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Garrett Family Papers (MC 48)

Biographical Note

Virginia Garrett Ellis was born on November 13, 1916 and died in Columbus, Georgia on October 14, 2007.

Scope Note

This collection consists of genealogical research, chiefly on the Joseph Simpson Garrett family of Columbus, Georgia. Joseph S. Garrett (1831-1923), a Columbus merchant, was the original owner of the Garrett-Bullock-DeLay House in Columbus. Other families included in this genealogical collection include: Blanton, Curley, Hopkins, McClendon, MacFarlane, Matthews, Ware, and Young. This collection also includes correspondence, typescripts, and newspaper clippings. These materials were created and gathered by Virginia Garrett Ellis (1916-2007) of Columbus, Georgia.

Circa 1965-1990. 2 boxes (2 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Garret Family Papers must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Garrett Family Papers (MC 48)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


Gift of Virginia Garrett Ellis.

Box and Contents List

Box 1 – Research by Family Name

Folder 1 – Blanton

Handwritten notes, 2 pages

Photocopies of clippings, ca 1934, 4 pages

Application for the National Society of Colonial Dames, 3 pages

Photocopies for a book and a laminated copy of a newspaper clipping, 6 pages

Photo copies of a family record, 2 pages

Typed notes, 1 page

Photocopies from Colonial Caroline and typed notes, 5 pages.

Folder 2 – Blanton

“Talbot County Georgia: The Blanton Family Record," 8 pages

Newspaper clipping, no date, 1 page

Photocopy of notes and pages from books, 15 pages

Letter, 2 pages

Letters, one dated Jan, 16, 1983, 4 pages

Handwritten notes, 8 pages

Letter envelope

Letter from Mrs. Glenn to Mrs. Virginia Ellis, containing photocopies of clippings, 9 pages

Letter to Virginia, 2 pages

Letter to Mrs. Garret, 1 page

Letter dated Nov. 1982 to Virginia from Aunt Belle, 2 pages

Photocopies, 5 pages

Notes, 4 pages.

Folder 3 – Curley

Photocopies from clipping and books, 47 pages.

Folder 4 – Ware, Blanton, Curley

Photocopies from notes and books, hand written notes, 12 pages

Valedictory, 7 pages

Letter from J. Crawford Ware to Mrs. Garrett Ellis, 3 pages

Application for the National Society of the Colonial Dames, 2 sheets

Typed pages from a genealogist, 2 pages

Photocopies, 3 pages

Letter to Virginia Ellis from Lou Powers, 2 pages

Photocopies from books relating to hereditary organizations, 21 pages

Letter from Bill Pete to Ms. Virginia, 1 card

Photocopy of pages from Genealogies of Kentucky Families, 2 pages

Notes, 1 page

Pedigree chart

Photocopies, 14 pages

Notes, 1 page

Newspaper clipping, 2 pages

Photocopies and notes, 14 pages

Notes from genealogist, 3 pages

Lineage charts, 3 pages

Folder 5 – Ware, Blanton, Curley

Newspaper clippings, August 1982, 4 sheets

Envelope with photocopies of Garrett records, 3 pages

Photocopies of Biographical Souvenir, 3 pages

National Sporting Library newsletter, 2 sheets

Hand written notes, 1 page

Photocopies from books and newspapers, 7 pages

Letter from the First Presbyterian Church, dated July 15, 1991, stapled to magazine clippings and photocopies, 13 pages

Photocopies from Bradstreet's Reports, July 1884, 5 pages

An enlarged copy of a label dated 1870, 2 pages

Copies of Biographical Souvenir, 2 pages

Envelope addressed to Mrs. Virginia Ellis

Lineage charts and family notes, 9 pages

Letters from National Sporting Library dated June 19, 1978, 2 pages

Family notes and photocopies, 27 pages

Letter to Mrs. Ellis, 1 page

Letter dated 1980-81, 8 pages

Photo copies and notes, 9 pages

National Sporting Library Newsletter, June 1982 and 1981

Letters dated 1981, 12 pages and one picture

Photocopies, 24 pages

Letters dated 1982, 2 pages

Photocopies, 20 pages

Handwritten notes, 1 page

Newspaper clipping from the Columbus Ledger, dated July 23, 1982.

Folder 6 – Garrett Family

Garrett Family History, 1978 book.

Folder 7 – Garrett Family History

Family notes, newspaper clippings, and correspondence, 166 pages, ca. 1977, contains some letters dated 1943, 1955, etc.

Folder 8 – Garrett Family


Newspaper clippings, family notes, newsletters from Historic Columbus Foundation, dated 1966-1998. 64 pages.

Folder 9 – McClendon, Heard, Garrett, Young, Hopkins, Matthews

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, photocopies, family notes, pictures, and an accession from the Georgia Department of archives dated Feb. 26, 1975, 1971-1975, 112 pages.

Folder 10 – MacFarlane, Heard

The MacFarlane Family and Copy of D. A. R. Data of Heard Family

Folder 11 – MacFarlane, Heard

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, family notes, lineage charts, and photocopies including information on the Scotch-Irish, ca. 1970-1982, 172 pages.

Folder 12 – MacFarlane, Heard

Correspondence, pictures, newspaper clippings, notes, and photocopies, ca. 1972-1982, 178 pages.

Folder 13 – John Allen Heard Family

Letter from Mrs. Porter, 2 pages

Letter from Willie Dunbar, March 17, 1965, 3 pages

Letter from Trudy ?, 1 page

Photocopies of letters and from books, 64 pages.

Folder 14 – Heard

Brochures on historical places, 10

Photocopy of map of GA

Georgia Historical Chronicle, no date.

Folder 15 – McLenedon

Handwritten and typed notes, 4 pages

Photocopies, 24 pages

Handwritten notes, 16 pages.

Folder 16 – Ware, Garrett

Letter from Mrs. Stall, 6 pages

Letter from Mrs. Hopkins, 1 page.

Folder 17 – Ware

Photocopies of information for the Colonial Dames, 38 pages.

Folder 18 – Ware

"Instructions for copying source records and their preparation for library use,” 16 pages

Pamphlet from National Archives; handwritten note, 1 page

Photocopies, 27 pages

Pedigree charts, 2 pages

"Application for aid in establishing DAR lineage committee," 1 page.

Box 2

Folder 1 – Application for Membership

National Society of the Colonial Dames XVII Century, May 25, 1 976. Handwritten notes, photocopies, maps, newspaper clippings, correspondence. Information is on Ireland, 50 pages.

Folder 2 – Correspondence

The Gallant City: A Historical Drama by Clay Lacy and tom Sellers

National Sporting Library Newsletter, June 1983

Newspaper clippings, ca. 1980-1983, 31 pages.

Folder 3 – Correspondence

Newspaper clippings, spiral notebook, certificate from The National Society of the Daughters of The American Colonists, 16 pages

Folder 4 – American Preservation, Jan.-Feb. 1981

Folder 5 – Correspondence

Folder 6 – Family Group Record Forms, information from the Irish Genealogical Association, newspaper clipping, post card, notes, and worksheet for Daughters of the American Colonists, 16 pages.

Folder 7

Columbus Historic Foundation Newsletter, Fall 1989 (8 copies), Winter 1990 (5 copies)

Living Section of Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, November 6, 1989

Correspondence, 1989, 2 pages

Photocopies of newspapers, 3 pages

Blue Cross and Blue Shield pamphlet

Folder 8 – A photocopied picture of Josephine Virginia Garrett Pierce, 1 page

Folder 9 – A photograph and the book that it was copied from Flint Institute of Arts, Highlights from the Collection.

Folder 10 – Photocopies of magazine True, Oct. 1957, 10 pages.

Folder 11 – Hereditary Organizations

Four booklets, St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle Report of the Society of the Friends of St. George's and the Descendants of the Knights of the Garter, 1979-80, 1980-81, 1982-83, 1983-84

Information on the group and on the Plantagenet Society

Post cards from England; 20 pages.

Folder 12 – Information on hereditary organizations and correspondence, 32 pages.

Folder 13 – Hereditary Organizations

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, pictures, photocopies, pins – Magna Charta, The Plantagenet Society, and The National Society Magna Charta Dames, 34 pages.

Folder 14

Official Sports Stamp of the 1980 Olympic Games

Correspondence, brochures and information on Historical organizations

Notes and blank forms; 41 pages.

Folder 15

Records and information for hereditary organizations, 121 pages

Handbook of Georgia Counties

Folder 16 – Historic Columbus Foundation

Newsletter, Winter 1990

Brochures; 6 pages

Folder 17

Newspaper clippings, Historic Columbus Foundation newsletters, 11 pages, Spring 1986 (6 copies)

Photocopy of a picture

The Real Estate Book of Columbus, Vol. 2, No. 7

Folder 18 – Information of Genealogical Records, 24 pages.

Folder 19


Newspaper clippings



The Real Estate Book of Columbus, vol. 2, No. 7

Historic Columbus Foundation Newsletter, Fall 1985


Hand written notes, 55 pages

Folder 20

National Sporting Library Newsletter, Dec. 1987

Photocopies, 4 pages.

Folder 21

The magazine Antiques, June 1975

Home - The Sunday Ledger-­Enquirer, Sept. 7, 1980.