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The Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) Collection, MC 14

Scope and Content Note

These records were collected and created during the course of a survey of Columbus-area industrial sites undertaken in 1977 under the auspices of the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER), an agency of the Department of the Interior. The HAER was set up along the same lines as the better known Historic American Building Survey (HABS), also an agency of Interior. The HAER survey focused on industrial and engineering sites and generated measured drawings, photographs; and histories of significant structures and sites relating to the area's industrial past. In 1977 an HAER summer recording team, co-sponsored by Historic Columbus, worked on five major riverfront industries , including the Columbus Iron Works, Eagle & Phenix Mills, Muscogee Mills, City Mills and the Columbus plant of the Bibb Mills. Also surveyed were neighboring companies and structures such as the Empire Mills, Seaboard Railroad Freight Depot, Columbus Manufacturing and the dams and power houses at the City Mills and North Highlands dams.

The collection includes histories written in 1977 by the project historians, Dr. John Lupold and Barbara Kimmelman, a University of Pennsylvania graduate student, along with J. B. Karfunkle, an engineering student at SwarthmoreCollege. It also includes research material related to the histories. The Columbus team produced written histories, professional photographs and measured drawings. In addition there are photocopies of articles used in the research and Sanborn insurance maps (which are held with the other Sanborn maps in the reference collection). An elevation of the entire western façade of Front Avenue from 8th to 14th streets is held at the Historic Columbus Foundation, as are some of the survey photographs. Yet other photos taken by David Sharp and Jet Lowe are at the HAER office inWashington, or in the Library of Congress collection, the final repository of HAER materials.

2 boxes 1 l.f. 1850s-1970s

Note to Researchers

The Sanborn map copies are held with oversized materials.

Also see:

Historic Columbus Foundation, MC 17

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Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Historic American Engineering Record Collection (MC 14) must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Historic American Engineering Record Collection, MC 14
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia

Box and Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1 – Rehabilitation: An Alternative for Historic Industrial Buildings, edited by Selma Thomas and published by HAER in 1978. (Note: This has been separated, cataloged, and placed on the reading room local history and reference shelf.)

Folder 2 –Bartlett's Ferry Hydroelectric Development.

This project of the Columbus Electric and Power Company is located on the Chattahoochee River, 20 milesnorth of Columbus, Georgia. The folder contains a copy of an article on the project from the Journal of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers, vol. 13, no. 3. March, 1926.

Folder 3 –Bibb City Incorporation Petition to Muscogee County. 1909.

Folder 4 – Columbus Plant of the Bibb Company (HAER GA-12) and research materials. 1977.

Folder 5 – Bibb Company – Blueprints. 1959-1964 and n.d.

Folder 6 – Bibb Manufacturing Company – Stockholders List. n.d.

Folder 7 – The City Mills (Draft of an HAER publication) and research materials (photocopies) on the Mills, including a copy of the list of stockholders of the Columbus Railroad Company in 1902, as well as a few original photographs. 1901-1970s.

Folder 8 –The Columbus Iron Works (HAER GA-28), 1977, and research materials, including original photographs. 1902-1970s.

Folder 9 – Columbus Manufacturing Company (HAER GA-29) and research materials. 1977.

Folder 10 – The Eagle and Phenix Mills (HAER GA-30) and research materials. 1977.

Folder 11 – Eagle and Phenix Mills – Electricity and Water Power analysis. 1920-1970s.

Folder 12 – Eagle and Phenix Mills – Sketch of wooden dams of 1847, 1856 and 1868, and original and present stone race walls. 1847-1970s.

Folder 13 – Muscogee Manufacturing Company (HAER GA-23) and background information on the Mott House, 1977.

Folder14 – Water Development at the Falls of the Chattahoochee (HAER GA-22) and The Power Station of the Columbus Railroad Company (draft), both 1977.

Folder 15 – Hydroelectric Power Development at North Highlands (HAER GA-26) and research materials. 1977.

Box 2

Folder 1 – Article by Benjamin Hurt Hardaway titled Remarks on the Recent Failures of Masonry Dams in the South (photocopy), published in Engineering News, vol. XLVII, no. 6, January 6, 1902, pp. 107-108.

Folder 2 – Entrepreneurs, Engineers and Relevant Columbus Industries. n.d.

Folder 3 – Profile of the Chattahoochee River. 1954.

Folder 4 – Hydropower in the Columbus Area, 1890s-1970s.

Includes photographs, contracts with the Columbus Power Company and copies of journal articles.

Folder 5 – HAER publications for the Columbus area. 1977.

These include The Seaboard Airline Railway Freight Depot (HAER GA-21) and The Sol Loeb Warehouse (HAER GA-24)

Folder 6 – Deeds and Contracts Relating to Columbus-area Industry. 1899-1904.

Folder 7 – Photographs collected and created for the HAER surveys. 1900s-1970s.

Folder 8 – Columbus Iron Works. Photographs collected and created for the HAER surveys. 1850s-1978.

Folder 9 – Photographs of the Bibb Co. (GA-12), Water Power (GA-22), Muscogee Manufacturing Co. (GA-23), Sol Loeb (GA-24), Power Station of Columbus RR Co. (GA-27), and Empire Mills (GA-31).

Folder 10 - W.C. Bradley Company Research Materials

Folder 11 – HAER Checklist, 1969-1985 (U.S. Department of the Interior: 1985)

Folder 12 – Historic American Buildings Survey / Historic American Engineering Record, An Annotated Bibliography (U.S. Department of the Interior: 1992)

Box 3

Folder 1 – Sanborn Maps. Photocopies. 1885.

Folder 2 – Sanborn Maps. Photocopies. 1900.

Loose Items – Sanborn Maps. Photocopies. 1880s-1920s.