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Chero-Cola, Nehi, Royal Crown Cola Company Records (MC 204)

Organizational Note

"Unveiling  a series of industry firsts - the first aluminum cans, 16oz bottlers, low-calorie and caffeine-free diet sodas - Royal Crown Cola maintained the same spirit of innovation established by its founder over a century ago and grew so successful it became a part of American popular culture featured in magazines, movies, and television shows."

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Scope and Content

This collection contains company records and publications, stock certificates, sales and marketing materials, and original artwork in various mediums and designs for the various brands owned by the company, including Chero-Cola, Nehi, Par-T-Pak, Royal Crown, Diet Rite, and Gatorade (1912-2003).

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the RC Cola Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Royal Crown Cola Company Records (MC 204)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


Gift of Jimmy McKinstry in 2005.

Note to Researchers

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This collection is in the process of being arranged and described and is available for limited research at this time.

Box and Folder/Item List

Box 1

Folder – Chero Cola Co. incorporation papers, 1912, with amendments, 1919, 1921

Folder – Chero-Cola Company by-laws, 1912

Folder – Chero Cola Co. Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 1912-1918

Folder – Chero Cola Co. Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 1919-1926

Folder – Chero Cola Co. Stockholders Meeting Minutes, 1912-1918

Folder – Chero Cola Co. Stockholders Meeting Minutes, 1919-1926

Folder – Chero-Cola Annual Banquet (Sales and Advertising Representatives) Menu, 1915

Folder – The Coca-Cola Company v. The Chero-Cola Company, 1915

Folder – "Stone and Concrete Foundations from the Standpoint of Efficiency and Economy" by George C. (Warren, Automobile Club of America, National Highways Association, etc.), 1916

Folder – Chero-Cola Company Second Annual Barbecue, 1919

Folder – Chero-Cola Correspondence, 1918-1919

Folder – Chero Cola Co. "Memo of Meeting and Actions of Executive Committee," 1920

Folder – Resolution on the death of Lucius A. Hatcher, 1921

Folder – Contract between Chero-Cola and McJunkin Advertising Company, 1923

Folder – "What's in a Name?" Nehi booklet, 1925

Folder – Nehi, Inc. incorporation papers, 1926

Folder – Chero-Cola Company v. Martha E. May, 1929

Folder – Newspaper article: H.R. Mott elected president of Nehi, 1934

Folder – Summary History of Title, 1901-1932, with letter dated 1937


no date – "Canadian Materials"

1959 (two scrapbooks)

1960, 1961, 1962

1963 – "Proofbook Diet-Rite Newspaper"

1963 – "Proofbook Magazines Consumer and Other"

1963 – "Miscellaneous Proofbooks and Outdoor Scrapbook"

1963 – "Merchandising Scrapbook"

1963 – "Proofbook RC Cola Newspaper"

1964 – "Diet-Rite Flavors and Dietary Upper 10 Newspaper Scrapbook"

1964 – "Consumer Magazine and Trade Space Scrapbook"

1964 – "Merchandising, Outdoor & Miscellaneous Scrapbook"

1964 – "Royal Crown Cola Newspaper Scrapbook"

1964 – "Diet-Rite Newspaper Scrapbook"

1965 – "Royal Crown Cola & Diet-Rite Cola Magazine Advertising"

1965 – "Diet-Rite Cola Newspaper Advertising"

1965 – "Royal Crown Cola Newspaper Advertising"

1966 – "Diet-Rite Cola Newspaper Proofs"

1966 – "Regular and Dietary Magazine Proofs"

1966 – "Royal Crown Cola Newspaper Proofs"

1967 – "Dietary Newspaper Proofs"

1968 – "Miscellaneous Proofs and Advertising Exploitations"