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Louise Jones DuBose Papers (MC 2)

Biographical Note  
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Biographical Note

After receiving her A.B. from the University of South Carolina in 1920, Louise Jones DuBose came to Columbus.  She lived with her aunt, Miss Clara Gunby, and worked as a reporter for the Enquirer, then operated by Julian and Julia Harris.  After covering a prize fight, an event she dared not let her aunt know she attended, she adopted the pen name of Nancy Telfair at the suggestion of Julia Harris.  In 1928, Columbus Office Supply hired Nancy Telfair to write the centennial history of Columbus.  Afterwords, she left Columbus and later served as director of the Federal Writers Project in South Carolina, as a professor at the University of South Carolina, and as director of the U.S.C. Press.  Throughout her various careers she continued to write. In the 1920s, her poems appeared in Ernest Hartsock's Bozart magazine, some were reprinted by the Literary Digest; her books included The Woman from Off: A One Act Play (1936), South Carolina Folktales (1941), Windstar (1943), and Enigma (1962).  She returned to Columbus in 1975 to participate in a program on Women's history.

Scope and Content

Her correspondence in this collection reflects her career as a reporter and includes letters from Julian and Julia Harris, as well as their photographs.  It also documents her literary activites during that period.  This collection includes some historical information about public education in Columbus (1927); material pertaining to her lecture in a program on Columbus Women (1975)--including her speech and some publicity; and a brief biography (typescript, 1p.) by Loretto Lamar Chappel, "Louise Jones DuBose of the University of South Carolina Press," (1962).  It also contains four letters of Augusta Jane Evans--three of them to members of the Benning family.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Louise Jones Dubose Papers must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives.  Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Louise Jones Dubose Papers
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


This collection was donated by Louise Jones DuBose in 1975. At the same time the South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina, was in the process of acquiring her material relating to her career in South Carolina.  That facility processed both parts of the collection, then photocopied the originals dealing with Columbus, which form a portion of this collection.

Box and Folder List

Box 1 Folder 1 Typescripts of "Women in Columbus, 1828-1928" 1975 30 pages each
  Folder 2 "South by Southeast" from University of South Carolina's Institute for Southern Studies and South Caroliniana Society Spring 1990
  Folder 2 Correspondence between John S. Lupold, Assoc. Prof. of History at Columbus College, and University of South Carolina December 17, 1974 and October 7, 1975 2 pages
  Folder 2 "The First 100 Years Were the Hardest," a souvenir brochure of the 100th anniversary of Atlanta produced by the Trust Company of Georgia and Atlanta Historical Society c1945 1 brochure with 2 maps of John S. Calhoun's 1845 predictions of railroad expansion
  Folder 3 Correspondence to Nancy Telfair c1930s 19 separate letters
  Folder 3 "Mrs. Stowe's Cousin" 12 pages
  Folder 3 "Explanation of 'Mrs. Stowe's Cousin'" and rewrite of "Mrs. Stowe's Cousin" 10 pages
  Folder 3 "Louise Jones Dubose of the University of South Carolina Press" by Loretto Lamar Chappell 1962 1 page
  Folder 3 "Introduction" by A. W. Cozart 3 pages
  Folder 3 Laura Beecher Comer cdv and photocopy 1817-1900 1 cdv
  Folder 3 "Women Make Columbus History" in The Columbus Enquirer November 10, 1975 1 page
  Folder 3 "'Nancy Telfair' Histories Found; Given to Bicentennial Trust Fund" in The Columbus Ledger November 10, 1975 1 page
  Folder 3 "'History of Women' Seminar: Her Trousers Shocked 'Em" in The Columbus Ledger November 12, 1975 1 page
  Folder 4 Programme: The Students' Club, Columbus, Georgia 1900-1901
  Folder 5 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings
  Folder 6 Two letters to Louise Dubose c1944-45 2 pages
  Folder 7 Pictures; correspondence c1920s 17 pages
  Folder 7 Photos of Julian LaRose Harris and Julia C. Harris c1926
  Folder 8 Correspondence to Nancy Telfair c1920s 29 pages
  Folder 9 Correspondence c1860s 5 pages
  Folder 9 Letter from Augusta Jane Evans to Hon. H. L. Benning January 13, 1861 1 page
  Folder 9 Letter from Augusta Jane Evans to Mrs. L. V. French January 13, 1861 4 pages
  Folder 9 Letter from Augusta Jane Evans to her aunt December 4, 1860 3 pages
  Folder 9 Letter from Augusta Jane Evans to her aunt November 26, 1860 4 pages