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Billy G. Page Papers (MC 244)

Biographical Note

Billy G. Page is a researcher and amateur historian residing in Russell County, Alabama. He has spent many years researching and collecting information on early settlement and church history in Russell County and Lee County in Alabama. Mr. Page's collection adds value to Rev. F.L. Cherry's book The History of Opelika and Her Agricultural Tributary Territory (1883-1885), which was republished by the Genealogical Society of East Alabama in 1996, and upon which he drew heavily for his research.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of photocopies of documents (maps, photographs, land deeds, etc.) from the earliest days of the Baptist and Methodist churches in east Alabama including minutes from the Tuskegee Baptist Association and similar organizations. It also includes Billy G. Page's handwritten and typed research notes and indexes to deed books in Russell County, and articles from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and the Phenix Citizen from Phenix City, Alabama. Also included are an excerpt from The History of Opelika, "Reminiscences of Earlier Days of Phenix City," and pages from the Alabama Historical Quarterly dealing with the area and its early churches. Of note is Mr. Page's interest in early grist mills and saw mills in the area.


ca 1830-1900 3 boxes (1.5 linear feet)


Permission to Publish

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Billy G. Page Papers (MC 244)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


This collection was given to the CSU Archives at various times by Billy G. Page between 2006 and 2016, and includes the previously separate collections:

Philadelphia Baptist Church of Smith Station, Alabama (SMC 67)
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church of Smith Station, Alabama (SMC 68)
Baptist Church of Crawford, Alabama (SMC 69)
Concord Baptist Church of Bleeker, Alabama (SMC 70)
Crawford, Russell County, Alabama Collection (MC 243)
Old Churches of Russell County, Alabama (MC 244)
Billy G. Page Collection (MC 349)


Box and Folder/Item List

Box 1 - Churches
Folder 1: Alabama Baptist Churches, General File
Folder 2: "Alabama Church Records," printed from Alabama Department of Archives and History, 2004
Folder 3: Brownville Baptist Association, Alabama
Folder 4: Columbus Baptist Association, Georgia
Folder 5: Eufaula Missionary Baptist Association, Alabama
Folder 6: Eufaula Sunday School Convention, Alabama
Folder 7: Freewill Baptists, Alabama
Folder 8: Harris Baptist Association, Alabama, 1886-1900
Folder 9: "History of East Liberty Baptist Association, Chambers County, Alabama, 1836-1961" (excerpt), by Rev. Basil B. McGinty
Folder 10: Liberty Baptist Association, Chambers County, Alabama, 1836-1841
Folder 11: Liberty Baptist Association, Chambers County, Alabama, 1842-1844
Folder 12: Liberty Baptist Association, Chambers County, Alabama, 1845-1846
Folder 13: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1846-1847
Folder 14: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1848
Folder 15: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1849
Folder 16: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1850
Folder 17: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1851
Folder 18: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1852
Folder 19: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1853
Folder 20: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1854
Folder 21: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1855
Folder 22: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1856
Folder 23: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1858
Folder 24: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1860
Folder 25: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1861-1862
Folder 26: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1867
Folder 27: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1868
Folder 28: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1870-1871
Folder 29: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1873-1874
Folder 30: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1875
Folder 31: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1876
Folder 32: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1877-1878
Folder 33: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1879
Folder 34: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1880
Folder 35: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1881
Folder 36: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1882
Folder 37: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1883
Folder 38: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1884-1886
Folder 39: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1887-1889
Folder 40: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1890
Folder 41: Tuskegee Baptist Association, 1891 - 1900
Folder 42: Alabama Historical Quarterly pages related to churches and ministers
Folder 43: "Camp Meetings 'Spirited'" article from Ledger-Enquirer, no date
Folder 44: "History of Bethany Baptist Church, Pine Mountain, Georgia, 1828-1978," by Lillian Champion
Folder 45: Claybank Church (with photo), Dale County, Alabama
Folder 46: Concord Baptist Church, Bleeker, Alabama
Folder 47: Crawford Baptist Church, Russell County, Alabama
Folder 48: Crawford United Methodist Church, Russell County, Alabama
Folder 49: Crocketville Baptist Church, Alabama
Folder 50: Elizabeth Baptist Church, Russell County, Alabama
Folder 51: Girard Baptist Church, Russell County, Alabama
Folder 52: "A History of the First Baptist Church of Opelika, Alabama," (1954)
Folder 53: Hepzibah Baptist Church, Alabama
Folder 54: Hopeful Primitive Baptist Church, Alabama
Folder 55: Hopewell United Methodist Church, Russell County, Alabama
Folder 56: Mt. Zion Methodist United Methodist Church, Lee County, Alabama
Folder 57: Morris Chapel United Methodist Church, Alabama
Folder 58: Opelika Baptist Church, Lemuel P. Grant Land Deed (1861; copy)
Folder 59: Philadelphia Baptist Church, Smiths Station, Alabama
Folder 60: Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Alabama
Folder 61: Uchee Fork Baptist Church, Alabama
Folder 62: Uchee Grove Church, Russell County, Alabama
Folder 63: Union Methodist Church, Tuskegee, Alabama
Folder 64: Union Grove Methodist Church, Smiths, Alabama
Folder 65: Union Primitive Baptist Church, Opelika, Alabama
Folder 66: "West Side Baptist Church, Phenix City, Alabama: A Short History, 1885-1968," by Harold S. Coulter

Box 2 – Geographical, Biographical, General, Personal, and Indexes
Folder 1x: Auburn, Alabama
Folder 2: Camp Watts, Alabama
Folder 3: Camp Watts Association Document, 1862-1864 (1991), Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin
Folder 4: Chattahoochee River
Folder 5: Crawford, Alabama
Folder 6: Crawford, Alabama No.2
Folder 7: "Fort Henderson, Alabama," by J. Newell Floyd
Folder 8: Hopewell, Alabama
Folder 9: Lee County, Alabama
Folder 10: "Lee County: How it All Began," H. Ray Black and David M. Hall, 1976
Folder 11: Madison, County, Census, Mississippi Territory (Alabama), 1809
Folder 12: "Origin of Opelika: What's in a Name?" J. Newell Floyd, 2004
Folder 13: Phenix City / Girard, Alabama
Folder 14: "A Genealogical Synopsis of Russell County, Alabama, circa 1850," by Wheelus (1979)
Folder 15: Russell County, Alabama
Folder 16: Russell County, Alabama Estate Cases, 1826-1915
Folder 17: Russell County, Alabama, Maps
Folder 18: Salem, Russell / Lee County, Alabama
Folder 19: Shingletown / Evans Cemetery, Alabama
Folder 20: Smiths Station, Alabama, Land Records
Folder 21: Smiths Station, Alabama, Postmasters
Folder 22: Smiths Station, Alabama, School Property
Folder 23: Smiths Station, Alabama, School Property Maps
Folder 24: "Winston County: Alabama's Civil War Anomaly," Opelika-Auburn News, 2011
Folder 25: Maps
Folder 26: "J. Newell Floyd Map Collection" pamphlet
Folder 27: Calloway, Rev. Francis (1792-1864)
Folder 28: McLain, Dr. Andrew D. (1875-1956) – "He was my 1st doctor as a child."
Folder 29: Peddy, Thomas Joseph (1910-1990)
Folder 30: Philips, Maj. James (1796-1863) & Lovick Winn Philips (1838-1920)
Folder 31: Revel, Jesse Lacy (1815-1892)
Folder 32: Segrest, Rev. Samuel and Family
Folder 33: Watt, Rev. James M. (1817-1866)
Folder 34: Russell County Preachers, 1832-1900, Alabama
Folder 35: Cherry, Rev. F.L – Cherry's notes (copies)
Folder 36: Creek Indians
Folder 37: Treaty with the Creeks, 1832 (typescript)
Folder 38: "Department of the Interior: A Mere Aggregation of Bureaus," Dr. Knetsch, 2010
Folder 39: Grist Mills
Folder 40: Mortgage for Store in Russell County, Alabama
Folder 41: Photos
Folder 42: Post Offices in Alabama and Georgia (1859)
Folder 43: Rain, Storms (1902)
Folder 44: Road and Revenue Commission
Folder 45: New Sears Grand Opening (Columbus Square), Columbus, Georgia, 1966
Folder 46: Stills & Liquor
Folder 47: Train / "The old depot and the City of Miami Streamliner," 29 April 1999, Phenix City, Alabama
Folder 48: Tuckabatchie Masonic Lodge, Russell County, Alabama
Folder 49: WWI Registration Cards, last name Daniel or Daniels
Folder 50: WWI Registration Cards, last name Kimble, Kimball, or Kimbrough
Folder 51: WWI Registration Cards, last name Rowe
Folder 52: Personal - Billy Page Personal File
Folder 53: Personal - Boy Scouts Application for Charter, Smiths Station, Alabama, 1947
Folder 54: Personal - Correspondence
Folder 55: "African American Baptist Annual Reports, 1865-1990s" (Guide to Microfilm...)
Folder 56: Index, Bible and Family Records in Tap Roots
Folder 57: Index, Cemeteries in Tap Roots
Folder 58: Index, Cemeteries in Lee County, Alabama
Folder 59: Phenix City, Russell County, Alabama, Churches and Synagogues
Folder 60: Index, Churches, in Cherry, History of Opelika...
Folder 61: Index, Preachers, in Cherry, History of Opelika...
Folder 62: Indexes to Deed Books in Lee County, Alabama
Folder 63: Index, Courthouse Records of Original Landowners in Present Lee County, Alabama
Folder 64: Muscogee County, GA, Birth Index (1890-1950), compiled by Mr. Olds
Folder 65:Index, Primitive Baptists, Alabama
Folder 66: Personal Notes, Russell County Deed Books A-Z (1832-1880), Alabama
Folder 67: Index to Deed Book A-58 (1832-1900), Russell County, Alabama
Folder 68: Indexes to Deed Book in Russell County, Alabama
Folder 69: Russell County Estate Cases, Marriages, Adoptions, Insane, Alabama
Folder 70: Index, Marriage Records (1835-1880), Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Folder 71: Index to Vital Records, Alabama Center for Health Statistics
Folder 72: The Georgia Genealogist, Table of Contents for Issues 1 through 52
Folder 73: Index, unknown (spiral-bound)
Folder 74: Indexes, Miscellaneous
Folder 75: Miscellaneous Notes

Box 3 - Pending