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International Trombone Association (MC 359)

Organizational Note

The International Trombone Association (ITA) was formed on Friday, June 2, 1974 at the second National Trombone Workshop.  Its objective, as stated at the end of Volume 1 of its Journal, was "to promote communication between trombonists around the world; to improve the artistic level of performances, teaching and literature; to function as a clearing house for trombone related information."

Scope and Content Notes

This collection consists of more than 300 boxes of materials.  This material had been held by two organizations, the Sibley Music Library of the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester, and The University of North Carolina.  The CSU Archives began with the Sibley Library's shipment and followed their arrangement for the most part.  The Sibley material consisted of 127 shipping boxes plus three pieces.  Two of the pieces were antique phonograph players. During processing at the CSU Archives some boxes were consolidated.

The ITA archival material is arranged into the following groupings:

The organizational records of the ITA. These records are divided into 15 series. They are:
Series 1 – Publications of the ITA (Journal, newsletter, etc.)
Series 2 – Publications received by the ITA (alphabetically arranged)
Series 3 – Constitution and By-Laws (chronologically arranged)
Series 4 – Board of Directors Minutes (chronologically arranged)
Series 5 – Correspondence (chronologically arranged)

Processor's note – This consists of the official correspondence of the organization. This is grouped by presidential term of office, and includes outgoing and received correspondence by the president, as well as other officials of the ITA. Terms of office ran for two years from mid-year to mid-year with the incoming president taking office at the end of the International Trombone Workshop, usually held in June or July each year.

There is significant overlap between and among the official correspondence and the files of the working committees of the Board of Directors, as well the files of Events, Photographs, Membership, Subject Files and other series. The letters were mostly left where they were found.

Series 6 – Committee Documents
Series 7 – Financial Documents
Series 8 – Membership
Series 9 – [Reserved]
Series 10 – Event Documents
Series 11 – Subject Files

Series 12 – Photographs, General

     Processor's note – These materials are semi-processed and contain mostly group shots or candid photos taken at various events such as the ITA Workshops or regional and international competitions and festivals, such as the Boston Sackbut Festival; and other venues. Some were printed in the ITA Journal. Those which relate to a particular event, such as an earlier ITA workshop, are located with the event files in Series 10. Beginning in the 1990s, photos were filed in a rough chronological order by year, and they have been left as found except for those of easily identifiable individuals, which were moved to Series 13 – Photographs, Alphabetical.

Soon after the founding of the ITA in 1972, the organization began to build a file of photographs for use in the Journal, for PR purposes related to the annual Workshops, and other purposes. These files include photographs of individuals and groups and are arranged alphabetically. Some folders originally contained extensive correspondence, usually related to a particular event. Such correspondence has been moved to Series 5 – Events.

Series 13 – Photographs, Alphabetical

     Processor's note – These are mostly individual shots kept for possible use in promotional materials or use in the ITA Journal. There is some overlap between the General and Alpha files. These folders are not numbered due to the assumption that they will be added to from time to time. Most correspondence has been moved to Series 5 – Events if it related to an invitation to perform at an ITA Workshop or other event.

Series 14 – A-V Materials
Series 15 – Ephemera

Special Collections (SC)

These materials are the papers of 4 individuals donated to the ITA archives by family members. They include:

SC 1 – Glenn D. Bridges Special Collection

Series 1 – Correspondence
Series 2 – Orders
Series 3 – Research
     This series is further divided into: Individuals; Music; Newspaper & Magazine Clippings; Programs; Publications; and Subject Files.
Series 4 – Printing
     This series includes all aspects of the production of his books, including copyright matters, printing, binding, advertisement and other activities relating to their creation and distribution.
Series 5 – Books
     This series includes books both owned by and written by Bridges.
Series 6 – Catalogs and Discographies
Series 7 -- Periodicals
Series 8 – Sheet Music
Series 9 – Administrative Files of the Bridges Archives

SC 2 – Paul T. Jackson Special Collection

Series 1 – Books
Series 2 – Journals
Series 3 – Discographies,
Series 4 – Reference files
Series 5 – Press Clippings

SC 3 – Keig Garvin Special Collection

Series 1 – Sheet Music – Printed
Series 2 – Sheet Music—Manuscript

SC 4 – Neill H. Humfeld

Series 1 – Unprocessed

SC 5 – Ancillary Holdings

Ancillary holdings (shipping boxes 121-131) and two boxes containing instruments and a slide (shipping boxes 132, 133).  The recording and/or playback devices are as follows:  Rek-O-Kut model TR12 (box is marked "Bridges Cutter; Reko Cut Equipment"); ReVox reel-to-reel tape recorder GBB 584 SM TR 38; Technics Stereo Cassette Deck 630; box containing scattered electronic components, the bulk electric cords; Sony TC-106A reel-to-reel tape recorder; Two Tascam reel-to-reel recorders; turntable (for cutting discs); Antique wind-up phonograph, in its own standing wood cabinet: 36" length x 38" height x 19" depth; another antique wind-up phonograph, in its own standing wood cabinet: 41" height x 18"length x 20.5" depth.

Processor's note - In an effort to make these materials available for research as quickly as possible, the CSU archives will post the on-line finding aid in sections, as they are completed. The box lists below include at this time only the boxes received from the Sibley Music Library of the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester. The material from North Caroline has not yet been listed.

1880s-2015                                                                    300 plus (300 plus l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the International Trombone Association Records must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University.  Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

International Trombone Association Records (MC 359)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


Gift of the International Trombone Association, from two sources, in 2016.

Note to Researchers

Please be aware that box and folder numbers are subject to change as the processing continues for this collection.  The list below reflects the boxes and folders as of July, 2017.

See also:

Harold B. Bachmann Band Collection at the University of Florida


Box and Folder Lists (as received from Sibley Music Library Special Collections)

Series 1 – Publications of the ITA

Bound ITA Journal, vols. 1-22, 1974-2005

     Processor's note – The first bound volume contains the ITA Newsletters (vol. 1, #1 & #2 1974-1975 and vol. 2 #1) as well as the ITA Journal (vol. 1 and 2). The Newsletter issues are incomplete, so unbound but complete copies of the Newsletter vol. 1 #2 and Vol. 2 #1 are in the folder between the 1st and 2nd bound volumes. The second bound volume contains the ITA Newsletters from Vol. II no. 2 through Vol. VIII no. 4 (1975-1981).

There are also two unbound copies of the International Trombone Association Catalog, 1st edition, September, 1990.

Series 2 – Publications received by the ITA

Box 1 – (A-Brass Conference, 1979)

Folder 1 – Australian Trombone Education Magazine, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1990
Folder 2 – Arts Spectrum (Harvard), 1997
Folder 3 – BDGuide, (scattered issues), 1991-1994
Folder 4 – Bands of America (scattered issues), 1986, 1991, 1993
Folder 5 – Bandwagon, nos. 66, 84, 87, 89, 1970s
Folder 6 – Brass & Percussion, 1974
Folder 7 – Brass Bulletin, no. 14, 1976
Folder 8 – Brass Conference for Scholarships (NY), 2-4, 1974-1976
Folder 9 – Brass Conference for Scholarships (NY), 5-7, 1977-1979

Box 2 – (Brass Conference, 1979-Brass World)

Folder 1 – Brass Conference for Scholarships (NY), 8-10, 1980-1982
Folder 2 – Brass Conference for Scholarships (NY), 11-12, 1983-1984
Folder 3 – Brass Conference for Scholarships (NY), 13, 16, 1985, 1988
Folder 4 – Brass Conference for Scholarships (NY), 20, 1992
Folder 5 – Brass International, 1982
Folder 6 – Brass Player, 1986, 1987, 1997
Folder 7 – Brass World, 1972-1974

Box 3 – (British Trombonist-Music Education)

Folder 1 – British Trombonist, 1991
Folder 2 – ConnCord, 1973, 1975, 1979
Folder 3 – Council for Research in Music Education, Bulletin, #60, 1979
Folder 4 – Detroit Concert Band Newsletter, Band Fan, vol. 15, #2, 1991
Folder 5 – Director, vol. 1, 4, 1993, 1997
Folder 6 – Gesellschaft zur erforschung und forderung der blasmusik – Mutteilungsblatt, 1976
Folder 7 – Getzen Gazette, 1980
Folder 8 – Glissando, 1984, 1990
Folder 9 – Historical Research in Music – Bulletin, 1987, 1993
Folder 10 – Instrumentalist, 1976
Folder 11 – International Musician, 1977
Folder 12 – International Society of Bassists – Newsletter, Fall 1974
Folder 13 – Internationale Posaunen Vereinigung e.V. – Journal – Das Schallstuck, 1990, 1991
Folder 14 – Iowa Bandmaster, 1985
Folder 15 – Israeli Chapter of ITA – Newsletter, 1984-1985
Folder 16 – Journal of Research in Music Education, 1977-1978, 1989-1990
Folder 17 – Kent State U. Trombone Newsletter, 1987
Folder 18 – McPherson Review, 1983
Folder 19 – Music at Michigan, 1994
Folder 20 – Music Education Journal, 1987

Box 4 – (Music World-School Musician)

Folder 1 – Music World, 1972
Folder 2 – Musicien dauphinoise, 1987
Folder 3 – National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors - Journal, 1974, 1988-1990, 1997
Folder 4 – New ways, 1985, 1994
Folder 5 – North Carolina Music Educator, 1989, 1994-1995
Folder 6 – ou people, 1985
Folder 7 – Page One, 1980
Folder 8 – Pipers, 1984, 1990
Folder 9 – Prelude, 1993-1994
Folder 10 – Rockin' in the Fourth Estate, 1978
Folder 11 – School Musician, 1983/1984

Box 5 – (Sinfonian-World of Music)

Folder 1 – Sinfonian, 1985
Folder 2 – Sounding Brass, 1972-1976, 1978-1979
Folder 3 – Southwestern Musician, 1974
Folder 4 – Stringworld, nd
Folder 5 – Trekkpapiret, 1981, 1989
Folder 6 – Trombone Assoc. of Western Mass, 1985
Folder 7 – Trombonist, 1985, 1988
Folder 8 – Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association (T.U.B.A.) – Journal, 1973-1979, 1983-1985
Folder 9 – Windplayer, 1985
Folder 10 – Woodwind, Brass & Percussion, 1981-1982
Folder 11 – World of Music, 1971

Series 3 – Constitution, By-Laws & Other Legal Documents

Box 1

Folder 1 – Constitution and By-Laws, 1972-2000

Folder 2 – Legal Documents, 1972-1999 & nd
     This includes materials related to the incorporation of the ITA, copyright protection, tax status, drafts of the constitution and by-laws, designation of agent, amendments, postal exemption, etc.

Series 4 – Board of Directors – Meetings

     Processor's Note – These folders contain materials from the Annual ITA board meetings, as well as executive, advisory, ad hoc and called meetings. They typically include meeting announcements, agendas, minutes, committee reports and other supporting material. Some meetings are better documented than others.

Box 1

Folder 1 – Meetings, 1972

Folder 2 – Meetings, 1973

Folder 3 – Meetings, 1974

Folder 4 – Meetings, 1975-1980

Folder 5 – Meetings, 1981

Folder 6 – Meetings, 1982-1984

Folder 7 – Meetings, 1985-1986

Folder 8 – Meetings, 1987-1989

Folder 9 – Meetings, 1990

Folder 10 – Meetings, 1991

Box 2

Folder 1 – Meetings, 1992

Folder 2 – Meetings, 1993

Folder 3 – Meetings, 1994

Folder 4 – Meetings, 1995

Folder 5 – Meetings, 1996

Folder 6 – Meetings, 1997

Folder 7 – Meetings, 1998

Folder 8 -- Meetings, 1999

Series 5 – Correspondence

Correspondence by Administration

     The ITA administrative correspondence is arranged chronologically and subdivided by the terms of office of the successive presidents.  The two-year presidential terms began and ended in June or July, depending on the dates of the annual International Trombone Workshop, and the correspondence is arranged accordingly.  The presidential correspondence includes communications of the incumbent president of the ITA, as well as other officers, if present.  Some administrations are more fully documented than others.  There is also significant overlap between the presidential correspondence and committee files.  Most items were left where found, but if their original location is not clear, they were placed with the presidential correspondence.

Thomas G. Everett, President ITA, June, 1972-1974 & 1974-June, 1976

     Items of interest include: the founding of the Association and its organization; its incorporation; publication of the Newsletter, Journal and Brass World; membership and workshop planning, translations, and commissioned music.

Box 1 (1969-1986)

Folder 1 – Pre-organizational correspondence, 1969-June, 1972

Folder 2 – Everett, Thomas G., 1971
     This folder contains a photocopy of Everett's article, "A Bibliography of Original Solo Literature for the Bass Trombone", which appeared in the Instrumentalist, December, 1971.

Thomas G. Everett, President ITA, June, 1972-1974 & 1974-June, 1976

     Items of interest include: the founding of the Association and its organization; its incorporation; publication of the Newsletter, Journal and Brass World; membership and workshop planning, translations, and commissioned music.

Folder 3 – Everett, Thomas G., 1972

Folder 4 – Everett, Thomas G., January-July, 1973

Folder 5 – Everett, Thomas G., August-December, 1973

Folder 6 – Everett, Thomas G., January-July, 1974

Folder 7 – Everett, Thomas G., August-December, 1974

Folder 8 – Everett, Thomas G., January-June, 1975

Folder 9 – Everett, Thomas G. July-December, 1975

Folder 10 – Everett, Thomas G. – Bon Bene Survey, September, 1975
     This is a survey of Orchestra Bass Trombonists for an article Everett planned.  The survey was repeated in 1978.

Folder 11 – Everett, Thomas G., January – June 2, 1976

Folder 12 – Everett, Thomas G. – Ballots, June, 1976

Folder 13 – Everett, Thomas G. – Unidentified/undated materials

Buddy Baker, President ITA June, 1976-June, 1978

Folder 14 – Baker, Buddy, June 3-December, 1976

Folder 15 – Baker, Buddy, 1977

Folder 16 – Baker, Buddy, January-June, 1978

Thomas R. Ewin, President ITA, June, 1978-June, 1980

Folder 17 – Ervin, Thomas R., June, 1978-June, 1979

Folder 18 – Ervin, Thomas R. – Bone Bene Surveys,
     This survey was conducted by Tom Everett on behalf of the ITA.

Folder 19 – Ervin, Thomas R., July, 1979-May, 1980

Neill H. Humfeld, President June, 1980-June, 1982

Folder 20 – Humfeld, Neill, June, 1980-June, 1981

Folder 21 – Humfeld, Neill, July, 1981-June, 1982

Irvin L. Wagner, President ITA, June 1982-June, 1984

Folder 22 – Wagner, Irvin L., June, 1982-April, 1983

Folder 23 – Wagner, Irvin L., May, 1983-May, 1984

Robert E. Gray, President ITA, 1984-1986

Folder 24 – Gray, Robert E, June, 1984-October, 1985

Folder 25 – Gray, Robert E., November, 1985-June, 1986

Box 2 (1986-1998)

Stephen Anderson, President ITA, 1986-1988

Folder 1 – Anderson, Stephen, June, 1986-June, 1988

John Marcellius, President ITA, 1988-1990

Folder 2 – Marcellius, June, 1988-June, 1990

Royce Lumpkin, President ITA, 1990-1992

Folder 3 – Lumpkin, June, 1990-June, 1992

Hugo Magliocco, President ITA, 1992-1994

Folder 4 – Magiocco, Hugo, June, 1992-June 1993

Folder 5 – Magiocco, Hugo, July, 1993-June 1994

Steve Wolfinbarger, President ITA, 1994-1996
     Subjects of interest during this period include the Trudel recording project and increasing membership, and the transition process of the editorship of the Journal. There was also discussion of another project concerning a work by Christian Lindberg.

Folder 6 – Wolfinbarger, Steve, June, 1994-June, 1995

Folder 7 – Wolfinbarder, Steve, July, 1995-June, 1996

Box 3

Hans Fadle, President ITA, 1996-1998
     The Trudel recording project continued to be an item of interest during the Fadle administration, as well as issues with the Journal.

Folder 1 – Fadle, Hans, June, 1996-June, 1997

Folder 2 – Fadle, Hans, July, 1997-June, 1998
     This folder also contains a diskette labelled "ITA Correspondence Prof. Fadle".

Paul Hunt, President ITA, 1998-2000

Folder 3 – Hunt, Paul, June, 1998-July, 1999

John Drew, President ITA, 2000-2002

Folder 4 -- Drew, John, 2000-2002

Nathaniel Brickens, President ITA, 2002-2004

Denis Wick, President ITA, 2004-2006

Ken Hanlon, President ITA, 2006-2008

Don Lucas, President ITA, 2008-2010

William Ruffle, President ITA, 2010-2012

Jiggs Whigham, President ITA, 2012-2014

Colin Buchanan, President ITA, 2014-2016

Series 6 – Committees

     These files detail the structure of the ITA committee system, and its changes over time, as well as information about their membership and activities.  There is considerable overlap between these files and the administrative correspondence (Series 5 above), but the materials have generally been left as found.

Box 1

Folder 1 – Committee Lists, 1979-1982 & nd

Folder 2 – Advertising Committee, 1975-1978

Folder 3 – AIM (Assist an International Member) Committee, 1995-1998

Folder 4 – Affiliates Committee, 1974-1985

Folder 5 – Affiliates Committee, 1986-1998 & nd

Folder 6 – Archive Committee, 1980-1982

Folder 7 – Commissions Committee, 1975-1978
     This folder contains information on the Sonata commissioned from Stjepan Sulek in 1975.

Folder 8 – Commissions Committee, 1979-1981 & nd

Folder 9 – Commissions Committee, 1993

Folder 10 – Composition/Competition Committee, 1972-1985

Folder 11 – Composition/Competition Committee, 1997-1998

Folder 12 – Constitution Committee, 1980

Folder 13 – Executive Committee, 1990, 1996-1998 & nd

Folder 14 – Finance Committee, 1979-1981

Folder 15 – Literature Committee, 1976-1982, 1993

Folder 16 – Membership Committee, 1976-1978, 1981 & nd

Folder 17 – Nominations Committee, 1977-1981, 1995

Folder 18 – Public Relations Committee, 1976-1981, 1996 & nd

Folder 19 – Publications Committee, 1974-1979, 1989, 1997

Folder 20 – Research Committee, 1976-1985

Folder 21 – Research Committee, 1986-1987

Folder 22 – Research Committee, 1988-1989

Folder 23 – Research Committee, 1990-1993

Folder 24 – Resource Library Committee, 1978-1981, 1996

Folder 25 – Scholarship Committee, 1976-1982

Series 7 – Finances

     This series documents the financial activities of the ITA, including membership dues payments, expenses for the annual workshops, publication of the Journal and the Newsletter, administrative costs, etc.  Initially, they were arranged by the two-year term of the treasurer, beginning with the 1972 Workshop in May of 1972, when the ITA was established.  Re-election was possible.  This arrangement ended with the 1977-78 fiscal year.  Beginning with 1980 they are arranged by type of record (Expenses, Receipts, etc.) and thereunder chronologically.

Box 1 – FY1972/73 through FY1977/78, & Expenses 1984-1990

FY1972/73-FY1973/74 (Thomas W. Streeter, Treasurer)

Folder1 – Bills, June, 1972-May, 1974

Folder 2 – Dues Payment Ledger, May, 1972-May, 1974

Folder 3 – Expenses, 1972 Trombone Workshop

Folder 4 – Expenses, 1973 Trombone Workshop

Folder 5 – Receipt Book, July-1972-May, 1973

Folder 6 – Receipt Book, May-November, 1973

Folder 7 – Receipt Book, November, 1973-July, 1974

FY1974/75-FY1975/76 (Thomas W. Streeter, Treasurer)

Folder 8 – Bills, May, 1974-April, 1975

Folder 9 – Bills, June, 1975-May, 1976

Folder 10 – Check Register, July 1972-March 1975

Folder 11 – Expenses, 1974 Trombone Workshop

Folder 12 – Expenses, 1975 Trombone Workshop

Folder 13 – Receipt Book, July, 1974-January, 1975

FY1974/1975-FY1977/1978 (Thomas W. Streeter, Treasurer)

Folder 14 – Receipt Book, January, 1976-August, 1977

Folder 15 – Bills, June 1976-May 1977

Folder 16 – Check Register, March 1975-april 1978

Folder 17 – Expenses, 1976 International Trombone Workshop

Folder 18 – Expenses, 1977 International Trombone Workshop

Folder 19 – Receipt Book, August, 1976-July, 1978

Folder 20 – Estate of Mary Cobb Smith, 1984-1987
     This folder contains material relating to the settlement of Mary Cobb Smith's will, which left the ITA $2,000. Since it is oversized, the folder is placed along the side of the box.

[Processors note -- Beginning with the following folders, the financial records were no longer arranged by fiscal year.]

Folder 21 – Expenses, (Archives), 1986-1989

Folder 22 – Expenses, 1989-1990

Folder 23 – Expenses, 1991
     This folder contains a budgetary analysis of past and projected income and costs.

Folder 24 – Expenses, 1992

Folder 25 – Expenses, 1993

Folder 25 – Expenses, 1994

Folder 27 – Expenses, 1995

Folder 28 – Expenses, 1996

Folder 29 – Expenses, 1997

Folder 30 – Expenses, 1999

Box 2 – Expenses 1980-1990

     Processor's note-The following group of folders marked "Orders" are mainly requests for issues of the ITA Newsletter and Journal, and the associated billing and payment documentation. There are a few membership items as well.

Folder 1 – Orders – Modern Editions – Sales & Capital Ledger, 1983-1984

Folder 2 – Orders, 1974-1975, 1980

Folder 3 – Orders, 1983-1985

Folder 4 – Orders, 1986

Folder 5 – Orders, 1987

Folder 6 – Orders, 1988

Folder 7 – Orders, 1989

Folder 8 – Orders, 1990

Box 3 – Expenses 1991-1999

Folder 1 – Orders, 1991

Folder 2 – Orders, 1992

Folder 3 – Orders, 1993

Folder 4 – Orders, 1994

Folder 5 – Orders, 1995

Folder 6 – Orders, 1996

Folder 7 – Orders, 1997-1999 & nd

Series 8 – Membership

     These folders contain drafts of membership lists, changes, renewals new members and usually a final list of members for the fiscal year in alphabetical arrangement.  Correspondence is also present, with much overlap with the administrative correspondence in Series 5 above.  The published directories are filed at the beginning of the series.

Box 1 (1972-1985)

Folder 1 – Membership Directories, 1974/1975-1979/1980 (2 copies, one annotated by Vern L. Kagarice)

Folder 2 – Membership Directories (2 copies), 1981, 1983

Folder 3 – Membership Directories, 1984-1985

Folder 4 – Membership Directories, 1986, 1988

Folder 5 – Membership Directories, 1997

Folder 6 – Membership Documents, July 1972-June 1973

Folder 7 – Membership Documents, July 1973-June 1974

Folder 8 – Membership Documents, July-December, 1974

Folder 9 – Membership Documents, January-May, 1975

Folder 10 – Membership Documents, June-December, 1975

Folder 11 – Membership Documents, January-June, 1976

Folder 12 – Membership Documents, July-December, 1976

Folder 13 – Membership Documents, January-June, 1977

Folder 14 – Membership Documents, July-December, 1977

Folder 15 – Membership Documents, January-June, 1978

Folder 16 – Membership Documents, July-December, 1978

Folder 17 – Membership Documents, January-June, 1979

Folder 18 – Membership Documents, July-December, 1979

Folder 19 – Membership Documents, 1980-1985

Series 10 – Events


   The ITA's most important event was its annual trombone workshop.  The first three workshops (held in the summers of 1971, 1972 and 1973) were billed as the National Trombone Workshop (NTW).  The International Trombone Association was formed at the 2nd workshop in 1972.  Beginning with the 1974 workshop the name was changed to the International Trombone Workshop (ITW).  In 1999 the name was changed again to the International Trombone Festival (ITF), but the numeration continued, so it was billed as the 28th ITF.
     The documents in this series relate to the planning, logistics and follow-up of events sponsored or supported by the Trombone Association.  They can include letters of invitation to potential faculty members and clinicians, negotiations related to compensation, what music to play, presentations and lectures, programs (both draft and final), publicity, newspaper reporting, evaluations and thank you notes and other materials.  Folders containing documents generated after the summer workshops contain both post-workshop materials and planning for the next year's workshop.  Most years also have a separate logistics folder that contains documentation related to internal accounting of the host organization such as room set-ups, equipment needed for various presentations, hours of breakfast, roommate details, and other routine housekeeping materials.  Photographs and biographies of presenters, both individuals and groups, were filed separately in Series 13 – Photographs.  Any other audio/visual materials related to events are filed separately.
Other events, such as The Eastern Trombone Workshop, the Boston Sackbut Week, etc. are filed alphabetically after the workshop records.

Box 1 – 1969-1972

Folder 1 – National Trombone Workshop (NTW/ITW), 1969-1970
     This folder contains documents relating to the preliminary planning for the NTW (later called the International Trombone Workshop, and still later the International Trombone Festival).  It was initially scheduled to be held at the Georgie Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville in the summer of 1970.  This first workshop, organized by trombone professor Henry J. Romersa, was later rescheduled for May 31-June 4, 1971.

Folder 2 – 1st National Trombone Workshop, January-February, 1971

Folder 3 – 1st National Trombone Workshop, March-May 30, 1971

Folder 4 – 1st National Trombone Workshop, May 31-June 4, 1971
     This folder contains information for the 1971 Workshop including schedules, programs, music, last minute changes to the roster of presenters, and other Workshop activities.  At the back of the folder there are also several photographs taken of various events at the Workshop.

Folder 5 – 1st National Trombone Workshop, June 7-December, 1971 & nd
     This folder contains post-workshop information including: thank-you notes, comments, suggestions for the next year's program, and pre-planning for the 1972 event.

Folder 6 – 1st National Trombone Workshop – Logistics, 1971
     This folder contains documents related to internal college accounting, room set-ups, equipment needed for various presentations, hours of breakfast, roommate details, and other routine housekeeping materials.

Folder 7 – 2nd National Trombone Workshop, January-May 24, 1972 & nd
     This folder contains information for the 2nd National Trombone Workshop including invitations to faculty, attendees and exhibitors, and other preparations for the NTW, held in Nashville from May 29-June 2, 1972.

Folder 8 – 2nd National Trombone Workshop, May 29-June 2, 1972
     This includes: schedules, posters, programs, music, last minute changes to the roster of presenters, and other Workshop activities.  At this meeting the International Trombone Association was formed, although the name of the Workshop was not officially changed from the National Trombone Workshop to the International Trombone Workshop until the 1974 workshop.  At the back of the folder there are also several photographs taken of various events at the Workshop.

Folder 9 – 2nd National Trombone Workshop, June 4-December, 1972 & nd

Folder 10 – 2nd National Trombone Workshop – Logistics, 1972
     This folder contains documents relating to the budgeting, bills, receipts and logistics of the 2nd National Trombone Workshop (later renamed the International Trombone Workshop).

Box 2 – 1973

Folder 1 – 3rd National Trombone Workshop, January-March, 1973 & nd

Folder 2 – 3rd National Trombone Workshop, April-May 27, 1973

Folder 3 – 3rd National Trombone Workshop – Workshop, May 28-June 1, 1973
     At the back of the folder there are also several photographs taken of various events at the Workshop.

Folder 4 – 3rd National Trombone Workshop, June 2-December, 1973 & nd

Folder 5 – 3rd National Trombone Workshop – Finances & Logistics, 1973

Box 3 – 1974

Folder 1 – 4th International Trombone Workshop, January-February, 1974 & nd
     The 1974 workshop was the first to be titled "International".  It was held June 3 through June 7, 1974, again at the George Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, Tennessee.  It is referred to as the 4th International Trombone Workshop, continuing the numeration from the National Trombone Workshop.

Folder 2 – 4th International Trombone Workshop, March, 1974

Folder 3 – 4th International Trombone Workshop, April, 1974

Folder 4 – 4th International Trombone Workshop, May, 1974

Folder 5 – 4th International Trombone Workshop, June 3-7, 1974

Folder 6 – 4th International Trombone Workshop, June 8-December, 1974 & nd

Folder 7 – 4th International Trombone Workshop – Finances & Logistics, 1974

Box 4 – 1975-1976

Folder 1 – 5th International Trombone Workshop, January-May, 1975 & nd
     The 5th International Trombone Workshop was held Jun 2-6, 1975 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Folder 2 – 5th International Trombone Workshop, June 2-6, 1975
     At the back of the folder there are also several photographs taken of various events at the Workshop.

Folder 3 – 5th International Trombone Workshop, June 8-December, 1975 & nd

Folder 4 – 5th International Trombone Workshop – Finances and Logistics, 1975

Folder 5 – 6th International Trombone Workshop, January-May, 1976 & nd
     The 6th International Trombone Workshop was held May 31-June 4, 1976 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Folder 6 – 6th International Trombone Workshop – Workshop, May 31-June 4, 1976
     At the back of the folder there are also several photographs taken of various events at the Workshop.

Folder 7 – 6th International Trombone Workshop, June-December, 1976 & nd

Folder 8 – 6th International Trombone Workshop – Finances & Logistics, 1976

Box 5 – 1977-1978

Folder 1 – 7th International Trombone Workshop, January-May 29, 1977 & nd
     The 7th International Trombone Workshop was held May 30-June 4, 1977 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Folder 2 – 7th International Trombone Workshop, 1977 & nd

Folder 3 – 7th International Trombone Workshop, June-December, 1977 & nd

Folder 4 – 7th International Trombone Workshop – Finances & Logistics, 1977

Folder 5 – 8th International Trombone Workshop, January-May, 1978 & nd
     The 8th International Trombone Workshop was held on May 29-June 2, 1978 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Folder 6 – 8th International Trombone Workshop – Workshop, May 29-June 2, 1978 & nd
     At the back of the folder there are photographs taken of various events at the Workshop.

Folder 7 – 8th International Trombone Workshop, June-December, 1978 & nd
     This folder contains a report from Stan Adams, who assumed the Secretary/Treasurer position from Tom Streeter, who had served in the position since the founding of the ITA in 1972.  It also contains a copy of Thomas G. Everett's Annotated Guide to Bass Trombone Literature, Second Edition (Revised and Enlarged) of 1978.

Folder 8 – 8th International Trombone Workshop – Finances & Logistics, 1978

Box 6 – 1979-1981

Folder 1 – 9th International Trombone Workshop, January-May 27, 1979
     The 9th ITW was held May 28-June 1, 1979 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Folder 2 – 9th International Trombone Workshop, May 28-June 1, 1979 & nd
     This folder includes some photographs of faculty members and other attendees, as well as some undated notes obviously made during the Workshop.  This was the last time that the ITW was held at Peabody College.

Folder 3 – 9th International Trombone Workshop, June-December, 1979

Folder 4 – 9th International Trombone Workshop – Logistics, 1979

Folder 5 – 10th International Trombone Workshop, January-May 25, 1980 & nd
     This folder contains material relating to the planning and preparation for the 10th ITW, held May 26-30, 1980 at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee.

Folder 6 – 10th International Trombone Workshop, May 26-May 30, 1980

Folder 7 – 10th International Trombone Workshop, June-December, 1980
     At the end of 1980 Henry Romersa, the founder and director of the ITW, donated his workshop-related materials and his library of trombone music to the ITA.  Correspondence related to this donation is in the presidential correspondence (Series 5, Box 1, Folder 20).

Folder 8 – 11th International Trombone Workshop, January-May 24, 1981 & nd
     This folder contains material relating to the planning, logistics and presentation of the 11th ITW, held May 25-29, 1981 at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee.

Folder 9 – 11th International Trombone Workshop, May 25-29, 1981
This folder contains several snapshots taken of various workshop sessions, mostly unidentified.

Folder 10 – 11th International Trombone Workshop, June-December, 1981 & nd

Box 7 – 1982-1989

Folder 1 – 12th International Trombone Workshop, 1982 & nd
     This folder contains material relating to the planning, logistics and presentation of the 12th ITW, held May 24-28, 1982 at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee.  Most of the contents of this folder relate to the Workshop itself.

Folder 2 – 12th International Trombone Workshop – Photographs, May, 1982

Folder 3 – 13th International Trombone Workshop, 1983
     The 13th ITW was held at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee, May 30-June 3, 1983.

Folder 4 – 2nd International Brass Congress, 1984
     The 1984 ITW was subsumed as part of the Second International Brass Congress at the University of Indiana in Bloomington, June 3-8, 1984.  See the folder in Other Events below under the International Brass Congress for the ITW involvement in this Congress.

Folder 5 – 14th International Trombone Workshop, 1985
     The 14th ITW was held at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee, May 26-31, 1985.

Folder 6 – 15th International Trombone Workshop, 1986
     The 15th ITW was held at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee, May 25-29, 1986.  There are a few photographs and negatives from this year's ITW in this folder.

Folder 7 – 16th International Trombone Workshop, 1987
     The 16th ITW was held at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee, May 24-28, 1987.  Some of the brochures refer to this as the 17th ITW, probably due to confusion arising from the skipped year in 1984 when the 2nd International Brass Congress stood in for the annual ITW.

Folder 8 – 17th International Trombone Workshop, 1988
     The 17th ITW was held at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee, May 22-26, 1988.

Folder 23 – 18th International Trombone Workshop, 1989
     The 18th ITW was held at Eton College in Windsor, England, July 5-9, 1989.

Box 8 – 1990-1999

Folder 1 – 19th International Trombone Workshop, 1990
     The 19th ITW was held at Western Michigan University, June 9-24, 1990.

Folder 2 – 20th International Trombone Workshop, 1991
     The 20th ITW was held at the Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, June 11-15, 1991.  There are only a few documents relating to this year's workshop, but numerous photographs.

Folder 3 – 21st International Trombone Workshop, 1992
     The 21st ITW was held September 20-24, 1992 in Detmold, Germany and was part of the Hochschule fur Musik and sponsored by the local affiliate chapter of the ITA, the International Posaunen-Vereinigung.

Folder 4 – 22nd International Trombone Workshop, 1993
     The 22nd ITW was held June 27-July 1, 1993 at Cleveland State University.

Folder 5 – 23rd International Trombone Workshop, 1994The 23rd ITW was held May 31-June 4, 1994 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN.

Folder 6 – 24th International Trombone Workshop, 1995
     The 24th ITW was held May 30-June 3, 1995 at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Folder 7 – 25th International Trombone Workshop, 1996
     This folder is empty.  The 25th ITW was held at the Landeskonservatorium, Feldkirch, Austria.

Folder 8 – 26th International Trombone Workshop, 1997
     The 26th ITW was held May 27-31, 1997 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Folder 9 – 27th International Trombone Workshop, 1998
     The 27th ITW was held May 26-30, 1998 at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Folder 10 – 29th International Trombone Festival, June 1-5, 1999
     With this year's event, the name was changed to the International Trombone Festival, but the numeration continued.  This was therefore known as the 28th ITF and was held June 1-5, 1999 at the State University of New York (SUNY)-Potsdam.


Box 9 – Other Events

Folder 1 – Boston Sackbut Week, 1973-1984

Folder 2 – Boston Sackbut Week, nd

Folder 3 – Eastern Trombone Workshops, 1975-1995

Folder 4 – Eastern Trombone Workshop, 1997
     This contains materials on the 1997 ETW, March 20-22, and the performance by the University of North Carolina-Greensboro's Trombone Ensemble at the Workshop.

Folder 5 – Eastern Trombone Workshops, 1999-2000
     This folder contains almost exclusively photographs from the 1999 ETW, held from March 18-20.  There is also a program for the 2000 ETS, held March 16-18, 2000.

Folder 6 – International Brass Congresses, 1974-1976

Folder 7 – International Brass Congress, June, 1984
     This folder contains ITW-related material, since the 1984 ITW was not held due to the ITA participation in the 2nd International Brass Congress at the University of Indiana.

Folder 8 – International Trumpet Guild Conferences, 1977-1986

Folder 9 – International Tuba Symposium-Workshop, 1973

Folder 10 – Midwest Trombone Fests/Workshops, 1974-1990 & nd

Box 10 – Other Events

Folder 1 – Shizuoka Pre. [Japan] Trombone Association Festival, 1980

Folder 2 –Various Events (Unsorted) I
     The contents of this and the following folders contain programs, presentations, music, agendas and other scattered documents from a number of brass related events for dates ranging from the 1960s to the 2000s, both domestic and international.

Folder 3 –Various Events (Unsorted) II

Folder 4 – Various Events (Unsorted) III

Folder 5 – Various Events – Commercial Handouts, various dates

Series 11 – Subject Files

This series consists of materials gathered or created for research purposes of the ITA, including the management of its special collections and displays for use at various events.  Original materials which had been used for displays at the ITW meetings and other events have been returned to their places in the appropriate ITA records.

Box 1 (A)

Folder 1 – Affiliated Societies, 1986-1998 & nd

Folder 2 – Archives Administration (Glenn Bridges) – Bridges Own Arrangement, 1987 (?)
     Processor's Notes: The materials in this (and subsequent folders titled Archives Administration) were created in the course of transferring the Bridges papers to the ITA archives after his death in 1981 and their management after transfer.  Some materials were initially filed in the ITA subject files and some with the Bridges Archives.  These files were combined and all filed here in the ITA subject files.

     This folder also contains hand-written lists of Bridges' collection as arranged by Bridges himself, apparently made by the packers as his archives was being prepared for shipment to the ITA.

Folder 3 – Archives Administration (Glenn Bridges) – Copyright, 1987

Folder 4 – Archives Administration (Bridges) – Correspondence, 1985-1989 & nd
     This folder contains letters about the various options for the placement of the Glenn D. Bridges archives as well as that of his brother Lorin Bridges. There were several places interested in acquiring the archives, including the University of Kansas, the International Trombone Association (in conjunction with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro), and the Archives of Recorded Sound.  Correspondents include Randy B. Kohlenberg, Paul Jackson, and representatives of the organizations involved in the quest for the archives.  Undated material includes some newspaper clippings about laser record players, brochures about the University of North Carolina at Greenville and a copy of the ITA Journal and Newsletter Index for Volumes 1-XIII.  There is also a copy of the ITA's proposal, written by Randy Kohlenberg, tentatively dated 1987.

Folder 5 – Archives Administration (Bridges) – Grant Accounting, 1988-1989, 1993

Box 2 (A-D)

Folder 1 – Archives Administration (Bridges) – Grant Applications, 1988, 1991

Folder 2 – Archives Administration (Bridges) – Grant Information I, 1987-1990

Folder 3 – Archives Administration (Bridges) – Grant Information II, 1987-1990

Folder 4 – Archives Administration (Bridges) – Research, 1988
     This folder contains information about two articles written by J.T. Webster on Bridges after research in the archives.

Folder 5 – CD for ITA Membership, 1997-1998
     This folder contains discussions, contract drafts, copyright issues, etc. with Joe Alessi for recording a CD of previously unrecorded brass music from a variety of international sources to be distributed to ITA members.

Folder 6 – Commissions – Berio, Luciano, 1995-1998

Folder 7 – Display Materials from International Trombone Workshop, 1991

Folder 8 – Display Materials from International Trombone Workshop, 1993 (?)

Folder 9 – Display Materials from International Trombone Workshop I, 1994

Folder 10 – Display Material from International Trombone Workshop II, 1994

Folder 11 – Display Material from International Trombone Workshops I, 1990s

Folder 12 – Display Material from International Trombone Workshops II, 1990s

Box 3 (E-Everett)

Folder 1 – Events – Awards, 1980s-1990s

Folder 2 – Events – Composition Competitions, 1972-1986

Folder 3 – Events – Mailing Lists, 1971-1975 & nd

Folder 4 – Events – Weekend Warriors, 1983, 1991, 1993, 1995 & nd

Folder 5 – Everett, Tom, 1914, 1966-1979
     This folder and the next contain materials sent to the ITA archivist in 1997. (Everett's cover letter is in this folder).  They consist mostly of programs, catalogs and newspaper clippings. A few items relating to specific events or correspondence have been removed and interfiled with their appropriate folders.

Folder 6 – Everett, Tom, 1980-1997

Folder 7 – Everett, Tom, nd
     This folder of materials sent to Dr. Kohlenberg in 1997 contains undated ephemera, newspaper clippings, cartoons and other items.  There is also a copy of the third edition of Musique pour Trombone published by the firm of Alphonse Leduc in Paris.

Box 4 (Ervin-L)

Folder 1 – Ervin, Tom, nd
     This folder contains materials sent to Dr. Kohlenberg by Tom Ervin.

Folder 2 – Hoe, Robert, 1979-1980
     This folder contains letters to and from Robert Hoe, who proposed a plan for the ITA to sell various brass-related books he had in his possession.

Folder 3 – Jacob, Gordon, 1977-2014
     This folder contains the original score to Gordon Jacob's "Two Madrigals for Trombone Choir", performed at the 1977 International Trombone Workshop. It also contains correspondence relating to Jacob's presentation of the score to Dr. Henry Romersa after the performance in 1977 and its subsequent transfer to the ITA archives.
     [Processor's note-this folder is in the ITA oversized box located after Series 13 – Photographs and before the AV boxes.]

Folder 4 – Kohlenberg – Library, 1982
     This folder contains materials relating to the music library of Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa where he was teaching at the time.

Folder 5 – Kohlenberg – Misc. I, 1977-1991 & nd
     This folder contains various materials including catalogs, brochures, programs, sheet music and newspaper clippings, gathered by Dr. Kohlenberg, mostly not directly related to the ITA nor to his UNC-Greensboro faculty duties.

Folder 6 – Kohlenberg – Misc. II, 1988-1996 & nd
     This folder contains mostly material relating to Dr. Kohlenberg's activities as a member of his UNC-Greensboro faculty, including undated class notes, but there are a few items which relate to the ITA.

Folder 7 – Kohlenberg – Misc. III, 1990s

Folder 7 – Kohlenberg – Misc. IV, 1990s

Folder 8 – Lawton (Headquarters), 1996-1998

Box 5 (P-Remington)

Folder 1 – Pedagogy, 1993 & nd

Folder 2 – Press Clippings, 1970s-1990s & nd

Folder 3 – Printed Music

Folder 3 – Printing and Publishing, 1970s

Folder 4 – Printed Music, 1903-1928

This folder contains:
Schule fur die zugposaune: new method for Slide Trombone, Robert Muller, Leipzig, 1903

Thoughts of Yesterday, Clay Smith, Carl Fischer, 1919

The Trombonist's Studio: A Collection for Trombone, Paul de Ville, Carl Fischer, 1908

Favorite Encore Folio: Solos and Duets, Clay Smith (2 copies), Carl Fischer, 1928

Folder 5 – Project for the ITA – 100 Years of the Trombone in Jazz, 1997

Folder 6 – Publishers' Indexes, Catalogs and Price Guides, nd

Folder 7 – Remington, Emory, 1971

Box 6 (Repertory-Scholarship (Kenton)

Folder 1 – Repertory, 1984 & nd

Folder 2 – Resource Library, 1974-1978, 1996 & nd

Folder 3 – Scholarship/Research
     This folder contains 15 research papers. These are:

a) "The Emancipation of the Trombone in Orchestral Literature", John Drew
b) "Monteverdi's Use of Brass Instruments", Terry Pierce
c) "Developing High Registers on the Trombone", Donald L. Appert
d) "Quarter-Tone Scale, Twenty-Four Note Octave", Earl A. Schreiber
e) "A Checklist of Compositions with Significant Trombone Parts in the Leichtenstein Music Collection", Craig A. Otto
f) "The Breathing Process", Peter Jackson
g) "A Survey of the Use of Trombones to Depict Infernal and Horrendous Scenes in Three Representative Operas", Stan R. Adams
h) Performance Practices of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries: A Few Practical References for the Trombonist", John Hill
i) "The Contrabas, Sackbut: A Modern Copy", Richard A. Lister [missing as of May, 2017]
j) "The Creative Interpreter", Vinko Globokar
k) "A Survey of Orchestral Bass Trombonists", compiled by Tom Everett
l) "Ferdinand David's Concertino for Trombone and Orchestra, Op. 4", Larry Weed

Folder 4 – Scholarship/Research – Arnold, Denis, 1953-1959

a) "Giovanni Croce and the Concertato Style", The Musical Quarterly, vol. 39, no. 1, Jan. 1953
b) "Ceremonial Music in Venice at the Time of the Gabrielis", Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association, 80th Session, 1953/54
c) "Con Ogni Sorte di Stromenti: Some Practical Suggestions", Brass Quarterly, vol. 2, no. 3, March 1959

Folder 5 – Scholarship/Research – Anderson, Stephen C., 1968-1988

a) "The Trombone: A Survey of the Its Physical Development and Early Literature", in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Music, Louisiana State University, May, 1968
b) "The Soloistic Use of the Trombone in the Music of Dario Castello: A Research Presentation at the International Trombone Workshop", 1987
c) "New Programming Options for the Solo Alto Trombone: a Lecture-Recital", 6th Annual Midwestern Trombone Workshop, February 12, 1988

Folder 6 – Scholarship/Research – Ashworth, Thomas J. – "A Practical Approach to Doubling on the Alto and Bass Trombones", nd

Folder 7 – Scholarship/Research – Bate, Philip, "Trombone", Grove Dictionary of Music

Folder 8 – Scholarship/Research – Berlioz, Hector – Memoirs, pp. 260-261,Tudor Publishing Company, NY, 1935

Folder 9 – Scholarship/Research – Bonta, Stephen, 1967, 1969

a) "Liturgical Problems in Monteverdi's Marian Vespers", Journal of the American Musicalogical Society (JAMS), vol. 20, no. 1, Spring, 1967
b) "The Uses of the Sonata da Chiesa", JAMS, vol. 22. No. 1, 1969

Folder 10 – Scholarship/Research – Chavez, Carlos – "Performance Problems in the Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra", presented at the International Trombone Association workshop, Nashville, TN, June, 1983

Folder 11 – Scholarship/Research – Downs, Anneleise – "The Tower Music of the Seventeenth-Century Stadtpfeifer: Johann Pezel's Hora decima and Funff-stimmigte blasende Music", Brass Quarterly, vol. 3, no. 1, Fall, 1963

Folder 12 – Scholarship/Research – Ehmann, Wilhelm – "New Brass Instruments Based on Old Models: A Report from Germany", Brass Quarterly, vol. 1, no.4, 1957

Folder 13 – Scholarship/Research – Flux, Johann Joseph – Alma Redemptoris (K 186), c.1728
     This folder contains a photocopy of Flux's hymn of the 1720s.

Folder 14 – Scholarship/Research – Galpin, F.W. – "The Sackbut, Its Evolution and History. Illustrated by an Instrument of the Sixteenth Century", Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association, 33rd Sess., 1906-1907

Folder 15 – Scholarship/Research – Gray, Robert & Mary Rasmussen – "A Bibliography of Chamber Music Including Parts for the Trombone", Brass Quarterly, vol. 3, no. 3, Spring, 1960

Folder 16 – Scholarship/Research – Hall, Harry H. – "Early Sounds of Moravian Brass Music in America: A Cultural Note from Colonial Georgia", Brass Quarterly, vol. 7, no. 3, Spring, 1964

Folder 17 – Scholarship/Research – Hallaway, William Wood – "Martin Agricol's Musica Instrumentalis Deudsch: A Translation", PhD Thesis, 1972

Folder 18 – Scholarship/Research – Harris, Fred L. – "A Brief History of the Trombone", Music History 332, Fall 1995

Folder 19 – Scholarship/Research – Horsley, Imogene – "Wind Techniques in the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries", Brass Quarterly, vol. 4, no. 2, Winter, 1960

Folder 20 – Scholarship/Research – Jaffre, Kay – "Divers Notes on Brass Instruments in English Periodcials, 1678-1719: A Compliation with Commentary", Brass Quarterly, vol. 7, 1964

Folder 21 – Scholarship/Research – Jameson, R. Philip, 1982-1983

a) "An Investigation and Comparison of Trombone Attack Transients", presented at the 5th National Symposium of Research in Music Behavior, Tallahassee, FL October, 1982
b) "The Effect of Timbre Conditions on the Prompted and Simultaneous Pitch Matching of Three Ability Groups of Trombone Performers" (2 drafts), presented at the Southern Division – MENC, Louisville, KY, February, 1983
Folder 22 – Scholarship/Research – Kenton, Egon F. – "The 'Brass' Parts in Giovanni Gabrieli's Instrumental Ensemble Compositions", Brass Quarterly, vol. 1, no. 2, December, 1957

Box 7 (Scholarship (Kohlenberg-Seidel)

Folder 1 – Scholarship/Research – Kohlenberg, Randy

a) "The Status of Trombone Related Research in the United State and Canada", (with draft) presented at the International Trombone Workshop, Eton College, Windsor, England, July 5-9, 1989

b) "The Solo Trombone Music of Johann Michael Hayden", nd

Folder 2 – Scholarship/Research – LaRue, Jan, 1960, 1963

a) "Parisian Brass Players, 1751-1793", by Jan LaRue and Howard Brofsky, Brass Quarterly, v. 3, no. 4, Summer, 1960
b) "Finding Unusual Brass Music", by Jan LaRue and Gene Wolf, Brass Quarterly, v. 6, No. 3, Spring, 1963

Folder 3 – Scholarship/Research – Lindsay, Robert, "Professional Music I the 1920s and the Rise of the Singing Trombone", presented at the International Trombone Workshop, Nashville, TN, 1985

Folder 4 – Scholarship/Research – Mathei, David – "A Survey of Current Alto Trombone Use in the United States", 1993

Folder 5 – Scholarship/Research – Mersenne, Marin – "Harmonie Universalle: The books on Instruments", translated by Roger E. Chapman, 1957

Folder 6 – Scholarship/Research – Miscellaneous, nd

Folder 7 – Scholarship/Research – Mozart, Leopold, "Concerto for Trombone from the 'Serenata' ", (photocopy) c. 1760

Folder 8 – Scholarship/Research – Polk, Keith, 1960s
     This folder contains photocopies of several articles by Polk that appeared in the Brass Quarterly.
Folder 9 – Scholarship/Research – Prussing, Ronald J. – "The Problems of Doubling the alto Trombone in the Modern Symphony Orchestra", presented at the International Trombone Association Seminar, Nashville, TN, May, 1983

Folder 10 – Scholarship/Research – Rasmussen, Mary, 1950s-1960s
     This folder contains photocopies of several articles by Rasmussen that appeared in the Brass Quarterly.

Folder 11 – Scholarship/Research – Raum, J. Richard – "Extending the Solo and Chamber Repertoire for the alto Trombone from the Late Baroque and Early Classical Periods (1720-1780)", [draft]], nd

Folder 12 – Scholarship/Research – Roberts, James – "Works with Trombone in the Alfred Einstein Collection of Seventeenth Centry Instrumental Collection", nd

Folder 13 – Scholarship/Research – Sandford, Charles Terry, 1958

Folder 14 – Scholarship/Research – Sauer, Ralph – "Les Bases du Trombone", nd

Folder 15 – Scholarship/Research – Seidel, John Allen – "The Trombone Sonatas of Richard A. Monaco", Phd Dissertation, University of North Texas, 1988

Folder 16 – Scholarship/Research – Shiffrin, Ken and Eliezer Aharoni – "The Alto Trombone", [two drafts], nd

Folder 17 – Scholarship/Research – Sluchin, Benny, 1981-1990
     This folder contains several articles and lectures by Sluchin

Folder 18 – Scholarship/Research – Smithers, Don L. – "The Trumpets of J W Hass: A survey of four generations of Nuremberg brass instrument makers", Galpin Society Journal, Vol. XVIII, March 1965 and "The Hapsburg Imperial Trompeter and Heerpaucker Privileges of 1653, Galpin Society Journal, no. XXIV, July, 1971.

Folder 19 – Scholarship/Research – Wagner, Irvin L. – "A New, Original, 17th Century Solo for Trombone: Sonata for Trombone Solo and Basic Continuo (c.1660-1670) by Anonymous", perhaps presented at the Midwest Trombone Festival, Indiana University, February, 1977.
This folder also contains some correspondence between Wagner and Hugo Magliocco from 1977.

Folder 20 – Scholarship/Research – Walker, Thomas – "The Effects of Epoxy Lacquer on the Characteristic Sound of the Trombone", presented at the International Trombone Association , May 24, 1988

Folder 21 – Scholarship/Research – Waters, Len – "Nineteenth-Century Viennese Solo Trombone Literature and Pedagogy", presented to the International Trombone Workshop, Nashville, TN, 1987

Folder 22 – Scholarship/Research – Weaver, Robert L. – "Sixteenth-Century Instrumentation", Musical Quarterly, vol. 47, no. 1, January, 1961

Folder 23 – Scholarship/Research – Weed, Larry – "Trombone Makers of the World", nd

Box 8 (Sheet Music-Tuba)

Folder 1 – Sheet Music & Technical Information I, nd
     Much of this folder consists of the music for Air Varie by Arthur Pryor, including several parts.

Folder 2 – Sheet Music & Technical Information II, nd

Folder 3 – Texas Universities Trombone Teachers' Ensemble (T.U.T.T.E.), 1981-1983

Folder 4 – Translation, 1977-1978

Folder 5 – Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association (T.U.B.A.), nd

Series 12 – Photographs, General

     These include photograph of both individuals and groups. They are either unidentified, undated or both. Some are marked with data relating to their reproduction in the ITA Journal.  They have been left in the folders by date as found.

Box 1

Folder 1 –1975-1986

Folder 2 – 1984
     Photos are numbered 7999-8041 and have a detailed listing with full identification of each one. There are also some photos that are not part of this arrangement.

Folder 3 – 1988

Folder 4 – 1990
     These are negative strips, labeled 90-210 through 90-378 and presumably relate to the year 1990.

Folder 5 – 1991

Folder 6 – 1992

Folder 7 – 1993

Folder 8 – Photos from Vern, 1993
     This folder contains photos sent to the ITA archivist by Vern Kagarice in 1993.  They are of events and individuals, mostly undated.  The dated photos were placed in the appropriate year, and the rest were left together as found.

Folder 9 – Photos – Kohlenburg files, 1993/1994

Folder 10 – 1994

Folder 11 – 1994/1995 – I

Folder 12 – 1994/1995 – II

Box 2

Folder 1 – Scans – Winter, 1999

Folder 2 – Slides – "75th", 2001

Folder 3 – nd I
     The original folder was titled "ITA Pictures "III-13-1"

Folder 4 – nd II
     The original folder was titled "ITA Pictures "III-13-1"

Folder 5 – nd III
     The original folder was titled "ITA Pictures "III-13-1"

Folder 6 – nd IV

Folder 7 – nd V

Folder 8 – nd VI

Series 13 – Photographs and Promotional Material, Alphabetical

 Processor's note – These are mostly individual shots kept for possible use in promotional materials or use in the ITA Journal. There is some overlap between the Events (Series 10) and the Alphabetical files. These folders are not numbered due to the assumption that they will be added to from time to time. Any correspondence has been removed from these folders and filed with the Series 10 – Events, as well as non-individual and group photographs relating to specific events, such as the annual workshops/festivals.

Box 1 (A-B)


Adams, Clifford (1952-2015)

Andre, Wayne (1931-2003)

Anderson, Clifton (b. 1957)

Anderson, Edwin/"Ed" (b. 1914)

Anderson, Miles (b. 1937)
     This folder also contains bios, resumes, newspaper clippings and other promotional material regarding Miles Anderson.

Annapolis Brass Quintet

Appalachian Brass Quintet

Arkansas Low Brass Symposium, 1991

Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet


Bahr, Edward R. (b. 1941)

Baker, Edwin D. ("Buddy")

Baker, Tony

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Trombone Section, 1981

Bankhead, James M.

     Major Bankhead was the conductor of the United States Air Force Band.

Barbour, William

Baron, Art (b. 1950)

Barr, Ed

Barron, Ronald

Mojmir Bartek (b. 1942)

Bassett, Leslie (1923-2016)

Bauer, Paul

Beck, Allen E. (1937-2016)

Becquet, Michel (b. 1954)

Bert, Eddie or Edward Joseph Bertolatus (1922-2012)

Beversdorf, Samuel Thomas (1924-1981)

Biddlecome, Jim

Bienenfeld, Lolly (or Lollie)

Bliege, Scott R.

Bob Jones University Trombone Choir

Bollinger, Blair

Bonvisutto, Vince

Bower, Rebecca

Bowman, Brian L.

Brass Prism

Brevig, Per A. (b. 1938)

Bridgewater Antiphonal Brass Society Horn Section

Brookmeyer, Robert "Bob" Edward (1929-2011)

Broussard, George LeBlanc (1943-2017)

Brown, Garnett (b. 1936)

Brown, Keith (b. 1933)

Brown, Lawrence (1907-1988)

Brown, Leon F. (1918-2002)

Brown, Keith (b. 1933)

Bucher, Pia

Buchman, Heather (b. 1965)

Budin, Jeffrey

Bulla, Phil

Burnett, Dayle ("Rambone")

Burtis, Sam

Box 2 (C- E)


Carelli, Gerrard

Campbell, Larry

Canadian Brass

Carlson, Eric

Case, Ray

Chasanov, Elliot L.

Chestnut, Walter (1936-2007)

Cheviardone, Joe

Chicago Symphony Trombone Section

Christmann, Günter (b. 1942)

Cleveland, James "Jimmy" Milton (1926-2008)

Cooper, George (Buster) (1929-2016)

Coffey, John W. (1907-1981)

Conant, Abbie I

Conant, Abbie II

Constanzo, Dominic (Sonny) (1932-1993)

Covington, Warren (1921-1999)

Cravens, Terry

Cramer, William F. (1918-1989)

Crisafulli, Frank (1916-1988)

Cryder, Richard


Davis, Jo

Dempster, Stuart (b. 1936)

Dickenson, Vic (1906-1984)

Dobson, Glenn (1931-2007)

Douay, Jean (b. 1936)

Drew, John

Durham, Eddie (1906-1987)


Elias, Joel

Emerald Brass

Empire Brass

English, Jon (b. 1942)

Ensemble de Trombone de Paris

Erb, Donald (1927-2008)

Erdman, James

Erickson, Robert (1917-1997)

Ervin, Tom

Everett, Thomas Gregory (b. 1944)

Box 3 (F-H)


Fedchock, John (b. 1957)

Ferguson, Paul, 1991

Fetter, David

Fillio, Lloyd (1929-2015)

Fink, Reginald Hedges (b. 1931)

Fitzgerald, Jimmy

Fletcher, John (1941-1987)

Folke, Rabe (b. 1935)

Fontana, Carl (1928-2003)

Forbes, Vernon

Fowler, Bruce L. (b. 1947)

Foy, Ken

Friedman, Jay (b. 1939)

Fulkerson, James Orville (b. 1945)

Fuller, Curtis (b. 1934)

Fumasoli, John


Gade, Per (b. 1944)

Gale, Jack

Gane, Peter

Gardner, Herb

Garluck, Scott

Garvin, Keig Edward (1915-2010)

Gay, Paul (b. 1936)

Gillingham, David (b. 1947)

Globokar, Vinko (b. 1934)

Good, Dennis

Goodwin, Peter

Gray, Robert (1926-2008)

Griffith, Leif

Green, David H.

Green, Ubie (b. 1926)

Greenwall, Steven

Greiner, Anthony

Grey, Al (1925-2000)

Griffin, Dick (b. 1940)

Grissom, Eugene E.

Guion, David Michael


Haan, Simone de (b. 1953)

Hall, Mike

Hampton, Slide (Locksley Wellington Hampton) (b. 1932)

Hanson, Wesley

Harper, Herbie (Herbert) (1920-2012)

Hartman, Mark

Hartman, Scott

Hejda, Miloslav

Henderson, Jimmy (1921-1998)

Herwig, Conrad (b. 1959)

Himes, A.C. (Buddy)

Hinterbichler, Karl

Hoena, Gustav

Hudson, Rod

Hull, Ed

Humfeld, Neill (1928-1991)

Humphrey, George

Hunt, Norman J.

Hunt, Paul

Box 4 (I- M)


I.P.O. Players

Irvin, Tom

Isele, Robert (1918-2004)

Itoh, Kiyoshi, June 1985


Jackson, Quentin "Butter" (1909-1976)

Jacob, Gordon, 1895-1984)

Jacobs, Arnold (1915-1998)

Janks, Hal

Jeffers, Jack (1928)

Jenkins, Randal Mark

Jensen, John

Jett, C. David

Johnson, Birch

Johnson, Tommy

Josel, Rudolf, (b. 1939)

Juhnke, Jerry

Jung, Helge (1943-2013)


Kagarice, Vern Leon (1942-2014)

Kansai Trombone Ass.

Kaplan, Alan

Karcyzinski, Raymond

King, Robert

Kleinhammer, Edward (1919-2013)

Knaub, Donald

Kneeburg, Don

Knepper, James Minter "Jimmy", 1927-2003)

Kohlenberg, Randy

Kraft, James


Langlitz, David

Lane, G.B.

Las Vegas Trombones

Laurence, Mark

Leisenring, John

Lemke, Jeffrey J.

Leno, H. Lloyd, 1925-1998)

Lindberg, Christian (b. 1958)

Lister, Richard A.

Liston, Melba Doretta (1926-1999)

Lombardo, Jonathan

Los Angeles Philharmonic Trombone Section

Lucas, Don

Luening, Warren (b. 1941)

Lumpkin, Royce

Lunievicz, John

Luper, Loren

Lusher, Don (1923-2006)

Lyon, Ernest E. (1916-2005)


Madden, Edward J. "Eddie" (b. 1930)

Magliocco, Hugo

Malone, Thomas "Bones" (b. 1947)

Manderbach, Charles Glen "Chuck" (b. 1937)

Manglesdorff, Albert (1925-2005)

Manson, David

Marcellus, John

Marsalis, Winton (b. 1961)

Marstellar, Loren

Massed Brass Choir

Masso. George (b. 1926)

Mauger, Jacques (b. 1959(

Maur, Barry

McCulloh, Byron

McDunn, Mark (1921-2002)

McKinney, Harold

Meinl, Gerhard

Memphis Trombone Quartet

Meridian Arts Ensemble

Meredith, Ned & Van

Mills, Dave

Mitchell, Grover

Morrow, Buddy (born Mudi Zudekoff) (1919-2010)

Mostoller, Lynn

Mudge, Suzanne

Mulcahy, Michael

Musikhochschule Cologne (Germany)


Box 5 (N-R)


Nagy, Istvan

Neumeister, Ed (b. 1952)

Nicar, L. Howard "Zeke" (d. 1997)

Nicholson, Dan

Nilson, Vincent

Norrell, Steve

Northern Illinois Trombone Ensemble


Oklahoma Trombone Workshop

Olin, James

Olson, Curtis

O'Quinn, Keith

Ordman, Ava

Orosz, Joseph
     This folder contains a cassette tape of an interview by Tom Everett with Joe Orosz, with a transcript.

Ostrander, Allen (1909-1994)

Owens, Joe


Palmer, Philip

Pearce, Bill, 1976 – Photos – Correspondence – Promotional Material

Pecora, Santo "Mr. Tailgate" (1902-1984)

Perantoni, Daniel Thomas (b. 1941)

Perdicaris, Steve

Peebles, Byron (1931-2017)

Phillips, Robert

Plsek, Tom

Plog, Tony

Porter, Bill

Powell, Benjamin Gordon "Benny" (1930-2010)

Pratt, Bobby (1927-1994)

Premru, Raymond

Pressler, Bernard

Pressler, Ralph & Billy Robinson

Prussing, Ron

Pryor, Arthur (1869-1942)

Pugh, James E. (b. 1950)

Pulis, Gordon


Randazzo, Joe

Rangelov, Angel

Raph, Alan (b. 1933)

Rehak, Frank (1926-1987)

Reichenbach, William F, Jr.

Reifsnyder, Robert

Reinhardt, Donald S. (1908-1986)

Remington, Emory (1892-1971)

Resnick, Ephie

Reynolds, Tom

Rigo, Lorenzo

Rizner, Fred

Roberts, George (1928-2014)

Roberts, James

Robinson, Janice Elaine (b. 1951)

Robinson, William E. "Bill"

Rogers, Douglas

Romersa, Henry

Roos, Ingemar

Rosin, Armin (b. 1939)

Rosolino, Frank (1926-1978)

Roznoy, Richard T.

Rupp, Kenny

Rutherford, Paul

Box 6 (S-T)


Sacks, Dave

Sares, Art

Sauer, Ralph ("Sonny")

Schmoke, Jordan

Schooley, John Heilman (b. 1943)

Schuller, Gunther (1925-2015)

Scott, Betty

Seminole Sackbut Society of Florida State University (FSU Trombone Choir), April 6, 1983

Sertl, Doug (b. 1961)

Shields, Harry

Shiner, Matthew A. "Matty" (1913-2003)

Slaughter, Sue

Sloane, Gerald H. "Gerry"

Slokar, Branimir (b. 1947)

Sluchin, Benny

Small, Charlie (1927-2017)

Smith, Frank & Mary

Smith, Gene

Smith, H. Dennis (1937-2100)

Smith, Henry Charles (b. 1931)

Stevens, Ed

Stevens, Milt (1942-2007)

Stewart, M. Dee

Stock, Jaxon, 1970s – Correspondence

Streeter, Thomas

Strieby, Lawrence

Stuart, David

Summit Brass Trombones, 1991

Svanberg, Carsten (b. 1945)

Swallow, John (1924-2012


Tanner, Paul (1917-2013)

Taylor, David Michael (b. 1944)

Taylor, Jeffrey A.

Tennyson, Robert S.

Texas Tech Ensemble

Thelin, Eje (1938-1990)

Tokyo Trombone Ensemble, 1981

Torchinsky, Abe

Tower Brass Quintet

Tracy, Sheila (1934-2014)

Tri-College Trombone Choir

Trimmer, Peter

Troutt, William, 1985

Trudel, Alain (b. 1966)

Turk, Thomas Eugene "Tommy" (1927-1981)

Turre, Stephen Johnson "Steve" (b. 1948)


United Brass Quintet
     The members of the quintet are, left to right: Dan Lasdow, Bob Ferrante, Steve Shaw, Bob Nichols, Ted Haines

United States Naval Academy Bands/Barnville Bones

United States Navy Band

University of Arizona Trombone Workshop, October 1985

Ulyate, Lloyd

Upchurch, John D.


van Haney, Lewis (1920-1991)

van Lier, Bart (b. 1945)

van Lier, Eric (b. 1950)

Vernon, Charles (b. 1948)

Vivona, Pete


Wagner, Irvin L.

Waldrup, Don

Ward, Chuck

Watrous, William Russell "Bill" (b. 1939)

Weed, Larry

Weiss, Robert

Wells, William "Dickie" (1907-1985)

Welsch, Chauncey (1927-2008)

Welshman, Lynn

Western Michigan University School of Music

Whigham, Oliver Haydn "Jiggs" (b. 1943)

Wick, Denis (b. 1931)

Wiehe, Lawrence "Larry", Jr. (1928-1992) I
     Larry Wiehe was the subject of an exhibition after his death in 1992 and these folders contain the photos, newspaper clippings, music and other materials from that exhibit, as well as publicity photos used for his appearances at various ITA workshops.  These folders also contain photos of Lawrence Wiehe, Jr. throughout his life and career and includes his WWII medal and citation, signed by President Truman.

Wiehe, Lawrence "Larry", Jr. (1928-1992) II

Wiehe, Lawrence "Larry", Jr. (1928-1992) III
     This folder contains reproductions of two pieces of music often played by Wiehe, A Trombone Chronology by Werle and Frederick Innes trombone solo Phenomenal.  It also contains a photograph of Wiehe's naval group, Company 134 of the USN, U.S. Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA, April 18, 1946.
     Processor's note – This folder is filed in the ITA oversized box, located between Series 13 and the AV material.

Winter, Denis

Williams, Jeanne

Wilson, Dennis

Wilson, Phil (b. 1937)

Windfeld, Axel

Winding, Kai (1922-1983)

Winter, Denis

Woodman, Britt (1920-2000)

Wu Han Conservatory Trombone Choir


Zimmerman, Larry J.

Zimmerman, Tim and the King's Brass

Zola, Larry



     [Processor's note:  The following boxes are from the Sibley Library shipment and are unprocessed as of July, 2017.  They include cassette tapes, cds, lps, dvds and other audio/visual items.]

Box 26 – A-V Material
Box 27 – A-V Material
Box 28 – A-V Material
Box 29 – A-V Material
Box 30– A-V Material
Box 31 – A-V Material
Box 32 – A-V Material
Box 33 – A-V Material
Box 34 – A-V Material
Box 35 – A-V Material
Box 36 – A-V Material
Box 37 – A-V Material
Box 38 – A-V Material
Box 39 – A-V Material
Box 40 – A-V Material
Box 41 – A-V Material
Box 42 – A-V Material
Box 43 – A-V Material
Box 44 – A-V Material
Box 45 – A-V Material
Box 46 – Ephemera



ITA Special Collection 1

SC 1 – Glenn D. Bridges (1899-1981)

Glenn Dewey Bridges was born April 11, 1899 in Findlay, IL and died December 27, 1981 in Fraser, Michigan. His parents were Walter Nelson Bridges (b. 1865) and Sarah Field Bridges. He is buried in Highland Cemetery in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He married Althea May Gordon (February 2, 1904-February 9, 1988) on Jun 29, 1928 in Detroit.
According to a biographical sketch by Glenn P. Smith, "He played the Eb alto and Bb tenor horns before switching to trombone. Instruction was by correspondence from A.F. Weldon of Chicago, and later by private lessons with Joseph L. Huber in St. Louis. He played with several town bands in Illinois and Missouri, with an Army band I World War I, with circus bands, and with factory bands sponsored by both Chevrolet and Doge. For many years he worked for the Chrysler Corporation in Detroit and became a supervisor at one of the plants. Although he gradually stopped playing professionally after joining Chrysler, he maintained his membership in the Musicians Union in Detroit." Smith went on to say, "Glenn had been keenly interested in early American bands and their soloists during his entire lifetime. He kept files of magazine articles, pictures, and correspondence with brass instrument pioneers. Many trips were taken during vacations and after retiring from Chrysler in 1961 to obtain additional information from relatives, friends and genealogical sources concerning brass pioneers. His extensive record collection dates chiefly from the 1920s and 30s. He was probably the foremost authority concerning the brass players of the Sousa era." Bridges himself summed up his career in a brief bio for the 1972 Trombone Workshop, where he wrote:
"Glenn D. Bridges – studied trombone (1913) with Mr. A.F. Weldon, and later with Mr. J.L. Huber (Protégé of Herbert Clarke) in St. Louis. Professional experience: Concert Bands, Theater, etc., Circus and Minstrel trouping. Employed 30 years with Chrysler Corp. Now retired. Large collection of early Brass records. Author Pioneers in Brass. Numerous magazine articles regarding the Pioneers Brass players." He was also a charter member of the International Trombone Association and served on various committees, as well as offering clinics at the annual International Trombone Workshops.
This collection is arranged in 9 series:
Series 1 – Correspondence
This series also includes family photographs and newspaper clippings.
Series 2 – Orders
Series 3 – Research
This series is further divided into: Individuals; Music; Newspaper & Magazine Clippings; Programs; and Subject Files.
Series 4 – Printing
This series includes all aspects of the production of his books, drafts, including copyright matters, printing, binding, advertisement and other activities relating to their creation and distribution.
Series 5 – Books
This series includes books both owned by and written by Bridges. The books have been separated from the collection for cataloging and shelving with the ITA-related publications.
Series 6 – Catalogs and Discographies
Series 7 – Periodicals
Series 8 – Sheet Music
Series 9 – Administrative Files of the Bridges Archives
Framed photographs and some materials in scrapbooks have been removed and filed in the appropriate folders.
Series 10 – Scrapbooks

Series 1 – Correspondence

Bridges had an extensive correspondence with many of his contemporary brass players of the early 20th century, focusing on John Philip Sousa and Richard Pryor.  At some point, an attempt was made to put letters to and from some individuals into separate folders.  This was not completed, and these people had some letters in both their own folders and in the general correspondence.  The current processor of this collection decided to combine Bridges correspondence, research queries and most of the individual folders into one series (Correspondence), arranged chronologically, with a listing of selected correspondents in each folder . Also included in the correspondence folders are such things as certificates, membership cards, and the occasional photograph.

At time went on, Bridges' interest expanded to include research on his pamphlet, Cornet Talks and culminated in his book, Pioneers in Brass (often referred to as "P.I.B." in the letters) and its subsequent revisions and reprinting.  Beginning in the 1940s or earlier Bridges' began to reformat music from his large collection of early recordings onto tape and sell them.  Orders for these "on-demand" tapes were included in the correspondence.  Before 1964, when the book was first published, orders for the book and tapes were mixed in with the general correspondence.  Orders for both the tapes and his publications often developed into lengthy exchanges of letters, and became research documents as well as correspondence.  Beginning in 1964, the routine orders for his publications and tapes were placed in Series 2 – Orders.

There are some folders with materials relating to Bridges' research into specific individuals.  If these materials could not be related to a specific letter in the general correspondence as, for example, death certificates or music programs, they were left in their folders and were filed in Series 3 – Research.

Correspondence regarding the printing, binding, publication, advertising and other activities relating to his book and pamphlet are in Series 4 – Printing.

Bridges kept carbon copies of some outgoing letters, but many of these do not have the name of the recipient, with most being addressed as "Dear Friend". If the name could be determined, the processor included it within brackets above the salutation.  If the recipient answered Bridges' letter on the back, or below Bridges' text, the letter is filed under the later date of the response if known.  If not, it is filed under the date of the outgoing letter.

Those correspondents who were represented by separate folders are listed below.  The dates indicate the contents of those separate folders, but there may have been other letters in the general correspondence outside the date range indicated.  The separate folders were for:

Ed Bahr (1975-1978)
Harold B. Bachman (1916-1972)
H. T. Brasch (mainly 1943-1948)
Paul Bierley (1926-2016) His letters date from 1960 to 1976.  Many of these letters are from Bridges to Bierley and were donated by Mr. Bierley in 1989 to the ITA archives.  They have been interfiled in the general correspondence folder.
Jaroslav (Jerry) Cimera (mainly 1924, 1943-1957)
Edwin Clarke (mainly 1915-1917)
Ernest Clarke (1922-1941)
Herbert Lincoln Clarke (1867- 1945) – Letters from 1916-1948.
Robert Clarke (1924-1933)
Merle Evans (1930-1973)
Ernest B. Fox ("E.B.") (1940s-1950s, including letters between Fox and Frank McGrann as well as with Glenn D. Bridges)
Patrick S. Gilmore (1968-1971)
Norman Henckel (1966-1973)
Ward Hodge (d. October 27, 1980) – His letters date mainly from the 1960s to 1980.
John Horn (1915, 1923)
Joseph Huber (1928-1949) and later with his widow, Flora
Paul Jackson, nephew of Glenn D. Bridges
Eugene (Gene) La Barr (1888-October 19, 1956) – His letters date mainly from 1952 to 1956, with a few from his widow, Flora, in 1957.
Arthur W. (Art) Lehman (September 24, 1917 – June 19, 2009) did not have a separate folder but was a longtime correspondent from 1944 onwards.
Cliff Lillya (did not have a separate folder but was a longtime correspondent)
Frank McGrann (d. 1961)-Letters from 1943-1961, including letters between McGrann and Ernest B. Fox as well as with Glenn D. Bridges.  His son, John McGrann, informed Bridges of his father's death in a letter of June, 1964.  He mentions enclosing some correspondence of possible interest to Bridges.  This is most probably the source of the letters between McGrann and E.B. Fox.

After Glenn's death in December of 1981, his widow Althea M. Bridges continued the correspondence and the book sales, although the recordings ceased.

Box 1 – Correspondence, 1915-1953

Folder 1 – 1915-1919

     This folder contains correspondence between Edwin G. Clarke, a musician and later the business manager of John Philip Sousa's band, and Frank McGrann.  It also contains:  Bridges' high school certificate of final examination dated April 20, 1915; certificate of training at Camp Zachary Taylor, March 16, 1918; orders for Bridges to report for military duty at the Field Artillery Control Officers Training (F.A.C.O.T.), dated October 30, 1918 (with the roster of his training class certificate of instruction from the unit; union cards dated June 1, 1919 and October 1, 1919 issued as a member of the "Musicians' Protective Union, Local no. 282, A.F. of M" [American Federation of Musicians] of Alton, Ill.

Folder 2 – 1920-1922

     This folder contains: Bridges' YMCA membership card, dated February 18, 1920; a Photostat of a letter from Innes to Ernest Pechin dated April 28, 1920; Booklet titled "Roster, Instrumentation, Honor Roll, Constitution and By-Laws of the Musicians' Post No. 394 American Legion", 1920; a photocopy of a letter dated January 13, 1921 from Herbert L. Clarke to Elden E. Benge regarding a possible change from playing a Cornet to a Trumpet, which Clarke referred to as "only a foreign fad for the time present, and is only used properly in large orchestras of 60 or more, for dynamic effects, and was never intended as a solo instrument".  The folder also contains Glenn Bridges' daily listing of his performances with the C. B. H. Circus during their 1922 season.  A letter from Frederick Neil Innes dated July 24, 1922, concerns his home study course for trombone and Bridges' inquiry about the course.  A printed summary of Innes' course is attached, as well as a copy of his Elementary Trombone Lesson No. 22.  Also included is a letter from Ernest Clarke to Bridges dated December 27, 1922 and several postcards from 1922.

Folder 3 – 1923-1929

     This contains letters between J. L. Huber and Hubert L. Clarke, as well as correspondence between Bridges and Robert E. Clark.  There is a photocopy of a letter from Arthur Pryor to Loren J. Luper dated October 3, 1923 concerning the possibility of a trombone opening in Pryor's band.  There is Bridges' daily calendar of his activities during 1924.  Bridges' American Legion card dated November 10, 1926 is here.  There is also a letter of encouragement from C. B. Sorensen to Glenn Bridges dated 2/15/1927.  There is a photostat of a letter from Innes to Ernest Pechin dated April 28, 1920

Folder 4 – 1930-1939

    This folder contains letters from Henry D. McCallum, Robert E. Clark, Joseph L. Humber, and Ernest L. Clarke.  There is also a letter from then Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt thanking Bridges for his letter to FDR after his campaign speech at the armory in Detroit in 1932.  There is a family photograph dated 1934 with Loren, Glenn, W.A (the father), and Cecil Bridges.  There is also a photograph of Glenn and Althea Bridges at their home in Detroit, Michigan, dated 1936.

Folder 5 – 1940-1944

This contains several letters from Frank McGrann to Bridges, as well as other correspondents, concerning the history of bands in the late 19th and early 20th century in the U.S.  There is also a letter from John Hazel with a 100th Anniversary Programme (1831-1931) for the Repasz Band of Williamsport, Pa.  There is a photocopy of a letter from Herbert L. Clarke to Joseph L. Huber dated January 10, 1944 with many memories of early players and comments on a number of musical pieces.

Folder 6 – 1945-1946

     This folder includes:  Certificates of Supervisory Training from the Chrysler Corporation dated April and October, 1945, a certificate from the U.S. War Department Corps of Engineers, Manhattan District expressing appreciation of Bridges effective service in the production of the Atomic Bomb date 6 August, 1945 materials relating to the Bridges family genealogy, dated September 27, 1945; Selective Service classification, dated November 5, 1945; insurance papers. personal letters and photographs and letters from members of military band during World War II.

Folder 7 – 1947-1949

     This folder includes: plans and construction photos of a house being built at 1585 Oramas Road, Santa Barbara, CA in 1947 sent by Ernest B. Fox, who is referred to as "E.B." in the correspondence.  E.B. Fox was apparently in business with Bridges before World War II.  Also included are letters documenting the resumption of this business after the war.  Bridges sold music recordings, mostly brass but including woodwind and other instruments as well.  He sold these reformatted records to many schools and private collectors all over the world.  There is a letter of July 20, 1949 from the Woodymay Record Company with a detailed discussion and diagram of the process to amplifying sound from Edison cylindrical records and converting the sound to audiotape and to 33 1/3 r.p.m. records.

Folder 8 – 1950

     This folder is mainly correspondence relating to his business, as well as his initial research in what became his book, Pioneers of Brass.  There are numerous letters from A. W. Lehman, a brass player in the U.S. Marine Band (The President's Own), both regarding particular pieces of recorded music, as well information about Lehman's touring schedules and music in general.  There are postcards from him to Bridges, as well as programs for concerts by the Marine Band during the decade.  There are several letters from Frank McGrann as well as one from Arthur Pryor, Jr., concerning his father, Arthur Pryor, and a letter from Joel Duroe.  There are several letters from Vincent Bach.

Folder 9 – 1951-1953

     There are several letters from Eugene "Gene" La Barre, then the director of the Long Beach Municipal Band, as well as from Frank McGrann.  There is several letters from Jerry Cimera with brochures on some of his music.  There are also several letters from A. W. Lehman present.

Box 2 – Correspondence, 1954-1964

Folder 1– 1954

     The main correspondents during this year were A. W. Lehman, Jerry Cimera, Gene La Barre, and Frank McGrann. There is a letter from J. Howard MacDougall who was selling Ernest Fox house after his death, and telling Bridges that Fox's record collection had been sold to a dealer from New York.  He also talked about what an awful life Fox had and what a job it was to get the house cleaned out for sale.  There are also many requests for audio tapes from Bridge's collection.  There is an honorary membership card for the Long Beach [California] Municipal Band dated August 29, 1954 and a Musician's Purchase Card expiring on December 31, 1954, which was a benefit of being a member of the Detroit Federation of Musicians Local No. 5.

Folder 2 – 1955-1959

     The main correspondents during this period were Ray Wise, A. W. Lehman, Gene La Barr and his widow Flora, and Jerry Cimera.  There is a letter from Louise Sparks of RCA concerning their Auxetophone, "an early electrical amplifier which was used approximately from 1910 to 1912".  There is also a membership card for Mr. and Mrs. Bridges for the Musical Box Society, dated November 7, 1955 and a gold card commemorating ridges 30 years as a member of the Detroit Federation of Musicians, Local S.A.F. of M.

Folder 3 – 1960-1963

     This folder contains orders for music tapes, research into his book and general correspondence.  Major correspondents include Harold Bachman, Paul E. Bierley, C.H. "Clem" Wallace, Joseph Forstner, Paul Jackson, Garry W. Pechin (with biographical information on his father, Ernest Frank Pechin, and Arthur W. Lehman.  There are also several letters of Bridges.  Bridges' Gold Card from the Chrysler Corporation, presented to him on February 28, 1961 "in appreciation for many years of loyal service," is included in this folder, as is a 1963 Spring Route Sheet from Leonard B. Smith is at the end of this folder.

Folder 4 – January-March, 1964

     Much of this material deals with research on Bridges' book Pioneers of Brass, as well as his business activities of selling the books and making recordings on demand of early brass and band music from his large collection of such music.  These activities continued throughout the rest of his life and are reflected in his correspondence.  There are many instances where a request to purchase one of his books or a recording would prompt someone to mention that a relative had played in a band and an exchange of anecdotes and photos would ensue between Bridges and a potential source of further information about brass players and bands.  Among the correspondents are:  Arthur W. Lehmann, Harold Bachman, Paul W. Giles, Garry W. Pechin, Mrs. Joseph Huber (her first letter to Bridges), Joe Duroe, Ray H. Wise, Joseph Forstner, Rose F. Burke (concerning her father, Milo Burke) and Cliff Lillya (his earliest letter to Bridges found).

Folder 5 – April-June, 1964

     This folder contains mainly research-related material as well as some orders for music duplication.  Among the correspondents are:  Glen H. Dando (concerning Herbert "Bert" F. Brown), Rose F. Burke (concerning her father, Milo Burke), Ray H. Wise, Harold B. Bachman, and John McGrann (concerning his father, Frank McGrann).

Folder 6 – July-December, 1964

     This folder contains research-related material as well as some pre-orders for his book, Pioneers in Brass.  There is some correspondence related to birth and death certificates of people to be included in the book.  The actual certificates are in the folder titled "Death Certificates".  Among the correspondents are:  James Varney (concerning R.B. Hall and a memorial to him dedicated in 1936); Paul W. Giles; Jim Walsh, Harold B. Bachman, Mrs. L. H. "Mary C." Smith (concerning Walter Rogers), Paul E. Bierley, and Garry W. Pechin.

Box 3 – Correspondence, 1965-1966

Folder 1 – January-September, 1965

     This folder contains some research related correspondence as well as congratulations and comments on the recently published Pioneers in Brass.  Routine orders are filed in the "Orders" folder.  If an order included any personal comments, it was put with the regular correspondence.  Among the correspondents are:  Harold B. Bachman, William F. Ludwig, Bill Pryor, Anthony "Tony" Amour, Joel Duroe (several), Mario Granata, Paul Giles (several), Paul Lasswell, Arthur W. Lehman, Garry Pechin, Ward Hodge, William Marshall, Rose F. Burke, Ray Wise, Sylvester "Hooley" Aloha, Clifford P. Barnes, S.P. Newcomb, Glenn Smith, Paul E. Bierley (several), The British Institute of Recorded Sound, and Leonard B. Smith.

Folder 2 – October-December, 1965

     This contains more congratulations and comments on Pioneers in Brass.  Among the correspondents are:  Garry Pechin, Robert Calese, S.E. Mear, Paul M. Giles, and Paul E. Bierley.

Folder 3 – January-June, 1966

     This folder contains mainly more congratulations and comments about the book.  Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Robert S. Calese (who included comments about bass players he had known), William Marshall (who included comments about people mentioned in Bridge's book and also some specific pieces of music), Meredith Willson (who thanked Bridges for mentioning him on page 40 of the book), a review of the book in the School Musician Magazine, Norman E. Hinkel (with reminiscences of his days in a band and of his fellow players), Harold B. Bachman, George W. DeMott, Rose F. Burke, Lynn L. Sams, Sverre O. Braathen (concerning his research own on circus bands and their directors and players), R.B. Campbell, Arthur Winn (who in his second letter in the folder enclosed copies of several letters and envelopes from his days of playing in the 1920s), W.F. Hodge (who shares memories of joining the army at 16 in 1897 and playing in the unit band and of his director, Major Michael Albert Quinto), Dale Harris of the American School Band Directors, Flora Huber (thanking Bridges for his section on her husband, Joseph Huber), Rose Burke, Garry W. Pechin, Donald F. Leach, Jim Walsh, and Paul E. Bierley.

Folder 4 – July-September, 1966

     This folder contains mainly more congratulations and comments about the book, as well as continuing research on a possible second edition.  Among the correspondents in this folder are: Harold "Cuz" Faulkener, Clarence E. Hurrell, Marie Kryl (who had married Micla Gusikoff, Leo A. de Mers, Garry Pechin, Joe Duroe, Norman E. Hinkel, Ward F. Hodge, Donald F. Leach,

Folder 5 – October-December, 1966

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Garry Pechin, Ward F. Hodges, Paul W. Giles, William F. Santelmann (concerning a photograph sought by Bridges of Ole May), Arthur L. Winn (concerning the death of musician Bill Culley who had been "struck down by a drunk driver"), Allen Britton, King Ross (with some criticisms of Bridges' book), William Marshall, and Paul E. Bierley.

Box 4 – Correspondence, 1967-August, 1968

Folder 1 – January-March, 1967

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Norman E. Hinkel (concerning a photograph of Sousa's band and another letter referring to the death of Frank Simon and information about King), Don Leach, Eleanor Saunders (concerning Louise Horne the Lady Cornetist that Bridges was researching.  She also mentions other female brass players that he might want to include in any revision/update of the book.), Lynn L. Sams (concerning his review of Pioneers in Brass in the American Bandmasters Association Newsletter and the death of Frank Simon), Allan Britton (concerning an offer by Bridges to sell 120 of his early recording to the University of Michigan School of Music and a counter-proposal to buy copies of the recording made by Bridges), Rose F. Burke (2 letters), Arthur W. Lehman, Paul E. Bierley, Ward Hodge, Albert R. Gish (2 letters concerning Thomas H. King), Mrs. Charles (Grace May) Randall (2 letters concerning her husband "Charlie"), and Clifford P. Barnes (several letters in this folder concerning several people whom Bridges was researching for his revised edition including Tom King and Ole May).

Folder 2 – April-June, 1967

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Clifford Barnes (several letters concerning research for Bridges and mentioned in one of April 26 that he was sending Bridges "a cylinder record of my Dad's recording of Dorothy which they call a schottische."), Paul E. Bierley (several), Harold B. Bachman; and Norman C. Schweikert (several concerning ordering some tapes and later exchanging information with Bridges about early brass players).

Folder 3 – July-December, 1967

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Clifford P. Barnes (2 letters), Bob Hoe, Paul E. Bierley, Nolbert Hunt Quayle (2 letters in this folder concerning his personal acquaintance with many of the people mentioned in Bridges' book), Harold B. Bachman (2 letters), Paul W. Giles (several letters, one enclosing some photographs of himself and others at the grave of R. B. Hall and one of the portable band shell in the state of Maine), Lynn Sams (several letters concerning Mabel Leick, who played the cornet in "Girl orchestras", as well as other female performers of the time), Norman E. Hinckely; Ward Hodge, and Nora H. Arquit (several).

Folder 4 – January-April, 1968

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Nora H. Arquit (4 letters), letter from Bridges to S.A. Langkammer of Record List offer to sell him 800-900 records and his reply offering Bridges 10 cents per disc, Charles D. Nicholls (3 letters, including an envelope of photographs), Lynn L. Sams (3 letters); Norman E. Hinckel, Joan F. Wood (concerning the Manchester, MA Press obituary of B.A. Rolfe on April 27, 1956), Arthur W. Lehman, Allen G. Debus (several) concerning the possible purchase of some of Bridges' record collection, Jacob S. Schneider regarding the possible purchase of part of Bridges' record collection, and Harold B. Bachman (concerning Bridges' gall bladder operation).

Folder 5 – May-August, 1968

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  William Marshall, Stan White, a collector of early records, with a multi-page list of Bridges' records he was considering selling to White, Ward F. Hodge, Nora H. Arquit, Joan F. Wood (concerning the Manchester, MA Press obituary of B.A. Rolfe on April 27, 1956), Arthur W. Lehman, Harold B. Bachman (concerning Bridges' gall bladder operation), and William Marshall.

Box 5 – Correspondence, 1968-1970

Folder 1 – September-December, 1968

Folder 2 – January-June, 1969

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Mary Stapleton of the Allegan (MI) News and Gazette (concerning the obituary of Hale VanderCook), Joseph Forstner (concerning Hale VanderCrook and other early brass players), Mrs. Flora Huber (several letters concerning her husband, Joseph L. Huber), Margie J. O'Connell of the Calumet (MI) Public Schools (regarding the Calumet & Hecla Band), Harold B. Bachman, Norman E. Hinkel, S. A. Langkammerer (concerning his record business and an accident that evolved his daughter and several grandchildren, (Langkammerer bought many of Bridges' records around this time.), Nancy Staigers (concerning her husband Delaware (Del) Charles Staigers, and Lynn L. Sams Corporation (concerning the Dunbar family and its involvement in "furnishing musical acts for Chautauqua acts, usually a quartette or sextette of girl vocalists").  Also here is the registration for Bridges' new 1969 Valiant Signet, dated June 24, 1969.

Folder 3 – July-December, 1969

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Lynn L. Sams (concerning more about the Chautauqua days, as well as circus bands), Paul E. Bierley, Thomas C. Bardwell (concerning R.B. Hall), William Marshall (several), Birley R. Gardner of the Navajo Tribal Band (concerning photographs of the band), Elden C. "Buster" Bailey, a member of the NY Philharmonic for 20 years (concerning Brass and concert bands, as well as Circus Bands and their evolution and history.  Bridges' reply to this letter was dated November 3, 1969 with two pages of his reminiscences of his days with circus bands, minstrel shows.  He also lists some circus memorabilia that he would be willing to sell for 30 dollars (Bailey replied on December 7 with his check enclosed), Arthur Lehman, Norman E. Hinkel, Allen Ostrander, Harold B. Bachman, (concerning information on VanderCook and making comments on Bridges' article on him) and Frank Falcone (concerning his father, Mario Falcone who played trombone in European opera houses, and in the US with Oscar Hammerstein's Manhattan Opera, the NY Philharmonic from 1909 to1943, premiering the bolero with Toscanini conducting in 1928 or 1929).  There is also a Greyhound busbill showing where Bridges shipped a box of records to Thomas Pollard in Soquel, California, dated December 9, 1969

Folder 4 – January-June, 1970

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Paul Luckey of the Circus World Museum, Harold B. Bachman (several letters in this folder), Allen Ostrander, Frank Falcome (concerning his father, Mario), Elden C. Bailey (concerning Bridges' article about H.A. Vander Cook), Norman E. Hinkel, William J. "Bill" Marshall, Guy F. Foreman (concerning Bridges' article on H.A. Vander Cook ), Irving Levin (2 letters concerning technical aspects of recording), carbon copy of Bridges' letter to a Mr. Stuart (concerning Stuart's Sousa discography), Paul E. Bierley, Arthur W. Lehman, James Smart of the Library of Congress regarding some rare recordings of the 1890s and 1900s, letter from Bridges to Ray Wise, with Wise's reply written on the Bridges' letter, Bill Schuler, Kenny Trimble, and an undated draft of Bridges' bio of T. V. Short (perhaps of June, 1970).  There is a design for an administrative study of American Baptists in Michigan, prepared in January of 1970.  There is also the registration for the Bridges' car, dated February 12, 1970.

Folder 5 – July-December, 1970

     Among the correspondents in this folder are: Helen Wright (concerning Sousa, Jules Levy, and "Ladies Bands"), copy of a letter from Norman E. Hinkel to Ray Dvorak regarding Joh Philip Sousa), Merle Evans (concerning his 61 years in music and his donation of 9 trunks and 30 cartons of music to the Circus World Museum, with 8 filing cabinets to follow and six other letters about his time with circus bands, including two photo postcards of himself.  One has a photograph of Pat Valdo, a circus clown who died November 11, 1970), a letter from Bridges in reply to Merle Evans' letters, and Garry Pechin.  Glenn Bridges' borrowers card from the Detroit Public Library, where he did much of his research on his books and music, is dated July 12, 1970.

Box 6 – Correspondence, 1971-1972

Folder 1 – January-March, 1971

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Norman C. Schweikert, H. J. Romersa (concerning the upcoming National Trombone Workshop in Nashville. The ITA was formed at this meeting), E.C. "Buster" Bailey (concerning the sale of circus memorabilia of the late Clyde Wixom), Paul Luckey (concerning the fire at the Ft. Dodge, Iowa Municipal Bank Library, which destroyed all of Karl King's music "the work of a lifetime"), Harold B. Backman, Joseph Forstner, Jon Nicholson (several concerning his dissertation ), Jim Walsh, Donald Gardiner, Kenny Trimble (concerning his work with the Lawrence Welk Show), and Cliff Lilla

Folder 2 – April-June, 1971

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Harold B. Backman (several); Lee Patrick (concerning publishing a note of Bridges' recording service in the newsletter of the World Saxophone Congress); letter from Bridges to Mr. Patrick concerning his record collection and his general comments about saxophone playing in the past and present); Merle Evans (regarding the death of Karl King; Jim Walsh (regarding early saxophone players as well as the recording career of Patrick Gilmore in the 1890s); Norman Schweikert; T. Harmon (concerning Austyn Edwards, who traveled with a stock company called McKenzie's Merry Makers); Henry J. Romersa (concerning the upcoming trombone workshop); Ward F. Hodge; Donald Gardiner; Paul E. Bierley; and Lynn L. Sams.

Folder 3 – July-October, 1971

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  a letter from Bridges dated 7-7-'71 to Peg and Bills Rare Records (offering to sell part of his record collection, including recordings of classical music, orchestral music, pop orchestras, Americana, show music, Edison cylinders, etc. totaling some 800 in all, plus various catalogs.  he Prasters declined to buy the collection).  Other correspondents include Lee Patrick of the World Saxophone Congress with a copy of its newsletter listing Bridges' historic Saxophone recordings; Arthur Lehman; Norman E. Hinkel (concerning Pryor, Sousa and other early brass players); Clifford Lilly; Arthur Lehman; Joe Forstner (concerning Merle Evans); Arthur Lehman; Jack Linker (concerning his purchase of some of Bridges' cylinders); and Lynn L. Sams.

Folder 4 – November-December, 1971

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Norman E. Hinkel; Ray H. Wise; Steven Brandon (thanking him for his help with Brandan's dissertation research on Walter Jacobs); and Harold B. Bachman (several).

Folder 5 – January-February, 1972

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Garry W. Pechin; Sara Lee Jewell (concerning the death of her husband, Leland Jewell, who was shot and killed during a robbery at the music store where he worked, one week after the completion of his thesis on Ernst Albert Gouturier.  Bridges had been a great help to him in completing his thesis and she called Bridges "his major breakthrough in the study"); a letter from Bridges to Frederick P. Williams of Philadelphia offering to sell him 200 Victor records plus 37 Edison records for 212 dollars including shipping; James B. "Jimmy" Waters, Jr., Mora H. Arquit; Henry Romersa (inviting Bridges to participate in the 2nd National Trombone Workshop in Nashville in late May); Arthur W. Lehman; and Harold B. Bachman.

Folder 6 – March-June, 1972

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Harold B. Bachman (several, including a chain letter. Also included is a letter dated April 6 about Gilmore and his grave. The envelope is marked "Last letter from Bachman); Frederick P. Williams (enclosing a check for 212 dollars to purchase the 237 records from Bridges, mentioned in his earlier letter.  He also offered to buy the 365 records that Bridges mentioned earlier as well, when he decided to sell them.; Harold Hillyer (several); Richerd W. Bowles (announcing the sudden death of Harold B. Bachman on April 10, 1972); Arthur Lehman dated August 6, 1972; and Ward F. Hodge (concerning Louis Boos, and a surviving member of Boos Band named Mr. Schlenker).  There is also a list of recordings which may have been available at the ITW of May/June 1972.

Folder 7 – July-December, 1972

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Paul Yoder (concerning the death of Harold B. Bachman); Ward F. Hodge (concerning Boos Band as well as several about the purchase of part of Bridges' collection of recordings); Paul E. Bierley (several concerning the status of his books on Sousa and Bridges' reply with personal and book-related news, another concerns Arthur Wise.); Larry Weed of ITA, asking Bridges to contribute an article for the first newsletter of the new organization); letter of inquiry from Bridges regarding Jerry Cimera, with a response written at the bottom saying that he died in the spring of 1972; Arthur Wise (concerning a request for permission to quote from Pioneers in Brass); Ward F. Hodge (concerning his recent move); and Merle Evans (several concerning his book and his memories of the early days of brass music.).

Box 7 – Correspondence, 1973-June, 1975

Folder 1 – January-May, 1973

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Allen Koenigsberg of Antique Phonograph Monthly, concerning a review of Pioneers in Brass in his magazine; Norman E. Hinkel; Arthur Lehman (several); Walter I. Kaville, regarding the progress of his book on the golden age of bands; Thomas C. "Tom" Bardwell (2 letters) about the Robert Browne Hall Memorial Band Tape Anthology, which consisted of more than 600 miles of tape recordings of town, municipal and organizational bands, world-wide; John A. Johnson, regarding Sousa and some of his players; Paul E. Bierley (2 letters), regarding Bridges' new address and a Sousa concert in 1926 as well as the status of Bierley's book on Sousa; Henry J. Romersa about the upcoming National Trombone Workshop in Nashville in late May; a list titled "1973 ITA Workshop – Trombone recordings re-recorded on tape from personal collection owned by Glenn Bridges"; and Alvin J. Bernard (2 letters) about the newly revised Pioneers in Brass.

Folder 2 – June-December, 1973

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Paul E. Brierley (3 letters) concerning Bierley's long-awaited book on Sousa; Walter Kaville, concerning his research on Al Sweet; Cliff Lillya; Alvin J. Bernard; Merle Evans, concerning a concert at Disneyland he played in; Paul Erwin (2 letters) about his research on Dr. Frank Simon; Tom Everett of the ITA; Paul Bierley; Ron Graham, regarding a possible reprinting of Bridges' book; Arthur Lehman; L. Wiehe, thanking Bridges for his participation in the International Trombone Workshop in Nashville in the Spring; Henry J. Romersa, inviting him to participate in the 1974 Workshop in Nashville; and Ethel R. Pechin, telling Bridges that the Pechin Music Store, Inc. in Orlando, FL has been "terminated" as of December 31, 1973

Folder 3 – January-May, 1974

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Arthur W. Lehman (several); Tom Everett regarding publishing Bridges' article in the ITA Newsletter or Journal instead of the Instrumentalist with a copy of the article as published in Brass World; Gordon Jackson regarding his attendance at the New York Conference for Brass Scholarships in mid-January; Sverre O. Braathen (3 letters) about Pioneers in Brass with questions about several early brass musicians, his back injury and his memories of circus bands; Arthur W. Lehman (3 letters); Faye O. Braathen (Mrs. Sverre O. Braathen) concerning her husband's back injury and mentions her husband's love of music and how he is steeped in its history; Harold L. Hillyer, Director of Bands at Eastern Illinois University, concerning Bridges' suggestions about Hillyer's choice of music for his band; Lynn L. Sams about Braathen's fall, the difficulties with the post office, Bierley's book on Sousa, issues faced by those who publish books; G. Smith offering to help with Bridges' research at the University of Michigan's music library; Tom Everett about Bridges' article in Brass World; and Paul F. Erwin about Bridges biographical sketch of Frank Simon;

Folder 4 – June-July, 1974

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Paul E. Bierley; Arthur W. Lehman (6 letters); Lynn L. Sams (answering in detail Bridges' letter of March 2 concerning Frank Simon and other early brass players as well as the vicissitudes of self-publishing); Alvin Bernard (concerning record collecting); Stuart Dempster of the University of Washington School of Music (concerning some tapes he ordered, as well as discussing a book he was writing on new trombone techniques); Edward Bahr; Clifford Lillya.  Also there Bridges' AARP card dated June, 1974 and a list titled "1974 ITA Workshop – Trombone recordings re-recorded on tape from personal collection owned by Glenn Bridges". The ITW began on June 4, 1974.

Folder 5 – August-December, 1974

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Arthur Lehman (6 letters); letter to Paul E. Bierley (regarding the death of Gilmore and its effects on his band in the 1880s); Bierley's reply to Bridges' letter with some reviews of Bierley's book enclosed; Stuart Dempster (about Arthur Pryor use of "privileged" notes between low E and pedal Bb); Alfred J. Bernard; Tom Everett (concerning ITA issues); a packet of information from Robert West, managing editor of Brass World, announcing its cessation of publication'; Cliff Lillya (4 letters); and Ronald Stokes.

Folder 6 – January-June, 1975

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Paul E. Bierley (concerning a photograph with some mis-identifications, the old Fillmore Music House publications and wanting more information on Henry Fillmore); Henry Romersa, inviting Bridges to again attend the annual Trombone Workshop in June; letter from Bridges to Paul E. Bierley about Henry Fillmore; Ward F. Hodge (about Mackintosh and VanderCook); Charles Colin (concerning the possibility of publishing Pioneers in Brass); Harold L. Hillyer; Robert Cumming (concerning an article by Bridges in the forthcoming issue of Music Journal on Frank Holton; Clifford Lillya; Mrs. Joseph L. Huber; Ted P. Kexel of Holton (concerning advertising in the Music Journal; Arthur W. Lehman; letter from Bridges to Bierley (concerning Frank Simon, Henry Fillmore, Sousa and upcoming trip to northern Wisconsin; Raymond McCollister who had played with Arthur Pryor concerning the old days (2 letters).  There is also and a list titled "1975 ITA Workshop – Trombone recordings re-recorded on tape from personal collection owned by Glenn Bridges".  The ITW was held May/June of 1975.

Box 8 – Correspondence, July, 1975-March, 1978

Folder 1 – July-December, 1975

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Arthur W. Lehman (4 letters); Raymond McCollister; Paul E. Bierley (concerning Henry Fillmore/Will Huff); Stephen Glover (concerning the reprinting of Pioneers in Brass and proposing that the Brass Press distribute it, but that Bridges would bear the costs of printing); Luther Didrickson of Northwestern University School of Music (2 letters concerning a gold-plated Horton cornet that apparently was custom built for J. L. Huber in August of 1914 and perhaps given to H.L. Clarke); David Dove; Charles Colin (concerning a review of Pioneers in Brass); Norman E. Hinkel (concerning his health, the difficulties of self-publishing, the weather and early brass players); a Get Well card from Charles Colin; Dale Hoyt of Musical Americana Talking Machine Co. (concerning an offer by Bridges to sell his cylinders to them with a second letter that contained their check for 225 dollars for the cylinders and offering to buy his discs for 50 cents apiece); Allen Ostrander (concerning his career and recent retirement); Nathan U. Byers (2 letters concerning ordering some tapes and his views on music and musicians); Edward H. Tarr (several); Ervin H. Kiffman, former private secretary for VanderCook, (concerning some missing lessons in the VanderCook Composition Course, also telling how an accident causing tooth and lip damage ended his playing career but at 84, he is still teaching violin); and Paul E. Bierley (concerning a radio program called "Bond Bakers" perhaps in 1929).

Folder 2 – January-June, 1976

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Kenny Trimble (concerning H. Fillmore, and Trimble's work as a trombonist with the Lawrence Welk show); Arthur W. Lehman (5 letters); W.F. Hodge (4 letters concerning Bridges article on Henry Fillmore, his concern about Bridges' recent hospitalization, Hodge's lists of old acoustical brass recordings, the difficulties of researching the lesser known "pioneers", the death of Vincent Bach on January 8, 1976; his research into Hartmann); Robert C. French (3 letters regarding orders for old music and his enjoyment of them and the memories they brought back); Dale Hoyt (sending his check for $210.80 for 520 records bought from Bridges, with a follow-up letter enclosing another check for $7.88); Allen Ostrander (concerning his retirement and giving Bridges some information on the Harmonious Blacksmith, a Canadian band); Henry Romersa (inviting Bridges to participate once again in the International Trombone Workshop to be held in Nashville May 31-June 4, 1976); Ervin H. Kleffman (concerning his continuing efforts to get copies of the VanderCook lessons he lacked and his intention to begin playing again, as well as continuing to teach); Charles Colin (concerning the NY Brass Conference); Wendell Moore (concerning the evolution of early phonographs); Bill Silka (concerning some photographs he was sharing with Bridges); a letter from Bridges to Tom Everett of the ITA confirming that he would not able to participate in the Trombone Workshop due to his health).

Folder 3 – July-December, 1976

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Robert C. French (2 letters regarding orders for old music and his enjoyment of them and the memories they brought back); W.F. Hodge (8 letters concerning his project on building a list of early recordings, John Hartmann, Levy, B.A. Rolfe); Arthur W. Lehman (3 letters); Paul E. Bierley (5 letters) concerning his Sousa work and plans to attending a performance of Sousa's operetta El Capitan at the Kennedy Center, and his work on Henry Fillmore, the difficulties of self-publishing); Buddy Baker of the ITA (asking after his health and proposing a visit around Christmas); Joel Duroe (2 letters); T.O. Jorgenson (concerning his career in the radio broadcasting business; David Stackhouse (concerning early band issues); Frederick P. Williams (2 letters concerning his purchase of 76 records from Bridges); Dale Hoyt (concerning his purchase of 93 records from Bridges for $115 plus $8 for shipping).

Folder 4 – January-July, 1977

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Ward F. Hodge; George Stein, Jr.(several); Arthur Lehman (several); Henry J. Romersa concerning Bridges' recent hospitalization; Joel Duroe; and Clifford P. Lillya.

Folder 5 – August-December, 1977

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Arthur Lehman (several); letters from Althea Bridges to various people telling them that Glenn was in the hospital with diabetes and would answer their requests at a later date; Larry Wiehe; W. F. Newell; Glenn Bridges' reply to W. F. Newell giving detailed technical information about his recording/duplicating processes, the commercial recording business, his difficulties in publishing his book and his personal record collections; Glen Smith; Clifford P. Lillya; and Ward F. Hodge. Bridges' Gold Card as a 50-year member of the Detroit Federation of Musicians is present.

Folder 6 – January-March, 1978

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Edward R. Bahr; Joel Duroe; Arthur Lehman; Ward F. Hodge (several); Daniel Cillis; Edward H. Tarr; and Joseph Forstner (several).

Box 9 – Correspondence, April 1978-June, 1981

Folder 1 – April-June, 1978

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Charles E. Bardsley (2 letters); Arthur Lehman; Boyd Barnard; Jim Walsh (several); Bahr; Ward F. Hodge (several); E.H. Tarr of Basel, Switzerland dated May 23, 1978 with several drafts of Bridges' reply concerning very early recording on the Brunswick and the Columbia labels; Hickman; Rudy Wiedaft, Jr. (2 letters); William Archer.

Folder 2 – July-December, 1978

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Gary Alderman (regarding the purchase of some of Bridges' magazine collection); Robert Lindsay (concerning his father-in-law, Jaroslave (Jerry) Cimera); Walter F. Bromann (several letters); Jim Walsh; Martin; Barbara Stansfeld; W.F. Hodge; Martin M. Whitcomb; Bill Pruyn (several); Leon J. Whitsell; Arthur W. Lehman (2 letters); Clifford P. Lillya; George Prosnik; David Sager (concerning some music manuscripts of Arthur Pryor; and Ron Stokes.

Folder 3 – January-June, 1979

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Bob Amato (2 letters); Harold L. Walters; Harold L. Burrell; Joel Duroe; Clem H. Wallace; Ronald Stokes (several); John W. Steward; Glenn D. Bridges to Mr. Tarr; Grant E. Hagestedt; Clifford P. Lillya; and William A. Hammett.  This folder also contains a history of the Conn Bass Trombone originally purchased by Jack Perentz of Pershing's Own Hdq. Band and later bought by Glenn Bridges. The trombone was, as of March 15, 1979, being used by his nephew Gordon Jackson.

Folder 4 – July-December, 1979

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Harold May (and Bridges' reply); William A. Hammett; Arthur Lehman (several); Charles Robb; Glenn K. Call (several); Edward F. Treutel (2 letters); Tom Everett; Jim Walsh; Allen Ostrander(several); Cliff Lillya (several); and Paul Jackson.

Folder 5 – January-June, 1980

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Clifford P. Lillya (several); Tom Everett (several); Arthur Lehman (several); David Miller; Glenn P. Smith (several); Keig E. Garvin; Merle Alvery; Earle L. Louder (several); Henry Meredith; James R. Rollins.

Folder 6 – July-December, 1980

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Leonard B. Smith; Arthur Lehman (several); Donald C. Chait; Charles Robb; David Whitwell (of the Sousa Oral History Program), with Bridges' three pages of relies to the questions; Bob Amato; Ronald Stokes; Merritt F. Malvern (several); Arthur Ostrander; Samuel R. Graves, Jr. (several); a receipt for Bridges new Panasonic tape recorder; Ronald Stokes (concerning the death of Ward Hodge on October 27, 1980).

Folder 7 – January-June, 1981

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Charles Robb (several); Clifford Lillya; Daniel Frizane (several); Allan J. Ferguson (several); Thomas P. Grattelo (several concerning Grattelo's purchase of records from Bridges' collection; Clair A. Wollenhoff (several); James A. Erdmann II; Arthur W. Lehman (several); Bridges letter to "Stan", reminiscing about the "so-called good old days"; Tom Everett; and Joel Duroe.

Box 10 – Correspondence, July, 1981-1983

Folder 1 – July-December, 1981
     [Processor's note – Glenn D. Bridges died on December 27, 1981.]

     Among the correspondents in this folder are:  Merle M. Alvey (several); Evans; Arthur W. Lehman (several); Cliff Lillya (several); letter from Bridges to Lloyd Davidson thanking him for Davidson "kind comments'; Heikki Moisio; Charles Robb; Jack Pinto; Dan Frizane (several, some with Bridges' replies); Tom Zapata; Hadley R. Crawford (several) with Bridges' replies concerning Ole June May); the invoice from Horizon Air Travel for the Bridges' trip to Daytona scheduled for January 6, 1982 with a note regarding the refund due to Mrs. Bridges after Glenn's death; Norman E. Smith (2 letters) and Bridges' reply; Jack Cassidy (concerning his "good friend" Jack Burke (2 letters) and Bridges' reply to him); Charles H. Dreyfuss/Chuck Howard (several); letter from Glenn Bridges to "Alice the Geneaologist [sic]" about the Bridges family tree; Peter Christ's reply to Allen Britton regarding the problems with the Clarke recording for the ITA and Bridges' reply to Britton; Norman Smith (several, with Bridges' replies); Hadley R. Crawford; letters of condolence, funeral arrangements, death certificate, funeral attendees lists, etc.

Folder 2 – January-April, 1982

     Much of the correspondence of the first half of 1982 concerned the death, funeral and insurance issues of Glenn D. Bridges, and the resumption of book sales which Althea M. Bridges continued, even as she learned to drive and take up the treads of her live again.  A few letters arrived addressed to Glenn by people who were unaware of his death.  Beginning with January of 1982, orders are filed with the correspondence.  Also included in this folder is a loose-leaf diary of Althea Bridges' activities from January through October of 1982.

Folder 3 – April 18, 1982

     This folder contains a letter dated April 18, 1982 from Frederick P. Williams seeking to purchase a part of Bridges' record collection, along with a series of William's want lists from 1971.

Folder 4 – May-December, 1982

     This folder continues Althea Bridges' correspondence with people ordering her husband's book and announcing that she will not be recording as before  Most of the contents of this folder relate to orders and belated condolences as correspondents continued to find out about Glenn's death.  Arthur Lehman continued his voluminous correspondence with Mrs. Bridges.

Folder 5 – 1983

     This folder continues Althea Bridges' work of selling her late husband's book.  There are references to her health problems as well.

Box 11 – Correspondence

Folder 1 – 1984-1988

     During this period Paul Jackson, the Bridges' nephew, became more involved in the printing and sale of Glenn Bridges' book, Pioneers in Brass.  During 1986 and early 1987 he was active in helping to place his uncle's papers and collections of early recorded music in an appropriate setting.  After discussions with several possible organizations, this collection was donated to the International Trombone Association.

Folder 2 – undated, partial, unidentified

     This folder includes letters, orders, postcards, flyers, programs, photographs, negatives, newspaper clippings, business cards and other items that cannot be placed in the chronological order used above.

Folder 3 – Christmas and Get Well Card Lists, 1933-1959

     This folder contains lists of people to whom the Bridges sent Christmas cards and gave Christmas gifts and people from whom they received Christmas cards, gifts and Get Well cards.  Totals of gift and postage costs per year are indicated.  There are copies of the Christmas letters they sent for only a few years.  Beginning in 1945 there are separate lists for Chrysler colleagues.

Folder 4 – Christmas and Get Well Card Lists, 1960-1968, 1972 1976 & nd

Folder 5 – Postcards

     These are unsent and probably represent places visited by the Bridges family.

Folder 6 – Family photographs

Folder 7 – Business cards


Series 2 – Orders, 1965-1981 & nd

     Beginning in 1964, the orders are separated from the general Correspondence (Series 1).  They include orders for both taping services and for Pioneers in Brass and, after October of 1969, Cornet Talks by Herbert L. Clarke, a booklet of 21 pages edited by Bridges.  The orders consist of two types, prepaid and billed.  In the case of those that arrived with checks or cash, they are filed by the date of the order.  In the case of those billed (usually orders by university or public libraries), they are filed by the date of payment.  The date of payment was noted by Bridges on the envelope of the payment.  In those cases where he wrote only "Paid" on the envelope, the date of the postmark is used.  This date is indicated within brackets and the envelope discarded unless there was other information noted on it. 
In some cases the Bridges' invoice is not associated with the payment and in those cases the invoice is filed by its date and the payment by the date noted in brackets as indicated by Bridges on the envelopes, which were discarded unless there was other information noted on it.
     Note that in those cases when an order also included personal comments, it is filed in the "Correspondence" series, as is any material relating to the sale of records from Bridges' collection.  Also note that beginning with January of 1982, after the death of Glenn Bridges, the correspondence and the orders are filed together in the Correspondence Series.

Box 1 – 1964-1981 & nd

Folder 1 – 1964
     The envelope marked "First order" was from Sverre O. Braathen, dated December 18, 1964, before Pioneers in Brass was ready to ship.

Folder 2 – January-June, 1965

Folder 3 – July-October 1965

Folder 4 – November-December, 1965

Folder 5 – January-March, 1966

Folder 6 – April-December, 1966

Folder 7 – 1967

Folder 8 – 1968

Folder 9 – 1969

Folder 10 – 1970

Folder 11 – 1971

Folder 12 – 1972

Folder 13 – 1973

Folder 14 – 1974

Folder 15 – 1975

Folder 16 – 1976

Folder 17 – 1977

Folder 18 – 1978

Folder 19 – 1979

Folder 20 – 1980

Folder 21 – 1981

Series 3 – Research

This series is further subdivided into six areas: 1) Individuals; 2) Music Scores; 3) Newspaper & Magazine Clippings; 4) Programs; and 5) Subject Files. Whether these subdivisions reflect the arrangement of Glenn Bridges or earlier processors of the Bridges Archive is unknown.

Box 1 – Research-Individuals

Folder 1 – Bachman, Harold B. (1892-1972)

Folder 2 – Boos, Louis F. (1858-1935)

Folder 3 – Brook, Innes and Kryl

Folder 4 – Brown, Bert (b. 1869)

Folder 5 – Burke, Milo (1870-1949)

Folder 6 – Cimera, Jaroslav (Jerry) (1889-1986)

Folder 7 – Conway, Pat

Folder 8 – Gilmore, Patrick S. (1828-1892)

Folder 9 – Greene, Ubie (Urban Clifford) (b. 1926)

Folder 10 – Hall, Robert Brown (1858-1907)

Folder 11 – Holton, Frank (1858-1942)

Folder 12 – Horne (or Horn), Florence Louise (1880-1956)

Folder 13 – Lady Cornet Soloists

Folder 14 – Larkin, Curtis H.
     This folder contains articles from the 1940s by Larkin about various musicians.

Folder 15 – Leick, John S.

Folder 16 – Levy, Jules

Folder 17 – May, Ole (1872-1917)

Folder 18 – Pryor, Arthur (1870-1942)

Folder 19 – Randell, Charles

Folder 20 – Smith, Clay

Folder 21 – Sousa, John Philip (1854-1932)

Folder 22 – Staigers, Delaware Charles (1899-1950)

Folder 23 – VanderCook, H.A. "Hale" (1864-1949)
     This folder also contains 8 of the 20 lessons of VanderCook's Modern Method of Cornet Playing series, 1922

Folder 24 – Zimmerman, Leo A

Box 2 – Research – Music Scores

Folder 1 – Album of National Anthems, Hymns & Patriotic Songs (Piano), Carl Fischer, New York, nd

Folder 2 – Album of Overtures (Trombone), v.1, arr. by Chas. J. Roberts, nd

Folder 3 – American Concert Album for Orchestra, John Church Company, Cincinnati, [1910?]
     This folder contains the Trombone and the 1st Cornet parts.

Folder 4 – Amsden, Arthur, Amsden's Celebrated Practice Duets for . . . bass or treble clef, Barnhouse, Oskaloosa, Iowa, 1936

Folder 5 – Arban-Prescott, First and Second Year, Authentic Excerpts from the Celebrated Arban's Complete Method for Eb and BBb Tuba, Carl Fischer, Inc., [1937?]

Folder 6 – Arban's famous method for slide and valve trombone and baritone (bass clef), Carl Fischer, NY, 1936
     This volume is missing its cover and title page and any pages after 261.

Folder 7 – Bach, J.S., "Air" from Suite No. 3 for trombone trio, arr. Kenneth Davies, Kenvad music inc., 1979

Folder 8 – Band and Hymn Scores, various

Folder 9 – Barnard, Geo. P., arr., The Master Musicians Collection Classique . . ., C.L. Barnhouse, Oskallosa, Piano Part, 1st Solo Part, 2nd Solo Part, Iowa, 1916

Folder 10 – Bellstedt, Herman, nd
     This folder contains three cornet solos by Bellstedt, arranged by Frank Simon. They are: "La Mandolinata", "Princess Alice" and "The Student's Sweetheart".

Folder 11 – Blodgett, Fred, Foundation to Trombone Playing: An Elementary Method , Carl Fischer, New York, 1916

Folder 12 – Bordogni, Marco, Melodious Etudes for Trombone, arr. by Joannes Rochut, Carl Fisher, NY, nd

Folder 13 – Breck, Mrs. Frank A. and I.H. Meredith, The Valley of Peace, Tuller-Meredith co., NY, 1913

Folder 14 – Brennan, J. Keirn and Ernest R. Ball, Dear Little Boy of Mine, M. Witmark & Sons, NY, 1918

Folder 15 – Campbell, J.B. and Bernice Rogers, The Parade to Victory, Shelby Music Publishing, Detroit, 1953

Folder 16 – The Choir Herald, v. XVIII, no. 2, Christmas Number, November, 1914

Folder 17 – Choraliers, Family Song Book. Words to the Best Loved Selections From the Choraliers and Longines Symphonette Album, 1950

Folder 18 – Clarke, Ernest, Clarke's Method for Trombone, Book 1 (2 copies), 1913

Folder 19 – Clarke, Herbert L., Clarke's Characteristic Studies for the Cornet, new and revised edition, Third Series, Carl Fischer, New York, 1934

Folder 20 – Clarke, Herbert L., Latest Solos, Carl Fischer, NY, 1919

Folder 21 – Colin, Allan, Contemporary Etudes for All Treble Clef Instruments, Charles Colin, NY, [1980?]

Folder 22 – Columbia Collection of Patriotic and Favorite Home Songs, Walter Jacobs, Boston, MA, nd

Folder 23 – Davis, R.N., Imperial Method for the Slide Trombone, 1899
     This item is missing its front cover and pages 111-144.

Folder 24 – de Ville, Paul, arr., Home Sweet Home Collection: 73 Standard National Operatic and Sacred Melodies, piano, Carl Fischer, NY, 1916

Folder 25 – Donigan, John, "Bostonian Polk" (photocopy), 1888

Folder 26 – Fillmore, Henry, Lassus Trombone, nd

Folder 27 – Foster, Stephen C., My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night, Firth, Pond & Co., NY, 1892

Folder 28 – Giffe, W.T., Giffe's Male Quartet and Chorus Book, 1878

Folder 29 – Goldman, Edwin Franko, Lyric album: A collection of Twenty-four Classic and Popular Songs for Cornet and Piano in two volumes, Carl Fischer's Home circle Music Series, nots. 26-27, v. II, 1910

Folder 30 – Hall, R.B. (photocopies), "Geraldine"; "Grand Fantasia Bolero (2 copies); "Serenade in the Moonlight"

Folder 31 – Hall, R.B., The R. B. H. Band Book: Fifteen World Famous Marches by R. B. Hall, America's Most Popular March Writer, Carl Fischer, Inc., New York, nd

Folder 32 – Harris, Dale C. and Fred N. Wiest, The Basic Method for the Beginning Band, Bb Cornet or Trumpet, EMS Inc., Evanston, Ill., 1956

Folder 33 – Heck, L. M., Let's See This Through Together, Shelby Music Publishing Co., Detroit, 1953

Folder 34 – Hooker, Brian & Rudolf Friml, "Only a Rose" from Russell Janney's musical play The Vagabond King, Henry Waterson Inc., NY, 1925

Folder 35 – Hooker, Brian & Rudolf Friml, "Song of the Vagabond" from Russell Janney's musical play The Vagabond King, Henry Waterson Inc., NY, 1925

Folder 36 – Hymns for Creative Living, Judson Press, Philadelphia, 1935

Folder 37 – Jewell, Fred, Lawsy Massy: A Trombone Smear, nd

Folder 38 – King, Thomas, Eleanor: Concert Waltz and notes, nd

Folder 39 – Kopprasch, C., Sixty Studies for Trombone, nd.

Folder 40 – Langey, Otto, Tutor for the Slide Trombone, Harry Coleman, Philadelphia, 1891

Folder 41 – Lawson, J.W., arr., Song Album for Trombone or Baritone in Bass Clef; for Cornet, Trombone or Baritone in Treble Clef with Piano Accompaniment, v. II, White-Smith Music Publishing, Boston, 1901

Folder 42 – Liberati, A., "The Battle Cry of Freedom" (photocopy), 1901

Folder 43 – Mantia, Simone, The Trombone Virtuoso, an Advanced Method, Carl Fischer, Inc., NY, 1921
     This is missing its cover and title pages and any pages after 120.

Folder 44 – Marches that Glorify the Band, K.L. King Music House, Fort Dodge, Iowa, nd

Folder 45 – Moody Centenary Song Book, comp. by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, 1936-1937

Folder 46 – Müller, Robert, Neue Studienwerke und Unterhaltungsstücke für die Zug=Posaune, Carl Fischer, NY, 1902
     This item was in a two-ring binder.

Folder 47 – Music [owned by Loren F. Bridges?], nd
     This folder consists of loose sheet music with Loren Bridges' name written on several of them.  There are multiple copies of some of the pieces.

Folder 48 – Old Favorite Songs (2 copies), Grinell Bros. Music House, Detroit, nd

Folder 49 – Old Fashioned Home Songs, School Edition, Ling Piano House, Detroit, [1898?]

Folder 50 – Ostrander, Allen, Method for Bass Trombone and F attachment for Tenor Trombone, Carl Fischer, Inc., 1948

Folder 51 – Panella, Louis, The Pitt Panther, (March), 1922

Folder 52 – Parker, H., Jerusalem: Solo for Cornet, Trombone or Baritone, 1906

Folder 53 – Proctor, Jerome N., reviser, V. Cornette's Method for Trombone: A Modern Edition, Cundy-Bettoney Co., Inc, Boston, 1937

Folder 54 – Righter, Charles B., arr., The World of Music: Supplementary Studies for cornet (or Trumpet) in Bb, Ginn and Company, 1941

Folder 55 – Roth, Alfred, arr., 121 Popular Duets, Carl Fischer, NY, 1904

Folder 56 – Schlossberg, Max, Daily Drills and Technical Studies for Trombone, M. Baron Co., NY, 1947

Folder 57 – Simons, G., "Celery Tops" (photocopy of manuscript music score), nd

Folder 58 – Smith, Lee Oran, "King Crap: March, Two-step Polka or Cakewalk", 1900

Folder 59 – Smith, Leonard B., "Hail, Detroit", Bandland, Inc., Detroit, Michigan, 1951

Folder 60 – Smith, Leonard B., "The Baton Twirler (March)", Bandlands, 1954

Folder 61 – Smith, Leonard B., The March King: John Philip Sousa: Centennial March Songs (1854-1954), 1954

Folder 62 – Smith, Leonard B., Treasury of Scales . . .for Band, Bandland, Detroit, 1952

Folder 63 – Smith, Walter M., Original Solos and arrangements for Bb Cornet (Trumpet), Carl Fischer, NY, nd

Folder 64 – Song World: Popular Songs with Accompaniment for the Piano or Cabinet Organ, 1884

Folder 65 – Stacy, Charles E., Technical Studies for the Slide Trombone, Books 1 & 2, Oliver Ditson Co., New York, 1907 and Stacey's Successful Studies for Slide Trombone, Book 1, Embouchure Cultivation, Filmore Music House, Cincinnati, 1916

Folder 66 – Studies and Duets for Trombone (or Baritone), Cundy-Bettoney Co. Inc., Boston, [1940?]

Folder 67 – Tregina, A., arr., "The Marines' Hymn", 1929

Folder 68 – Trombone, Carl Fisher, Inc., New York, nd
     This folder has two books marked "Trombone" but with different contents.

Folder 69 – Van Loock, Edward M, arr., "The Marines' Hymn", 1930

Folder 70 – Whittier, Harry E., "Carnival of Venice" (photocopy), 1901

Folder 71 – Unidentified and/or fragmentary musical scores I, nd

Folder 72 – Unidentified and/or fragmentary musical scores II, nd

Folder 73 – Oversized musical scores
     This folder is located in the oversized box of the Research series.

Box 3 – Research – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings

Folder 1 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, 1900-1940

Folder 2 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, 1940s-1950s

Folder 3 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, 1960s

Folder 4 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, 1970-1975

Folder 5 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, 1976-1979

Folder 6 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, 1980-1981

Folder 7 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, nd
     The contents of this folder are unarranged and mostly undated.

Folder 8 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, Billboard, 1944

Folder 9 – Newspapers and Magazine Clippings – Hobbies-The Magazine for Collectors, 1950s

Folder 10 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings – International Musician, 1930s-1950s
     This folder includes a run of the column, "Pedagogics".
Folder 11 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings – Musical Messenger, 1910s-1920s

Folder 12 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings – Obituaries, 1970s-1980s

Folder 13 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings – WEBC Orchestra, 1938
     This folder contains clippings about the WEBC orchestra, the house orchestra of WEBC radio station in Duluth, Minnesota.  There are also two photographs of the orchestra.

Folder 14 – Newspaper and Magazine Clippings – "World War Yarns", 1910s
     This folder contains a run of a column by Lieutenant Frank E. Hagan about World War I.  There are some over articles about war-time life as well.

Folder 15 – Oversized Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, nd

Folder 16 – Oversized Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, nd

Box 4 – Research – Programs

These folders contain programs of concerts and other performances, both originals and photocopies.

Folder 1 – Programs, 1860s-1890s

Folder 2 – Programs, 1900-1910s

Folder 3 – Programs, 1920s

Folder 4 – Programs, 1930s

Folder 5 – Programs, 1940s-1950s

Folder 6 – Programs, 1960s

Folder 7 – Programs, 1970s

Folder 8 – Programs, 1980s

Folder 9 – Programs, 1990s

Folder 10 – Programs, nd

Folder 11 – Programs, nd
     This folder is located in the oversized box of the Research series.

Box 5 – Research – Subject Files

These files contain Bridges' research files on subjects that interested him.  They include newspaper clippings, magazine and journal articles, fliers, advertisements, brochures, drafts of biographical notes on individuals and bands, and technical information on various musical instruments and recording devices.  Correspondence relating to these items is filed in Series 1 (Correspondence).

Folder 1 – Advertisements I

Folder 2 – Advertisements II

Folder 3 – Cornetists
     This folder contains short biographical notes on various early cornetists.

Folder 4 – Death Certificates
     This file contains copies of the death certificates used by Bridges in his biographical research for Pioneers in Brass and other writings.

Folder 5 – Discographies I
     This folder contains discographies of Bridges' collections.  Many are fragmentary, some are duplicates, and some of these vary only slightly.  Some are annotated and a few are dated.  The processor kept all of them and left them as found except for replacing stables and metal paper clips with plastic clips.  Some indicate that selected items were duplicated as part of Bridges' copy on demand service; others that selected items were sold.  There is no discernable order to them.

Folder 6 – Discographies II
     This folder contains discographies of other individuals and institutions of interest to him by other individuals and institutions.  Several of them are want lists or lists of items for sale.  This folder contains the holdings and want lists of Frederick P. Williams, to whom Bridges sold many of his records.

Folder 7 – Discographies III
     This folder is in the oversized box for the Research series.

Folder 8 – Discographies IV
     This folder is in the oversized box for the Research series.

Box 6 – Research – Subject Files

Folder 1 – Drafts – Article for the Journal of Band Research, 1967

Folder 2 – Drafts – Pioneers in Brass, 1964

Folder 3 – Edison Exhibit, "The Talking Machine", Oberlin College, February, 1957

Folder 4 – Edison Phonograph Advertisements

Folder 5 – Getzen Advertisements

Folder XX – Jorganson, Thorwald – Mr. Bridges and his Broadcast Stations, 1965
     This folder contains a 71 page booklet about W.C. Bridges (d. 1964) and his career in radio stations, including WHFG, WHLB, WEAU, WISC, AND WEBC.
 Folder 6 – Marine Band
     This folder contains thumbnail biographies of various leaders of The President's Own", including John Philip Sousa, numerous photographs of performances, tour schedules and other materials relating to its history.

Folder 7 – Saxophone History

Folder 6 – Willow Grove Park Concerts, parts 1 – 4, Williams, Frederick P., 1982
     This copy of Williams' work was sent to Althea Bridges after Glenn's death, but was filed with his research materials.

Publication Materials

These folders contain two types of material: 1) drafts of articles, books and other items by Bridges which he either published or intended to publish and 2) the expenses relating to the publication and distribution of his books. His published books are filed in Series 5 – Books.
Folder XX – Report for the Journal of Brass Research, early 1967
Folder XX – Pioneers in Brass, manuscript

Series 4 – Printing
This series deals with the process of publication and distribution of Bridges' book, Pioneers in Brass and other works, as well as his recording business.
Box 1
Folder 1 – Accounting, 1963-1981
Folder XX – Accounting – Cornets and Cornetists – Notebook, 1969-1975
Folder XX – Accounting – Pioneers in Brass -- Journals, January, 1964-December, 1981
These four volumes detail the expenses and income relating to Bridges' book, Pioneers in Brass (P.I.B.) from its publication up to December 26, 1981, the day before his death.

Folder XX – Accounting – Pioneers in Brass – Sales by state

Folder 2 – Accounting – Recording Business – Notebooks, October, 1944-March, 1961
This folder and the next one contain nine notebooks detailing orders for Bridges' business of duplicating music from his record collection. These notebooks also contain information about his purchasing and sale of records and expenses relating to the business (postage, recording tape, and other supplies.

Folder XX – Folder XX – Accounting – Recording Business – Notebooks, March, 1961-October, 1972

Folder 2 – Advertising, 1961-1966
Folder 3 – Binding Costs, 1966-1978
Folder 4 – Copyright, 1964-1971
Folder 5 – Expenses, 1965-1976
Folder 6 – Sherwood Publications, Inc., 1964-1966

Series 5 – Books

     This series contains at least a portion of Mr. Bridges' library, including studies in band history, general musical reference books, and books on non-musical subjects such as motor vehicle production and management, both from his time with Chrysler. In addition, the series contains several hymnals and catalogues for records and sheet music.

Box 1 – A to G

Item 1 – Abramson, Martin. The Real Story of Al Jolson. Spectrolux Corp., 1950

Item 2 – American Federation of Musicians. ...And the Band Plays On..., 1963

Item 3 – Amiss, John and Lloyd R. Walker. Introduction to Industrial Supervision, Chrysler Corporation, 1945

Item 4 – Associated Musicians of Greater New York. Diary and Directory, 1924
     The diary is unsigned, but presumably belonged to Bridges and details his day-by-day venues.

Item 5 – Associated Musicians of Greater New York. Directory, 1968 & 1970

Item 6 – Bachman, Harold B., The Biggest Boom in Dixie, 1968.

Item 7 – Bachman, Harold B., The Million Dollar Band, Educational Music Bureau, Inc., 1962
This book was autographed by Bachman for Bridges.

Item 8 – Bachman, Harold B., Program Building for Bands, Frederick Charles, Inc., 1962

Item 9 – Bachman's Million Dollar Band-Souvenir, printed by Tampa Tribune, Inc, [1927]

Item 10 – Baines, Anthony, ed., Musical Instruments Through the Ages, Pelican Original, 1969

Item 11 – Beck, Sidney, The Symphony Orchestra: The Brass Family. Liner notes for The Symphony Orchestra, vol. 3. (Decca Little Symphony Orchestra.)

Item 12 – Bierley, Paul, John Philip Sousa: American Phenomenon, Meredith, 1973
     This book was autographed by Bierley to Bridges.

Item 13 – Bierley, Paul, John Philip Sousa: A Descriptive Catalog of his Works, University of Illinois, 1973.

Item 14 – Braathen, Sverre O., Circus Bands: Their Rise and Fall. Instrumentalist, 1958

Item 15 – Bridges, Glenn D. (compiler), The Cornet and the Cornetist: Historical Series of Cornet talks by Herbert L. Clarke, (4 copies) originally printed in 1918, 1921 and 1923 and complied by Bridges, 1969

Item 16 – Bridges, Glenn D., Pioneers in Brass. Sherwood, 1965

Item 17 – Bridges, Glenn D., Pioneers in Brass, (rev.) 1972
     This volume is loose in its binding.

Item 18 – Burrowes, J.F., Burrowes' Piano-forte Primer: The Rudiments of Music, Improved, Rrevised and Corrected, Theodor Presser Co., Philadelphia, 1892

Item 19 – Carillonic Bells, Schulmerich Electronics, Inc.

Item 20 – Clark, Fred G. and Richard Stanton Rimanoczy, How We Live, D. Van
Nostrand, 1944

Item 21 – Clarke, Herbert L., How I Became a Cornetist: The Autobiography of a Cornet Playing Pilgrims Progress, Jos. L. Huber, publisher, 1934
     A note attached to this item says "This is one of only two left. Leonard Lloyd son-in-law of Mrs. Huber. Mrs. Huber is in a retirement home here in New Braunfels Texas. She asked that I send this to you."

Item 22 – Colin, Charles, Featuring: Harry Glantz: The Golden Age of Trumpet. New
York Brass Conference for Scholarships, 1978

Item 23 – Cook, Roy J., (ed.) One Hundred and One Famous Poems, Cable Company, 1929.

Item 24 – Cunningham, Henry M. and William F. Sherman, Production of Motor Vehicles, McGraw-Hill, 1951

Item 25 – Davidson, Louis, Trumpet Profiles. 1975

Item 26 – Dempster, Stuart, The Modern Trombone, University of California Press, 1979

Item 27 – Department of Industrial Education, Managing the Supervisor's Job, 1951

Item 28 – Detroit Federation of Musicians, Membership Directory & Index, 1974 & 1980

Item 29 – Eliason, Robert E., Keyed Bugles in the United States, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1972

Item 30 – Fleming, John Daly, ed. Richmond on the Kennebec, Richmond Historical
Committee, 1966

Item 31 – Garbett, A. S., Gallery of Musical Celebrities, Presser, 1909

Box 2 – H-Sousa

Item 1 – Handford, Thomas W., Pleasant Hours with Illustrious Men and Women, Donohue and Henneberry, 1885
     This book is inscribed "Presented to Glenn D. Bridges for his Band Collection with every good wish of George W. DeMott, April 5, 1966. See pages 360-361 for Levy the Cornetist."

Item 2 – H. N. White Co, 50 Years of Achievement in the Band Instrument Industry, (2 copies) [1943]

Item 3 – In Concert with the University of Illinois Symphonic Band: A Complete Catalog of Symphonic Band Records Released Since 1970, [1980?]

Item 4 – Jackson, Paul T, Sound Search: Recording Occasional Papers, Recorded
Sound Research, 1976

Item 5 – Lehman, Arthur W., The ART of Euphonium Playing, vols. 1 and 2.

Item 6 – Leonard Smith Band, booklet published by Bandland Incorporated, Detroit, MI, nd

Item 7 – Loomis, Allen and H. W. Schwartz, How Music is Made, C. G. Conn, 1927

Item 8 – Luper, Loren J., Arthur Pryor: His Trombone, His Band, His Music, Kimberly Press, 1987

Item 9 – Marine Band (The President's Own) booklets (2), nd

Item 10 – McKinney, Laurence, People of Note: A Score of Symphony Faces, Literary Classics, Inc., distributed by E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., New York, 1940

Item 11 – Newman, Ernest, Stories of the Great Operas and Their Composers, Alfred A. Knopf, 1930

Item 12 – Navy Band booklet [1947]

Item 13 – Nicholls, Charles D., How to Maintain and Organize Bands, Nicholls Band Circuit, Libertyville, IL, 1921
     Also included is a flyer and signup sheet for "The Chicago Course Course" in Band Organizing, Instructing, and Directing. Nicholls Band Circuit, 1919.  It also includes Lessons 1-4, 6-16, 18-32, as well as a copy of "How to Conduct Saxophone Bands"

Item 14 – Nicholls, Charles D., Say It and then Play It: A Quick and Easy Way to Read the Music, Lyric Music House, 1965

Item 15 – Nicholls, Charles D., What a Cornet Player Should Know, Nicholls Band Circuit, 1925

Item 16 – Nicotra, Tobia, Arturo Toscanini, Sun Dial Press, New York, 1929

Item 17 – Noble, Clyde, The Psychology of Cornet and Trumpet Playing, 1964

Item 18 – Pan American, Band and Orchestra Guide, Pan-American Band Instrument and Case Co., 1935.

Item 19 – Parès G., Daily Technical Exercises and Complete Course of Scale Studies for E-flat Alto (Baritone-Treble Clef), Carl Fischer, 1912

Item 20 – Philadelphia Musical Society, Directory, 1969

Item 21 – Plowden, Gene, Merle Evans: Maestro of the Circus, E. A. Seamann, 1971
     This book is autographed to "my good friend Glenn Bridges with Best Wishes Merle Evans".

Item 22 – Prairie Farmer, WLS Family Album 1937, Prairie Farmer, Chicago, IL, 1936
     This is an account of the activities of the Chicago radio station during 1936.

Item 23 – The Presser Foundation: An Account of its Founder, its Organization, and its Principal Activities, Presser Foundation [1951?]

Item 24 – Rasumssen, Mary, A Teacher's Guide to the Literature of Brass Instruments, Brass Quarterly, 1964

Item 25 – Raymond, William F., The Trombone and its Player: A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Both, Fillmore Bros., 1937

Item 26 – Reed City, booklet about Reed City, Michagan, [1960s?]

Item 27 – Ringer, Barbara A., The Unauthorized Duplication of Sound Recordings, Study No. 26, February, 1957
     This study was prepared for the Subcommittee on Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights of the Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. Senate, 1961 and reprinted by Recorded Sound Research.

Item 28 – Schilke, Renold O., Schilke Brass Clinic, Schilke Music Products, nd

Item 29 – Schuon, Karl, Home of the Commandants: Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C., Leatherneck Association, 1966
     This book was a gift to Glenn Bridges from Arthur W. Lehman on March 15, 1978

Item 30 – Smart, James, The Sousa Band: A Discography, Library of Congress, 1970.

Item 31 – Smith, Leonard B, You Can Play Better, Contempora brochure, 1956

Item 32 – Sousa, John Philip III, My Family Right or Wrong, Doubleday, Doran, and Co., 1944

Box 3 – Spaeth-W & Hymnals

Item 1 – Spaeth, Sigmund, Great Symphonies: How to Recognize and Remember Them, Garden City, 1936

Item 2 – Squire's Young Orchestra: No. 1, 1st Violin, A. Squire, 1876.

Item 3 – Sudhalter, Richard M., Philip R. Evans and William Dean Myatt, Bix: Man and Legend, Schirmer Books; (October 1975)
     This book has come unbound and is missing the first few pages.

Item 4 – Tapper, Thomas, Child's Own Book of Great Musicians: Sousa, Theodore Presser, 1942

Item 5 – Taylor, Deems, ed., Music Lover's Encyclopedia, Double, Doran, and Co.,

Item 6 – Uber, David, Original Compositions and Arrangements of Music for Brass Instruments, 1966-67

Item 7 – Victor, John F., Instructor's Manual for Band and Orchestra, Vol. 1, Victor, 1936

Item 8 – Welk, Lawrence with Bernice McGeehan, Ah-one, Ah-Two! Life with My Musical Family, Prentice-Hall, 1974

Item 9 – Welk, Lawrence, My America, Your America, Prentice-Hall, 1976

Item 10 – Westcott, George, The Bands of Eastern: 1949-1974, Eastern Illinois University, 1974

Item 11 – Wycliffe Bible Translators, Who Brought the Word, 1963

Item 12 – Wilson, H.A. VanderCook: The Teacher, VanderCook College of Music, 1972

     This book is autographed by the author to Bridges.


Item 13 – Coleman, Robert H., Standard Hymns and Gospel Songs, Coleman, 1926

Item 14 – Littlefield, Milton S, Hymns of the Christian Life, A. S. Barnes and Co., 1928

Item 15 – Rodeheaver, Homer A., New Songs for Service, Rodeheaver Company, 1929

Item 16 – Rodeheaver, Homer A. and Harry D. Clarke, Praise and Victory Songs, Rodeheaver Company, 1932

Item 17 – Schmauk, J. G., Deutsche Harmonie oder Mehrstimmige Gesänge für Deutsche Singeschulen und Kirchen

Item 18 – Thompson, John B. and William H. Piatt, Christian Praise, Board of Publication of the Reformed Church in America, 1880

Series 6 – Catalogs 

     This series contains record and music company catalogs that formed part of Glenn Bridges' collection.

Box 1

Record Catalogs

Folder 1 – Accompaniments Unlimited, 1965
Folder 2 – ASCH Records, 1945
Folder 3 – Accura Music, August 25, 1987
Folder 4 – Band Discography, ed. Kenneth Berger, July 1954; February 1955; October 1955
Folder 5 – Below Cost, nd
Folder 6 – Brunswick Records, 1922
Folder 7 – Chesterfield, 1981
Folder 8 – Columbia, 1947, 1949, 1950-51, 1955
Folder 9 – Commodore Re-Issues, 1945
Folder 10 – Crystal Records, 1985
Folder 11 – De Disco-Koerier, December 1952-January 1953
Folder 12 – Decca, 1945, 1949 & nd
Folder 13 – Discwasher Group, nd
Folder 14 – Edison, 1901-1905
Folder 15 – Edison Records, 1929
Folder 16 – Edison, nd
Folder 17 – Fabulous Big Bands, nd
Folder 18 – Gramophone Shop, December 1941, June 1942
Folder 19 – His Master's Voice, 1947-48, 1948
     The second item is a compilation of His Master's Voice recordings available in the T. Eaton Co. record department in 1948.
Folder 20 – Index to Jazz, A-E, by Orin Blackstone, vol. 1, 1917-1944
Folder 21 – New Phonorama, 1908
Folder 22 – Nonesuch, nd
Folder 23 – Promenade Music Centre, March 1944
Folder 24 – RCA Victor, 1948, 1951
Folder 25 – RCA Victor, 1953-1954
     This folder contains both the RCA Victor Catalog for 1953 and the RCA Educational Record Catalog for 1953/1954.
Folder 26 – RCA Reference Book, 1952
      This is not a record catalog but rather a technical reference book covering RCA brand tubes, batteries, parts and test equipment. It was left where found, in the records catalogs.
Folder 27 – RCA Victor Society of Great Music, 1958
Folder 28 – Schwann, December 1953, November 1954, March 1955, May 1961
Folder 29 – Schwann, October 1961, November 1961, December 1962
Folder 30 – Victor, 1910
Folder 31 – Victor, 1925
Folder 32 – Victor, 1930
Folder 33 – Victor, 1936
Folder 34 – Victor Quick Reference List, 1941
Folder 35 – Victor, 1942
Folder 36 – Victor Quick Reference List, 1945

Music Catalogs

Folder 37 – Brass Literature for your Ensemble, 1974
Folder 38 – Carl Fischer, 1930 & nd
Folder 39 – Freeport Music, 1976
Folder 40 – K. L. King, nd
Folder 41 – LeBlanc, 1974
Folder 42 – M. Grupp Method, 1936
Folder 43 – Music for Brass, 1958
Folder 44 – Musical Concepts, 1941-1943
Folder 45 – Oliver Ditson, 1928-1929 & nd
Folder 46 – Paxton Publications, nd
Folder 47 – Rubank, nd
Folder 48 – What's New in Music, nd

Series 7 – Periodicals

Boxes 1 through 12 contain periodicals collected and, in many cases, annotated by Glenn Bridges.  Some have his notes on their covers, other inside marking the articles of interest to him, and many are unmarked.  Most of the periodicals date from Bridges' lifetime.  Several issues, however, (possibly collected for research purposes) date from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, while others date from the late 1980s and 1990s, well after Mr. Bridges' death.  In addition to the periodicals, the boxes contain conference programs and membership directories from various professional organizations.

Box 1 – Oversized periodicals

Folder 1 – Art Impressions of George White's Scandals, Winter 1923
Folder 2 – Billboard, Aug 13, 1938
Folder 3 – Echo, May 1893
Folder 4 – Etude, March 1939
Folder 5 – Etude, March 1946, November 1946, December 1946
Folder 6 – Etude, August 1947
Folder 7 – Etude, July 1949
Folder 8 – Music Monthly, October 1893
Folder 9 – Musical Observer, January 1908
Folder 10 – Musical Observer, October 1909
Folder 11 – Musical Observer, August 1910
Folder 12 – Musician, nd

Box 2 – Accent through Brass Bulletin, vol. 24

Folder 1 – Accent, January-February 1976
Folder 2 – Ala. Breve, October 1969
Folder 3 – ABA [American Bandmasters Association] Newsletter, January 1966, Winter 1967, 2000 Convention
Folder 4 – American Musician, May 22, 1908
Folder 5 – A.T.E.M. [Australian Trombone Education Magazine], March 1988, September-December 1988, Spring 1999, Summer 1999
Folder 6 – Band Fan, the Detroit Concert Band Newsletter, 1974-1976, 1979-1981
Folder 7 – Band News and Views, April 1967
Folder 8 – Band Wagon [United States Marine Band], July 1979
Folder 9 – Bandwagon (Selmer), Fall 1952-Spring 1953
Folder 10 – Bandwagon (Selmer), Fall 1959, Mid-winter 1959, May 1963
Folder 11 – Books n' Records, September 1975
Folder 12 – Brass Bulletin, issue 12, 1975
Folder 13 – Brass Bulletin, issues 13-16, 1976
Folder 14 – Brass Bulletin, issues 17-20, 1977
Folder 15 – Brass Bulletin, issues 21-22, 24, 1978

Box 3 – Brass Bulletin, vol. 25, through Harbor Highlights

Folder 1 – Brass Bulletin, issue 25, 1979
Folder 2 – Brass Player, New York Brass Conference for Scholarships, 1991
Folder 3 – Brass Quarterly, Summer 1964
Folder 4 – Brass World, Spring 1967; Fall 1967
Folder 5 – Brass World, v. 7, 1972
Folder 6 – Brass World, v.8, issue 2, 1973
Folder 7 – Brass World, v. 9, 1974
Folder 8 – British Bandsman, August 2, 1980
Folder 9 – British Mouthpiece, October 15, 1966
Folder 10 – Church Army Gazette, April 1960
Folder 11 – Circus Review, Spring 1961
Folder 12 – Conductor, October 1966
Folder 13 – Downbeat, October 1967
Folder 14 – Education News, Fall 1972
Folder 15 – Euphonia, March 1977, July 1979, September 1979, April 1980, January-February 1981
Folder 16 – Fortissimo, Spring 1986
Folder 17 – Gazette [Houghton, Michigan] Green Sheet, April 26, 1969
Folder 18 – Getzen Gazette, April 1970; August 1970; October 1970; December 1970; April 1971; October 1971; December 1971; April 1972
Folder 19 – Harbor Highlights, Spring 1956

Box 4 – Hi Fi/Stereo Review through Hobbies, 1960

Folder 1 – Hi Fi/Stereo Review, July 1967
Folder 2 – His Master's Voice, no. 4709, nd
Folder 3 – Hobbies, v. 39, No. 4, June 1934
Folder 4 – Hobbies, v. 57, No. 9, November 1952
Folder 5 – Hobbies, v. 60, No. 11, January 1956
Folder 6 – Hobbies, v. 62, Nos. 9 & 10, 1957
Folder 7 – Hobbies, v. 63, No. 6 (2 copies), No. 7 (2 copies) & No. 8, 1958
Folder 8 – Hobbies, v. 63, No. 12 (2 copies), February 1959
Folder 9 – Hobbies, v. 65, No. 8, October 1960

Box 5 – Hobbies, 1961 through Instrumentalist, 1956

Folder 1 – Hobbies, v. 66, Nos. 8 &10, 1961
Folder 2 – Hobbies, v. 67, No. 8, October 1962
Folder 3 – Hobbies, v. 71, Nos. 3, 4, 6, 7, May, June, August, September 1966
Folder 4 – Hobbies, v. 81, No. 8, October 1976
Folder 5 – Hobbies, v. 82, No. 10, December 1977
Folder 6 – Holton Fanfare, 1959, 1960
Folder 7 – Holton Fanfare, 1961, 1962
Folder 8 – Holton Fanfare, 1963, 1964
Folder 9 – Instrumentalist, v. IX, nos. 1-4, September-December 1954
Folder 10 – Instrumentalist, v. IX, nos. 5-9, January-May 1955
Folder 11 – Instrumentalist, v. X, no. 8, April 1956

Box 6 – Instrumentalist, 1956 through 1973

Folder 1 – Instrumentalist, v. XII, nos. 1, 2, 4, September-December 1957, no. 5, January 1958
Folder 2 – Instrumentalist, v. XVII, no. 9, May 1963; v. XX, no. 4; v. XXV, no. 4 (2 copies), November, 1970
     Page 14 of the November, 1970 issue has a review of Bridges' Cornet Talks by Herbert L. Clarke.
Folder 3 – Instrumentalist, v. XXV, no. 6 & 11; v. XXVI, nos. 2, 3, 11, January & June 1971; September- October 1971; June, 1972
Folder 4 – Instrumentalist, v. XXVII, nos. 1-2, 4-5, August -September 1972; November-December 1972
Folder 5 – Instrumentalist, v. XXVII, nos. 7-8, 11, February-March, June 1973; v. XXVII, nos. 1 and 5, August and December 1973

Box 7 – Instrumentalist, 1974 through ITG-Directories

Folder 1 – Instrumentalist, v. XXVIII, nos. 6 & 7; January-February, v. XIX, nos. 1, 2 & 5, August-September, December 1974
Folder 2 – Instrumentalist, v. XXIX, nos. 6 & 10, v. XXX, nos. 1 & 5, January, May 1975; August, December 1975
     Volume XXIX, no. 6 is misprinted as Volume XXIX, no. 5.
Folder 3 – Instrumentalist, v. 33, no. 10, May 1979
Folder 4 – International Discophile, Spring 1956
Folder 5 – International Musician, July 1948
Folder 6 – International Trombone Association (ITA), Journal, Fall 1988
     This issue featured Glenn Bridges and his collections.
Folder 7 – International Trumpet Guild (ITG), Handbook
Folder 8 – ITG Newsletter, v. 2, Fall 1977-Spring 1978; v. 5, no. 1, October, 1978; v. 8, no. 2, February, 1982
Folder 9 – ITG, Membership Directory, 1978, 1979, 1986

Box 8 – ITG-Journal through Keynote

Folder 1 – ITG Journal, v. 3, October 1978
Folder 2 – ITG Journal, v.9, nos. 2-4, December 1984, February 1985, Index 1976-85, May 1985
Folder 3 – ITG Journal, v. 10, nos. 1, 3, September 1985, February, 1986
Folder 4 – ITG Journal, v. 11, nos. 1-2, February-December 1986
Folder 5 – ITG Conference, 1985, Double Quintet, Op. 81 for Trumpet Ensemble by George Heussenstamm
Folder 6 – Journal of Band Research, v. III, no. 2, Spring 1967; v. V, no. 1, Fall 1968; v. 6, no. 2, Spring (2 copies); v. 7, no. 1, Fall 1970
Folder 7 – Keynote, v. 11, no. 6/7, November-December 1944; v. 11, no. 9, February 1945; v. 12, no. 22, 1947; v.12, no. 42, June-July, 1949; v. 22, no.5, June 1956; v. 23, no. 12, January-February 1958; v. 29, no. 10, June 1965; v. 33, no. 5, October-November 1969; v. 35, no. 5, September-October 1971
Folder 8 – Keynote, 3rd quarter 1977; 1st, 2nd, and 4th quarters, 1978; 3rd and 4th quarter 1981; 1st and 2nd quarters 1982

Box 9 – Leatherneck through Music Journal, 1969

Folder 1 – Leatherneck, November 1972
Folder 2 – Michigan, June 20, 1982
Folder 3 – Michigan Musician, v. 1, no. 1, September 15, 1976; v. 1, no. 12, September 1977
Folder 4 – MSBOA [Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association] Journal, November v. 25, no.1, 1964; v. 41, no. 1, Fall 1980)
Folder 5 – Military Band Journal, v. 4, no. 16, February 1966
Folder 6 – Mississippi Notes, v. 4, no. 1, November 1945
Folder 7 – New Zealand Mouthpiece, October 1965
Folder 8 – Munsey's Magazine, March 1897
Folder 9 – Music at Michigan, v. 9, no.3, September 1975
Folder 10 – Music Director, (scattered issues) 1964-1965
Folder 11 – Music Journal, (scattered issues) 1958-1968

Box 10 – Music Journal, 1970 through Musical World

Folder 1 – Music Journal, December (anthology) 1968; January and December (2 copies) 1969
Folder 2 – Music Journal, 1970 (Anthology); February, June and December 1971
Folder 3 – Music Journal, 1972 Annual; November and December 1972
Folder 4 – Music Journal, March and November, 1973
Folder 5 – Music Journal (scattered issues), 1975-1976
Folder 6 – Music Journal (scattered issues), 1977
Folder 7 – Music World, Fall 1972
Folder 8 – Musical Progress, April 1948
Folder 9 – Musical World, December 1889

Box 11 – Musicana through School Music News

Folder 1 – Musicana, April 1954
Folder 2 – NACWPI Journal, Summer 1997
Folder 3 – National Student Musician, October 1967
Folder 4 – NBA Journal, February 1971
Folder 5 – Overture, January 1955; February 1955; September 1965
Folder 6 – Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress, 1980
Folder 7 – Record Changer, May 1946; January 1949; March 1950
Folder 8 – Record Research, issues 24-32, 35, 1959-1961
Folder 9 – Records and Transcriptions, no. 26, nd
Folder 10 – Ruffles and Flourishes, v.1, no.4, August 1972
Folder 11 – St. Lawrence Bulletin, Fall 1967
Folder 12 – School Music News, Fall 1969

Box 12 – School Musician through Youth's Companion

Folder 1 – School Musician, May 1954; September 1955; October, 1958
Folder 2 – School Musician, October 1958; March 1966; April 1966; April 1970
Folder 3 – Sousa Band Society News, December 1965
Folder 4 – Talking Machine News, February 15, 1908
Folder 5 – Tape Recording, November 1961
Folder 6 – Taranaki Band News, June 1963 and Rules of the Taranaki Brass and Pipe Bands' Union, 1939
Folder 7 – Trombonist, Summer 1986; Spring 1987
Folder 8 – TUBA Journal, Winter 1996; Fall 1999; Winter 1999; Spring 2000
Folder 9 – WEBC News, November 13, 1932
Folder 10 – Woodwind, May 1950; November, 1950
Folder 11 – Youth's Companion, August 16, 1883


  [Processor's note:  The remaining series of the Bridges collection will be posted in due course.]


Keig E. Garvin (SC 3) - Music Scores

Biographical Note

     Keig Edward Garvin was born on April 17, 1915 in Esterville, Iowa and died May 16, 2010 in Hendersonville, North Carolina, where he is buried.  Garvin grew up in Iowa and Illinois.  As a teen, he took the train into Chicago each week to study trombone with Jaroslav Cimera.  He served as first chair trombonist and principal soloist in the U.S. Army Band for 23 years, in Washington, D.C., and abroad.  The band was the only service band to go overseas during World War II, traveling to North Africa, Sicily, England, France and Belgium.  After the war ended, it even played some concerts in Germany.  After retiring from the military in 1970 he moved to Hendersonville, North Carolina, where he taught private lessons.
     In addition to his music career, Garvin was an avid motorcyclist, bicyclist, pilot, outdoorsman and devoted husband of 70 years to his wife, Elfrieda, who passed away in 2008.  "He told me, 'You marry me and I'll show you a good time.'  It's been great," she once confided.
     This collection consists of four boxes of music scores. He donated them to the ITA Archives in November of 1988.  His donation letter to Dr. Randy Kohlenberg, the archivist of the ITA reads as follows:

Dear Randy,

     I hope you have some fun going through this bundle of mostly junk.  I just could not throw it away.  You will probably take most of it out to the dump, but this stuff does need to be surveyed by someone like yourself.
     In the Pryor "Thoughts of Love" you will find a section that does not appear in the published version . I imagine it was deleted because not many players of the day had the ability to play the rapid slurs involved.  Since Pryor was a practical man, he realized that the music should be playable by many players in order that he might sell enough copies to make the publishing worthwhile.  Granted, many of his solos are difficult, but much of the difficulty lies in the tempo, and a mediocre player could at least struggle through them and say he played a Pryor solo.  I wish more of our composers for trombone today would realize that if they want to sell music, it should be playable by someone other than a virtuoso.
     Robert E. Clark's name and comments appear on several of the arrangements.  I don't know how much you know about him, but he was one of the real "greats" of his day.
     You will see Leo Courtemanche's name on some of this music.  Leo was a contemporary of mine.  We both studied with Jaroslav Cimera at about the same time.  Leo wanted to audition for the Navy Band, but Jerry told him he was not ready.  Leo was a headstrong guy, auditioned and got the job.  He was trombone soloist of the Nay band for about two years – before Homer Phillips came.  He and Lt. Benter had personality a clash and Benter, always a vindictive guy, sent Leo out to sea, and he spent the war on a boat!  After the war he became trombone instructor at the Navy School of Music in Washington.  This was before the creation of the present school at Little Creek, Virginia.  He was a union musician in the Washington area for many years after he got out the Navy.  When he found out he was going to die, he gave me his trombone and all his music.  That is where some of the stuff came from.
Regards, Keig E. Garvin


[Processor's note: the arrangement of the scores is as found when unpacked.]

Box/Item List

Box 1

Folder 1 – "Weldon Polka", solo Trombone (manuscript), 1908
     This folder contains the score, with a note by Robert Clark saying, "My First Solo in Public, 1908, 1913"

Folder 2 – "Phenominal Polka" (manuscript plus extra parts), by Frederick Neil-Innes, 1926

Folder 3 – Cornet Solos, "Singvogelchen, Fantasia, Op. 22, Theodore Hoch, 1902

Folder 4 – "The Artist Trombonist: A Collection of Trombone Solos in Treble and Bass Clef with Piano Accompaniment, Trombone Soloist of Sousa's Band in Trombone, Tenor or Baritone Solos with Piano Accompaniment", Leo A. Zimmerman, 1913

Folder 5 – "Polka-Exposition by Arthur Pryor in Trombone, Tenor or Baritone Solos with Piano Accompaniment": published by J.W. Pepper & Son, Philadelphia, Penna, 1894

Folder 6 – "The Grenadier" by L.W. Hardy, Trombone solo, Carl Fisher Edition, 1908

Folder 7 – "Trixie Valse" by Herbert L. Clarke, Original Composition, Publisher: Carl Fischer, 1936

Folder 8 – "Tea for Two" (Manuscript)

Folder 9 – "Walzer-Rondo # 9 Modern" by Serafin Alschausky, Posaune-Solo, Publisher: Bremen A.E. Fisher, 1910

Folder 10 – "Air Varie" by Arthur Prior (2 Copies), Trombone Solo, copyright 1895, Publisher: J.W. Pepper, 1931

Folder 11 – "Phenomenal: Solo for Cornet, Trombone or Baritone" by Frederick Neil Innes, Published by Conn National School of Music, Inc., Chicago, 1925

Folder 12 – "May Blossoms" by R.E. Clark (Manuscript)

Folder 13 – "Prenominal Polka" by Frederick N. Innes, (Manuscript), copyright 1926

Folder 14 – "Polka, the Tip Topper", Trombone Solo, by Arthur Pryor, 1920

Folder 15 – "Love's enchantment", Trombone solo by Arthur W. Pryor, 1921, Manuscript and Printed copies

Folder 16 – "Daily Routine for Trombone" by Emory B. Remington

Folder 17 – ""A Daily Routine of Practice – Treble Clef by Pedro Lozano, Collection of Lip and Finger Drills and the Maravilla Non-Pressure System", Published by P. Lozano Publishing Company, Co. 1929

Folder 18 – "Aria, Heaven and Ocean", Trombone Solo by Ponchielli

Folder 19 – "The Prescott Technic System" by Gerald R. Prescott, Arban's Method: Part I, copyright 1934, and Part II, 1963, Lesson Plans for The Arban Methods, Published Jointly by Carl Fischer, Inc. and Schmitt, Hall & McCreary Co, Chicago and Minneapolis

Folder 20 – "Aus dem Violinconcert" von Richard Strauss, op. 8, published by Jos. Aibl Verlag, 1903

Folder 21 – "Old Kentucky Home" by Clay Smith, Published by C.L. Barnhouse, 1914

Folder 22 – "The Gondolier" by Gardell Simons, Published by Carl Fisher, 1910

Folder 23 – "On the Road to Mandalay" by Oley Speaks, Published by John Church Company, 1935

Folder 24 – "The Soul of the Surf: Polka Brilliant" by Clay Smith, Published by C.L. Barnhouse, 1915

Folder 25 – "Souvenir de la Suisse: Polka", by A. Liberati, Published by J.W. Pepper, 1888

Folder 26 – "The Grenadier: Trombone Solo", by L.W. Hardy, Published by Carl Fischer, 1908

Folder 27 – "Thoughts of Yesterday" by Clay Smith, Published by Carl Fischer, 1919

Folder 28 – "Starlight, Valse Caprice, Trombone Solo", by Arthur W. Pryor, Published by Carl Fischer (Manuscript and Printed), 1942

Folder 29 – "Leona Polka", Trombone Solo, by Leo A. Zimmerman, (Manuscript and Printed), Published by M.Witmark and Sons, 1924

Folder 30 – "Sea Shells: Valse", by F. Innes, Published by J.W. Pepper (Manuscript and Printed), 1925

Folder 31 – "Ecstasy of Spring: Trombone Solo" by Robert E. Clark (Manuscript), copyright 1910 & 1932

Folder 32 – "Annie Laurie Fantasia: Trombone Solo" by Arthur W. Pryor, Published by J.W. Pepper (Manuscript & Printed), copyright 1907 & 1918

Folder 33 – "Tangerine" by Victor Schertzinger, Published by Famous Music Corporation, 1942

Folder 34 – "Concerto for Violin" by Henry Schradieck, Published by G. Schirmer, 1895

Folder 35 – "Sea Shells Waltz" by F. Innes (Manuscript)

Folder 36 – "Friends" by Clay Smith, Published by Rubank, 1931

Folder 37 – "Cujus Animam" by Rossini, Published by Carl Fischer, 1889

Folder 38 – "Salut d'Amour" by E. Elgar, Published by Carl Fischer, 1907

Folder 39 – "The Volunteer" by Gardell Simons, Published by Carl Fischer, 1915

Folder 40 – "Modern Trombone Studies" by Jack Jenney, Published by Robbins Music Corporation

Folder 41 – "36 Studies for Trombone" by O Blume, Published by Carl Fischer, 1899

Folder 42 – "Feist All-Star Series of Modern Rhythm Choruses", arranged by Eddie Miller, Published by Leo Feist

Folder 43 – "Les Folies Bergeres: Concert Polka for Trombone" (Manuscript)" by Frederick Neil Innes

Folder 44 – "The Ocean View" by John Hartmann (Manuscript)

Folder 45 – "La Tourterelle" by E. Damare (Manuscript)

Folder 46 – "Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep" by L.P. Laurendeau, Published by Carl Fischer, 1909

Folder 47 – "Waltz Llewellyn" by Wiedoeft (Manuscript), Robbins Music Corporation

Folder 48 – Grand Russian Fantasia" by J. Levy, Published by Carl Fisher, 1904

Folder 49 – "Morning Glory" by H.A. Vander Cook, Published by Carl Fischer, 1911

Folder 50 – "The Caribbean" by Smith and Holmes, Published by Carl Fisher, 1917

Folder 51 – "The Last rose of Summer" by H. Round, Published by Carl Fischer, 1891

Folder 52 – "Dear Heart" by Tito Mattei, Published by Carl Fischer, 1898

Folder 53 – "Leona" by Leo A. Zimmerman, Published by M. Witmark & Sons, 1914

Folder 54 – "The Debutante: Concerto Polka for Trombone", by Frederick Neil Innes (Manuscript)

Folder 55 – "Walzer-Rondo # 9: Modern" by Alschausky (Manuscript)

Folder 56 – "Air Varie", Trombone Solo by Arthur Pryor, (Manuscript and Printed), copyright 1894

Folder 57 – "Thoughts of Love" by Pryor, Arr. by Park (Manuscript)

Folder 58 – "The Patriot" by Pryor, Arr. by Park (Manuscript)

Folder 59 – "Love's Enchantment" by Pryor, Arr. by Park, (Manuscript)

Folder 60 – "Posaune I" by Seraphin Alshausky (Manuscript)

Box 2

Folder 1 – "Kohuept # 2", copyright,1933

Folder 2 – "The Merry Farmer" by Robert Schumann, Published by M. Baron, 1950

Folder 3 – "Fantasia di Concerto" by Ed Boccalari, Published by Carl Fischer, 1906

Folder 4 – "Konzert # 2" by Serafin Alschausky, Published by Carl Fisher, 1934

Folder 5 – "Posaune II" by S. Alschausky (Manuscript)

Folder 6 – "Old Kentucky Home" by Foster

Folder 7 – "Love's Enchantment" by A Pryor (Manuscript)

Folder 8 – "Mention my Name in Sheboygan" by Bob Hilliard, Dick Sanford & Sammy Mysels, Published by World Music, 1947

Folder 9 – "Blue Bells of Scotland" by A. Pryor, Published by Carl Fischer, 1932

Folder 10 – "May Blossoms" by R.E. Clark, (Manuscript), copyright, 1923

Folder 11 – "Concerto Martiale" by O. Langey

Folder 12 – "Eight Trios for Trombones" by Allen Chase, Published by 3505 Iroquois (Manuscript), copyright, 1961

Folder 13 – "Quartet # 4 Op. 33" by Joseph Haydn, Published by Cor Publishing Co (Manuscript), 1964

Folder 14 – "Quartet Op.75, # 1" by Josef Haydn, Published by Cor Publishing Co (Manuscript), 1964

Folder 15 – "Scherzo" by A. Snosko-Borovsky, Published by International Music Company, 1960

Folder 16 – "Les Folies Bergeres" by F.N. Innes

Folder 17 – "TPNO" (Russian)

Folder 18 – "Orchestra Studies" (Manuscript)

Folder 19 – "Excerpts from 'The Damnation of Faust' " by Berlioz & Ostrander, Published by Edition Musicus, 1851

Folder 20 – "Orchestra Studies from Operas" by Franz Dreyer

Folder 21 – "Cavatina" by Chas. Gounod – Trombone solo, "Salut! Demeure Chaste et Pure" by Gounod (48 Parts) Orchestra

Folder 22 – "Thoughts of Love" by A. Pryor, (Manuscript and Printed), copyright 1939

Folder 23 – "Variation und Polonaise" by B. Knop (Made in Germany), Published by Jul. Heinr. Zimmermann

Folder 24 – "Pretty Jane, Grand Fantasia" by John Hartmann, Published by Carl Fischer, 1889

Folder 25 – "Etudes de Style" 2eme Vol., by Bordogni, Published by Buffet-Crampon (France)

Folder 26 – "Open-Orchesterstudien fur Posaune" by Richard Wagner, Published by Carl Fisher, 1913

Folder 27 – "Symphony #1 and # 4" by Johannes Brahms, Published by Edwin F. Kalmus

Folder 28 – "Orchestral Studies" by Richard Strauss, Published by International Music Company, 1947

Folder 29 – "Der Ring des Nibefungen" by Richard Wagner, Published by C.F. Schmidt, 1913

Folder 30 – "Byldo" by Mussoys (Manuscript)

Folder 31 – "Symphony # 5" by Tchaikowsky (Manuscript)

Folder 32 – "Grand Concert Valse" by John Hartmann, copyright 1880

Folder 33 – "Der Prophet" by G. Meyerbeer, Published by C.F. Schmidt

Folder 34 – "Die Hugenotten" by Iacomo Mayerbeer, Published by C.F. Schmidt, 1864

Folder 35 – "Symphony # 1" by Gustave Mahler (Manuscript)

Folder 36 – "Symphony # 2" by R. Schuman (Manuscript)

Folder 37 – "Agamemnon Polka" by Herr Kenig, Published by L.A. Blanchard

Folder 38 – "The Charmer" by Louis F. Boos, Published by Dixie Music House

Folder 39 – "Die Stumme von Partici" by D.E.F. Auber, Published by C.F. Schmidt

Folder 40 – "Difficult Passages from Symphonic and Dramatic Works, 2th Parts" – "forty One" Excerpt from Symphonic Composition (Manuscript), 1932/39

Folder 41 – "Songs Made Famous by Bing Crosby", Published by Famous Music Corporation, 1941

Folder 42 – "Latin American Hit Songs", Published by Capitol Stories, 1949

Folder 43 – "The Volunteer" by Gardell Simons, Published by Carl Fischer, 1915

Folder 44 – "Grand Fantasie" by V. Bellini, Published by Bremen A.E. Fischer

Folder 45 – "Trio Pour Trombones: Quintette de Beethoven" Arr. by Paul Delisse, 1st, 2 and 3 Trombone (Manuscript)

Folder 46 – "Trombology" by Tommy Dorsey, Published by Dorsey Brothers' Music, 1948

Folder 47 – "Daily Lip Drills and Studies for the Trombone" by Elmer Ronka, Published by Carl Fischer, 1936

Folder 48 – "Es Mufs Geschieden Sein" by Emile Cock (Manuscript and Printed)

Folder 49 – "1 Longing Desire" – "2 Consolation of Fear", by Chr. Frehde

Folder 50 – "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'" by Richard Rodgers, Published by Williamson Music, 1953

Folder 51 – "Frank Sinatra's Hits on Parade", Published by Harms, 1931

Folder 52 – "Now is the Hour" by Maewa Kaihan, Clement Scott, and Dorothy Stewart, Published by Leeds Music Corporation, 1913

Folder 53 – "Ballerina" by Carl Sigman, Published by Jefferson Music Corporation, 1947

Folder 54 – "The Song of Songs" by Moya, Published by Chappell, 1914

Folder 55 – "Because" by Guy d'Hardelot, Published by Chappell & Co, 1902

Folder 56 – "Trees" by Oscar Rasbach, Published by G.Schirmer, 1922

Folder 57 – "When I Grow too Old to Dream" by Sigmund Romberg, Published by Robbins Music Corporation, 1935

Folder 58 – "Without a Song" by Vincent Youmans, Published by Miller Music, 1929

Folder 59 – "Begin the Beguine" by Cole Porter, Published by Harms Incorporated, 1935

Folder 60 – "Carnival Variation", Serial # 455 (Manuscript)

Folder 61 – Eddy Duchin's Pianostyles, Vol. 2, Published by Remick Music Corporation, 1937

Box 3

Folder 1 – "Gebet" by Ed Muller

Folder 2 – "Sonata for Trombone, op.22" by Frederick Mueller (Manuscript)

Folder 3 – "Mills Popular Standard, Solos for Trombone" Published by Mills Music, 1941

Folder 4 – "Star Dust" by Mitchell Parish and Hoagy Carmichael, Published by Mills Music, 1929

Folder 5 – "Tempesta" by John H. Harris in Selected Solos for the Tuba, Published by Carl Fischer, 1896

Folder 6 – "Saint Louis Blues" by W.C. Handy, Published by Genuine American Music, 1914

Folder 7 – "Trombographic" by David Bennet, Published by Carl Fischer, 1956

Folder 8 – "Sonata Violoncello" by J.B. Breval, Published by Schott & Co., London, 1929

Folder 9 – "Dancing Sunbeams Polka" by Ernest Clarke, Published by Carl Fischer, 1934

Folder 10 – "Ecstasy of Spring, Valse" by Robert A. Clark, Published by Carl Fischer, 1924

Folder 11 – "Sing with Dick Haymes", Published by Famous Music Corporation

Folder 12 – Andy Russelll's Selection of Latin-American Hits, Published by Southern Music Pub, 1945

Folder 13 – "Night and Day" by Cole Porter, Published by Harms Inc, 1946

Folder 14 – "Attendite, Popule Meus, Legem Meam" by Heinrich Schutz, Published by G. Schirmer, Inc, 1958

Folder 15 – Clay Smith Favorite Encore Folio, Published by Carl Fischer

Folder 16 – "Sonatina for Trombone and Piano" by Robert W. Jones, Published by Interlochen Press, 1958

Folder 17 – "Feist Cavalcade of Song Hits", Published by Leo Feist, 1938

Folder 18 – "Exposition Echoes, Polka" by A. Pryor (Manuscript)

Folder 19 – "The Weldon Polka" by Gardie Simons, copyright 1903

Folder 20 – "Rounds and Dances" by Jan Bach, 1980 (Manuscript)

Folder 21 – "One Fine Day" from "Madam Butterfly" by G. Puccini, Published by Neil A. Kjos Company, 1978

Folder 22 – "Les Folies Bergeres, Polka" by F.N. Innes, Published by J.W. Pepper, 1882

Folder 23 – "Comin' Through the Rye" by Fred'K N. Innes, Published by J.W. Pepper, 1883

Folder 24 – "Sonata" by J.F. Fasch, Published by McGinnis & Marx, 1963

Folder 25 – Score in Russian

Folder 26 – "Waltz-rondo # 9 (Modern)" by Serafin Alschausky, (Manuscript and Printed), 1910

Folder 27 – "Six Duos for Horn & Trombone" by Verne Reynolds, Commissioned by the International Trombone Association (Manuscript)

Folder 28 – "Trio" for Trumpet, Horn and Trombone, by Verne Reynolds (Manuscript)

Folder 29 – "Autumn Dreams" by Leo A. Zimmerman (Manuscript)

Folder 30 – "Orchestral Studies from Operas for the Trombone" by Franz Dreyer, # 2, Published by C.F. Schmidt

Folder 31 – "Polka Caprice" by Gardie Simons (Cornet Solo), Published by J.W. Pepper & Son, 1900

Folder 32 – "Posaune mit Pianoforte" by V.E. Sachse, Published by C.F. Schmidt

Folder 33 – "Walzer-Arie # 2" (My Ideal) by Serafin Alschausky, Published by Carl Fischer

Folder 34 – "Trennung" by Gabrielle Ferrari

Folder 35 – Clay Smith
     This folder contains scores by Clay Smith: "Among the Sycamores", Published by C.L. Barnhouse, 1939 – "Thoughts of Yesterday", Published by Carl Fischer, 1919 – "Castles in the Air", Published by Carl Fischer, 1915

Folder 36 – Gardell Simons
     This folder contains Scores by Gardell Simons: "Atlantic Zephyrs, Novelette", Published by Carl Fischer, 1915 – "The Volunteer", Published by Carl Fischer, 1915 – "Tijuanita", Published by Carl Fischer, 1940

Folder 37 – "By the Sea" by F. Schubert, Published by Carl Fischer

Folder 38 – "The Beau Brummel" by Aug. H. Schaeffer, Published by Fillmore Music House, 1925

Folder 39 – "Song of India" by Tommy Dorsey, Published by Embassy Music Corporation, 1946

Folder 40 – "Thoughts of Love" by A. Pryor, Published by Carl Fischer, 1904

Folder 41 – "Concert Waltz in C Minor" by George Polce, Published by Fillmore Music House, 1941

Folder 42 – "Asleep in the Deep" by Forrest L. Buchtel, Published by Neil A. Kjos Music

Folder 43 – "The Wild Rose, Polka" by H. A. Vander Cook, Published by Carl Fischer, 1911

Folder 44 – "Slidus Trombonus" by M.L. Lake, Published by Carl Fischer, 1915

Folder 45 – "The Cascades" by Clay Smith, Published by Carl Fischer, 1929

Folder 46 – "Honeysuckle Polka" by J.O. Casey, Published by Carl Fischer, 1891

Folder 47 – "The Spring Polka" by J. Hartmann, Published by L.A. Blanchard

Folder 48 – Foundation to Trombone Playing, an Elementary Method by Fred L. Blodgett, copyright 1916

Folder 49 – "Air Varie" by A. Pryor, Published by Carl Fischer (Manuscript & Printed), 1895

Folder 50 – "La Petite Suzanne" by A. Pryor (Manuscript)

Folder 51 – "Massa's in the Cold, Cold Ground" by Holmes & Smith, Published by C.L. Barnhouse, 1916

Folder 52 – "Cujus Animam" by G. Rossini, Published by Carl Haslinger

Folder 53 – "Mocking Bird Fantasia" by F.N. Innes, Published by C.G. Conn, Manuscript & Printed, 1886

Folder 54 – "Largo" by G.F. Handel, Published by Carl Fischer, 1907

Folder 55 – "Rounds and Dances for Brass Quintet" by Jan Bach (I. Fanfare) (Manuscript)

Folder 56 – "Rudiments of Music", Published by Thos. H. King, 1920

Folder 57 – "Choral and Fugue" by Johan Sebastian Bach, Arr. by Alschausky (Manuscript)

Folder 58 – "The Avalanche" by A.W. Nicholson, Published by Musical Progress

Folder 59 – "Celeste Aida" by Theo M. Tobani, Published by Carl Fischer, 1908

Folder 60 – "Concertino" by Otto Fleischmann, Published by Carl Fischer

Folder 61 – "Bells Won't Make a Wedding" by Jack Allen, Published by Dave Ringle, 1939

Folder 62 – "Someday I'll Find You' by Noel Coward, Published by Chappell & Co, 1931

Folder 63 – "Eddy Duchin's Pianostyles, Published by Remick Music Corporation, 1935

Folder 64 – "Foundation to Cornet Playing Exercises" by Stanley Vesely, Published by Hiltbrunner Music Co, 1945

Box 4

Folder 1 – "The Most Popular Trombone Solos", Published by Hinds, Noble & Eldredge

Folder 2 – "Lend me your Aid" # 47 Trombone Solo by Gounod

Folder 3 – "Resignation Romanze" by Geo Koppitz, Published by Carl Fischer

Folder 4 – "The Blue Bells of Scotland" by J. Levy, Published by Oliver Diston & Co

Folder 5 – "Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep' by L.P. Laurendeau, Published by Carl Fischer, 1911

Folder 6 – "The Promenade" by Jules Levy, Published by Carl Fischer, 1908

Folder 7 – "The Carnival de Venice" by Hoch Levy, Published by Carl Fischer, 1890

Folder 8 – Arthur Pryor
     This folder contains: "Love's Enchantment: Valse de Concert", copyright 1903 – "La Petite Suzanne: Valse Caprice", copyright1937 – "The Little Chief: Polka Caprice", copyright 1916 – "The Tip Topper", copyright 1937 – "The Supervisor", Published by Carl Fischer, 1939 – "The Patriot, Polka", Published by Carl Fischer, 1904

Folder 9 – Bach Duets (Manuscript)

Folder 10 – "Am Neckar" by Theodore Kewitsch, Published by Carl Fischer, 1904

Folder 11 – "Elegie" by O. Hohfeld

Folder 12 – "Konzert # 2" by Eugen Reiche, Published by Jul. Heinr. Zimmermann

Folder 13 – "Konzert # 1 in B-dur" by Serafin Alschausky, Published by Bremen-Fischer, 1911

Folder 14 – "Sweetest Story ever Told" by R.M. Stults (Manuscript)

Folder 15 – Mills Radio Favorites for Trombone, Published by Mills Music, 1945

Folder 16 – Pan American # 1, a Folio of Outstanding Latin American Hit Songs of the Year, Published by Peer International Corporation, 1941

Folder 17 – "A Little Bird Told Me" by Harvey O. Brooks, Published by Bourne, 1947

Folder 18 – "Polka Exposition" by A. Pryor, Published by J.W. Pepper & Son, 1894

Folder 19 – "Methode Complete de Trombone a Coulisse en 4 Parties" by Andre Lafosse, Published by Alphonse Leduc, 1928

Folder 20 – "Aereo Polka" by Leo A. Zimmerman, (Manuscript and Printed), 1923

Folder 21 – Leo Zimmerman
     This folder contains: "Autumn Dreams" Valse (Manuscript) – "Three Original Trombone Solos", Published by Carl Fischer, 1919
Folder 22 – "The Trombone Virtuoso: A Modern Method for Flexibility of the Tongue for Attack, Used In Different Articulations as Music Requires, Wrist and Lip Flexibility, Efficiency of Positions for a Perfect Technique, Ear Training, Perfect Intonation, and Rhythm of all Combinations" by Pedro Lozano, Published by Pedro Lozano Publishing, 1928

Folder 23 – "Atlantic Zephyrs" by Gardell Simons, Published by Carl Fisher (Manuscript and Printed), 1915

Folder 24 – Theodore Hoch
     This folder contains: "Edelweiss, Fantasia", Published by Carl Fischer, 1902 – "The Dream of Love, Fantasia", Published by Carl Fischer, 1902

Folder 25 – "Konzert # 1" by Serafin Alschausky, Co/1911, Published by Bremen, 1911

Folder 26 – "Blue Bells of Scotland" by Arthur Pryor, Published by Carl Fischer (Manuscript and Printed), 1904

Folder 27 – "Thoughts of Love" by A. Pryor, Carl Fischer Universal Band Journal, Published by Carl Fischer, 1939

Folder 28 – "Antoniotto" by Fernand Oubradous, Published by Alphonse Leduc, 1938

Folder 29 – "La Petite Suzanne" by A. Pryor (Manuscript)

Folder 30 – "Avalanche Polka" by A.W. Nicholson, Published by A. Squire, 1878

Folder 31 – "Les Folies Bergeres" by F.N. Innes (Manuscript)

Folder 32 – "Souvenir du Poitou" by J. Legendre, Published by Carl Fischer

Folder 33 – "Slidus Trombonus" by M.L. Lake, Published by Carl Fischer, 1916

Folder 34 – Rossini, Gounod, Nevin, 1898
     This folder contains: "The Rosary" by Ethelbert Nevin, 1898 – "Stabat Mater" by Rossini, Published by Carl Fischer – "Ave Maria" by Ch. Gounod, Published by G. Schirmer, 1898

Folder 35 – "Orchestra Studies Trombone" by Robert Muller

Folder 36 – "Cimera's Elementary Artist" Trombone and Baritone, Published by Apollo Music Company, 1927
     This folder contains: Record # 1, Tonguing – Record # 2, Legato Tonguing – Record # 3, Slurring – Record # 4, Advance Tonguing – Record # 5, Triple Tonguing – Record # 6, Syncopation – Record # 7, Vibrato – Record # 5, Advance Triple Tonguing

Folder 37 – "Imogen, Indian Wild Flower Reverie" by Clay Smith, Published by C.L. Barnhouse, 1913

Folder 38 – "The Gondolier" by Gardell Simons (Manuscript)

Folder 39 – "Hentonian, Valse Caprice" by J. De Luca, Published by Carl Fischer, 1926

Folder 40 – "Down in the Deep Cellar" by F. Kroepsch, Published by Carl Fischer, 1898

Folder 41 – Separate Legatto Attack for Each Note (Etude 1-10) (Manuscript)

Folder 42 – Miscellaneous I

Folder 43 – Miscellaneous II


Neill H. Humfeld (SC 4)

Biographical Note

     According to the ITA list of life-time members, [  ] "Neill Humfeld was a distinguished trombone player and educator as well as an ardent promoter of the ITA.  In addition to serving as president of the ITA from 1980 to 1982, his career included more than thirty-two years as trombone instructor, band director, music education specialist, and administrator at East Texas State University.  Humfeld's teaching style and reputation earned him the highest regard among his peers, both at East Texas State and in the International Trombone Association.  After his term as president of the ITA, Humfeld served as the International Trombone Workshop director until his untimely death in 1991 following an extended illness.  In 1992, the Neill Humfeld Award for Excellence in Teaching was proposed and approved by the ITA Board.  The annual award is a plaque endorsed by the ITA and presented at the Festival to recognize the life of the late Neill Humfeld and his contributions to the trombone profession."

Neill Hamilton Humfeld was born on December 8, 1928 and died on October 25, 1991.  His parents were Alfred C. Humfeld (1892-1969) and Ruth H. Hamilton Humfeld (1896-1973).

Scope and Content

This collection consists of two boxes of materials relating to Humfeld's teaching and professional careers, including publications, awards and certificates, theses, programs of performances and recitals, and research activities.

1952-1992                                                                                                                                                 2 boxes (.66 l.f.)

Box and Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1 – Master's Thesis by Neill H. Humfeld, (typescript), October, 1952
     This folder contains: "A Manual on Selection and Use of Phonograph Equipment in the Music Classroom", submitted to the Department of Music Education and the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Kansas in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Music Education, October, 1952, along with Suggested Changes, Additions, & Corrections

Folder 2 – Master's Thesis by Neill H. Humfeld, "A Transcription for Trombone and Piano of J.S. Bach's Sonata # 1 for Viola da Gamba and Cembalo", June 1958
     This folder contains An Essay to Fulfill the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Music, Department of Music Literature, Major in Trombone, Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, June, 1958

Folder 3 – Eastman Recital, February 21, 1962
     This folder contains the program for the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, Lecture-Recital Presented by Neill H. Humfeld, Candidate for the Degree Doctor of musical Arts in Trombone

Folder 4 – Doctoral Thesis by Neill Hamilton Humfeld, June 1962
     This folder contains "The History and Construction of the Cornett", presented by Neil Hamilton Humfeld to Fulfill the Thesis Requirement for the Degree Doctor of Musical Arts, Department of Performance and Pedagogy, Thesis Director: Eugene J. Selhorst, Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester".

Folder 5 – ITW 1991 Workshop, 1990
     This folder contains documents in preparation for the 1991 workshop, including budgeting, faculty invitations, bios and contracts, logistics, and scheduling.

Folder 6 – ITW 1991 Workshop, 1991 & nd
     This folder contains documents in preparation for the 1991 workshop, including budgeting, faculty invitations, bios and contracts, logistics, and scheduling.

Box 2

Folder 1 – Certificates – Awards – Photos

Folder 2 – Blue and Gold Society Award, 1976
     This folder contains: a Plaque of the Blue and Gold Society, East Texas State University, Award to Dr. Neil H. Humfeld, 1976

Folder 3 – ETSU Special, December 1967, Vol. XI, # 1, December 1967
     This magazine contains an article with photographs of Dr. Humfeld and his marching band rehearsing for half-time shows for East Texas State University.

Folder 4 – ETSU Band Scrapbook, 1969/70

Folder 5 – ETSU Band Scrapbook, 1970/71