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Crowell - Redd Collection (MC 214)

Biographical Note

William Redd, Jr. (1839-1918) and his family were among the pioneer families of Columbus, Georgia. Known as Judge, he served as postmaster, Ordinary of Muscogee County and served in the Confederacy in the Civil War. He was married to Sarah Hines Holt (1843-1917). Both are buried in Linwood Cemetery. They had three daughters, Mary Lewis Redd (1870-1929), Helen Holt Redd (Mrs. Hamlin Ford) and Willie Lavada Redd (Mrs. Henry B. Crowell). The ladies were all members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Colonial Dames of America. The Crowell line married into the Redd family on Jan. 8, 1895 with Willie Redd marrying Henry Borom Crowell, b. 1871. His parents were Henry Crowell and Jane Borom. One of their daughters, Jennie Louisa Crowell, married Dr. Enoch Callaway. A more extensive genealogy for these families can be found in the collection.

Scope and Content

The Crowell – Redd Collection consists of two boxes (five linear feet) and one oversize folio. The folio contains an old U.S. flag and two genealogical charts in poor condition.

Box 1 holds framed photographs, photograph albums, notebooks, scrapbooks of members of the Crowell and Redd families, dating from 1880-1926. There are three certificates from the DAR and UDC and assorted ephemera.

Box 2 includes an assortment of materials; an 1880 diary belonging to Wm. Redd, Jr,, personal and business letters of family members, certificates, newspaper clippings, postcards and a wallet. A large amount of genealogical information can be found on many families. Much correspondence deals with the United Confederate Veterans reunion in 1901 in which Mary Lewis Redd was heavily involved.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Crowell-Redd collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Crowell-Redd Collection MC 214
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


This collection was donated to the CSU Archives by Sarah Brabant in 2002.

Box and Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1 – Book of notes from lectures on morals and religion taken by John H. Crowell in March/April 1859

Folder 2 – Button from the United Confederate Veterans meeting in Memphis, 1901

Folder 3 – US 48 star silk flag with Mrs. H.B. Crowell written on it

Folder 4 – Crowell family crest

Folder 5 - Crowell-Redd genealogy charts

Folder 6 - DAR certificate for Miss Mary Lewis Redd, Feb. 1, 1902

Folder 7 – DAR certificate for Mrs. Willie Redd Crowell, Feb. 1, 1902

Folder 8 – Black notebook with genealogical information

Folder 9 – Photograph of fishing buddies at Dead Lakes, March 1924

Folder 10 – Photograph of fishing buddies in front of train- labeled

Folder 11 – Photograph of William Redd, Jr.

Folder 12 – Tintype of William Redd, Jr. (?)

Folder 13 – Redd family crest, framed

Folder 14 – Scrapbook of Crowell, Redd and Holt genealogy

Folder 15 –Photo album of fishing trips to Dead Lakes, Florida 1913-1926

Folder 16 – Scrapbook of newspaper clippings. Frontispiece reads Fannie Gilbert to Mary Lew' Redd 1880

Folder 17 – Scrapbook of cards, drawings, paintings and advertisements Mary Lewis Redd 1880

Folder 18 – Two razor boxes belonging to Bolling Holt

Folder 19 – UDC certificate for Mrs. Willie Redd Crowell (no date)

Folder 20 – Silver emblem engraved with William Redd, Columbus, Georgia

Box 2

Folder 1 – Description of Hines Holt from the Columbus Ledger Enquirer Nov. 29, 1859

Folder 2 – Report of W.A. Thompson, officer of the day, Tybee Island, Georgia, May 24, 1861

Folder 3 – An indenture between Wm. Redd Jr. and Jas. K. Redd and S.A.C. Holt, April 16, 1873

Folder 4 – Wedding announcement for Dr. Enoch Callaway and Miss Fannie Banks, Dec. 25, 1879 (copy)

Folder 5 –“Serial Leaflet” October 1886 (original)

Folder 6 – Diary belonging to William Redd, Jr., 1888

Folder 7 - Letter from Thom. J. Chappell of Goetchius and Chappell, Attorneys-at-Law, to Wm. Redd Jr., March 26, 1889

Folder 8 – Letters from T.E. Blanchard and Jas. Spain to Senator John B. Gordon, 1893

Folder 9 - “Southern War Songs”, 1895

Folder 10 – “The Graphic”, LaGrange, Georgia, Woman's Edition, May, 1895

Folder 11 – Letter from J.R. Rosson, Post Office Dept., Atlanta, Ga., to Captain Wm. Redd Jr., October 18, 1897

Folder 12 – Creek depredations, claim 24, Wm. Redd, Russell Co., Alabama 1899, original 1837

Folder 13 – Letter from Wm Redd, Jr. to “Dear Daughter”, January 27, 1899 and letter from Mother June 7, 1901

Folder 14 – Letters about the United Confederate Veterans Reunion 1901

Folder 15 - Two souvenirs from “The Grand Confederate Reunion”, Memphis, 1901; “The Old Army Haversack” and reprint of a Vicksburg newspaper, July 1863 siege

Folder 16 – Letter from Clement A. Evans, Atlanta, to Col. Wm.S. Shepherd, March 20, 1901 about the Confederate Reunion

Folder 17 – Letter from Clement A. Evans, Atlanta, to Mrs. Flewellen, March 28, 1901 about Miss Redd

Folder 18 – Letters from Clement A. Evans, Atlanta to Mary Lewis Redd, March 30, 1901 about UCV reunion Memphis 1901

Folder 19 – Letters from Clement A. Evans, Atlanta, to Col. Wm. Redd Jr. concerning 1901 UCV reunion, Apr 20, 25, May 10, 17, 20, 1901

Folder 20 – Letter from Mary Connally, Atlanta to Miss Redd, Apr 2, 1901

Folder 21 – Letter from Emily Harrison, editor of the Atlanta Daily News, to Miss Redd, April 5, 1901

Folder 22 – Letter to My Dear Mary Lew, Auburn, AL, Apr 10, 1901 from Essie

Folder 23 –Letter from E.J. Carrington to Mary Lewis Redd, May 15, 1901

Folder 24 – Invitation to the Sponsor's Ball, Conference Hall, Memphis, May 29, 1901

Folder 25 – Children of the Confederacy certificates for Jennie Louisa Crowell June 3, 1901 and William Redd Crowell, May 2, 1903

Folder 26 – Letter from Jno E. Redd to Wm. Redd Jr. Sept. 16, 1901

Folder 27 - 7th annual Georgia division UDC program, Columbus, Georgia, October, 1901

Folder 28 – Letter from F.M. Dickinson, LaGrange city sexton to Wm. Redd Jr., concerning the Lewis graves, Oct 11, 1901

Folder 29 – Letter from Clement A. Evans, Atlanta to Miss Redd, concerning the Macon reunion, Oct 19, 1901

Folder 30 – Certificate from Governor Terrell commissioning William Redd, Jr. as Ordinary of Muscogee Co, Georgia, October 17, 1904

Folder 31 – Certificate from Governor Hoke smith commissioning William Red Jr., as ordinary of Muscogee Co., Georgia, Nov. 10, 1908

Folder 32 – Letter from R.H.Hayes, Union Springs, Alabama to Mary Lewis Redd, concerning Beckham genealogy, April 25, 1909

Folder 33 – Letter from W.W. Hulbert of the UCV, to Mary Lewis Redd, September 11, 1910

Folder 34 – Letter from Carrios Holt, Birmingham, Alabama to William, April 8, 1911

Folder 35 – Letter from “Ackie”, Hawkinsville, Georgia to Gen William Redd, Jr. about Miss Redd and the UCV, May 6, 1911

Folder 36 – Invitation to UCV reunion in Macon, Georgia May 7-9, 1912

Folder 37 – Certificate from Governor Brown commissioning Wm. Redd Jr. as Ordinary of Muscogee Co., Georgia, Oct. 19, 1912

Folder 38 – “The Battlefield of Guilford Courthouse”, 1915

Folder 39 – Letters from Kate D. smith, Birmingham, to William Redd Jr. June 5, 1914 and June 27, 1916

Folder 40 – Letter from Mrs. Ryland, Lexington, Missouri to Miss Redd concerning family history, December 1, 1916

Folder 41 - Letter from Dr. William F. Gunn, Columbus, Ga., to Judge Wm. Redd Jr., April 15, 1918

Folder 42 – Obituary for Judge William Redd Jr. from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer newspaper, August 25, 1918

Folder 43 – A resolution from commissioner's court concerning the death of William Redd Jr., Sept 1918

Folder 44 – Letter from Wm. S. Morton, Charlotte County, Virginia to Mary Redd, October 11, 1918

Folder 45 – Obituary for Banks Callaway, from the LaGrange Granger newspaper, October 2, 1919

Folder 46 – Newspaper article, “Granite boulder marking site of the first Capital of Alabama will be unveiled”, from the Montgomery Advertiser, September 24, 1922

Folder 47 – Letter from Marian C. Smith, Jacksonville, Florida about Holt genealogy, April 13, 1923

Folder 48 – Letters from Mrs. J.M.Huff, Notasulga, Alabama to Miss Redd about genealogy, July 18 and Aug 4, 1925

Folder 49 – Letter and membership certificate to Mrs. Hewey B. Crowell from Hannah Wright of the Georgia Society of Colonial Dames, March 11, 1926

Folder 50 – Newspaper article, “Dueling days in Chattahoochee Valley” from the Ledger, December 19, 1926

Folder 51 – Lizzie Rutherford chapter UDC programs, 1926-1927, 1927-1928

Folder 52 - Letter from Hannah Wright, Georgia Chapter of Colonial Dames, February 9, 1928

Folder 53 – Letter from Maude Heyward, Colonial Dames of America, to Miss Redd, August 28, 1928

Folder 54 – Letters between Maude Heyward and Mary Lewis Redd concerning the CDA and Whittaker Genealogy, Aug 28, 1928 and Sept. 11, 1928

Folder 55 – War record of William Redd Crowell requested by American Legion Auxiliary, Columbus, GA, Jan 1929

Folder 56 – Letter from Mrs. Isadore Hermann to Mary Lewis Redd about Layette Committee of the Public Health Nurses, Feb.22, 1929

Folder 57 – Applications to the UDC for a Cross of Service for William Redd Crowell, July-August 1929

Folder 58 – Newspaper articles and obits about the death of Mary Lewis Redd, August 1929

Folder 59 – Postcards from the Institute of American Genealogy, Chicago to Mary Lewis Redd, September 19, 1929

Folder 60 – Letter from National Society of the DAR to Mary L. Redd about Allen Beckham, October 7, 1929

Folder 61 - Letter from a committee of the UDC to Mrs. H.B. Crowell, October 7, 1929

Folder 62 – Partial letter from P.H.A. Assoc. committee to Mrs. H.B. Crowell, October 8, 1929

Folder 63 – Newspaper clippings concerning a memorial at St. Paul's Church for Mary Lewis Redd, 1930 and a DAR memorial Service

Folder 64 – Letter from 1011 Oakview Ave, Columbus, Georgia to Enoch Callaway, March 19, 1930

Folder 65 – Letter from Bettie H. Gillis, DAR to Mrs. Crowell about Miss Redd's books, October 4, 1930

Folder 66 – Statement of final distribution for the estate of Miss Mary Lewis Redd, December 20, 1930

Folder 67 – Letter of condolence from Mrs. H.S. Gillis, DAR to Mrs. Crowell, January 7, 1931

Folder 68 – Letter from Mrs. Milton Long to Mrs. Enoch Callaway about a tree memorial to Miss Redd, January 27, 1931

Folder 69 – Callaway genealogy from an Atlanta newspaper April 3, 1932

Folder 70 – Certificate for Sarah Redd Callaway, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Enoch Callaway for the Cradle Roll of LaGrange First Methodist Church, November 20, 1932

Folder 71 – Letter from Merrow E. Sorley, West Point, New York, to Henry B. Crowell, Jr., Redd genealogy chart attached, September 14, 1934

Folder 72 – Letter from Margaret Merritt, Magna Charta Dames, to Mrs. Enoch Callaway, November 9, 1938

Folder 73 – Letter from Cliff G. Redd to Mrs. Henry Crowell containing a biographical sketch of Redd family of Virginia, September 14, 1944

Folder 74 – Letter and deed information sent to Mrs. Willie Redd Crowell, LaGrange, Georgia from G.W. Hener, Redd deed included. April 6, 1946.

Folder 75 – DC membership card 1957-1958 for Mrs. H.B. Crowell

Folder 76 – Mrs. Crowell's resignation from the Colonial Dames 1957

Folder 77 – Columbus Ledger-Enquirer December 11, 1960 copy of 1860 paper

Folder 78 – Letter from Anne to her grandmother, 1969

Folder 79 – Application for membership into the Georgia Society of the Colonial Dames for Mary Lewis Redd with a note from Jennie Crowell Callaway, 1978

Folder 80 – Letters between Sarah Brabant and Mike Russell concerning Henry Banks, 1981, 1982

Folder 81 – Ancestry charts for Mary Lewis Redd (no date)

Folder 82 – Benning Camp # 511 UCV badges

Folder 83 – Crowell genealogy (no date)

Folder 84 – Declaration of Independence (copy)

Folder 85 – Envelopes saved for the stamps (no date)

Folder 86 - Family genealogy charts, written on brown paper, with surnames: Grimes, Abercrombie, Culberson, Stokes, Crowell, Ford (no date)

Folder 87 – John Crowell biography from History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama, by T. M. Owen, vol.3 (no date)

Folder 88 – Letter to Mrs. Childes M. Ferrell concerning Whittaker and Callaway genealogy (no date)

Folder 89 – Letter from Enoch Callaway to “Cut” concerning a possible story plot

Folder 90 – Letter (part) from Clement A. Evans concerning UCV Memphis reunion

Folder 91 - Letter from George Ford to Miss Mary Lewis (no date)

Folder 92 – Letter from Sister to “Dear Sister”, from Berkley, CA, most likely from Sister Helen to sister Willie Redd Crowell, no date

Folder 93 – Letter from TuTu to Clorinthy (no date)

Folder 94 – Letter (typed) about a trip from Atlanta to North Georgia – no names or date

Folder 95 – Memorial tablet for Jennie H. Crowell (no date)

Folder 96 – “Monticello” by Mrs. Martin Littleton (no date)

Folder 97 – Newspaper clippings on various subjects

Folder 98 – Newspaper clippings on various subjects including some obits of the Crowell, Redd and Holt families

Folder 99 – Note from Elizabeth L. Hightower allowing Miss M.L. Redd to copy DAR records

Folder 100 – Notes made from The History of Albemarle County, Virginiataken by Rev. Edgar Woods, Jr.

Folder 101 – Births/marriages copied from family bible of Michael Watson Perry, property 1909 of Helen V. Holt. Copied by Mary Lewis Redd

Folder 102 – Heritage of Mrs. Enoch Callaway (Jennie Louisa Crowell); Names mentioned: Crowell, Borom, Miles, Cant, Whitaker, McGirt, Perry and Watson families

Folder 103 – Photographs – no names

Folder 104 – Photographs (10) of Redd and Johnston family members

Folder 105 – Postcard of confederate generals

Folder 106 – Leather tooled wallet inscribed Est. N. Lewis Troup Co, Ga. J.K. Redd Columbus

Oversize Folio

Two genealogy charts of the Crowell, Wm. Redd and Jennie Louisa Callaway

U.S.Flag with 48 stars, silk, with Mrs. H.B. Crowell written on edge