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Family of C. Dexter Jordan, Sr. Collection (MC 64)

Biographical Note

This includes miscellaneous items from the collection of Dexter Jordan, Jr. As a member of the Board of the Columbus Museum of Arts & Science, he played an important role in helping to establish the Columbus College Archives, especially in acquiring the Benning-Jones Papers. The Goetchius family material was acquired when C. Dexter Jordan, Sr. purchased the Goetchius library from Sam Wellborn, Sr. when Mr. Wellborn owned the Goetchius house while it still stood at the corner of 11th Street and 2nd Avenue in downtown Columbus, Georgia. Mr. Henry Goetchius' library had remained intact in an unused room of the house for the many years that the house served as the office of Dr. Mercer Blanchard. Many of the books in the collection, mainly law books, were damaged in a fire at the Jordan Equipment Co., where they were stored.

Scope and Content

This collection includes a scrapbook containing 10 folders of newspaper clippings from Columbus newspapers dated 1906; 33 Prints taken from Harper's Weekly, 1860s; business card; picture from newspaper; card; certificate of merit, 1917; a piece of stationary from Honour & Wellborn; a bill for dues to the Georgia Society of the Colonial Dames, 1927; a handbill from the Merchants & Mechanics Bank; The Chautauqua Daily newspaper, 1923; 13 photographs, 1900s, & 52 photographs, 1800s; diary of John Banks.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Family of C. Dexter Jordan Sr.Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Family of C. Dexter Jordan Sr.Collection (MC 64)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


Donated to the archives in July of 1988 by Josephine E. Jordan, C. Dexter Jordan, Jr. and Thornton F. Jordan.

Box and Folder List

Box 1

Item 1 – Goetchius Family Photograph Album, ca. 1880s. The album is empty, but the photos may be those mentioned below.

Folder 1 – Business card for the Merchants and Mechanics Bank; newspaper photograph; Certificate of Merit awarded by the Loyal Sunday School Army of American, 1917; a piece of blank stationery of Honour and Wellborn, Merchandise Brokers; a receipt for dues payment to the Georgia Society of Colonial Dames of America, July 1, 1927; a handbill from the Merchants & Mechanics Bank; and an issue of the Chautauqua Daily, August 21, 1923

Folder 2 – 13 nineteenth-century photographs

Folder 3 – 52 nineteenth-century photographs

Folder 4 – Diary of John Banks (photocopy)

Box 2

Item 1 – Thirty-three prints taken from Harper's Weekly, 1860s, done by William Lanham in 1982. Inventory included.

Item 2 – Two scrapbooks of clippings from the Columbus Enquirer and the Columbus Ledger compiled by Henry Goetchius between 1902 and 1908.  They feature articles on Columbus history, especially local Confederate history and articles on the founding and opening of the Columbus Industrial High School, later renamed Jordan High School.

Item 3 – Industrial Index, May 29, 1929, Vol. XXII, No. 52

Item 4 – Harper's Weekly, February 27, 1904

Item 5 – Industrial Index, October 9, 1952, Vol. XLVIII, No. 25

Item 6 – Industrial Index, June 23, 1956, Vol. L, No. 39

Box 3

Folder 1 – Bachelor's Fancy Dress Ball, January 1939

Folder 2 – Bands of Columbus, 1967

Folder 3 – Collection of Notable Early Maps of America

Folder 4 – Columbus Georgia Facts on Labor, Utilities, Transportation, Taxes, Markets, Growth, General

Folder 5 – Creek Indians, Gen. William McIntosh

Folder 6 – Floods in Columbus, Bridges and Dams

Folder 7 - "Ladies of Wynnton," Historic Linwood Foundation Tour, October 22, 2002

Folder 8 – Michael Bishop, Author in Pine Mountain, Newspaper article

Folder 9 – Miss Lillian Griffith Celebrates a Special Birthday, 1979

Folder 10 – Newspaper Clippings – History and Places in Columbus

Folder 11 – Population of Georgia by County, Age, Sex, and Race, July 1969

Folder 12 – "Progressive Signs of '49," Muscogee County, Georgia

Folder 13 – Public Schools in Columbus including the Columbus Free Kindergarten Association and the Wynnton School

Folder 14 – St. Paul's Methodist Church

Folder 15 – Guide to Research Materials in the North Carolina State Archives, Section B: County Records, 1972

Folder 16 – Proceedings of the 20th Southeastern Archeological Conference, Bulletin No. 2, Feb. 1905

Folder 17 - Proceedings of the 21st Southeastern Archeological Conference, Bulletin No. 3, March 1965

Folder 18 - Trinity Church History

Box 4 - Maps

Item 1 – "Province of North Carolina", Moseley, 1733

Item 2 – "The First Actual Survey of the State of North Carolina", Price-Strother, 1808

Item 3 – "Virginia Item et Floridae," Mercator-Hondius, 1606

Item 4 – New Description of the Carolinas, Ogilby, c. 1672

Item 5 – Map of North Carolina, Kerr-Cain, 1882

Item 6 – "New Map of the State of North Carolina", Mac Rae-Brazier, 1833

Item 7 – "A Complete Map of North-Carolina from an Actual Survey", Collett, 1770

Item 8 – "Map of North Carolina", U.S. Coast Survey, 1865

Item 9 – "Great Circle Airways", gnomonic map of the world, 1943

Item 10 – "The South Part of Virginia Now the North Part of Carolina, Comberford, 1657

Item 11 – North Carolina Map, White, 1585

Item 12 – North Carolina Map, White-De Bry, 1590

Item 13 – "A Part of Virginia Showing Jamestown Williamsburg and Yorktown with Historical Events from 1585 to 1781"

Item 14 – "America del Norte," nd (pre-1845)

Item 15 – "Map of Chattahoochee County, 1864

Item 16 – "Map of the Chesapeake Bay", 1778

Item 17 – "Map of the Delaware Bay and River", 1776

Item 18 – Map of the North Carolina and South Carolina with their Indian Territory

Item 19 – "Map of North Carolina and South Carolina Containing the Whole Provence of Maryland", 1775

Item 20 – "New Pocket Chart of the Sea Coast of Europe and the Straits", 1779

Item 21 – Estados Unidos (United States), nd, (1800s)

Item 22 – North and South Carolina, Colton, 1861

Item 23 – "Map of North Carolina and South Carolina Containing the Whole Provence of Maryland", 1775

Item 24 – Map of the World, nd (pre-1776)

Item 25 – World Map, Ancient World, nd

Item 26 – Virginia to Florida, nd (Colonial)

Item 27 – Nova Virginia Tabvla, nd (Colonial)

Item 28 – Map of Muscogee County, Georgia, 1871

Item 29 – Land Lot Map, District 4, Section 2, Cherokee County, Georgia, 1832

Item 30 – Original County Map of Georgia, 1898

Item 31 – Corrected Map of Georgia, 1946

Item 32 – Map of the Americas, pre-founding, nd

Item 33 – Plan of the City of Columbus, Georgia, 1828

Item 34 – Map of the City of Columbus, Georgia, 1889

Item 35 – Street Map, Columbus, 1928

Item 36 – Survey of Rose Hill and Survey of East Commons belonging to the estate of Corp. John Wolfolk, 1863

Item 37 – Plan of the North Liberties District, belonging to the estate of Corp. John Wolfolk, 1862