatives; "Underground Atlanta" by Norman Shavin.

Folder 36 – Turner, Zach – Moreland/Dawson, GA, 1940/80
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; Correspondence; "Terrell County's Centennial Panorama, Dawson, GA, 1856-1956

Folder 37 – Tuskegee's Heroes

Folder 38 – University of Georgia Press Catalogue with Bullard Book
     This folder contains: The University of Georgia Press, Spring & Summer 2000, Fall & Winter 2000, Books for Fall & Winter 2002.

Folder 39 – "The Valley Reads" Eugene Bullard (Activities, Surrounding, etc.), 2005
     This folder contains: Correspondence; Newspaper Clippings; "Eugene Bullard, Black Expatriate in Jazz-Age Paris" Valley Reads (Brochure); "Eugene Bullard: World War I Fighter Pilot" in The Beacon, April/May 2005; Photos; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 40 – Various Bullard Film Proposals, 2000s
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "The Black Swallow" a Treatment for an Original Screenplay written by John B. Holway, 2009.

Folder 41 – Vaudeville – London and Paris, 1940s –1950s
     This folder contains: "Holborn, and Historical Portrait of a London Borough" by John Lehmann, 1970; "Ring Up the Curtain, Being a Pageant of English Entertainment Covering Half a Century" by Ernest Henry Short and Arthur Compton-Rickett, 1938/70; "Vaudeville USA" by John E. Dimeglio, 1973; "Jazz Dance, the Story of American Vernacular Dance" by Marshall and Jean Stearns, 1968; Handwritten Notes.

Folder 42 – Vaudeville – White entertainers
     This folder contains: Handwritten Notes; "Cole Porter, a Biography" by Charles Schwartz, 1977; "The Life that Late He Led, a Biography of Cole Porter" by George Eells, 1967; "A Pictorial History of Vaudeville" by Bernard Sobel, 1961; Mistinguett, Maurice Chevalier et Josephine Baker; Newspaper Clippings.

Series 2 – Box 5

Folder 1 – "The Vivid Air, the Lafayette Escadrille" by Philip M. Flammer, 1981

Folder 2 – Les Volontaires Americains, dans les Rangs Allies by Paul-Louis Hervier, 1917

Folder 3 – Philip Weatheburn Correspondence, 1990s, 2000s

Folder 4 – Weinstein, Norman Correspondence, 2006 & CD
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "A Man with Medals and a Man Without" a New Play by Norman Weinstein, December 2, 2005; CD; "A Man with Medals and a Man Without" by Norman Weinstein, A Play in Two Acts Inspired by the Life of Eugene Bullard, 2005 (Manuscript).

Folder 5 – Lloyd T. Williams – Film Proposals I, 2000s
     This folder contains: Correspondence; "Bullard", Episode One, First Draft, 2/1/2008; "Bullard", Episode Two, First Draft, March 3, 2008; "Eugene Jacques Bullard an American in Paris", Episode III, by Lloyd Williams, Paladin Pictures; Casting Pictures.

Folder 6 – Lloyd T. Williams Film Proposals II, 2000s
     This folder contains: Film Sketches; Correspondence; Poster; "An American in Paris, The Eugene Bullard Story" a Treatment submitted by Lloyd T. Williams; "An American in Paris" Episode I; "An American in Paris" Episode II; "An American in Paris" Episode III; "An American in Paris" Episode IV.

Folder 7 – Wilson, Arthur Eric "Dooley", 1894/1953
     This folder contains: "Casablanca Script and Legend" by Howard Koch, 1974; "Black Film as Genre" by Thomas Cripps, 1978; "From Sambo to Super Spade, the Black Experience in Motion Pictures" by Daniel J. Leab, 1976; "Making Movies Black, the Hollywood Message Movie from World War II to the Civil Rights Era" by Thomas Cripps, 1993; "Slow Fade to Black, the Negro in American Film, 1900-1942" by Thomas Cripps, 1977; "Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks, an Interpretive History of Blacks in American Films" by Donald Bogle, 1973; "A Separate Cinema, Fifty Years of Black-Cast Posters" by John Kisch and Edward Mapp, 1992.

Folder 8 – White, Walter, September 6, 1941

Folder 9 – Wright Patterson Air force Base, Bullard File & Photos

Folder 10 – Zellis Club

Series 2 – Box 6 (slides)

Slides I

The Fronde Letter – "Chocolat" – Revue Negre – Music Hall Champs Elysees – Buster Brown – Rue – Fernando Jones – WWII Verdun – Street Life – Sacre Coeur – City Hall, 9th Arrondissement – Paris – 1906 Paris – Cargo Ship – Wing Emblem – Sacre Coeur – Lyon Train Station 1910 – 1990 Paris – La Rotonde – Letterhead of France forever – Sam Mc Vey – Boxing Program (Brit?) – C. Genet – Glasgow 1880s – Christmas in Paris 1925 – Regent Street, London 1896 – French African – Lyon – Wiser, Paris 1920s – J.M. Hall – Rue Victor Hugo – Bullard – London – Russell Square, London – November 11, 1918 Paris Boulevard – 28th Street School 1910 – Paris, August 1914 – Glasgow 1900 – Near Piccadilly Circus, 1909 – Rue Rivoli, Paris 1914 – Aberdeen, Early 1900s – Lyon silk Industry district – J.B.'s Dance Salon – "Flea Pit" 1990 – Kislma Studio – Kinsling/Post-Impressionists – Charleston – French African – 116 Street Levox Avenue, Harlem – LF.S – Soldiers – Air Soldiers – Verdun 1916.

Slides II

Sem Cartoon, 1925 – Map – Paris – Map 9th Arrondissement – Newspaper clippings – Planes – Verdun (Map-Full) – Paris 1910-1914 M. Gosling – S.E.P. 1916 – Jazzmen at Deauville – Verdun 1916 – Paris, august 1914 – Café du Dome – Josephine Baker Revue – German 1915 – Jeff Dickson – Kristina, 1918/19 – Atlanta Depot – Baltarin, 1914 – Berlin – Lyon Newspaper, 1917 – Boxe – Buster Brown – Verdun, Body in Tree – WWI Dead – Map London – Newport 1910 – Atlanta 1910 – Share Cropper, GA – Verdun Map 1916 – Ivan Station, Atlanta – Fitzgerald Manuscript – Les Halles Market, Paris – 1940 Destruction Along the Loire – 1939 War Period – 1940 Destruction – Loire River, 1940 – Bridge Between France and Spain, 1940 – 1915 German Prisoners of Champagne – Harlem 1940 – 1915 Battle of champagne – 1940 Flight – WWI Bullard Saw this – German Plane – WWI Pilot with his gunner – Going into Verdun, 1916.

Slides III

Lyon 1917 Newspaper 1911 – La Rotonde – Location of the Grand Duc – France, Map on file – London 1909 Bridge – Narame Brothers, 1917 – Russell Square, 1910 London – Hobhouse 1910, London – Paris 20's Wiser – Kisling – Aux Ambassadeurs, Revue Americaine, 1925 – Nugesser, 1918 – 1917 No/Man's Land – Paris 1910/1914 Gosling – Avenue de l'Opera, Evenson, Paris, 1910 – Hanhavy, Prospecty Scotland – London Russell Square Map – Josephine Baker at the Eiffel Tower – Nek Top 1930 – Hampton roads, YA – 9th Arrondissement, Paris 1990 – Col. Pinsard Air force – Funeral for Genet – F.D. 1916 – Paris 1920s – Kisling Studio, 1990 – C. Genet – French African Store, 9th Arrondissement, Paris – Mobilization – 1940 Flight from Paris – Zellis, 1990 – Haynes Bar, 1990 – Share Croppers, GA – Going into Verdun – 1940 German Blitz – First Americans – Glasgow, River Clyde, 1902 – Bullard, Jazz Band – Jazz Musicians, 1920s – Claude Ron Modigliani, 1904 – Bal Tabarin, N. Gosling, Paris, 1910/14.

Slides IV

Medals – Bullard 1957 – Paris Occupation, June 1940 – Louis Armstrong, 1932 – J.M. Hall – B. Tat Grand Duc – Prince of Wales – Wiser, Paris 20's – Josephine Baker, 1928 – Boulevard des Italiens, 1905, Paris – French Consulate, N.Y. – Verdun 1916 – Poilus – Infantry Man, 1916 – Bullard, Grand Duc, 1926 – 1967 Portrait – Dixie Kids – Bullard, Boxer – War Plane – La Coupole Wiser, 1920's – Zellis – Tramer Pilot – Bullard Pilot – Bullard 1920's – Bullard Athletic Club – Bullard Ada T., 1954 – V.S. Census, 1900 – John Zacharia Turner Jr, 1915 – Bullard + filles (girls), 1942 – Belle Davis – B.T. Husband – Zellis, 1921 – Certificate Legion d'Honor – Dawson, Mrs. Turner.

Slides V

General Mobilization, August 1, 1914 – S Langford, 1913 – Josephine Baker – Planes – Newspaper clippings –

Slides VI

Steam Boat – Map of France – Dawson Zach Turner – Josephine Baker – Bullard, 1955 – Bullard New-York – 1940 Flight – Ted parsons – Verdun, 1916 – Tranches, 1914/15 – Soldiers

Series 3 – Eugene Bullard Manuscript

Box 1

Folder 1 – Manuscript Bibliography

Folder 2 – Drafts on Disks, 1990s

Folder 3 – Manuscript – 2nd Draft, 9/9/1996

Folder 4 – Manuscript – 2nd Draft, 9/16/1996

Folder 5 – Copy Edited 1997

Folder 6 – Editor Roger Harris Suggestions, 11/1996

Folder 7 – Edited by Carol Lloyd, 1996

Folder 8 – Copy Edited 1999 I

Folder 9 – Copy Edited 1999 II

Folder 10 – "A Black Odyssey: Eugene J. Bullard's Search for Respect" by Craig Lloyd (Manuscript), 1997 I & Tyler Stovall Comments, 1998

Folder 11 – "A Black Odyssey: Eugene J. Bullard's Search for Respect" by Craig Lloyd (Manuscript), 1997 II

Folder 12 – Manuscript 1998 I

Folder 13 – Manuscript 1998 II

Folder 14 – Chapter 1 – 5 and Notes

Folder 15 – Chapter 6

Folder 16 – Manuscript with Handwritten Notes I

Folder 17 – Manuscript with Handwritten Notes II

Folder 18 – Manuscript – Original Draft Preface, 1993