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Margaret S. Sullivan Papers (MC 298)

Biographical Note

Margaret Sue Sullivan, PhD (January 4, 1935- December 27, 2012) was a teacher and literary scholar.  During her research, she became friends with Carson McCullers (1917-1967) and Lillian Smith (1897-1968), among other notable Southern writers.

According to her obituary in the Columbus Ledger Enquirer, Sullivan was born January 4, 1935 to Cora Howell and Jordan James Sullivan in Green Mountain, North Carolina.  Her siblings were Dr. James Howell Sullivan (April 1, 1931-October 2, 2008), who was married to Margaret (Bunny) Thomas Sullivan (November 9, 1933-February 12, 2009); Nancy Sullivan Bush (July 9, 1935-November 25, 1999), who was married to John Bush and Patricia Sullivan Conner (November 23, 1936-March 26, 2003), who was married to Frank H. Conner, Jr.

Margaret and her family moved to Chipley, Georgia in her early years before settling in Columbus, Georgia.  She was a 1952 graduate of Columbus High School.  She graduated from Duke University in 1956 and returned to Columbus to teach at Jordan High School and to pursue her Master's Degree at Auburn University.  She then became a Professor of English at Auburn and taught her favorite subject on Southern Women's Literature. She was an authority on many southern writers, especially Carson McCullers, on whose life and literature she devoted years of research, as well as Lillian Smith. During her research, she became friends with both McCullers and Smith, as well as with Dr. Mary E. Mercer (1911-2013) and Paula Snelling (1899-1985), the executors of the McCullers and Smith estates, respectively.

She returned to Duke University to attain her Doctorate in English Literature in 1966. She was a professor of English at The George Washington University until she returned to Columbus to live in 1972, partly due to having been diagnosed with lupus, which she fought the rest of her life.

She was a member of St. Luke United Methodist Church for 68 years, was an active member of the French Lit Club and in years past, Mensa. She also lectured on Carson McCullers and was active with the Springer Opera House, Elderhostel of Columbus and other local organizations. She died on December 27, 2012 and is buried in Parkhill Cemetery in Columbus, Georgia.

Scope and Content

These papers include Sullivan's school papers, research materials (mainly focusing on Carson McCullers and Lillian Smith) from graduate school through her later life, newspaper clippings of local and national events, copies of her dissertation, and a varied and voluminous correspondence. Below are two lists of selected correspondents; one alphabetically by signature and the other by last name, if known:

Selected Correspondents of Margaret S. Sullivan, alphabetically by the name they used in correspondence:

Alberta = Alberta Schwartz

Alice = Alice Clark

Alice = Alice Degilio

Alicia = Alicia Jurado

Alva = Alva Current-Garcia

Ann = Ann & Howard (last name not known)

Arlin = Arlin Turner

Arthur = Arthur Rosenthal

Barbara = Barbara Freeman

Barbara = Barbara & Bob Kernelk

Barbara = Barbara Maris

Barbara = Frank & Barbara Star

Beau = Beau Brian

Belle (or Aunt Belle) = Mrs. Clarence Bailey

Bev = Beveridge Webster

Bill = William Erwin

Carlton = Carlton Johnson

Caroline = Caroline Cable

Casey = unidentified

Cesi = Cecilia Cook

Chuck = Charles Padora

Clint = Clinton J. Atkinson

Clarence (or Uncle Speedy) = Clarence Bailey

Constance = Constance Johnson

Cora = Cora Howell, later Mrs. J. J. Sullivan

Dawn = Dawn Langley Simmons, a.k.a. Pepita

Dean = Dean Barton

Dee = Dee Rainey

Diane = Tim & Diane Aureden

Dick = Richard & Lilo Larner

Dolores = Mrs. Rick Eckberg

Don = Don Dixon

Donald = Donald Diamon

Donna = Donna and B. T. (Bennie) Abbott

Doris = Doris Bullock

Dot = Dorothy Lewis Griffith

Edwin = Edwin Peacock

Elizabeth = Elizabeth Barton

Emily (Miss Emily) = Mrs. Colin Davies

Emily (Miss Emily) = Emily Massee, later Mrs. James F. Brown

Emily = Emily Woodruff

Estelle (Miss Estelle) = Mrs. W. E. H. Searcy, III

Esther = Esther Smith

Fred = Frederick Marshall Karsten

Gene = Gene Current-Garcia

Genie = Genie Rose

George = George P. Brockway

Gin = Virginia Tucker, later Mrs. Thomas Melgaard

Helen = Helen Anne Caine, later Mrs. Benjamin Ira Franklin

Helen = Helen Harvey

Humphrey = unidentified

Isabelle = Jim & Isabelle Portner

Jay & Zee = Jay & Zee Claiborne

Jim = Jim & Isabelle Portner

John = unidentified

Judy = Judy Brown

Judy = Judy Frazer and later Mrs. Bernice (Bernie) Brouillette

Judy = Judy Ludwig

Judy = Mrs. Fred Stoll (of NYC in 1976)

Karen = Karen Tucker Melgaard, later Mrs. Russell Ward Miller

Lee = Nathalie Lee Goldstein

Lil = Lillian Smith

Liz = Elizabeth Barton

Liza = Liza Molodovsky

Locke = Locke Bullock

Louise = unidentified

Margaret = Margaret Smith, a.k.a. Rita

Maris = Maris Urbans

Mark = Mark Orton, later married to Doris Cunningham

Mary = Mary Ames

Mary = Mary Dawson

Mary = Mary Louise Lasher

Mary = Mary Elizabeth Mercer, MD

Mary = Mary Tucker

Mary Ann = Mary Ann and Henry (last name not known)

Mary Ann = Mary Ann Taylor

Mary Ellen = Mary Ellen Templeton

Mitsy = Edna H. Campbell, later Mrs. Imre Kovacs

Monica = Monica Fleishman

Muriel = Muriel McClanahan

Myrtis = Mrs. H. Maxwell Morrison, Jr.

Nancy = Nancy Bunge

Nancy = Nancy Bush

Nelson = Nelson Shipp

Noel = Noel Dorman

Noel = Noel Mawer

Norman = Norman Rothschild

Odessa = Odessa Elliott

Olga = Olga Perlgueig, a.k.a. Olga Merx

Pastora = unidentified

Pat = Mrs. Harold Davis

Pat = Pat Stutts

Pat = Patricia Sullivan, later Mrs. Frank H. Conner, Jr.

Paula = Paula Snelling

Pepita = Dawn Langley Simons

Rinky = Mrs. Charles J. Caine

Rita = Margarita Smith

Roberta = Mrs. J. E. Bush

Ruth = Mrs. William H. Barns

Ruth = Ruth and Richard Howell

Ruth = Ruth Lehmann

Sally = Sally Fitzgerald

Sally = Sally & Bill Thomas

Sam = Sam & Cheryl Dimon

Sissie = Bill and Sissie Morris

Speedy (Uncle Speedy) = Clarence Bailey

Susan = Mrs. Tom Rogan

Susanne = Susanne Schaup

Susan = Susan Sigmon

Tom = Tom Wrergbricke

Virginia = Virginia Spencer Carr

Virginia = Virginia Tucker, later Mrs. Thomas Melgaard

Walter = Walter Sturdivant

Selected Correspondents of Margaret S. Sullivan by last name:

Abbott, Mrs. B. T (Bennie); known as Donna

Aureden, Tim and Diane

Ames, Mary

Ann and Howard (not otherwise identified)

Atkinson, Clinton J. (1928-2002); actor and director, working mostly in New York, and friend of Margaret S. Sullivan

Bailey, Belle and Clarence (Aunt Bell and Uncle Speedy); relatives on Cora Howell Sullivan's side of the family

Barns, Mrs. William H., known as Ruth

Barton, Dean; 5th grade teacher of Carson McCullers

Barton, Elizabeth; sister of Dean Barton, 5th grade teacher of Carson McCullers

Brian, Beau

Brockway, George P.; editor of Lillian Smith

Brouillette, Judy Frazer; live-long friend of Margaret S. Sullivan, married to Bernard (Bernie) Brouillette in 1967

Brown, Emily Massee (Miss Emily); married to James F. Brown and sister of Jordan Massee, a cousin of Carson McCullers

Brown, Judy

Bullock, Locke and Doris

Bunge, Nancy; teaching colleague and friend of Margaret S. Sullivan

Bush, Catherine; niece of Dr. Margaret Sue Sullivan and daughter of John and Nancy Sullivan Bush

Bush, Jeff; nephew of Dr. Margaret Sue Sullivan and son of John and Nancy Sullivan Bush

Bush, Nancy Sullivan (1935-1999); sister of Dr. Margaret Sue Sullivan, married to John Karl Bush

Bush, Roberta; the mother-in-law of Nancy Sullivan Bush

Bush, Steve; nephew of Dr. Margaret Sue Sullivan and son of John and Nancy Sullivan Bush

Cable, Caroline

Cain, Helen see: Mrs. Benjamin Ira Franklin

Caine, Mrs. Charles J., known as Rinky

Campbell, Edna H see: Kovacs, Mitsy

Carr, Virginia Spencer; biographer of Carson McCullers and rival of Margaret Sullivan

Claiborne, Jay & Zee

Clark, Alice

Conner, Patricia Sullivan (1936-2003), known as Pat or Patsy; sister of Dr. Margaret Sue Sullivan, married to Frank H. Conner, Jr.

Conner, Frank H., III; son of Frank H., Jr. and Patricia Sullivan Conner, married to Susan

Conner, William Jordan, known as Will; nephew of Dr. Margaret Sue Sullivan and son of Frank H. Conner, Jr. and Patricia Sullivan Conner, married to Natalie

Conner, Ann (d. 1999); daughter of Frank H. Conner, Jr. and Patricia Sullivan Conner, married to John Kraynik

Cook, Cathy and Bruce; parents of Cecilia (Cesi), Bob and Katy Cook

Cook, Cecilia, known as Cesi; daughter of Cathy and Bruce Cook

Current-Garcia, Alva and Gene

Davies, Mrs. Colin, known as Miss Emily; daughter of a Methodist preacher who lived in Columbus while Carson McCullers lived there. Was very useful to Margaret S. Sullivan in her McCullers research

Davis, Pat; married to Harold Davis

Dawson, Mary; friend of Margaret S. Sullivan

Degilio, Alice

Diamond, Donald (1915-2005); musician and teacher at Julliard, and a friend of Carson McCullers and her family. Useful to Margaret S. Sullivan in her McCullers research.

Dimon, Sam and Cheryl

Dixon, Don

Dorman, Noel

Eckberg, Jason, son of Dolores Eckberg

Eckberg, Mrs. Rick (Dolores), mother of Jason

Elliott, Odessa

Erwin, William (Bill)

Fitzgerald, Sally (1917-2000); friend and biographer of Flannery O'Connor, as well as the editor of her letters and short stories. Also friend of Margaret S. Sullivan.

Fleishman, Monica

Franklin, Mrs. Benjamin Ira, born Helen Cain

Frazer, Judy, see; Brouillette, Judy Frazer

Freeman, Barbara

Goldstein, Nathalie Lee; McCullers scholar and friend of Margaret S. Sullivan

Griffith, Dorothy Lewis (b. 1932); pianist and friend of McCullers' piano teacher, Mary Tucker. She became a long-time friend and correspondent of Margaret S. Sullivan

Harvey, Helen; neighbor and friend of Carson McCullers in Columbus

Henry, Mary Ann

Howell, Ruth and Richard

Humphrey (unidentified)

Johnson, Constance and Carleton

Jurado, Alicia

Karsten, Frederick Marshall, known as Frank

Kernelk, Barbara and Bob

Kovacs, Edna H Campbell, known as Mitsy; life-long friend of Margaret Sullivan

Larner, Richard (Dick) and Lilo

Lasher, Mary Louise

Lehmann, Ruth

Louise (unidentified)

Ludwig, Judy

Maris, Barbara (in Baltimore in 1975)

Mawer, Noel

McClanahan, Muriel

Melgaard, Karen Tucker; daughter of Mrs. Thomas Melgaard. She married Russell Ward Miller in 1971.

Melgaard, Mrs. Thomas; daughter of Mary Tucker, known as Virginia or Gin

Mercer, Dr. Mary Elizabeth (1911-2013); the doctor, friend and heir of Carson McCullers, and very useful to Margaret S. Sullivan in her McCullers research

Merx, Olga = Olga Perlgueig

Molodovsky, Liza

Morris, Mrs. William, known as Sissie

Morrison, Jr., Mrs. H. Maxwell, known as Myrtis

Orton, Mark (married Doris Cunningham in 1968

Padorn, Charles, known as Chuck

Pastora (otherwise unidentified)

Peacock, Edwin

Perlgueig, Olga = Olga Merx

Porter, Katherine Ann; novelist and contemporary of Carson McCullers.

Portner, Jim and Isabell; neighbors and friends of Margaret S. Sullivan in Fairfax, Virginia

Rainey, Dee

Regan, Susan; married to Tom Regan

Rosa, Genie

Rosenthal, Arthur; a close friend of Margaret Sullivan when she lived in New York in the 1960s

Rothschild, Norman (1908-1998) was a Columbus, Georgia artist and co-owner of the David Rothschild Company. He was a friend of Carson McCullers and became acquainted with Margaret Sue Sullivan as a result of her McCullers research during the 1960s. They formed a friendship that lasted as long as he lived.

Schaup, Susanne; Austrian-born friend of Margaret S. Sullivan and perhaps one of her students

Schwartz, Alberta

Searcy III, Mrs. W. E. H., known as Miss Estelle

Shipp, Nelson

Sigmon, Susan; perhaps a student of Margaret S. Sullivan

Simmons, Dawn Langley, known as Pepita; friend of Carson McCullers in her New York days.

Smith, Ester; sister of Lillian Smith

Smith, Lillian, known as Lil

Smith, Margareta, known as Rita; sister of Carson McCullers

Snelling, Paula; partner of Lillian Smith

Star, Frank and Barbara

Stoll, Judy; Mrs. Fred Stoll; friends of Margaret S. Sullivan who lived in New York in the 1970s

Sturdivant, Walter; writer and friend of Margaret S. Sullivan

Stutts, Pat

Sullivan, Cora Howell (1907-1988); mother of Margaret S. Sullivan and her siblings

Sullivan, Elizabeth T., known as Beth; daughter of James H. & Bunny Sullivan

Sullivan, James Howell (1931-2008); brother of Dr. Margaret Sue Sullivan, married to Margaret Thomas Sullivan (Bunny)

Sullivan, James H. Sullivan, Jr., known as Jay; son of James H. and Bunny Sullivan, married to Elizabeth G. Sullivan

Sullivan, Margaret, known as Meg; daughter of J. H. and Bunny Sullivan, married to James L. Clark

Sullivan, Margaret Thomas (1933-2009), known as Bunny, married to James (Jimmy) Howell Sullivan

Sullivan, Nancy; daughter of James H. and Bunny Sullivan, married to Robert F. Burgin

Taylor, Mary Ann; friend of Margaret S. Sullivan

Templeton, Mary Ellen; friend of Margaret S. Sullivan

Thomas, Sally and Bill

Tucker, Mary (d. 1982); Carson McCullers' piano teacher in high school who became a friend of Margaret S. Sullivan during her research on McCullers

Turner, Arlin; Margaret S. Sullivan's dissertation advisor and friend

Urbans, Maris.

Webster, Beveridge; pianist and colleague of Dorothy Lewis Griffin, known as Bev

Woodruff, Emily

Wrergbricke, Tom

1897-2011                                               13 boxes (13 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Margaret Sullivan Papers must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University.  Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Margaret S. Sullivan Papers (MC 298)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia



This collection was a gift from the estate of Dr. Margaret Sullivan.


Note to Researchers

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Series, Box and Folder List

Series 1 – Margaret Sullivan

Box 1

Folder 1 – Britto, Betty—The Bat Poet, adapted from Randall Jarrell's Book The Bat Poet, 1988

This folder contains both a typescript of the play and a published version.

Folder 2 – Britto, Betty—Between the Ages, 1995

This is a manuscript for a play about three strong women who reflect the changes in the status of women over three generations. The folder also contains a copy of page 23 of the script, and some notes concerning a planned staged reading of the play.

Folder 3 – Britto, Betty—Columbus Magazine, Talent is not Enough: A Bit about the Springer Opera House School of Theater Art (with photos of Margaret Sullivan), September 1982

Folder 4 – Cather, Willa, On Death Comes for the Archbishop, an article about her writings in The Commonweal (photocopy), 1927

Folder 5 – Columbus High School Class of 52 Reunion, 1982

This folder contains two copies of the booklet for the 30th reunion of the Class of 1952 and other items related to the planning and activities of the occasion, including list of attendees, newspaper clipping and other material.

Folder 6 – Correspondence, General, 1956-1963

Although much of Margaret Sullivan's correspondence in the 1960s and 1970s dealt with her research into Carson McCullers, it often dealt with family and friends and so much of it was placed in the General Correspondence folders. Some lengthy exchanges of letters have been filed separately, such as that of Mary Tucker and Mary Mercer.  The correspondence which dealt with Lillian Smith and with Virginia Carr is in separate series. Her correspondence with certain individuals was held together by Sullivan, and others were grouped together during processing. These appear in alphabetical order after the General Correspondence.

Folder 7 – Correspondence, General, 1964

Folder 8 – Correspondence, General, 1965

Folder 9 – Correspondence, General, 1966

Folder 10 – Correspondence, General, 1967

Folder 11 – Correspondence, General, 1968

Folder 12 – Correspondence, General, 1969

Folder 13 – Correspondence, General, 1970

Folder 14 – Correspondence, General, 1971

Folder 15 – Correspondence, General, 1972

Folder 16 – Correspondence, General, 1973

Folder 17 – Correspondence, General, 1974

Folder 18 – Correspondence, General, 1975 (January-November)

Folder 19 – Correspondence, General, 1975 (December)

Folder 20 – Correspondence, General, 1976

Box 2

Folder 1 – Correspondence, General, 1977 (January-June)

Folder 2 – Correspondence, General, 1977 (July-December)

Folder 3 – Correspondence, General, 1978 (January-June)

Folder 4 – Correspondence, General, 1978 (July-December)

Folder 5 – Correspondence, General, 1979

Folder 6 – Correspondence, General, 1980

Folder 7 – Correspondence, General, 1981

Folder 8 – Correspondence, General, 1982-1985

Folder 9 – Correspondence, General, 1986-1987

Folder 10 – Correspondence, General, 1988-1992

Folder 11 – Correspondence, General, 1993-2011

Folder 12 – Correspondence, General, fragmentary and undated

Folder 13 – Correspondence, General, fragmentary and undated

Folder 14 – Correspondence-Atkinson, Clinton, 1975-1978

Clinton J. Atkinson (1928-2002) was an actor and director, working mostly in New York, but also involved in community theater. He directed at least 4 plays at the Springer Opera House in Columbus, Georgia which is where he met Sullivan. They also socialized in New York.

Folder 15 – Correspondence-Brouillette, Mrs. Bernard (Judy Frazer), 1959-1985

Judy Frazer was a longtime friend of Margaret Sullivan's. She married Bernard Brouillette on June 17, 1967 and lived in Salem, Alabama.

Folder 16 – Correspondence-Bunge, Nancy L., 1970-1978, 1984

According to her website, Nancy Bunge was born and grew up in Wisconsin. She received her AB with honors from Radcliffe College (Harvard University), her MA from the University of Chicago in English Literature and her PhD in American Literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. These letters to Dr. Sullivan mainly concern her experiences teaching literature. They apparently met in Washington in the late 1960s, perhaps during Dr. Sullivan's time at The George Washington University.

Folder 17 – Correspondence-Bush, Nancy Sullivan (Mrs. John Karl Bush), 1963-1981 and undated

This folder contains letters from Margaret Sullivan's sister Nancy and her family. She was born on July 9, 1935 and died November 25, 1999. She married John Karl Bush in 1963 and they had three children, Steve (b. 1964), Jeff (b. 1967?) and Catherine (b. 1970?).

Folder 18 – Correspondence-Conner, Pat Sullivan (Mrs. Frank H. Conner, Jr.), 1957-1971 and undated

This folder contains letters from Margaret Sullivan's sister Patricia, who usually signed "Pat" or occasionally "Patsy". She was born November 23, 1936 in Columbus, Georgia and died March 26, 2003 in Charlotte, North Carolina. She married Frank H. Conner, Jr. in 1957 and they had three children, Dr. William Jordan Conner (who married Natalie and had a daughter, Zoe), Ann Conner (1962-1999), (who married John Kraynik and had two children, John and David) and Frank H. Conner III, (who married Susan and had four children, John, Michael, Henry and Lauren).

Folder 19 – Correspondence-Conner, Pat Sullivan (Mrs. Frank H. Conner, Jr.), 1973-1991 and undated

Box 3

Folder 1 – Correspondence-Davies, Emily (Mrs. Colin Davies), 1975

Emily Davies was the daughter of a Methodist preacher who lived for a time in Columbus, Georgia and knew Carson McCullers in the mid-1920s.

Folder 2 – Correspondence-Dawson, Mary

Mary Dawson was a friend of Margaret Sullivan from her days at Duke.

Folder 3 – Correspondence-Diamond, David, 1977-1978

David Diamond (1915-2005) was a musician and teacher at Julliard, and a friend of Carson McCullers and her family.

Folder 4 – Correspondence-Fitzgerald, Sally, 1977

Sally Fitzgerald (1917-2000) was a friend and biographer of Flannery O'Connor, as well as the editor of her letters and short stories.

Folder 5 – Correspondence-Goldstein, N. Lee, 1962-1967

This folder includes Margaret Sullivan's notes on Nathalie Lee Goldstein's Master's Thesis: The Art of Fiction: A Study of Carson McCullers from The American University in 1962. It is cataloged under R 813.54 Goldstein and available in the CSU archives. It also includes the correspondence of Sullivan and Goldstein.

Folder 6 – Correspondence and other material-Griffith, Dorothy Lewis, 1946-1987 and undated.

This folder contains letters between Margaret Sullivan and Dorothy Lewis Griffith (born July 7, 1932) , as well as several letters from Mary Tucker to Dorothy Lewis Griffith from the 1960s and 1970s. Also included below are letters from the pianist Beveridge Webster to Dorothy Lewis Griffith in the 1950s. (His papers are at the University of Maryland.)

Folder 7 – Correspondence-Griffith, Dorothy Lewis with Beveridge Webster, 1953-1955

These are letters from the pianist Beveridge Webster (1908-1999) to Dorothy Lewis Griffith. (His papers are at the University of Maryland.)

Folder 8 – Correspondence-Griffith, Dorothy Lewis with Beveridge Webster, 1955

This 12 page letter is undated, but internal evidence shows that it is from late 1955.

Folder 9 – Correspondence-Griffith, Dorothy Lewis with Beveridge Webster, 1955

This 8 page letter is undated, but it is probably written shortly after the one above, in late 1955.

Folder 10 – Correspondence-Griffith, Dorothy Lewis with Beveridge Webster, December 6-11, 1955

This 10 page letter was written over a period of several days. The last page is missing and the rest of this letter exists only as a photocopy. The original photocopy was moldy, so a second generation of the copy was made. The quality of that copy makes it hard to read, so it was also scanned and a transcript made.

Folder 11 – Correspondence-Griffith, Dorothy Lewis with Beveridge Webster, January 6-February, 1956

This 10 page letter was written over a period of several weeks.

Folder 12 – Correspondence-Griffith, Dorothy Lewis with Beveridge Webster, March-April, 1956

This 6 page letter was also written over an extended period.

Folder 13 – Correspondence-Griffith, Dorothy Lewis with Beveridge Webster, October, 1956-1973

This folder contains a few letters, music programs and photocopies of postcards.

Folder 14 – Correspondence-Kovacs, Mitsy (Edna H. Campbell), 1962-1980

Mitsy (Edna) Campbell Kovacs was a life-long friend of Margaret Sullivan's.

Folder 15 – Correspondence-Mercer, Mary, 1968-1982

Mary Elizabeth Mercer was the doctor, friend and heir of Carson McCullers. This folder includes photos of Margaret's trip to Nyack, NY to visit her in August of 1973.

Folder 16 – Correspondence-Porter, Katherine Ann, 1975

Katherine Ann Porter was a novelist and contemporary of Carson McCullers.

Folder 17 – Correspondence-Portner, Jan & Isabelle, 1969-1975

Jan Portner rented Margaret Sullivan's apartment in Alexandria, Virginia for several years.

Folder 18 – Correspondence-Rosenthal, Arthur F., 1962-1966

Dr. Rosenthal was a close friend of Margaret Sullivan while she was living in New York.

Folder 19 – Correspondence-Rothschild, Norman S., Robert Pace & Cheryl Crawford, 1965-1975

Norman S. Rothschild (1908-1998) was a Columbus, Georgia artist and co-owner of the David Rothschild Company. He was a friend of Carson McCullers and became acquainted with Margaret Sullivan as a result of her McCullers research during the 1960s. They formed a friendship that lasted as long as he lived.

Folder 20 – Correspondence-Rothschild, Norman S., Robert Pace & Cheryl Crawford, 1976-1977

Folder 21 – Correspondence-Rothschild, Norman S., Robert Pace & Cheryl Crawford, 1978-1980

This folder also contains the New York Times obituary of Cheryl Crawford.

Folder 22 – Correspondence-Schaup, Suzanne, 1966-1986

This folder also includes her essay, Adventure in Language: or My Longest Love Affair, n.d.

Folder 23 – Correspondence-Sigmon, Susan P., December 3, 1992-May 18, 1993

This folder also includes her short story, Babychild

Folder 24 – Correspondence-Simmons, Dawn Langley (Pepita), 1978, 1982

These letters are from the person who gave Carson McCullers her Chinese robe. Her original name was Gordon Langley Hall. Her entry in Wikipedia gives an account of her change of gender and her career.

Folder 25 – Correspondence-Smith, Margarita (Rita), 1973-1975

Rita Smith (1922-1983) was Carson McCullers' sister.

Folder 26 – Correspondence-Sturdivant, Walter, 1972-1979

Sturdivant was a writer and friend of Margaret Sullivan. This folder also includes his short story, The Gifted Child.

Folder 27 – Correspondence-Sullivan, Cora, 1962-1971 and undated

Cora Howell Sullivan (August 12, 1907-July 16, 1988) was married to J. J. Sullivan and the other of Margaret, Nancy, Patricia and J. H. Sullivan.

Folder 28 – Correspondence-Sullivan, James H. and family, 1962-1970

James H. Sullivan was born in April 1, 1931 and died October 2, 2008. He married Margaret (Bunny) Thomas (b. 9 November, 1933 and died 12 February, 2009). They had four children, Nancy, Beth, Margaret (Meg) and Jay.

Folder 29 – Correspondence-Sullivan, James H. and family, 1971-1983 and undated

Folder 30 – Correspondence-Taylor, Mary-Ann, 1963-1967

Mary Ann Taylor was a friend of Margaret Sullivan from Columbus, GA and Auburn, AL.

Folder 31 – Correspondence-Templeton, Mary Ellen, 1975-1980 and undated


Box 4

Folder 1 – Correspondence-Tucker, Mary, 1936, 1965

Mary Tucker was Carson McCullers' piano teacher in high school and became a friend of Margaret Sullivan during her research on McCullers. This folder contains two 1936 letters to Mary Tucker from Dean Barton, McCullers' 5th grade teacher.

Folder 2 – Correspondence-Tucker, Mary, 1966

Folder 3 – Correspondence-Tucker, Mary, 1967

Folder 4 – Correspondence-Tucker, Mary (With Letters from Mary E. Mercer and others), 1968

Folder 5 – Correspondence-Tucker, Mary, 1969

Folder 6 – Correspondence-Tucker, Mary (With Letters of Virginia Carr and Mary Mercer), 1970

Folder 7 – Correspondence-Tucker, Mary, 1971

Folder 8 – Correspondence-Tucker, Mary, 1972

Folder 9 – Correspondence-Tucker, Mary, 1973

This folder also contains correspondence between Virginia Carr's publisher Ken McCormick and Mary Tucker and a letter from Virginia Carr to Mary Tucker.

Folder 10 – Correspondence-Tucker, Mary, 1974-1977, 1982

This folder also contains Mary Tucker's 1982 obituary from her local newspaper in Lexington, Virginia.

Folder 11 – Duke: A Magazine for Alumni and Friends (April/May, 1991) and a copy of the English Newsletter (1988), 1988-1999

Folder 12 – Elderhostel Material – Columbus College and Pine Mountain, August, 1991-January 1992

Folder 13 – Fiction Ideas, n.d.

Folder 14 – Hawthorne, Nathanial – Blithedale Romance, critiqued by Diane Moskal & others, March 30, 1970 - March, 1971

This folder contains various critiques of Nathanial Hawthorne's novel, The Blithedale Romance. They seem to be mainly by students of Dr. Sullivan.

Folder 15 – Intertel (International League of Intelligence), 1975-1976

This folder contains information about an organization of which Margaret Sullivan was a member.

Folder 16 – Life Magazine – Remembering Jackie (Kennedy), July 15, 1994

Folder 17 – Marion Koogler McNay Art Institute, 1977

This folder contains a draft paper on the history of the Institute and a poster regarding some stolen art.

Folder 18 – Newspaper Clippings (1)

These three folders contain clippings from various newspapers concerning literary issues, local Columbus events and people, reviews of movies, plays and books and obituaries.

Folder 19 – Newspaper Clippings (2)

Folder 20 – Newspaper Clippings (3)

Folder 21 – Notes (1)

These ten folders contain Sullivan's notes from various research projects. They include note cards, steno notebooks made during interviews with various people including Tennessee Williams, and many undated scraps of paper.

Folder 22 – Notes (2)

Folder 23 – Notes (3)

Folder 24 – Notes (4)

Box 5

Folder 1 – Notes (5)

Folder 2 – Notes (6)

Folder 3 – Notes (7)

Folder 4 – Notes (8)

Folder 5 – Notes (9)

Folder 6 – Notes (10)

Folder 7 – Notes from Interviews

Folder 8 – O'Connor, Flannery-Research, 1970s-1980s

Folder 9 – O'Connor, Flannery-Movie Script, 1998

This folder contains the script, Flannery, by Kristen McGary and Amy McGary, with Margaret Sullivan's comments.

Folder 10 – O'Connor, Flannery – Cammarata, Melinda: O'Connor's Displaced Person: A Sojourner in "The Midst of the Ungodly", March 14, 1991

Folder 11 – Saul Prologue – Stanford Writing Center – Dept. of English CA, May 3, 1963

Folder 12 – School Related (1), 1950s

Folder 13 – School Related (2), 1950s

Folder 14 – School Related (3), 1960s

Folder 15 – School Related (4), 1970s

Folder 16 – School Related (5) Term Papers – Duke University, 1955-1956

Folder 17 – School Related (6)-The George Washington University – Notes

Folder 18 – School Related (7)-Witchcraft Notes

Folder 19 – Shaw, Peter, Plagiary, published in The American Scholar (photocopy), pages 325-337, Summer 1982

Folder 20 – Spoto, Donaldo – The Kindness of Strangers: The Life of Tennessee Williams (partial photocopy), Little Brown & Co., March, 1985

Folder 21 – Sullivan, Margaret – Pepe, n.d.

This folder contains two copies of a typescript manuscript for a short story.

Folder 22 – Sullivan, Margaret – Journal & Notes, 1990s-2000s

Folder 23 – Temple Israel – Jewish Ladies Aid Society of Temple Israel: Our First Century (1874-1974), Columbus, GA, April 27, 1974

This folder contains a photocopy of the booklet and Margaret Sullivan's notes relating to the Temple.

Folder 24 -- Cohiscan - Columbus High School yearbook, 1952


Series 2 – Lillian Smith

Box 1

Folder 1 – Articles about Lillian Smith-Atlantic Magazine, Lillian Smith: A Prophecy of Strange Fruit, vol. 9, Issue 10, pages 40-44, February, 1970

Folder 2 – Articles about Lillian Smith-Brightleaf: A Southern Review of Books, September, 1997, page 50 and March-April, 1998 passim.

Folder 3 – Articles about Lillian Smith-Community Magazine with two articles by Dorothy Besal, Prophet for Our Time, June 1965 and Ode to Lillian Smith, December, 1966

Folder 4 – Articles about Lillian Smith-Mad River Review with an article by Margaret Sullivan, Lillian Smith: The Public Image and the Personal Vision, 1967

This folder also contains Sullivan's notes for this article.

Folder 5 – Articles about Lillian Smith-The Progressive with an article by Margaret Long, Lillian Smith: A Match for Old Screamer, February, 1965

Folder 6 – Articles about Lillian Smith-The South Atlantic Quarterly with an article by Redding S. Sugg, Jr., Lillian Smith and the Condition of Woman, Spring, 1972

Folder 7 – Articles about Lillian Smith-Southern Exposure with article by Jo Ann Robinson, Lillian Smith: Reflections on Race and Sex, vol. IV, no. 4, page 43 47, 1977

Folder 8 – Barnett, Eugene E.—As I Look Back: Recollection of Growing Up in America's Southland and of Twenty-Six Years in Pre-Communist China, 1888-1936, 1959 (?)

This is a typescript of the autobiography of Eugene E. Barnett, written apparently in 1959. He was married to Lillian Smith's sister, Bertha Mae. He recounts his childhood in Florida and his college days in Oxford, Georgia and Vanderbilt University in Nashville. He tells of becoming involved with the YMCA in North Carolina and later in Hangchow and Shanghai, where he performed organizational and administrative work with the China National and International YMCA committees. This manuscript was apparently never published but was made available by University Microfilms in 1981.

Folder 9 – Bio-Bibliography of Mrs. Lillian Smith by Letty Morehouse – FSU, August, 1956

Folder 10 – Bibliography, Draft, 1960s

This folder contains two draft forwards by Paula Snelling.

Folder11 – Bibliography Correspondence, 1969-1971

Folder 12 – A Bibliography of Lillian Smith & Paula Snelling: With an Index to South Today, by Margaret Sullivan, published in the Bulletin of the Mississippi Valley Collection, No. 4 Spring, 1971

Folder 13 – Inventory of the Lillian Smith Papers (1897-1966), compiled by Judy Muse and Ann Farrell, n.d.

Folder 14 – Biographical Material – A Critical and Biographical Study of Lillian Smith (notes), 1960s

This folder contains the notes of Margaret Sullivan for a planned biography of Lillian Smith which was not completed due to Sullivan's ill-health.

Folder 15 – Biographical Material-Miscellaneous, 1900s-1960s

Folder 16 – Biographical Material-Newspaper clippings about Lillian Smith and her works, 1940s-1960s

Folder 17 – Biographical Material – Obituaries and Tributes (Lillian Smith), September, 1966

Folder 18 – Congress of Racial Equality, 1966

This folder contains information regarding Lillian Smith's decision to resign from CORE's advisory committee.

Folder 19 – Correspondence, General, 1910-1914, 1928, 1931-1932, 1937

Folder 20 – Correspondence, General, (Mostly Laurel Falls-Related) 1944-1948

This folder mainly concerns Laurel Falls Camp for Girls, but not exclusively.   It includes Lillian Smith's announcement of a "sabbatical year" for Laurel Falls Camp due to her health and finances. There is also some undated general information on the camp at back of the folder.

Folder 21 – Correspondence, General, 1954-1965

This folder contains letters, mostly concerning Smith's books, from Carson McCullers, Eleanor Roosevelt, Carl Sandburg, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (President of the UN General Assembly, Lewis Mumford and others.

Folder 22 – Correspondence-Brockway, George P. (photocopies), 1949

This and the following folders are with mainly letters to and from George Brockway and others at Norton and Company regarding the publication of Smith's Book, Killers of the Dream. There are also other letters regarding publicity for the book and other related matters.

Folder 23 – Correspondence-Brockway, George P. (photocopies), 1950

Folder 24 – Correspondence-Brockway, George P. (photocopies), 1951

This folder also contains the commencement speech given by Smith at the Kentucky State College in Frankfort on June 5th, 1951, titled Ten Years from Today, and describes a future South without racial segregation.

Folder 25 – Correspondence-Brockway, George P. (photocopies), 1960

There is a nine-year gap when Lillian Smith did not communicate with George P. Brockway due to a publishing dispute. Their correspondence resumed in 1960.

Folder 26 – Correspondence-Brockway, George P. (photocopies), 1962

Box 2

Folder 1 – Correspondence-Brockway, George P. (photocopies), 1963

Folder 2 – Correspondence -Brockway, George P. (photocopies), 1964

Folder 3 – Correspondence-Brockway, George P. (photocopies), 1965

Folder 4 – Correspondence-Brockway, George P. (photocopies), 1966

Folder 5 – Correspondence-Sullivan, Margaret, January-June, 1965

This folder contains a 21page account of Margaret Sullivan's visit to Lillian Smith in late June. Many of the letters in this and the following 5 folders exist in multiple copies, sometimes with slightly different annotations in either Lillian Smith's or Margaret Sullivan's hand.

Folder 6 – Correspondence-Sullivan, Margaret, July-August, 1965

Folder 7 – Correspondence-Sullivan, Margaret, September-December, 1965

Folder 8 – Correspondence-Sullivan, Margaret, January-August, 1966

This folder also contains some undated fragments of letters.

Folder 9 – Correspondence-Sullivan, Margaret, 1967-1969

This folder and the next one contain correspondence with Esther Smith (Lillian Smith's sister), Paula Snelling (Lillian Smith's partner and executor) and others concerning Lillian Smith after her death plus some photos.

Folder 10 – Correspondence-Sullivan, Margaret, 1970-1992 and n.d.

Folder 11 – Laurel Falls Camp for Girls, 1930s-1966

This folder contains camp-related brochures, booklets, instructions, articles, and a 1966 essay by Jane Parks Ward, Letter from Buss Eye. This folder also contains several undated scripts for skits to be put on by the campers.

Folder 12 – Research-Race Relations, 1950s-1960s

This folder contains photocopies of articles related to segregation, race relations and related material gathered by Margaret Sullivan as part of her background research for her work on Lillian Smith.



Folder 13 – Works-Autobiographical Material (photocopies), 1897-1966

These 104 pages were typed by Lillian Smith for her future biographer. They cover her birth, early years, various aspects of her working life (writer, camp-director, columnist, book reviewer, etc.), her personal life, publications, speeches, political activities, and comments by others on her own works.

Much of this material is duplicated in a piece-meal fashion in various letters to Margaret Sullivan, but this set was found together and provides a more unified access to Smith's stream-of-consciousness approach to summarizing her life.


Folder 14 – Works-Articles by Lillian Smith, 1942-1949

Folder 15 – Works-Articles by Lillian Smith, 1950-1966

Folder 16 – Works –Articles and Newspaper Clippings (Copies) about Lillian Smith, 1940s-1950s

Book Reviews

Folder 17 – Works-Book Reviews by Lillian Smith, 1950s-1966

Folder 18 – Works-Book Reviews by Paula Snelling, 1930s-1950s

Box 3

Books, Columns and Stories

Folder 1 – Works-Dear Susu and Plain Case of Arithmetic by Lillian Smith, 1939

This is a photocopy of a story or article describing a summer at Laurel Falls Camp in 1939 and a script or article about mixed race children, with no date.

Folder 2 – Works – The Journey – Reviews and Criticism, 1954-1957

Folder 3 – Works – Killers of the Dream – Reviews and Criticism, 1946-1949

Folder 4 – Works – Memory of a Large Christmas – Reviews, 1962

Folder 5 – Works – Pseudopodia/The North Georgia Review (photocopies), 1936-1938

The periodical, edited by Smith and Paula Snelling, changed its name from Pseudopodia to North Georgia Review with the Spring, 1937 issue. The magazine changed its name once again with the Winter, 1942/43 issue to South Today. There is also a letter in this folder from Paula Snelling to Winston Broadfoot of the Duke University Library regarding Lillian Smith's papers and their disposition. This letter is dated April 9, 1967

Folder 6 – Works – The North Georgia Review (photocopies), 1938-1940

Folder 7 – Works -- The North Georgia Review (photocopies), 1941-1942

Folder 8 – Works – South Today (photocopies), 1942-43

Folder 9 – Works – South Today (photocopies), 1944-45

Folder 10 – Works – South Today Magazine - Index, 1936-1945

This folder contains an index for magazine covering all three incarnations, Pseudopodia, the North Georgia Review and South Today, from 1936 through 1946, possibly prepared by Redding S. Sugg, Jr.

Folder 11 – Works – South Today – Reviews and Criticism, 1938-1971. It also includes the June 1971 issue of South Today with an article on the legacy of Lillian Smith.

Folder 12 – Works – Now is the Time -- Reviews, 1955

Folder 13 – Works – One Hour – Reviews, 1959-1960

This folder also includes an undated, unaddressed, fragmentary letter (pages 1 and 3 survive) by Lillian Smith describing her progress in finishing the book.

Folder 14 – Works – Our Faces, Our Words – Reviews/Notes, 1964-1965

Folder 15 – Works – A Southerner Talking, a column by Lillian Smith in the Chicago Defender (the sets of photocopies), 1948-1949

Folder 16 – Works – Strange Fruit, Reviews and Criticism, 1944-1971

Folder 17 – Works – Strange Fruit – Banning and Legal Case, 1944

Folder 18 – Works – Strange Fruit (Play) – Annotated Script (photocopy), 1945

Folder 19 – Works – Strange Fruit (Play) – Theater Programs, 1945

Folder 20 – Works – Strange Fruit (Play) – Drama Reviews and Criticism, 1945


Folder 21 – Works – Speeches and Interviews, 1944-1966

This folder contains typescripts and printed versions of her speeches, commencement addresses and interviews. There is a typescript chronological listing of her engagements from 1948 to 1963 at the front of the folder.

Folder 22 – Works – Literary Criticism, 1947-1963

This folder contains general literary criticism of Lillian Smith and her writings. Reviews and articles on individual works are filed with their folders, above.

Series 3 – Carson McCullers

Box 1

Folder 1 – Carson McCullers – Family Genealogy

Folder 2 – Johnson, Graham (a cousin of Carson McCullers), Memoir of a Columbus Boyhood (Part 1), 2000

Folder 3 – Johnson, Graham, Memoir of a Columbus Boyhood (Part 2), 2000

Folder 4 – The Oxford American Magazine, In Her Own Words: The Life and Times of Carson McCullers, 1997

Folder 5 – James Reeves McCullers' French Death Certificate, extract made in 1965

Folder 6 – Letters from Carson McCullers to John Van Druten and others, copied by Margaret Sullivan, n.d.

Folder 7 – Note from Carson McCullers to Helen Harvey, n.d.

This note was given by Helen Harvey to Margaret Sullivan as a Christmas present in 1971.

Folder 8 – Photos of Carson and Reeves McCullers and families, 1920s-1950s.

Folder 9 – Unidentified VHS labeled "Carson McCullers", n.d.

Folder 10 – Carson McCullers – Obituaries, 1967

Folder 11 – Carson McCullers and Margaret Sullivan, 1960s-1980s

Folder 12 – Notes, 1960s-1970s

Folder 13 – The Friends of Carson McCullers, 1983

Margaret Sullivan initially founded this group to raise funds to erect the historical marker in front of Carson McCullers home on Stark Avenue, and afterwards to support the Carson McCullers Center established in the house.

Folder 14 – The Friends of Carson McCullers, 1984-2002

Folder 15 – Sullivan, Margaret-The Ballad of the Sad Café – Thesis Chapter, June 22, 1961

Folder 16 – Sullivan, Margaret-Clock without Hands – (Paper for Duffey), January 17, 1964

Folder 17 – Sullivan, Margaret-Reflections in a Golden Eye – Thesis Chapter, May 26, 1961

Folder 18 – Sullivan, Margaret-Dissertation—Carson McCullers 1917-1947: The Conversion of Experience, 1966

Folder 19 – Sullivan, Margaret-Dissertation (copy 2)—Carson McCullers 1917-1947: The Conversion of Experience, 1966

Folder 20 – Wallace, Harry-Thesis—Lifelessness Is the Only Abnormality: A Study of Love, Sex, Marriage, and Family in the Novels of Carson McCullers, 1976

Series 4 – Virginia Spencer Carr

Box 1

Folder1 – Carson McCullers and the Search for Meaning, Virginia Spencer Carr (Thesis), December 1969 (part 1)

Folder 2 – Carson McCullers and the Search of Meaning, by Virginia Spencer Carr (Thesis), December 1969 (part 2)

Folder 3 – Newspaper Clippings about Virginia Carr and Lonely Hunter (1), 1970s-1980s

Folder 4 –Newspaper Clippings about Virginia Carr and Lonely Hunter (1), 1970s-1980s

Folder 5 – The Tar-Baby: A Modern Fable – Correspondence, 1972-1975, 1978, 1983, 1985, n.d.

This folder included the only direct contact found between Margaret Sullivan and Virginia Carr, which occurred in December of 1983 when Dr. Carr mailed her a check to join the Friends of Carson McCullers and Dr. Sullivan sent it back uncashed, with a note explaining the reason. In addition, Dr. Sullivan included a letter from Mary Tucker to Virginia Carr telling her what she thought of the book and of being included in it (she was furious), as well as reviews sent to her by Norman Rothschild (who signed his note "Maximillian") and Mary Dawson.

Folder 6 – The Tar-Baby: A Modern Tale – Selected Plagiarisms – Margaret Sullivan, Duke 1966 – Virginia Carr, Florida State 1969

This folder contains multiple copies of selected passages with Margaret Sullivan's annotations.

Folder 7 – The Tar-Baby: A Modern Fable – Newspaper Articles, 1970s

Series 5 – Publications, Audio and Video Material

Box 1

Tapes and Recordings

David Diamond Postponed – David Diamond October 5, 1984

Ruth Coffman, March 3, 1988

Julie Harris Interview

Carson McCullers Reads from the Member of the Wedding and Other Works

Carson McCullers – Love Me – Presenter: Russel Davies, Producer: Noah Richler – With Reading by Eleanor Bron – New York Drama Scene: Emma Wood and Russel Davies – 1745-1830 – BBC Radio 3, July 5, 1995

Jose Quintero – Columbus GA, January 17, 1972

Jordan Massee

Mary Mercer I – Mary Mercer II

Jordan Massee I – Jordan Massee II

Floria Lasky – Josh Logen and Cheryl Crawford

Evans Mitchell and Mary Mitchell Lindsay 0- Sunday, September 9, 1990

8 mm home movie of the wedding of Carson and Reeves McCullers in September of 1937.

Photos of Margaret Sullivan, 1960's

Box 2

This box contains approximately 150 cassette tapes, with a mix of classical recordings and interviews.