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Lift Every Voice Collection (MC 205)

Scope and Content Permission to Publish
Provenance Box and Folder List

Scope and Content

This collection consists of records compiled during the production of the video Lift Every Voice, edited in 2004 by Dr. Craig Lloyd.  In 2001, the Mayor's Commission on Diversity chose Dr. Lloyd to direct this project, which was inspired by Judith Grant's development of the Black History Trail.  Due to its importance to the history of Columbus, Georgia, all the public schools and libraries in Muscogee County hold a copy.
2003-2004                                                         2 boxes (1.3 l.f.)

Note: Additional information about Dr. Craig Lloyd may be found in our vertical files and MC 181.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Lift Every Voice Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives.  Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Lift Every Voice Collection (MC 205)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


Donated to the Columbus State University Archives in 2005 by Dr. Craig Lloyd.

Note to Researchers:

See also:  Mayor's Commission on Diversity Commission Collection (MC168)

Box and Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1 – Copies of Prospective Photos for Lift Every Voice

Folder 2 – Craig Lloyd's Notes and Interviews in Preparation of Lift Every Voice, 2001-2003

Folder 3 – Grant Application for Columbus Black History Video, Georgia Council on Humanities Group Application, ca. 2002

Folder 4 – Lift Every Voice – African American Historic Resources Survey

Folder 5 – Lift Every Voice – Black Schools and Teachers

Folder 6 – Lift Every Voice – Credits

Folder 7 – Lift Every Voice – Miscellaneous

Folder 8 – Lift Every Voice – Museum Video Showing and Companion Display, 2003-2004

Folder 9 – Lift Every Voice – Photo Identifications, 2003

Folder 10 – Lift Every Voice – Scripts I, 2003

Folder 11 – Lift Every Voice – Scripts II, 2003

Folder 12 – Lift Every Voice – Scripts III, 2003

Folder 13 – Mayor's Commission on Diversity Black Heritage Video Project I, 2001-2002

Folder 14 – Mayor's Commission on Diversity Black Heritage Video Project II, 2002

Folder 15 – Origins of Columbus Black Middle Class, Craig Lloyd speech at Auburn University Center for Diversity and Race Relations, February 9, 2005

Folder 16 – Photos and Information from Columbus History Books

Folder 17 – Unidentified Photographs from Lift Every Voice, February 2004

Folder 18 – Unused Stationary Mayor's Commission on Diversity, nd

The following folders in this box contain CDs and DVDs

Folder 19 – Black History disc 1, 2, 3, 3b, Craig Lloyd, February 2003

Folder 20 – Black History disc 4, 5, 6 (March 31, 2003), 7 (April 25, 2003), 8

Folder 21 – Black History
     This folder contains disc 8 Huff; newspaper clippings, November, 2003, Black History Nov 5 images (Internet); Black History Newspaper clippings (November 18, 2003); and Black History Newspaper clippings (October 31, 2003 and November 17, 2003)

Folder 22 – Black History
     This folder contains: Alma Bass- Spencer High; Black History –Teachers- (October 2003); Terry Library; and Bryson November 13, 2003

Folder 23 – Black History

     This folder contains: Huff at home (April 30, 2003); Lift Every Voice WAV file; Black History-buses November 7, 2003; and Black History – Western Movie Poster

Folder 24 – Black History
     This folder contains: Huff; Black History- Huff; Black History 6 Huff (Photos at home February 18, 2003); and Black History – Huff album

Folder 25 – Black History Photos
     This folder contains: Black History November 5, 2003 Images (internet); Black History Postcards-HCF; and Black History Photographs Disc 4

Folder 26 – Black History
     This folder contains: Black History, April 1, 2003; Black History March 4, 2003; and Black History March 5, 2003

Box 2 – Video Tapes

From left to right in box

Alberta Shipman interview

Albert Thompson interview- Martha Howard Stinson

Alma Bass interview with Timecode

Bunky McClung Clark, Ma Rainey House, Alma Thomas house interior

Charlotte Frasier and Bunky McClung Clark

Churches downtown, Black residences, Train depot, Alma Thomas house, Albert Thompson

Lift Every Voice: Columbus, Georgia's African American Heritage

Lula Lunsford Huff

Nellie Poole and Cornelius Sheppard