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Frances H. Ellis Collection (MC 193)

Biographical Note

According to her obituary, Frances Huguenin Ellis was born in Macon, Georgia on August 11, 1926, the daughter of Marshall Johnston Ellis and Martha Plant Ellis Ross. She died in Columbus, Georgia on April 12, 2003. She was a graduate of St. Catherine's School in Richmond, Virginia and Duke University. She received her MA in English Literature from Columbia University in New York City. After moving to Columbus in 1963, she taught at the Fort Benning Branch of American University. She was a founder and co-owner of The Vintner on Wynnton Road. She was a member of the Trinity Episcopal Church, the Colonial Dames of America and the Columbus Junior League. She established the Frances H. Ellis Art Endowment at Columbus State University.

Scope and Content

These materials include food and wine information, cookbooks, art material, books, newspaper clippings, Ellis family information, and photographs of vacations as well as family snap shots.

1970s-2000s 5 boxes (5 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Frances H. Ellis Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Frances H. Ellis Collection (MC 193)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


This collection was donated to the Archives by Sallie Gates in August of 2003.

Box and Folder List

Series 1- Monographs

Box 1

Folder 1. A Southern Collection of Tested Recipes, published by the Junior League of Columbus, Georgia. Columbus Productions, 1979

Folder 2. Goodwin, John. First Shot: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginning Golfers. Colorado: Circle G Publications. 1992.

Folder 3. 1979 Shell Desk Diary. Shell Oil Company, 1978.

Folder 4. The Sierra Club. Wilderness 1971: The Sierra Club Engagement Calendar. New York: Ballantine Books, 1970.

Folder 5. The Sierra Club. Wilderness 1977: Sierra Club Engagement Calendar. New York: Case-Hoyt Color Printers, 1976.

Folder 6. The Sierra Club. Wilderness 1978: Sierra Club Engagement Calendar. Maryland: Fawcett Printing Corporation, 1977.

Folder 7. The Impressionists Diary 1990. No Publisher and No Date.

Folder 8. The Museum of Modern Art. Colors: The Museum of Modern Art Appointment Calendar 1991. Italy: A. Mondadori, 1990.

Folder 9. Paintings by the Fauves: 1904- 1908: Brilliant Days, an Art Book and Engagement Book for 1992. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Italy. 1991.

Folder 10. Interiors: The Museum of Modern Art Appointment Calendar 1993. No Publisher and No Date.

Folder 11. Museum of Fine Arts. Masterpieces of American Watercolors 1994. New York: Universe Publishing, 1993.

Folder 12. Food: The Museum of Modern Art Appointment Calendar 1995. No Publisher and No Date.

Folder 13. The British Library. Medieval Flowers and Plants Engagement Diary 1996. No Publisher and No Date.

Folder 14. The Art of Pleasure 1997. No Publisher and No Date.

Folder 15. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. An Art Book and Engagement Book for 1998. Italy. 1997.

Folder 16. The Museum of Modern Art Appointment Calendar 1999.

Folder 17. Radio & Television Commercials 1974 - 1975.

Folder 18. The New Yorker 2000 Desk Diary.

Folder 19. The New Yorker 2001 Desk Diary.

Folder 20. Cat Cartoons 2003 appointment book

Folder 21. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Language of Flowers. An Art Book and Engagement Book 2002.

Box 2

Folder 1. The Groaning Board Cookbook. Georgia: Westville Historic Handicrafts, Inc, 1993.

Folder 2. Miscellaneous Cookbook

Folder 3. Buick Southern Open 25th Anniversary. Georgia: The Buick Southern Open. 1993.

Folder 4. Mathewson, R. Duncan. Archaeological Treasure: The Search for Nuewstra Senor de Atocha. Florida: Southeastern Printing Co, 1983.

Folder 5. Mckee, Alexander. How We Found The Mary Rose. London: Souvenir Press Ltd, 1982.

Folder 6. Marx, Robert F. Spanish Treasure in Florida Waters A Billion Dollar Graveyard. Massachusetts: The Mariners Press, 1979.

Folder 7. Burgess, Robert F. and Carl J. Clausen. Florida's Golden Galleons: The Search for the 175th Spanish Treasure Fleet. Florida: Florida Classics Library, 1982.

Folder 8. Daley, Robert. Treasure: The Story of the most successful and most tragic treasure hunt of modern times. New York: Random House. 1977.

Folder 9. Sherry, Frank. Raiders & Rebels: The Golden Age of Piracy. New York: Hearst Marine Books. 1986.

Folder 10. Mathewson, R. Duncan. Treasure of the Atocha: A Four Hundred Million Dollar. New York: E.P. Dutton. 1986.

Folder 11. Capote, Truman. A Christmas Memory. New York: Random House. 1956.

Folder 12. Wignall, Sydney. In Search of Spanish Treasure: A Diver's Story. Vermont: David & Charles Inc. 1982.

Folder 13. Robinson, Barbara. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. New York: The Hearst Corporation. 1972.

Folder 14. Robinson, Barbara. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. New York: HarperCollins. 1988.

Folder 15. Robinson, Barbara. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition. New York: HarperCollins. 1988.

Folder 16. The Officers' Wives Club of Fort Benning. Golden Heritage Cookbook, Fiftieth Anniversary. Georgia: Diversified Printing Services. 1973.

Folder 17. Mary Eddins Signature book 1859

Folder 18. Miscellaneous Postcards 1 of 2

Folder 19. Miscellaneous Postcards 2 of 2

Folder 20. Turner, William B. The Learning of Love: A Journey Toward Servant Leadership, readings by Francis Ellis 1 of 3

Folder 21. Turner, William B. The Learning of Love: A Journey Toward Servant Leadership, on tape readings by Francis Ellis 2 of 3

Folder 22. Turner, William B. The Learning of Love: A Journey Toward Servant Leadership, readings by Francis Ellis 3 of 3

Folder 23. Robinson, Barbara. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! on tape reading by Francis Ellis

Series 3- Miscellaneous

Box 1

Folder 1. “A Bull In A China Shop” 1958

Folder 2. “A Child's Christmas in Wales”

Folder 3. A Letter about Limericks

Folder 4. Al Fresco Affair, 1971

Folder 5. Anderson, Peter. “A Potter's Legacy”

Folder 6. Anglo-American Dictionary

Folder 7. Archaeological Research Workshop September 20-27, 1985

Folder 8. Columbus Audubon Society

Folder 9. Bio Briefs from friends of Francis 1994

Folder 10. Ordering Books By Mail

Folder 11. Business cards

Folder 12. Cards and Notes

Folder 13. Christmas Card from Bess and Gerry

Folder 14. Christmas Communion Pageant, Tacoma, 1961

Folder 15. Columbus Museum

Folder 16. Columbus Travel Bureau Advertisement

Folder 17. Dinner Cruise on the Paddleboat Chattahoochee Princess, August 1995

Folder 18. By Laws of Historic District Preservation Society

Folder 19. Ellett - St. Catherine Alumnae Association

Folder 20. Ellisaw Enterprises

Folder 21. “The Epiphany Philosophers” by Frances Ellis

Folder 22. “European Journal” Jun/Aug. 1952

Folder 23. “Garden Gateways” Jan/Feb. 1975

Folder 24. James Gates Birth Announcement Sept. 8, 1946

Folder 25. Sally Quillian Gates

Folder 26. Georgia's Flag Facts from Sons of Confederate Veterans of Columbus Benning Camp # 517

Folder 27. HCF Newsletters

Folder 28. Elsie's Hooper Letter to Eva Quillian

Folder 29. “In the company of killers” by Frances Ellis

Folder 30. Invitation for a cruise on the “Jubilee”

Folder 31. Clason Kyle photo in Newspaper

Folder 32. Letter from Leslie Williams to Frances Ellis

Folder 33. Letter from Columbus Enquirer to Frances Ellis

Folder 34. Letter to Columbus Enquirer

Folder 35. Letter to Michael Kernan at the Smithsonian from Frances Ellis

Folder 36. Letter to Mrs. Helen Brownsen, National Science Foundation

Folder 37. Letter to Neighbors of Frances Ellis

Folder 38. Letters between Tristan Jones of the Atlantis Society and France Ellis

Folder 39. “Look to windows to date old homes” by Sally Quillian

Folder 40. Henry Mcilhenny Obituary

Folder 41. Memorial Service for Frances Ellis

Folder 42. Newspaper Article concerning Sally Quillian's Trip to Rome

Folder 43. New Yorker letter to Frances Ellis

Folder 44. New Yorker Rejection of a Cartoon by Frances Ellis

Folder 45. Newspaper article on back pain

Folder 46. Nordhausen Cards and Paintings

Folder 47. Normandy American Cemetery

Folder 48. Notes on Mexico for Sam Pate

Folder 49. “Pancakes Tomorrow” recipe

Folder 50. Mary and Jack Passailaigue cards and paintings

Folder 51. Paw and Claw Pub

Folder 52. “Period Pieces” 708 Broad St. Columbus

Folder 53. Photo of inside house

Folder 54. “Pick a Winner”

Folder 55. Playboy magazine- Jimmy Carter's Interview

Folder 56. Proposal for support of an experiment in the discipline of making an individual retreat

Folder 57. Proposal to establish a Rankin house buttery

Folder 58. Proposed order of service for commemoration of The Lord's Supper on Maudy, Holy Week

Folder 59. Plumfield Heritage Ball Photographs

Folder 60. Eva Quillian

Folder 61. “Ruminations on Readers”

Folder 62. Social Security cards for Amzi Quillian

Folder 63. The Vintner Shop

Folder 64. “West Germany”

Folder 65. Fish camp for boys

Folder 66. Yank magazine, article about Amzi Quillian's unit in France

Folder 67. Envelope from Inaugural Committee, containing an invitation to Truman Inaugural

Series 4- Slides and Photographs

Box 1

Folder 1. Le Big Eddy framed painting

Folder 2. Publicity photos in an album

Folder 3. Family photos in an album

Folder 4. Miscellaneous photos in an album

Folder 5. Miscellaneous Photographs 1 of 9

Folder 6. Miscellaneous Photographs 2 of 9

Folder 7. Miscellaneous Photographs 3 of 9

Folder 8. Miscellaneous Photographs 4 of 9

Folder 9. Miscellaneous Photographs 5 of 9

Folder 10. Miscellaneous Photographs 6 of 9

Folder 11. Miscellaneous Photographs 7 of 9

Folder 12. Miscellaneous Photographs 8 of 9

Folder 13. Miscellaneous Photographs 9 of 9

Folder 14. Grand Canyon Slides 1 of 3

Folder 15. Grand Canyon Slides 2 of 3

Folder 16. Grand Canyon Slides 3 of 3

Folder 17. Womanship Cruise Slides

Folder 18. The Vintner Slides

Box 2

Folder 1. Photographs 1972

Folder 2. Photographs 1973

Folder 3. Photographs 1974

Folder 4. Photographs 1975

Folder 5. Photographs 1978

Folder 6. Photographs 1981

Folder 7. Photographs 1982

Folder 8. Photographs 1983

Folder 9. Photographs 1984

Folder 10. Photographs 1985

Folder 11. Photographs 1986

Folder 12. Photographs 1987

Folder 13. Photographs 1988

Folder 14. Photographs 1989

Folder 15. Photographs 1990

Folder 16. Photographs 1991

Folder 17. Photographs 1992

Folder 18. Photographs 1993

Folder 19. Photographs 1994

Folder 20. Photographs 1995

Folder 21. Photographs 1996

Folder 22. Photographs 1997

Folder 23. Photographs 1998

Folder 24. Photographs 1999

Folder 25. Photographs 2000

Folder 26. Photographs 2001

Folder 27. Photographs 2002