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Columbus Public Library Pamphlet Collection MC 302

Scope and Content

This pamphlet collection came to the CSU Archives when the Columbus Public Library closed its archival collection and donated it to the CSU Archives in September 2013.  It was previously labeled MC 081 Pamphlet Collection in their collection.  The collection now consists of four boxes divided by series of a variety of items that relate to the social, political, economic, and cultural history of the Chattahoochee Valley area.

The pamphlet collection is divided into two series.  Series 1 contains items that relate to Columbus and the area politically, economically and socially.  Series 2 represents pamphlets and materials that are of especial historical significance to the Columbus area, including many with photographs.

1828-2010                                                                4 boxes (1.33 l.f.)


The pamphlet collection was donated by the director of the Columbus Public Library in the fall of 2013 when the public library closed its archival collection.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Columbus Public Library Pamphlet Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Columbus Public Library Pamphlet Collection (MC 302)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia

Series 1

Box 1

Folder 1 – Alabama Boundary Problem-Chattahoochee River, 1956
Folder 2 – Alabama Power News
Folder 3 – Awareness Tour Map, LaGrange, Georgia
Folder 4 – Are You Coming? Columbus, GA Centennial, 1828-1928
Folder 5 – Brooks County, Georgia Cemeteries
Folder 6 – Catalog of Steel plow shapes
Folder 7 – Centennial History of Union Primitive Baptist Church, Opelika, Alabama, 1851-1951
Folder 8 – Chattahoochee Valley Farm Community Improvement Contest
Folder 9 – Columbus Arbor Day Proclamation, 2010
Folder 10 – Columbus Politics and Government, 1970-1980
Folder 11 – Columbus Politics and Government, 1980-1990
Folder 12 – Columbus - Rich in Natural Resources, 1925
Folder 13 – Columbus, the Fountain City
Folder 14 – Commencement Appreciation McCurdy A. Thigpen
Folder 15 – Creek Indian News Articles, 1836-1839 and 1887
Folder 16 – Eagle & Phenix Newsletter, v 1. issue 1
Folder 17 – The Eli Stroud Graveyard; Salem, Lee County, Alabama, 1967
Folder 18 – "The Faithful Slave" by David Williams
Folder 19 – "The First White House of the Confederacy"
Folder 20 – Funeral Services for Mrs. Katie C. Blanding
Folder 21 – Georgian Agriculture 1875
Folder 22 – Georgia Inspection and Ratings Bureau, 1945
Folder 23 – "History of Waverly Hall, Georgia", 1945
Folder 24 – "Meriwether Historical Tour of Gracious Southern Homes", 1970
Folder 25 – Minutes of the Columbus Baptist Association, 1915
Folder 26 – Minutes of the 44th Annual Session of the Mount Zion Weston Missionary Baptist Church, 1933
Folder 27 – Muster Roll for the Historic Nelson Rangers
Folder 28 – Oswichee History, Alabama
Folder 29 – Post Offices and Postmasters of Ft. Benning area, Chattahoochee Co.
Folder 30 – Proposed Sales Tax Referendum, 1993

Box 2

Folder 31 – School Census-Stewart County, Georgia, 1909-1921
Folder 32 – "The Scribe", February, 2008
Folder 33 – Singer Company, Lumpkin, Georgia
Folder 34 – "So Columbus!" A guide for G.I.'s, 1949
Folder 35 – Soil survey of Muscogee County, 1922
Folder 36 – South Commons Master Plan, 1995
Folder 37 – Treaty of Augusta (copy), 1783
Folder 38 – Valley Seniors Golf Association
Folder 39 – Spano's Restaurant brochure
Folder 40 – International Cotton Exposition 1881, Atlanta, Georgia, 1881
Folder 41 – Longview Agricultural Club Minutes, Russell County, Al, 1890
Folder 42 – Physician's bedside birth records, Phenix City, Al ( handwritten), 1936-1938
Folder 43 – Race Lecture Series by Joseph Crespino, Theda Perdoe and Karen Cox; 3 CDs ( was MC 043)

Series 2: Historical Pamphlets

Box 1

Folder 1 – Brief History of Federal Relief in Columbus, Georgia, 1938
Folder 2 – Brief Synopsis of Finances and Services, City of Columbus, 1934
Folder 3 – Columbus, Georgia; Columbus Real Estate Board, nd
Folder 4 – Columbus, Georgia Columbus Sesquicentennial Program, 1828-1978
Folder 5 – Columbus, Georgia: The Electric City
Folder 6 – Columbus Georgia Statistical Review, 1943
Folder 7 – Columbus Georgia; The Place with the Power and the Push
Folder 8 – Columbus Georgia; The South's Most Progressive City
Folder 9 – Columbus Town Minutes: Urban planning on the Georgia Frontier: Minutes of Board of Commissioners for the Town of Columbus 1828; transcription and digital scans
Folder 10 – "The Economic History of Columbus, Georgia to the Civil War"; Master's thesis, McDonald, C.W., 1940
Folder 11 – Fact Finder; They Represent Us, Political Directory, 1950, 1953
Folder 12 – Fire and Police Department Souvenir; History and photos (copies), 1904
Folder 13 – "The History of Columbus, Georgia"; an excerpt from A journey in the Seaboard Slave States by Frederick Law Olmsted, 1856. Georgia Historical Review, v.1, # 16.
Folder 14 – Island Mystery: The Numbered Islands in the Chattahoochee by Jesse Williams
Folder 15 – Mercantile and Industrial Review of Columbus, Georgia (nd)
Folder 16 – "The Names We Cherish" by Augusta Struppa Meredith (read before Students Club), 1946
Folder 17 – Notes on the meetings of the five commissioners, appointed by the governor of Georgia to select the site of Columbus, January-July 1828
Folder 18 – Now and Then-A Photographer's Response to Images of Columbus' Past, 2008-2009
Folder 19 – The Old Reliables; Timeline of Columbus Businesses, 1828-1914
Folder 20 – Outstanding Facts about Columbus, Georgia
Folder 21 – Pictures from the South's Oldest Industrial City; booklet, nd
Folder 22 – Record of Land Lots sold by State of Georgia 1830-1859
Folder 23 – "This is Columbus"; League of Women Voters 1959, A Guide to City Government
Folder 24 – "With the First Signs of Post-Civil War Prosperity '80s Brought Literary Revival Here", by Loretto L. Chappell

Folder 25 – History of Columbus, compiled by the Georgia History Class of Columbus High School, 1912.

Box 2

Folder 26 – Columbus Daily Sun articles concerning Civil war units and men, 1860-1861
Folder 27 – Listing of Civil War companies and men taken from the Columbus City Directory, 1873-1874
Folder 28 – "Wilson's Cavalry Campaign of 1865", by Elbridge Colby, 1938
Folder 29 – The First Iron Clad Naval Engagement in the World: History of Facts of the Great Naval Battle between the Merrimac-Virginia C.S.N. and the Ericsson Monitor U.S.N. Hampton Roads March 8 & 9, 1862

Folder 30 – Bradley Theatre Gala Opening – program, Tuesday, July 2, 1940

Folder 31 – "Queen City of the Chattahoochee Valley Columbus, Georgia", by Love McDuffie Tolbert, 1950-1967

Folder 32 – Historic Homes of Columbus scrapbook compiled by Loretto Chappell. Includes newspaper articles, photos and historic sketches of some of Columbus' historic homes, especially in the Wynnton area, 1928

Folder 33 – Columbus Banking pamphlets: Constitutions and by-laws of the Columbus Mutual Loan Association, 1877; Columbus Savings and Loan, 1892; Interstate Building and Loan 1889, 1891; Eagle & Phenix Manufacturing Co. Annual Report, 1887

Folder 34 – Journal book of unclaimed cotton gins from 1855-1860 in the front and The Minutes of the Trustees of Wynnton Male Academy, 1876-1885 following. Wynnton section of journal lists the Minutes of the meetings and the trustees. Three secretaries are named; W .G. Clemons, G. E. Thomas Jr., and G. H. Neill in 1885. Also included are reprints of advertisements and histories of the local machine shops and iron works. This was MC 018 at the Public library.

Folder 35 – Military records of Harrison H. Morehead, C.S.A. 1862-1865