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Temple Israel Collection (MC 305)


Organizational / Historical Note

The Temple Israel congregation has a long and interesting history in Columbus, Georgia dating back to 1854, when twenty Jewish families came together to form Temple B'nai Israel.  They had been meeting in private homes when the group established a sanctuary and school in a building at the northeast corner of 10th Street and 5th Avenue.  In October of 1859, the congregation bought a house on the corner of 10th Street and 4th Avenue, which it furnished as a synagogue accommodating 100 people.  For almost a century it occupied the same site in downtown Columbus.

A parcel of land given to the congregation by the city for the construction of a Temple on Chapel Street was never used.  In June of 1866 it was decided to build a new Temple at the 10th Street-4th Avenue site.  The house being used was then moved to a new site.  The new Temple, begun in October 1886, was dedicated September 2, 1887.  A banquet and dance to celebrate was held at the Rankin Hotel with several hundred guests attending.

In 1907, fire destroyed the interior of the Temple, along with historical records.  The Temple was rebuilt and remodeled, including moving the choir loft and organ.

On January 28, 1955, Temple Israel celebrated a double "Simcha"; its 100th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the ordination of its Rabbi, with many honored guests attending.  In March of 1956, under the leadership of President Albert M. Wise, the membership approved purchase of the Wildwood Avenue site and the sale of the downtown building.  Ground was broken for the new Sanctuary in March 1957 and dedicated in March 1958.  The stately old building downtown was sold and demolished in 1958 when the congregation moved into the new Temple on Wildwood Avenue.

The Jewish Ladies Aid Society in Columbus was founded on July 5, 1874, by the Ladies Purim Association.  These women decided to broaden their societies' focus to include charity and benevolence within the Jewish community and throughout the city of Columbus.  Originally named the "Daughters of Israel", the name has changed over the years, becoming the Hebrew Benevolent Society before finally becoming the Jewish Ladies Aid Society.  The Columbus Society orchestrated the establishment of the Milk Fund in 1924, donating milk to needy children.  The Jewish Ladies Aid celebrated 100 years of service in 1974.  Rabbi Goodman called them "an arm of the Temple".  Among other projects they have been involved with are the Blind Fund and the Educational Fund.  Their works have known neither race, creed, nor color.

The Columbus chapter of Hadassah had been organized twice in the 1930's but was dissolved both times.  In the fall of 1944 two young women, newcomers to the community, began discussing the possibility of organizing Hadassah, which was involved in the plight of European Jews . A chapter was formed in 1945 with 40 women signing up.  Hadassah sold more war bonds than any other organization in the community.  By the 1960's, particularly after the 1967 war, Hadassah leadership was held by young women who brought new ideas and fresh enthusiasm and increased the membership.  This brought in many women of the reform congregation who had not been willing to join in previous years.  Columbus Jewry became more united in spirit and fellowship.

Scope and Content

The Temple Israel Collection consists of 8 boxes of archival material from the Archives of Temple Israel, Columbus, Georgia.  This collection encompasses the history of the Temple in Columbus, its anniversaries, family histories, the women's organizations of Hadassah and the Jewish Ladies Aid Society and the founding and history of the Harmony Club.  There are ­­­­3 boxes of scrapbooks included in this collection, including those from Temple Israel, Hadassah, the Jewish Ladies Aid Society and the Century Club.  The collection is divided by subject area.  The folders within each subject are arranged alphabetically by content.

1874-2003                                                                                8 boxes (8 l.f.)



The Temple Israel Collection was donated to the Columbus State University Archives by the Board of Trustees of Temple Israel in October 2013.  Rabbi Beth Schwartz, Jean Kiralfy Kent, Regina Satlof Block, and Gary Stern arranged the transfer.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Temple Israel Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives.  Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Temple Israel Collection, MC 305
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus State University
Columbus, Georgia

Box and Folder List


Box 1: Temple Israel

Folder 1: Articles and clippings

Folder 2: Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, 1986-1990

Folder 3: Budget, 1979

Folder 4: Bulletins of Temple Israel

Folder 5: Centennial Anniversary Sabbath Service, 1974

Folder 6: Charter Applications, 1878, 1889, 1922 Reviver, 1948 Reviver

Folder 7: Columbus Concordia, Record of Proceedings (photocopy), organized April 12, 1870

Folder 8: Confirmation programs, 1897

Folder 9: Congress Weekly:  A Review of Jewish Interests, v. 22, #7, Feb. 14, 1955

Folder 10: Constitution and By-Laws, Congregation B'nai Israel, 1908

Folder 11: Constitution, 1949

Folder 12: Correspondence, 1918, 1965, 1993-1994

Folder 13: Documents, financial, 1887, 1889, 1891, 1894, 1909

Folder 14: "Early History of Jewish Settlers in Columbus, Georgia" by Jean Kent (See also folder 17), 1998

Folder 15: Evaluation of Board Members Workshop

Folder 16: Golden Book of Life, Congregation B'Nai Israel, 1896-1938

Folder 17: "History of Early Jewish Settlers in Columbus, Georgia" by Jean Kent (See also folder 14), 1991

Folder 18: History of Temple Israel

Folder 19: Inventory of Graves in the West Section of Linwood Cemetery known as the Jewish Section

Folder 20: Jewish Welfare Board, Army and Navy Committee news release, January 21, 1944

Folder 21: Jewish Welfare Federation of Columbus, Georgia-Incorporation Proceedings, 1944

Folder 22: Jewish Youth Rally, 1953

Folder 23: Like Mama Used to Make; Jewish dishes and recipes

Folder 24: Linwood Cemetery lists (2); 1943-1946, 1950-1959

Folder 25: National Council of Jewish Women, Columbus section – Membership

Folder 26: National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods

Folder 27: Notes-handwritten

Folder 28: 125th Anniversary of Temple Israel

Folder 29: 150th anniversary celebration, 2004

Folder 30: Parliamentary procedures, 1960

Folder 31: Photographs

Folder 32: Proceedings of Executive committee Congregation B'nai Israel (photocopies), 1880-1908

Folder 33: Rabbi Alfred L. Goodman

Folder 34: Rabbis

Folder 35: Religious School Handbooks, 1984-1987

Folder 36: Remembrance card for Mrs. Mina Hirschberg, May 8, 1890

Folder 37: Riverdale Cemetery Burials

Folder 38: Schindler's List viewing by area high school students; sponsored by Jewish Federation of Columbus

Folder 39: Shearith Israel Synagogue Dedication Ceremony, 2550 Wynnton Rd., February 1951

Folder 40: Temple Beth- El, West Point, Georgia

Folder 41: Temple B'nai Israel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Folder 42: "Temple Israel of Columbus, Georgia, 1854-1999" by Jean Kiralfy Kent

Folder 43: Timeline and history

Folder 44: "To Do the Manufacturing for the South: Private Industry in Confederate Columbus"; Georgia Historical Quarterly, 2001

Folder 45: Wall of Tolerance honoring Harry Kruger, 2003


Box 2: Families of Temple Israel

Folder 1: Angel Family history-Jeanne Angel Weil, Celie Helman, Elinor Angel Rosenberg

Folder 2: Broda, Inez Rothschild and Daniel

Folder 3: Browne, Edward B.M." Alphabet" Dr. and wife Sophie Wells Browne (See also Goldberg/Gerson)

Folder 4: Cemetery-Historic Jewish of Eufaula, Alabama

Folder 5: Congregation Mickve Israel, Savannah

Folder 6: Esquiline, home of Raphael J. Moses (See also Moses, Raphael J and family folder)

Folder 7: Friedlander, Reb, and Miral

Folder 8: Golden, Lillian

Folder 9: Goldberg/Gerson

Folder 10: Haiman, Lewis and Elijah

Folder 11: Hecht Family

Folder 12: Julius, M

Folder 13: Kent, Gerry and Jean Kiralfy

Folder 14: Kiralfy, Victor and Raye

Folder 15: Lilienthal, Leslie and Ruth Gump

Folder 16: Loeb Family

Folder 17: Loeb, Sol Family

Folder 18: Moses, Raphael J. and family

Folder 19: Picard/Sternberg wedding photo 1909 (Includes a folded flag believed to have belonged to M. Sternberg)

Folder 20: Rothschild, Benno and Babette

Folder 21: Rothschild, David II and Barbara

Folder 22: Rothschild, Frank and Simon

Folder 23: Rothschild, Jac and Dora

Folder 24: Rothschild family portraits

Folder 25: Schiffman, Jack

Folder 26: Schwob, Simon and Ruth

Folder 27: Sol Loeb Company, Kern & Loeb charter 1899, Loeb Estate, Loeb Realty Company and family

Folder 28: Schwarz, Isaac: first Rabbi of Columbus in 1852

Folder 29: Sternberg & Loewenherz-advertisement. 1887

Folder 30: Strauss Family;   see also Strauss, Isador and Ida

Folder 31: Strauss, Isador and Ida

Folder 32: Weil, Sam and Jeanne


Box 3: Hadassah

Folder 1: Century Club photo- member

Folder 2: Century Club programs (photocopies), 1908,1912-1915,1924, 1950-1972

Folder 3: Columbus Hadassah Report, 1960-1962

Folder 4: Conferences-Southern Regional of Hadassah

Folder 5: Hadassah Book of Life, 1945-1950

Folder 6: Hadassah Conferences, 1962-1984

Folder 7: Hadassah: Hands of Healing Award: John B. Amos, 1989

Folder 8: Hadassah Headlines

Folder 9: Hadassah – History of Chapter

Folder 10: Hadassah-Israel

Folder 11: Hadassah Minutes, 1977-1989

Folder 12: Hadassah Minutes book, 1954-1945

Folder 13: Hadassah Minutes book 1955-1958

Folder 14: Hadassah Minutes book Sept 1958-Oct 1963

Folder 15: Hadassah Minutes of board Meetings, 1990-2007

Folder 16: Hadassah Newsletter/Bulletin

Folder 17: Hadassah-newspaper clippings

Folder 18: Hadassah photos

Folder 19: Hadassah presents News-O-Rama , 1960-1961

Folder 20: Hadassah programs

Folder 21: Hadassah ribbons and awards

Folder 22: Hadassah-Siegal affair

Folder 23: Hadassah –speech, handwritten, undated

Folder 24: Hadassah Yearbooks, 1962-1965

Folder 25: Hedda Hadassah Newsletter, 1961-1962

Video tapes (2)

Hadassah Honors Cele Levy Funk, November 14, 1992


Box 4: Harmony Club

Folder 1: Annual report, Sept 1987

Folder 2: Bar plan proposals and costs

Folder 3: Board meetings, 1988-1990

Folder 4: Board meetings 1991

Folder 5: Board minutes 1992

Folder 6: Board of Directors meeting, Nov. 30, 1994

Folder 7: Budget Recap for redecorating to September 27, 1992

Folder 8: By-Laws and Special Meeting of Membership, 1994

Folder 9: Carpet samples and floor finishing plan with blueprint

Folder 10: Decorating committee correspondence, 1992

Folder 11: Doors, 1992

Folder 12: Financial; balance sheets and income statements, 1991

Folder 13: Financial statements, years ending Sept 1992 and 1993

Folder 14: History

Folder 15: Marcel Carles, 1993-1994

Folder 16: Members packet, 1992

Folder 17: Membership lists, 1985-1994

Folder 18: Monthly Board Meetings, 1993

Folder 19: Monthly board Meetings, 1994

Folder 20: Nominating Committee, 1992-1994

Folder 21: Outgoing letters, 1993

Folder 22: Paint and wallpaper redecorating plans

Folder 23: Photos

Folder 24: Redecorating committee renovation, 1992

Folder 25: Souvenir edition newspaper, 1936


Box 5: Jewish Ladies Aid Society

Folder 1: Annual reports and budgets, 1932-1965

Folder 2: Bank books (3), 1943-1957

Folder 3: Broadway Theatre League

Folder 4: Certificates

Folder 5: Correspondence

Folder 6: Cradle Roll

Folder 7: DAME, the Yearly Report Magazine, from Vol.1#1 May 4, 1954

Folder 8: Deli Day

Folder 9: Deposit slips-1st National Bank, 1965

Folder 10: Education Fund

Folder 11: Guestbook, 1957

Folder 12: History

Folder 13: Milk Fund, Laura F. Rosenberg

Folder 14: Minute Book, 1874-1890

Folder 15: Minute Book (photocopy), 1874-1902

Folder 16: Minute Book (photocopy), 1875-1927

Folder 17: Minute Book (copy), 1946-Dec 1952

Folder 18: Minute Book (copy), 1952-1958

Folder 19: "My Chair Lady"

Folder 20: Newspaper clippings

Folder 21: President's reports (copy),1932-1935

Folder 22: President's reports (copy), 1936-1988

Folder 23: Programs and photos

Folder 24: Receipt book ,1964-1965

Folder 25: Receipts and invoices

Folder 26: Rothschild fund for the Blind

Folder 27: Sabbath School

Folder 28: Springer Guild Laugh In

Folder 29: Yearbooks


Box 6: Jewish Ladies Aid Society-contents of Broadway File box (small box)

Folder 1: Altar Guild Fund, 1951-1956

Folder 2: Bulletin Committee, 1946-1954

Folder 3: Linwood Cemetery Committee, 1949-1956

Folder 4: Civic Committee, 1942-1961

Folder 5: Constitution and By-Laws, 1947

Folder 6: Corresponding Secretary, 1951-1959

Folder 7: Eva M. Friedlander Educational Fund, 1947-1954

Folder 8: Financial Secretary, 1946-1958

Folder 9: Frank L. Rosenthal Memorial Library Fund, 1941-1950

Folder 10: House Committee, 1949-1954

Folder 11: Armed Services Committee, 1951-1952

Folder 12: Matilda D. Rothschild Fund for the Blind, 1941-1952

Folder 13: Membership Committee, 1943-1954

Folder 14: Milk Fund, 1944-1954

Folder 15: Convention reports from file box

Folder 16: Miscellany ( from file box)


Box 7: Scrapbooks-Hadassah

National Hadassah "MEM" Award, Re-enrollment Achievement (green cover), 1966-1967
Hadassah (blue cover), 1963-1967
Columbus Chapter of Hadassah (brown cover), 1973-1974
Columbus Chapter of Hadassah (dark blue cover), 1982-1987
Hadassah ( brown cover-the Ideal Scrapbook), 1946-1955
Hadassah Life Membership Album (white cover)


Box 8: Scrapbooks

1. Temple Israel One Hundredth Anniversary, 1854-1954 (cream cover)

2. Temple Israel history (green cover)

3. Jewish Ladies Aid Society (green cover)

4. Jewish Ladies Aid Society (brown cover Scrapbook), 1944-1945

4. Broadway file box (empty) that held reports of Jewish Ladies Aid Society ( see contents in box 6)


Oversize Items

Plaque-Resolution for 125th Anniversary of Temple Israel

Century Club Scrapbooks (2)

Framed Engraving of Simon Schwob by Harry S Maskowitz (on display in reading room)