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CSU Archives

Carson McCullers Society Records (MC 192)

These materials pertain to the Carson McCullers Society and were given to the CSU Archives by James Mayo of Jackson State Community College in Jackson, TN in January 2004. Mayo received the records from Dr. Carlos Dews, from the University of West Florida. The Society was first conceived at the 1997 American Literature Conference.

Box 1

Folder 1: American Literature Association Conference #1, 1998
Folder 2: American Literature Association Conference #2, 1999
Folder 3: American Literature Association Conference #3, 2000
Folder 4: American Literature Association Conference, May 2001
Folder 5: ALA Conference Correspondence, 2001
Folder 6: American Literature Association Conference, May 2003
Folder 7: Carlow Dews' letter to editor of New York Times Re: Sarah Schulman's play
Folder 8: Carson McCuller's Center for Writers and Musicians
Folder 9: Carson McCuller's Prize for the Short Story Call for Entries, 1999
Folder 10: Carson McCullers Society Newsletter #1, 1998
Folder 11: Carson McCullers Society Newsletter #2, 1999
Folder 12: Carson McCullers Society Newsletter #3, 2000
Folder 13: Carson McCullers Society Newsletter #4, 2001
Folder 14: Carson McCullers Society Newsletter #5, 2002
Folder 15: Carson McCullers Society Newsletter #7, 2005
Folder 16: Carson McCullers Society Newsletter #8, 2006
Folder 17: Correspondence to/from Dr. Carlos Dews
Folder 18: The Faucet Newsletter, 2004-2009
Folder 19: Invitation to join the Society
Folder 20: 1999 Newsletter Items
Folder 21: Newsletter items with permissions included, 1998-2002
Folder 22: Original notes from the very first meeting of the Society
Folder 23: Story of McCullers' novel Pensacola News Journal, June 8, 1999 "greatest gay novel list"

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