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Transferring Items to the Records Center

Current records frequently referenced by the creator shall be kept within the creating office. However, inactive records no longer needed for the function of day to day operations shall be reviewed by the creator to determine their retention. Non-permanent records with a designated destruction time frame must be transferred to the University Records Center. When transferring items to the Records Center, please follow the guidelines below.

Review: All records stored in the Records Center must be reviewed and labeled by the creating office to ensure compliance with the BOR Records Retention Schedule. Boxes must be labeled using the template available at:

Packing: Records must be packed in boxes that meet Record Center standards. Requirements include:

  • Standard Size (12 x 10 x 15)
  • Reasonably Sturdy
  • Separate Lid
  • Includes Cutouts for Handholds

Records within the boxes should be in folders. No hanging files or three ring binders should be included. These interfere with the shredding process.

Boxes with sensitive or confidential information must be sealed for secure shipping across campus.

Transfer: Once records are boxed correctly, inform the Records Center of the pending transfer using the form below. You will then be contacted by the Records Center staff with a transfer number to include on the box label. We will also schedule a date for transfer. You may self-deliver or coordinate with Campus Services (Logistics) for delivery. Failure to notify the Records Center prior to sending or delivering boxes could result in the records being returned.

As part of the transfer process we require a box inventory. This helps ensure easy access when you need to reference files in the future. The box inventory needs only include the box number and corresponding schedule series. For example:

  • Box 1: 0472-01-004
  • Box 2: 0472-01-012


For questions contact the Records Center staff at 706-507-8672.


Transfer Form