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Helen C. Stoller Collection (MC 46)

Scope and Content Note

This collection was donated to the Archives in 1992 by Helen C. Stoller (b. 1926). It consists of her genealogical research involving the following lines of her family: Bratton, Brown, Cunnard, Dean, Donaldson, Findley,Henderson, Hughes, Jones, Love, Lowe, Pritner, Pruitt, Rodgers, Russell, Webb and Wheeler. It includes typescripts and photocopies.

1970s-1991 4 boxes (4 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Helen C. Stoller Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Helen C. Stoller Collection (MC 46)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


Donated by Helen c. Stoller in 1992.

Box and Contents List

Box l – Genealogy: Research by Family Name


1. Andrews census Marriage Records: Typescripts, computer printouts, photocopies, handwritten documents, correspondence, and charts on the Andrews family. 51 sheets.

2. Andrews correspondence: Handwritten and typed letters, Christmas cards and postcards relating to the Andrews family. Also short Andrews family History, 973-1981. 64 sheets.

3. Andrews - John and Mark: Pages from magazines and handwritten research notes, 1978. 23 sheets.

4. Andrews – Richard and William: Handwritten research notes. 42 sheets.

5. Andrews Unidentified: Pages from magazine (1979), and handwritten research notes. 35 sheets.

6. Andrews Research and Correspondence: Correspondence, photo copies, journal (1965), articles, court minutes, abstracted records, newspaper article (March 1987), handwritten research, history on Jones family, history of Andrews family, and veteran's records. 209 sheets.

7. Arndt/Sokol: Photo copies, typed scripts, copies of newspaper clippings, death certificates and marriage certificates. 84 sheets.

8. Ayers (Airs): Type scripts and photo copies. 10 sheets.

9.Bratton Correspondence Cumberland & Mifflin County,PA.: Photo copies of handwritten letters, family record, original correspondence, photo copies of maps, article from magazine, and pedigree charts. 113 sheets.

10. Bratton Correspondence and Notes - Virginia Bratton: Letters, typed and handwritten (1975-1982); photocopies of draft charts; newspaper article, 4/9/31; handwritten will, Sept. 1838. 115 sheets.

11. Bratton Records -Cumberland and Mifflin County, PA.: Typed research notes, 1790 census, PA; photo copy of History of Cumberland Co., ancestor charts (Bratton), letters dated 1977. 148 sheets.

12. Brown: photocopy of a will, R. Brown; Typed and handwritten letters, 1975-1985; photo maps; biographies; and research notes. 87 sheets.

13. Colwell: Handwritten research; spiral notebook; photocopies of will of Phebe Mosgrove) Colwell and will of Henry A. Colwell, Sr.; postcards; letters dated 1910-1980; typed research notes, Ulster Historical Foundation (Colwell Report); photo copy of History of Allegheny County; Londonderry County Map; ancestor charts; copies of wills of Jon A Cowell, Rebecca Cowell, Mary Ann Cowell, James Colwell, Wm. Colwell, Margaret Cowell. 130 sheets.

14. Colwell correspondence: Letters, 1982-1986; census 1860, research notes. 25 sheets.

15. Colwell – Census Records: all extracts for censuses. 129 sheets.

16. Collwell – Bundy Colwell Correspondence: Letters, 1986-88; photocopies of ancestor charts; coat of arms; pictures; poems; advertisements from Ga. Enquirer. 130 sheets.

17. Conrad Family: Photocopies of sketch from Conrads famil 1683-1955; letter, 1981. 54 sheets.

18. Day: Typed research notes; census; Ga. census, 1818-1830; written research notes, 1975; letters 1978-79; computer marriage records; wills of Mary Ann Day, Elias H. Day; copy of U.S. census; copy of family group records. 91 sheets.

19. Dean: Typed research notes; letters; photo copies of family group information; written research notes; computer sheets; 1972-87 census; veteran's records; copies of folklore; copies of company muster rolls from the War of 1812; post card; letters, 1983. 137 sheets.

20. Donaldson Correspondence: Letters, 1972-85; typed research notes; photocopies of family group. 49 sheets.

21. Donaldson Records: Photocopies, handwritten notes, correspondence, newspaper clipping, and a certificate for the Society of Washington's Army at Valley Forge, 1968-76. 127 pages.

22. Galbreath/Gilbreath: Correspondence, records, notes, newspaper clipping, 1975-86. 44 pages.

23. Gillespie Correspondence: Correspondence, photocopies, newspaper clippings, notes, and pictures. 105 pages.

24. Gillespie Records: Correspondence, census records, photocopies, notes, lineage charts, and order and billing for copies of Veteran's records forms, ca. 1985. 75 pages.

25. Letters – Fleeta Shenefelt: Correspondence, 1974-1976. 24 sheets.

26.Henderson – Gillespie Correspondence Correspondence and photocopies, ca. 1980s. 124 pages.

27. Henderson/Gillespie Dorothy Correspondence: Correspondence, photocopies, lineage charts, and notes, ca. 1980s. 146 pages.

28. Henderson, John and Gillespie, William: Correspondence, notes, and photocopies. 67 pages.

29. Henderson – William and Susannah: Notes and photocopies. 15 pages.

30. Henderson/Finley: Correspondence and notes, ca. 1981. 46 pages.

31. Henderson – Augusta County, Virginia: Notes and photocopies. 110 pages.

32. Houston Correspondence: Correspondence, 1975-1977. 15 pages.

33. Houston Correspondence: Correspondence and photocopies ca. 1975. 22 pages.

34. Houston Family in Virginia: Photocopies from The Houston Family in Virginia. 1956. 42 pages.

Box 2 Genealogy: Research by Family Name


1. Houston Research: Notes, pictures, and photocopies. 223 pages.

2. Hughes Records and Correspondence: Correspondence, notes, photocopies, and lineage charts, ca. 1970s & 1980s. 143 pages.

3. Jones of Merion, Philadelphia, Montgomery county, PA: Correspondence, notes, and photocopies, ca. 1980s. 39 pages.

4. Jones/Branscome - Virginia: Correspondence, notes, photocopies, ca. 1980s. 94 pages.

5. Love: Correspondence, notes, and photocopies. 167 pages.

6. Love - Autobiography, Journal – William Calhoun Love: photocopies and Autobiography of Thomas Shelby Love, 1966. 70 pages.

7. Love Correspondence: Correspondence, notes, photocopies, and lineage charts, ca. 1980s. 77 pages.

8. Love – Eloise Leavy Correspondence: Correspondence, notes, photocopies, and lineage charts, ca. 1980s. 131 pages.

9. Love – Eloise Leavy Correspondence continued: Archive records, correspondence, and photocopies, ca. 1980s. 86 pages.

10. Love – Gen Thomas Love of Western NC & W TN Robert A Love: Photocopies of General Thomas Love of Western North Carolina and Western Tennessee and His Brothers Robert and James, by Rovert A. Love. 50 pages.

11. Love – Misc Correspondence: Correspondence and photocopies, ca. 1970s & 1980s. 38 pages.

12. Love – Nancy Hutchison Correspondence: Correspondence, 1978-1979. 6 pages.

13. Love – Trezevant, Carroll County, Tenn., Albert G. Gove: Photocopy of Our Ancestors: the Love Family of Trezevant, Carroll County, Tennessee by Albert G. Love, 1953. 132 pages.

14. Love – Samuel & Dorcus Bell: Correspondence and photocopies, 1985-1987. 56 pages.

15. Love Quarterly: Notes, photocopies of letters, and photocopies of Love Historical and Genealogical Quarterly. 56 pages.

16. Low Correspondence. Letters, pedigree charts and census records, ca. 1977-1985. 28 pages.

17. Low Records: Letters photocopies, notes and family group records, ca 1987. 165 pages and 24 photographs.

18. Low Records & Correspondence Outside TN: Letters, notes, and photocopies. 27 pages.

19. Martin,Richmond,NC: Notes, photocopies, and a letter dated 1983. 51 pages.

20. Low/Lowe Records - Knox County, TN (Abraham): "The Lowe (Low) Family of Tennessee and Their Allied Families." 39 pages. Notes, letters, and photocopies. 52 pages.

21. Mosgrove Family: Newspaper clippings, correspondence, notes, photocopies, and census records. 49 pages.

22. Excerpts from Truby - Graff 1941: Photocopies. 37 pages.

23. Letters – Glenna Mosgrove: Correspondence, ca. 1975. 11 pages.

24. Potts Correspondence: Correspondence and photocopies. 12 pages.

25. Potts - James Croasdale: Letters and photocopies, ca. 1970s & 1980s. 107 pages.

26. Printer Correspondence: Correspondence, notes, and photocopies, ca. 1970s & 1980s. 157 pages.

27. Printer - Diary - Leslie, Reynold Printer

28. Printer - Records/Correspondence: Correspondence, notes, and photocopies. 93 pages.

29. Rodgers correspondence and Notes: Correspondence, notes, photocopies, and pedigree charts. 102 pages.

30. Rodgers - Records and Notes: Photocopies, pictures, notes, census records, and correspondence. 141 pages.

Box 3 Genealogy: Research by Family Names


1. Russell Correspondence, Descendants of Matthew: A handkerchief, with two page letter; Confederate money, 21 bills; 1928 letter, 4 pages; Aug. 4 f 42 letter, 4 pages; two page letter dated 1862; two page 1978 letter; two photographs; photo copies, 9 pages; notes, 5 pages; a card with a picture included; census records, 7 pages; notes, 7 pages; letters and photocopies from 1979, 33 pages.

2. Russell Records, Andrew of Long Meadow & Descendants: Family Crest, correspondence, photocopies, and notes, ca. 1970s & 1980s. 56 pages.

3. Russell, Andrew/Christian's Creek Family: Notes, correspondence, and photocopies. 16 pages.

4. Russell/Turk/Mitchell correspondence: Notes, correspondence, and photocopies, ca. 1980s. 34 pages.

5. Russell, Brice Family: 1985 letter, notes, and photocopies. 16 pages.

6. Russell, George Ely: correspondence, Russell & Russell newsletters, notes, photocopies, and National Genealogical Society Quarterlies from 1975. 31 pages.

7. Russell, W P Family: 1897 diary, pictures, correspondence, newspaper clippings, church bulletins, and photocopies. 34 pages.

8. Russell, William of Culpeper: Notes. 5 pages.

9. Russell Records, Miscellaneous: Photocopies and notes. 10 pages.

10. Russell Correspondence, Unrelated Families: correspondence and notes, ca. 1970s. 56 pages.

11. Stoller/Ardt: Pictures, photocopies, correspondence, notes, and newspaper clippings, ca. 1980s. 97 pages.

12. Stoller/Ardt: Correspondence, notes, pictures, photocopies, and newspaper clippings. 107 pages.

13. Streeper, Dorothy, 1683-1965: Photocopies of “ Streeper.” 34 pages.

14. Tease: Correspondence and photocopies. 44 pages.

15. Webb/Pruitt: Notes, correspondence, and photocopies, ca. 1980s. 179 pages.

16. Weeler correspondence, Bob Gooding, Miscellaneous: correspondence, ca. 1980s; notes; photocopies; census records; and family group records. 122 pages.

17. Wheeler Correspondence, Genny Phillips, Hazel Dye, Judi Johnston: Notes, correspondence, photocopies, and family group records, ca. 1980s. 58 pages.

18. Wheeler/Dean Jones Correspondence, Pat Surface, Sabina Hayes: Correspondence, ca. 1980s. 89 pages.

19. Wheeler/Dean Jones Correspondence, Pat Surface, Sabina Hayes: Correspondence, ca. 1980s and ancestor charts. 23 pages.

20. Wheeler/Jones Rockingham County, NC and Mississippi: correspondence, notes, photocopies, ancestor charts, and pedigree charts, ca. 1980s. 180 pages.

21. Wheeler, Descendants of Charles: Notes and family group charts. 91 pages.

22. Wheeler, Descendants of Charles: 4 notebooks of notes, 1 family group chart, 9 pages of notes.

23. Wheeler (Joe Branson): Pictures, correspondence, photocopies, and pedigree charts. 65 pages.

24. Wheeler Records - Maryland: Notes, map of Maryland, memindex messages, and photocopies, ca. 1980s. 129 pages.

25. Wheeler Records - Maryland: Photocopies, notes, and correspondence. 115 pages.

26. Wheeler Records/Correspondence, NC & Virginia: A map of Virginia, correspondence, and photocopies, ca. 1980s. 35 pages.

Box 4 Genealogy: Pedigree Charts, Correspondence, Research by Geographical Area


1. Pedigree Charts: 91 pages.

2. Miscellaneous Correspondence: Correspondence, photocopies, and family group charts. 25 pages.

3. Professional Research: Correspondence, ca. 1970s and ancestor charts.

4. McGuire, Dick: Correspondence. 16 pages.

5. Mary Louise Nexdorf: correspondence, ca. 1970s & 1980s and pictures. 81 pages.

6. Mary Louise Nexdorf, Material Lineage: Correspondence, ca. 1970s; DAR worksheet, and photocopies. 44 pages.

7. Ed 0 Neal Correspondence: Correspondence, ca. 1970s; photocopies, and notes. 91 pages.

8. O'Quinn, Janet, Correspondence: Correspondence, ca. 1980s; pictures; photocopies; and ancestor charts. 67 pages.

9. Russell Carl Ratliff Correspondence (Also see Love): Correspondence, pictures, notes, photocopies, and “Lest We Forget." 85 pages.

10. Russell, McBath: Correspondence, ca. 1970s. 11 pages.

11. Miscellaneous Maps: 9 pages.

12. Maryland Records: correspondence and photocopies. 12 pages.

13. Mississippi, Alcorn/Tishomingo County: Photocopies, notes, and census records. 32 pages.

14. Mississippi, Desoto County: Photocopies. 7 pages.

15. North Carolina Records: Map of North and South Carolina and photocopies. 29 pages.

16. North Carolina, Franklin County: Photocopies. 29 pages.

17. North Carolina, Rockingham County: Map of Rockingham County, census records, notes, and photocopies. 60 pages.

18. Pennsylvania, General Information: Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society Membership Roster, 1986-87, notes, "Penn in Hand," photocopies, National Genealogical Society Quarterlies, a map of Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania records. 74 pages.

19. Armstrong County, Pennsylvania: Census records, notes, correspondence, pamphlets, and photocopies. 114 pages.

20. Armstrong County, Pennsylvania: Notes, photocopies, census records, correspondence, and " Directory of Armstrong County Historical Society Members." 112 pages.

21. Germantown Immigrants: Notes; The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, 1908; photocopies; and correspondence. 183 pages.

22. Germantown Immigrants, Misc.: Notes and photocopies. 15 pages.

23. Germantown Immigrants, Conrad Correspondence: Correspondence, ca. 1980s; notes; photocopies; and ancestor charts. 47 pages.

24. Germantown Immigrants, Conrad Records: Notes, photocopies, and correspondence. 91 pages.

25. Germantown Immigrants, Donald Custer Correspondence: Correspondence, ca. 1970s and notes. 35 pages.

26. Germantown Immigrants, Streeper: Photocopies; correspondence, ca. 1980s; and notes. 120 pages.

27. Germantown Immigrants, Streeper: Notes and photocopies. 135 pages.

28. Germantown Immigrants, Tyson (Theisson-Tieson): Notes and Ancestor charts. 90 pages.

29. Montgomery County and Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania: Bicentennial Time in the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, map of Valley Forge, notes, and photocopies. 127 pages.

30. Tennessee Records: Notes, photocopies, map of Tennessee, and Guide to the use of Genealogical Material in the Tennessee State Library and Archives. 89 pages.

31. Tennessee, Knox County: Notes, photocopies, and census records. 13 pages.

32. Virginia, General Information: Notes; photocopies; and "The Virginia Genealogical Society Newsletter," Nov-Dec 1988. 75 pages.

33. Virginia Records, Augusta County: The 1787 Census of Virginia and photocopies. 32 pages.

34. Virginia, Grayson County, Carroll County: two copies of The 1787 Census of Virginia ancestor charts, notes, and photocopies. 75 pages.

35. Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania: Tax Lists Westmoreland County Pennsylvania, 1786-1810, and photocopies. 5 pages.

Box 5 Genealogy

These notebooks all contain genealogical records according to family name.

1 Pruitt/Web - 34 pages.

2 Pritner - 27 pages.

3 Lowe - 57 pages.

4 Love - 67 pages.

5 Jones/Dean - 57 pages.

6 Jones - 67 pages.

7 Hughes - 47 pages.

8 Henderson/Finley - 17 pages.

Box 6 Genealogy

These notebooks all contain genealogical records according to family name.

1. Wheeler - gen. 5-8 107 pages.


2. Wheeler - gen. 1-4 66 pages.

3. Russell 168 pages + letter, playing card and Picture.

4. Russel 266 pages.

5. Russell - gen. 5-6 80 pages.

6. Russell - gen. 1-4 89 pages.

7. Rodgers 110 pages.

Box 7 Genealogy

These notebooks all contain genealogical records according to family name.

1. Unrelated lines 101 pages.

2. Gillespie/Mosgrove 99 pages.

3. Donaldson 31 pages.

4. Cunnard 33 pages.

5. Brown 94 pages, DAR Application, 5 loose pages.

6. Bratton 44 pages.