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Pound and Flowers Architects, Drawings (MC 80)

Organizational Note

The donor, Mr. Murphey Pound (1925-2012), supplied the following information in 1991.  The firm of Pound & Flowers was formed in 1952, and became Pound, Flowers & Dedwylder in 1953.  The three principals were Murphey Pound (BS 1949, Georgia Tech, Bachelor of Architecture 1949, Georgia Tech), Joseph E. Flowers, Jr. (BS 1944, Georgia Tech, Bachelor of Architecture 1947, Georgia Tech) and Rozier T. Dedwylder (BS, 1948 Georgia Tech, Bachelor of Architecture, 1948 Georgia Tech).  The firm had a brief name change to Pound, Flowers, Dedwylder, Payne & McGinnis in the early 1970s which lasted about 2 years.  The new partners were Charles L. Payne and Allen R. McGinnis, both of whom received their Bachelors of Architecture degrees from Auburn University.  The firm practiced under the name of Pound Flowers & Dedwylder until Rozier Dedwylder left the firm in 1980, at which time it reverted to its original name of Pound & Flowers Architects.  It continued to operate under than name until Joseph E. Flowers Jr. retired in 1990.  Murphey Pound continued to practice architecture as Murphey Pound, Architect.

Scope and Content

Drawings (paper) for 43 building projects and 14 reels of microfilm—all architectural renderings of Columbus, Georgia buildings designed by local firm Pound and Flowers (ca.1950-1990).  A few of the notable buildings included are The Bradley Center, Burger King Renovation, Columbus College's Fine Arts Hall, the New Harmony Club, St. Francis Shopping Center, and the Women's Clubhouse.

There is also an unprocessed accretion to the collection consisting of approximately 100 additional sets of drawings and 2 l.f. of office files.  These will be interfiled with the existing index as time allows.

1950s-1990s                                         43 sets of drawings and 14 rolls of microfilm (7 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Pound and Flowers, Architects, Architects Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University.  Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Pound and Flowers, Architects, Architects Collection (MC 80)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


These drawings and microfilm were donated to the Archives in 1990 by Mr. Murphey Pound and in 2014 by the Estate of Murphey Pound.

Note to Researchers

See Also:

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Index to Locations

Buildings are in Columbus, Georgia unless otherwise noted

AD = Architectural drawing (paper)

MF = Microfilm reel

Albany (GA) First Federal S&L Association – AD 14

Albany (GA) Security Bank & Trust – MF K

American Federal S&L – AD 18, MF M

12th Street – MF A

Auburn Avenue – AD 14

Andrew College

Computer Science Building – MF L

Avant, Dr. John, Office – AD 37

Banks (Unnamed): -- MF J

Beallwood Connector – MF G

LaGrange, GA – MF G, MF K, MF M

Manchester, GA – MF F

Thomasville, GA – MF I

Gateway Branch – MF M

Benning Park Subdivision, Survey of – AD 17

Big Eddy Club – MF B

Bonanza Restaurant

Macon Road – AD 25

Manchester Expressway – AD 34

Phenix City – AD 31, MF M

Victory Drive – AD 30

Booker T. Washington Apartments – MF I

Boy Scouts of America, Headquarters – MF B

Bradley Center – AD 1, AD 10, AD 12, MF D, MF H

Data Center – MF L

Bradley Enterprises Plant (Denson Construction – AD 13

Bradley Realty Company

Clinic – AD 42

Warehouse – AD 22

Brooks Shopping Center – MF B-1

Buck Investment Company – MF H

1st Avenue – MF A

Lumpkin Road – MF A

Victory Drive – MF A

Buck Manufacturing Company – MF A

Burger King – AD 26, MF M

Cameron & Adams, Dental Office – MF K

Canty Apartments – MF D

Caves, Dr. Sammy, Dental Office – AD 7

Chapmen Homes – MF J

Church (Americus, Georgia) – MF F

Church of Latter Day Saints (Howard Avenue) – MF B

College Woods Apartments – MF D

Columbus Bank and Trust Co.

10th Street Branch – MF A

Americus Branch – MF L

Benning Road Branch – MF A

Customer Service, 2nd Floor – MF K, MF L

Fort Benning Branch – MF K, MF M

Macon Road Branch – MF A

Operations Building – MF D

Windsor Village – MF I

Columbus College – MF K

Davison Center – MF J

Fine Arts Hall – MF F, MF H

Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau – MF L

Columbus Fire Department

Station – AD 20, AD 41

Station No. 5 – AD 9, MF H, MF l

Station No. 6. – AD 19, MF I

Columbus Housing Authority, Warehouse – MF G

Columbus Interstate – MF C

Columbus Gardens (Housing for Elderly) -- AD 5

Columbus Iron Works, Office and warehouse – MF A

Columbus Metropolitan Airport – MF A, MF E

Columbus Museum of Arts and Crafts – MF A, MF B, MF D

Columbus Trade and Convention Center – MF G

Columbus Vocational-Technical School (River Road) – MF B

Country Club of Columbus – AD 38, MF B, MF E

Snack Bar and Family Room – MF B

Farley Apartments – MF D

Federal Building (15th Street & 3rd Avenue) – AD 27, MF B-1

First Baptist Church (Shawmut, Alabama) – MF B-1

First National Bank of Columbus (St. Francis Branch) – MF A

Flowers Investment Company Building – AD 39, MF B

Forte Pharmacy and Stores for Malcolm Foret – AD 8

Gas Light Company of Columbus – AD 35, AD 36, MF B-1

George Foster Peabody Apts. (Housing for Elderly) – MF C

Georgia Power Company – MF B-1

Giglio Building – MF L

Green island Country Club – MF B

Green Island Hills Golf Club – MF B

Green Island Vistas, Pool, pool house and apts. – AD 2, MF A

Groover-Mitchell Insurance Office Building – AD 15, MF A

Grover Realty Company, Store Building – MF A

Hamner's Realty Co. – AD 16

Hardaway Ford Company (1st Ave.) – MF B-1

Harmony Club (New) – MF K

Hilton Builders, Office Annex – AD 11

Hilton Terrace Baptist Church – MF B-1

Horton Building – MF I

Housing Project – MF E

Hudson, Dr. Lloyd, Medical Office – MF K

Humes Music Store (1st Avenue) – MF A

I.T. T. Aetna Finance Company (2nd Avenue) – MF A

Industrial Beverage and Trans. – MF M

Jarrell Clinic – AD 16

Land Lots

Coweta Reserve, No. 57 – AD 1

8th District, No. 6 – AD 1

No. 59 – AD 33

Low Rent Housing – MF F

Lummus Cotton Gin Company – MF B-1

Lynch Road – AD 20

Medical Center

New Floor over Long Term Care Unit – MF A

Addition – MF E, MF M

Pediatric Wing – MF F

Mercer Blanchard Pediatric Group – AD 17, MF A

Midas Muffler (Mobile, AL) – AD 21

Montgomery Ward – AD 4

Muscogee County, Department of Family & Children's Services – MF A

Office and Community Building – MF E

Page, Scrantom, Harris and McGlamry, Law Office – MF M

Parkhill Cemetery – MF K

Parking Garage – MF M

Pittsburgh Paints (1 3th Avenue) – MF A

Pound, Flowers and Dedwylder Architects, Office Building -- MF A

Q Yellow Stamp Redemption Center (13th Street) – MF A

Ralston Hotel – AD 24

Ralston Towers – AD 43

Raymond Rowe – AD 4


Averett, Mr. & Mrs. Cliff M., Jr. (Angin Rd.) – MF B

Bickerstaff, Mr. & Mrs. R.H. (Averett Drive) – MF A

Bickerstaff, Mr. & Mrs. Richard (Brickyard, Alabama) – MF A

Blau, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence – AD 3

Calloway, Mr. & Mrs. Cason (Fleetwood Dr.) – MF A

Cook, Mrs. E.F. (West Point, GA) – MF A

Edge, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lanett, Alabama) – MF A

Edrington, Mr. & Mrs. Bethel (Averett Dr.) – MF A

Horn, Dr. & Mrs. Edgar (Craigston Drive) – MF A

Horton, Dr. & Mrs. Tom – MF B-1

Key, Mr. & Mrs. James W. (Waterford Road) – MF A

Kimbrough, Mr. & Mrs. R. B. (Averett Drive) – MF B-1

Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. David G. (Cathryn Drive) – MF A

Martin, Mr. & Mrs. R.E. – AD 6

Spencer, Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. – MF B-1

Woodruff, Mr. & Mrs. George C. (Waterford Rd.) – MF A

Ross & Self Office – AD 33

St. Elmo Heights (Topographic map) – AD 1

St. Francis Shopping Center – MF D

St. Luke Methodist Church

Child Development Center – MF K

Fellowship Hall – MF K

Sunday School Building – AD 12

St. Matthews Church – MF D

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, School Building – MF A

Salvation Army – MF C

Phenix City – MF I


Beallwood Elementary – MF B, MF D

Benning Hills Elementary – MF B

Blanchard Elementary – MF E, MF F, MF I

Broadmoor Elementary – MF B

Crystal Valley Elementary – MF B

Edgewood Elementary – MF B

Gentian Elementary – MF B

James B. Key – MF A, MF B, MF I

River Road Elementary – MF B-1

Shaw High School – MF J

Waddell Elementary – MF C, MF E

Sears & Roebuck –AD 4

Sheraton Ralston Inn – MF C

Stadium – MF J

North Columbus – MF J

Summit Drive Apartments – AD 6

Surveys for:

Flowers, Joe, Jr. – AD 14

Whatley, Hannah – AD 16

Three Arts Theater, Alterations – MF A

Trinity Episcopal Church, Additions – MF A

Trust Company Bank of Columbus – AD 29

Computer Office – AD 23

Macon Rd. – MF A

Round Bank (Peachtree Mall) – AD 28

Twelfth Street, 416, Air conditioning – AD 40, MF B

U.S. Post Office and Federal Building (Warm Springs, Georgia) – MF A

WYEA-TV Station (Buena Vista Rd.) – MF A

West Central Georgia Regional Hospital Chapel – MF M

Women's Clubhouse – MF G

Woodruff, George C., Office Building – AD 33

Woodruff Brown, Signs – AD 33

Wright & Edwards, Drs., Dental Office – AD 32

Wynnton Building (Rust & Malloy) – AD 11

Dodge/Scan bidding documents for projects:

Grocery Store (ADD) – MF N

Branch Bank (Renou) – MF N

Branch Bank (Lake Park Lowndes, Georgia) – MF N

Fellowship Hall/ Classroom Building – MF N