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Edith Kyle Crawford Collection (MC 73)

Biographical Note

A member of the Kyle-Swift family of Columbus, Edith Kyle Harrison Crawford (1886-1981) was very active in civic and social organizations for decades. She married her first husband, J. Marshall Harrison in 1918, shortly before he died during the influenza epidemic. She married her second husband, Henry Benning Crawford (December 4, 1874-January 22, 1956) in 1941. He served as the second city manager of Columbus, Georgia.

Scope and Content

This collection contains books relating to the local area and to broader subjects which interested her, i.e. the American Red Cross, the Presbyterian Church, art, segregation, and politics, including some anti-F.D. Roosevelt pieces. It also includes clippings involving and sermons of John Calvin Reid, Robert McNeill and James V. Johnson, all ministers at the First Presbyterian Church; the minutes, 1939-1961, history, 1928-1950, programs, 1951-1962, and related materials for the Charter Garden Club; programs, 1937-1981, and clippings dealing with the Women's Reading Club; ledger, clippings, etc. of the Ladies Memorial Association; the history, 1893-1975, and miscellaneous directories, by-laws, etc. of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America; Georgia Society; as well as similar materials relating to the Junior League, Historic Columbus Foundation, and the Springer Opera House, Columbus Museum, Big Eddy Club, and Green Island Club, and Columbus Country Club during the 1960s and 1970s. It contains an extensive amount of materials dealing with her activities during World War II and various memorabilia.

1840s-1981 16 boxes (10 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Edith Kyle Crawford Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Edith Kyle Harrison Crawford Collection (MC 73)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


This collection was donated to the Archives by F. Clason Kyle in 1993.

Note to Researchers

See also: J. Marshall Harrison Collection (MC 178)

Box and Folder List

Box l – 28 Folders

1. American Red Cross First Aid Textbook, 1937

2. The Gobelins: Historical and Descriptive Notes, translated by Octave Boye. A visitor's guide to the Gobelins in France, ca. 1930.

3. Aurora Floyd, by M. E. Braddon. Richmond: West & Johnson. A paperback novel. 1863

4. Business and Street Guide of 1952. Street guide contains advertisements for local businesses in Columbus, Georgia.

5. The Platonic Marriage, by Mrs. Cartwright. London: Logographic Press, 1787. A hard-bound epistolary novel.

6. Catalogue of Paintings: American Traditionalists of the 20th Century. A catalogue from an exhibition at the Columbus Museum of Arts and Crafts, February 16, 1963.

7. Traite des Verbes, by Mlle. Cellier. A French grammar from the Miss Dana's School in Morristown, New Jersey, 1903.

8. The New Magdalen, by Wilkie Collins. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1873. A paperback novel.

9. Samuel Crompton 1853-1827: The inventor of the spinning mule. A brief survey of his life and work with which is incorporated a short History of Messrs. Dobson & Barlow, Limited. No author. 1927

10. Weep No More, My Lady, by W. E. Debnam. Raleigh: The Graphic Press, Inc., 1950. "A Southerner Answers Mrs. Roosevelt's Report on the Poor and Happy South". A paperback.

11. Then My Old Kentucky Home Goodnight, by W. E. Debnam. Raleigh: The Graphic Press, Inc., 1955. A paperback.

12. Is Segregation Justified?, by Richard W. Edmonds. Columbus: Muscogee Publishing Company, 1957. Paperback.

13. Foundation for Segregation, by Richard W. Edmonds. Published by the author, 1957. Paperback.

14. The Gallant City: A Historical Drama with Music commemorating the “Last Land Battle of the Civil War". A program for the production staged by the “Stay and See" Committee of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Presented April 26, 1961.

15. The Counties of the State of Georgia, compiled by the Georgia Historical Society, Savannah, Georgia, 1974. Historical map included.

16. First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, by James J. Gilbert. Columbus: Gilbert Printing Company, 1930. First Presbyterian Church history from 1830-1930.

17. First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, by James J. Gilbert. Copy 2.

18. The Gallant City: A Historical Drama, by Clay Lacy and Tom Sellers. Supplement to the program. Articles on Columbus' involvement in the Civil War. Advertisements for local businesses. 2 copies.

19. Columbus, Georgia 1828-1978, by John S. Lupold. Columbus: Columbus Sesquicentennial.

20. God Wills Us Free: The Ordeal of a Southern Minister, by Rev. Robert McNeill. New York: Hill and Wang, 1965.

21. Prophet, Speak Now!, by Rev. Robert McNeill. Richmond: John Knox Press, 1961. Autographed copy.

22. New York Cotton Exchange 1871-1923, by Edward E. Bartlett, Jr. Short history of the Exchange commemorating the completion of the new Cotton Exchange Building in New York in 1923.

23. We Wrote the Gospels, by John Calvin Reid. Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1960. Autographed copy.

24. We Knew Jesus, by John Calvin Reid. Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1954. Book contains business card from Eben L. Reid inscribed, "Calvin asked me to deliver this new book to you-” and a photograph Christmas card from "The John Calvin Reids". Both are affixed to the front inside cover of the book.

25. On Toward the Goal: Sermons of Hope and Encouragement, by John Calvin Reid. Richmond: John Knox Press, 1949. Autographed copy.

26. Prayers for the Family, complied by John Calvin Reid. Copyright 1945. Signed by Edith Kyle Crawford.

27. "The Roosevelt Album" A.J. Ezickson, ed. New York: Knickerbocker Publishing Company, 1945. A magazine collection of photographs spanning Roosevelt's life.

28. “Palais National de Malmaison”, A picture book with historical text describing Malmaison. ca. 1925

Box 2: Books

1. Ladies Album, ca. 1930. Belongs to "C. A. Swift, Upson County, Georgia"

2. 1962 Date Book, blank

3. 1964 Date Book, blank

4. Address/telephone book, contains some addresses and telephone numbers

5. Cloth covered address book, blank

6. Dry Goods & Notions Price Book no. 4. Notebook ca. 1890. Belonged to J. P. Kyle.

7. Address book. Belongs to Adelaide S. Kyle. Some entries.

8. Daybook 1951. Entries.

9. Daybook 1948. Entries.

10. Daybook 1949. Entries.

11. Daybook 1950. Entries.

12. Register of the Georgia Society of Colonial Dames of America. Baltimore, 1937.

13. Fontainebleu postcard album, ca. 1900.

14. Columbus, Georgia & Phenix City, Alabama. The American Institute of Architects Regional /Urban Design Assistance Team Report. March 1-4, 1974.

15. Handbook for Local, Presbyterial and Synodical Officers. Women of the Presbyterian Church.

16. Six Sermons from Life, by Joseph Harvey.

17. A Time of Adversity and Courage: A Story of Montgomery and West Point Railroad. Marshall L. Bowie, 1930.

18. The Memories of Fred S. Schomberg, Sr. 1881-1972.

19. Henry Benning Crawford's Funeral Book. January 22, 1956.

20. The Origin and Growth of First Baptist Church, by Frederick S. Porter, 1959.

21. Columbus, Georgia Al Oula Shrine Club Horse Show, May 28-30, 1948.

22. All Right, Mr. Roosevelt, by Stephen Leacock. Toronto: Oxford UP, 1939. An Oxford Pamphlet on World Affairs.

23. Lowell Textile School Design Book, 1913.

24. The Social Index of Georgia. 1960.

25. Street and Road Guide for Columbus, 1960.

26. Telephone Directory for Columbus, 1942.

27. Walter Goring. Annie Thomas.

Box 3

Charter Garden Club

1. Minutes, June 1939-February 1944.

2. Minutes, April 1944-May 1950.

3. Minutes, June 1950-February 1956.

4. Minutes, 1955-1961

5. Constitution and By-Laws, 1928.

6. History, 1928-1952.

7. History, 1941-1942.

8. History, 1942-1943.

9. History, 1946-1947.

10. History, 1948-1949.

11. History, 1949-1950.

12. Programme 1951-1952. 2 copies

13. Programme 1952-1953. 2 copies.

14. Programme 1957-1958.

15. Programme 1958-1959.

16. Programme 1959-1960.

17. Programme 1960-1961.

18. Programme 1961-1962.

19. Garden Gateways newsletter, February 1944.

20. Garden Gateways newsletter, October, November, December 1946

21. Garden Gateways newsletter, March 1953, November 1957.

22. Georgia Garden Club Guide, 1959

23. Salvation Army Certificate of Appreciation.

24. Correspondence 1946-1962.

25. Clippings 1946-1947.

26. Miscellaneous.

Women's Reading Club

27. Programmes 1937-1981.

28. Constitution and By-Laws for the years 1888, 1900, 1918, 1924, 1936.

29. Programme 1938-1939.

30. Programme 1940-1941.

31. Programme 1964-1965.

32. Programme 1970-1971.

33. Programme 1972-1973.

34. Programme 1973-1974.

35. Programme 1975-1976.

36. Anniversary Speech 1977.

37. Programme 1978-1979.

38. Clippings.

American Red Cross

39. American Red Cross Women's Bureau Training Manual and Pamphlets.

Includes the following:

1. Guide for Instructors in Surgical Dressing. 1917 Booklet.

2. Navy League of US comforts committee knitting instructions.

3. American Red Cross instructions for making pajamas

4. Bear Brand yarns knitting projects for soldiers.

5. American Red Cross Surgical Dressing War Manual.

6. Two First Aid study question packets.

7. Sheet from a First Aid manual.

40. American Red Cross Home Service training manual for volunteer Social Workers.

First Presbyterian Church

41. Rev. John Calvin Reid: Sermons and clippings.

42. Rev. Robert McNeill: Programs, sermons, Look essay.

43. Rev. Robert McNeill: Clippings (see also Vertical File).

44. Rev. James V. Johnson: Clippings.

45. First Presbyterian Church: Pamphlets, clippings and sermon

Box 4

1. Women's Club House Association Constitution and By-Laws, 10/7/30.

Ladies Memorial Association

2. Ledger 1940-1971.

3. Memorial Days, commemorative book.

4. Program of Events, 1966 Memorial Day (Civil War Centennial) at Linwood Cemetery.

5. Clippings about the Confederacy, 1963-1974.

6. Ladies Memorial Association Correspondence.

7. Clippings.

8. Bank statements.

9. Passbook.

10. Clippings 1966-1969.

National Society of the Colonial Dames of America: Georgia Society

11. History 1893-1975.

12. History 1893-1937.

13. Directory 1927.

14. Directory 1938.

15. Directory 1947.

16. Directory 1957.

17. Directory 1963.

17a. Report of the Historian 1965-1966

17b. Directory and Report of the Historian 1967-1968

18. Directory 1969-1970.

19. Directory 1971-1972.

20. Directory 1974.

21. Directory 1975-1976.

22. Directory 1976-1977.

23. Directory 1977-1978.

24. Directory 1978-1979.

25. Directory 1978-1980. (4 copies)

26. Directory 1980-1982.

27. By-Laws 1927.

28. By-Laws 1963.

29. By-Laws 1967.

30. By-Laws 1972.

31. Guide to Museum Houses 1961.

32. Bulletin 1963

33. Bulletin 1964.

34. Diamond Jubilee Invitation and Bulletin 1966.

35. Guide to Museum Houses 1967.

36. Bulletin 1969.

37. Columbus Town Committee 1970-1971.

38. Annual Meeting Invitation 1973.

39. Newsletter July 1975.

40. List of requirements for entry and paper presentations.

41. Dedication of Fountain commemorating 200th anniversary of the colony of Georgia.

42. Clippings.

43. Correspondence.

44. Colonial Dames Miscellaneous.

45. Nominations for members of the Colonial Dames of America.

Junior League

46. By-Laws 1966-1967.

47. Annual Report 1967-1968.

48. Member list, date unknown.

Historic Columbus Foundation

49. Historic Homes Papers. See also Vertical File.

50. Historic Home clippings.

51. Heritage Ball clippings.

52. Highlights of Columbus history article.

53. Historic Columbus Homes pamphlets.

54. Heritage Ball June 11, 1971. Edith Kyle Crawford was Honored Lady. Clippings, engraved invitation plate and photos included.

55. Historic Columbus Foundation clippings.

56. Historic Columbus Foundation clippings, by-laws and list of officers.

The Springer Opera House

57. Promotion packets (2 copies) 1973.

58. Program from production of The Lonely Hunter, November 6, 1967.

59. First Annual Springer Gala program, October 26, 1967. History included in the booklet

60. Springer Opera House restoration fund drive booklet, ca. 1974.

Box 5—World War II (letter box a)

Folder 1

1. Registration form of Columbus Defense Service Council, Volunteer Service Bureau, clipped from newspaper ca. 1940.

2. Booklet, A Central Volunteer Bureau in Defense: Suggestions for its organization and Program. New York: Association of the Junior League of America Inc., 1941. Handwritten list folded inside with names and addresses of volunteers.

3. Working copy of advertisement for the Service done in watercolor, pen and ink rendering of USO logo. Folded inside the drawing are items 4-11.

4. Sketch in pen and ink. Rough sketch of USO logo.

5. Sketch in pen and ink.

6. Sketch in pen and ink.

7. Sketch in pen and ink. Rough sketches of USO logo.

8. Watercolor study of soldier.

9. Sketch in pen and ink of soldiers in the field.

10. Sketch in pen and ink of soldier.

11. Sketches in pencil and ink of soldiers and women. On back says "Women for Civil Defense Service."

12. Red Cross typing pool, list of names and addresses.

13. Booklet, Defense on Main Street, published by the Council for Democracy and the National Federation of Business Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., 1941.

14. Report, "Suggestions for a Local Volunteer Bureau" published by the Association of the Junior Leagues of America, Inc., Jul y 3, 1941.

15. Letter dated July 29, 1941 from Mrs. DeForest Van Slyck, Executive Secretary, Association of the Junior Leagues of America to "President."

16. Report, "Civilian Volunteer Activities in Total Defense”, published by the Association of the Junior Inc., (3 copies) January 1, 1941.

17. [Not used]

18. Announcement, "Colored Women Requested to Register" hand-written in pencil on stationary from the office of Dr. Thomas H. Brewer M. D., July 10, (no year)

19. A Puzzle clipped from newspaper, "Solve this Dance Step”, no date.

20. Postcard from Volunteer Service Bureau in Richmond, Virginia, May 12, 1941.

21. Registration cards for Mrs. Richard H. Jones (7 in total).

22. Enrollment form for Columbus Defense Service Council Volunteer Service Bureau.

23. Lists of committees and their members, Volunteer Service Bureau.

24. Volunteer Service Bureau, Syracuse Council of Social Agencies enrollment form and record of service.

25. Volunteer Service Bureau, Richmond County registration card.

26. Registration card, no title.

27. Volunteer Service Bureau Richmond County Council enrollment card.

28. Handwritten note in pencil.

29. Booklet, A Church Program for Defense Areas by Leland foster Wood. New York: The American Social Hygiene Foundation, 1941.

Folder 2

(Items 30-42 are letters of thanks to Crawford from Soldiers)

30. Letter dated May 18, 1941 to Mrs. Harrison (Crawford) from Pvt. John E. Kenny.

31. Letter, no date to Mrs. Harrison (Crawford) from Otto Lente.

32. Letter dated June 9 to Mrs. Harrison (Crawford) from C.S. Wygatt.

33. Letter dated Tues, June 10 to Mrs. Harrison (Crawford) from Jim Taylor.

34. Letter dated June 6, 1941 to Mrs. Harrison (Crawford) from Elise Lente.

35. Letter dated June 10, 194 to Mrs. Harrison (Crawford) from Pvt. Walter W. Clemini.

36. Letter dated June 4, 1941 to Mrs. Harrison (Crawford) from Otto Lente and Ernest P. Phillips.

37. Letter dated Monday June 9 to Mrs. Harrison from Pvt. Martin O'Shaughnessy, Jr. and Pvt. Carl Sile.

38. Letter dated Monday, June 8 to Mr. Shorter from Pvt. Martin O'Shaughnessy and Pvt. Carl Sile.

39. Letter dated April 26, 1941 to Mrs. Harrison from Otto Lente.

40. Letter dated June 11, 1941 to Mrs. Harrison from John Merritt.

41. Letter dated June 1, 1941 to Mrs. Harrison from C.S. Wygatt.

42. Letter dated June 12, 1941 to Mrs. Harrison from Fred W. Menschke.

43. List of clinics at hospital, volunteer needs for Army/Navy YMCA attached.

44. Letter from Mrs. John H. Cromly, Executive Secretary of the Volunteer Service Bureau in Richmond, Virginia. Forwarded to Mrs. Harrison (Crawford) with personal note. June 3, 1941.

45. Schedule for the Public Health Association and Columbus Muscogee County Health Department Clinics for 1941. Attached is typewritten note signed by Hattie Weldon R.N. of Muscogee County Health Department.

46. List of suggested names for help at the county schools.

47. List of committees and their chairs for the Volunteer Service Bureau.

48. The Women's Volunteer Committee of the Defense Service Council. List of officers and advisory committee. 2 copies.

49. Survey of Civilian Organizations form.

50. Check sheet for Defense Activities form.

51. Question and answer sheet, typed.

52. Letter dated June 26, 1941 to Mrs. Harrison from Walter A. Richards, Chairman of the Columbus Defense Service Council. On Tom's Peanut Company stationary.

53. Unknown.

54. Sewing pool , list of names and addresses.

55. List of Registrars for Women in the Home Defense Registration of July 10. On Dr. Thomas H. Brewer, MD letterhead.

56. List of hostesses for Army YMCA. Names and addresses.

57. List of names for Traveler's Aid. Sewing pool list attached.

58. Rudiments of Home Nursing Class Outline. Attached are various documents from the Syracuse Council of Social Agencies Volunteer Defense Bureau. Contains the following:

a. Outline procedure

b. General letter from chairman of the enrollment committee.

c. Statement of Women's Defense Committee.

d. Foundations for Volunteer Service.

e. Course outline for volunteers.

f. Volunteer Defense Committee.

g. Suggested course for Recreation leadership

h. Volunteer Defense Committee (information for Town's Committee).

Folder 3

59. USO information. Includes event invitations, membership lists and a certificate of recognition.

Folder 4

60. Booklet, In the War at Sea: A Record of Rotterdam's Largest Merchant Fleet And its Gallant Crews from 1940-1945, Published by “The Directors of the Holland America Line”, ca. 1950.

Folder 5

61. Booklet, Handbook of First Aid. (3 copies) Washington, D. C: Office of Civilian Defense, 1941

Folder 6

62. “Last Will and Testament of Adolf Hitler". Novelty pamphlet.

Folder 7

63. War Ration Book No. 3.

Folder 8

64. Italian currency, native and Allied from World War II.

Folder 9

65. "Roaming Around” Columbus Ledger-Enquirer World War II series.

Box 6


1. Edith Kyle Crawford file. Contains newspaper clippings.

2. Birthday telegrams 1966.

3. 80th Birthday celebration at the Big Eddy Club.

4. F. Clason Kyle clippings.

5. Calling cards, ca. 1920.

Columbus Museum

6. Edward Shorter clippings.

7. Zupan exhibit notes and pamphlets, February 10-March 24, 1974.

8. Annual report for Museum 1965.

9. Exhibition notes from "Art and Finance" exhibit, November 11-18, 1955.

Social Clubs

10. Big Eddy Club By-Laws and House Rules, 1968 and 1973.

11. Big Eddy Club various notices, letters and programs.

12. Green Island Club Rules and Regulations.

13. The Green Island Club, correspondence and brochure.

14. Programs and invitations to the Columbus Country Club, March/August 1948.


15. Vogue magazine clippings, ca. 1910.

16. The Ladies World magazine, ca. 1910.

17. Highlights of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition, 1930.

Box 7 Chronological section (1)

1. Columbus Ledger clippings, Confederate era.

2. Notebook 1886-1888. Handwritten entries.

3. "Costumes of All Nations” postcard packet, published by Singer Sewing Machines, 1894.

4. Notebook, ca. 1895. Some entries with dates.

5. Clothing care clippings from various newspapers and magazines, ca. 1910.

6. Embroidery design clippings, ca. 1910.

7. Envelope, ca. 1910 (with stamps).

8. "Cuba, Jamaica, Hayti, Central and South America Panama Canal" Advertisement booklet published by Hamburg-American Ship Line, 1911.

9. Successful Farmer clippings, ca. 1910.

10. Philanthropic Correspondence. Includes the following organizations:

Project Hope
Brookstone School
Irish Georgian Society
Three Arts League
Presbyterian College
Hollins College
Rabun-Gap Nachoochee School

11. Calling cards of the following people:

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moorman
Mr. James Kyle
Miss Elizabeth Kyle
Mrs. Joseph M. Harrison (E. K. Crawford)

12. Remembrances and Memoirs of William Roy Luttrell, Sr. Family & Personal History

13. Wedding Invitation Elizabeth Phillips Kyle and Richard Perry Spencer.

14. Fourth National Bank checks, n.d.

15. Tourist pamphlets/travel correspondence.

16. Hollins College.

17. Miscellaneous correspondence, ca. 1910.

18. Miscellaneous envelopes, ca. 1910.

19. Miscellaneous clippings and invitations. Includes:

Proverbs (copied and typed)
Water meter invoice
Sisters of Mercy invitations
Radio station frequency list
National Geographic map
Ballet program

20. Columbus City Charter, ca. 1920.

21. Columbus Enquirer-Sun February 27, 1927: "What You Should Know About Columbus, Georgia"

22. Cunard Ship Line RMS "Tuscania" Menu & Entertainment Program, September, 1928.

23. N. C. Wyeth National Geographic insert, 1928. Illustration of the artist's interpretation of a world map.

24. Georgia Forest Service Bureau Bulletins, May 1929/December 1930.

25. Hamburg-America Ship Line passenger list from Hamburg to New York, November 1928.

26. Map of the SS Nieuw Amsterdam.

27. Copy of the Constitution of the United States of America.

28. Fort Benning's "Infantry Review-In Honor of Visitors" pamphlet.

29. Humane Society position pamphlets, ca. 1930.

30. Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Sunday Magazine, July 19, 1931.

31. National Geographic map of North American, 1933.

32. Southern Art Project Exhibition 1935. Includes letters and inventories of the collection.

33. Lions Convention Banquet and Dance May 27, 1935 Party Program.

34. Transcript pamphlet of President Roosevelt's Message to the people March 9, 1937: "Reorganizing the Federal Courts".

35. Shephard Home Lift Elevator pamphlets, blue prints and correspondence regarding installation and proper operation of.

36. The Atlanta Journal, December 15, 1939. “Gone with the Wind” souvenir issue.

37. Menus from the Around South America cruise on the SS Nieuw Amsterdam, Holland-America Line, February-March 1939.

38. National Geographic map, 1939. Mexico/Central America/West Indies.

39. Poetry Outline Part I arranged by Edith F. Hudson.

40. Poetry Outline Part II arranged by Edith F. Hudson.

41. Letter to Edith Kyle Crawford as stockholder in Tom Huston's Peanuts, 1945.

42. Clipping re: FDR Shrine in Hyde Park, NY.

43. Tin. Travel booklet published by the Pan American Union, Washington, DC, 1942.

44. Rio de Janeiro published by the Pan American Union, 1943.

45. Nurse's Aid Handbook, ca. 1943.

46. Portion of Atlanta Constitution, June 26, 1944.

47. Coffee in the Americas published by the Pan American Union, 1944.

48. Nehi Corporation Correspondence, 1945.

49. The Snake Farm at Butanan, Brazil, published by the Pan American Union, 1945.

50. National Heroes of the Americas, published by the Pan American Union, 1945.

51. Brazil, published by the Pan American Union, 1945.

52. Columbus Ledger, October 10, 1946: "City to Welcome Thousands".

53. Trinity Episcopal Church pamphlets: January 20, 1946 and February 17, 1946.

54. Julian Harris visits, clippings, 1946

55. Southern Railway System, October 1947 timetable.

56. Western Union telegram, 1947.

57. Obituary for M. B. Clason in Journal of the American Optometric Association, vol. XVII, #9, April 1947, p. 498

58. Christmas cards, ca. 1948.

59. Japan 1948 clippings and essay for Women's Reading Club.

60. Miss Georgia Pageant 1948 program and clippings.

61. The Monday Morning Quarterback Club Annual Dinner Program, January 16, 1948.

62. Columbus High Blue Streak newspaper, February 25, 1949.

63. St. Luke Methodist Church Program. May 2, 1949.

64. Army wide Baseball Tournament, Gowdy Field, Fort Benning September 11-18, 1949.

65. Columbus High School Graduation Program, 1949.

66. United Nations public relations pamphlets. Includes the following:

World Peace Primer, published by Pure Oil Company, 1945.

Fifty Nations Agree: The United Nations Charter published by National League of Women Voters, July 1945.

The World Peace Charter by Mrs. Roff Sims.

67. Correspondence with the media.

68. Korea clippings.

69. "Communism . . .a religion" pamphlets by W. P. Strube, Jr. Sponsored by Tom's Peanuts.

70. Peanut Bowl Game program January 1, 1952 and January 1, 1949. Letter 1948 from Foster Machine Company to Georges. Kyle regarding 1949 game.

71. The Rules of Golf 1952, United States Golf Association.

72. Welcome package from the Columbus Chamber of Commerce & Tourism pamphlets. Includes Callaway Gardens & Columbus as the "Fountain City" pamphlet.

73. Harold K. Oleet & Bros. Catalog.

74. Dedication Program The Mills Memorial Library Rollins College, December 1, 1951.

75. The Sunday Ledger-Enquirer 75th Anniversary Edition of the Columbus Ledger, no date.

76. National Geographic map, Around About the Nation's Capital, 1956.

77. Folder Contains:

Six Steps to Survival Federal Civic Defense Administration, 1955
Georgia Women in Civil Defense
Facts About Fallout
Survival Under Atomic Attack
Fallout Protection
Constitution and By-Laws of the General Federation of Women's Clubs

78. Spano's Restaurant, 65th Anniversary pamphlet, 1958.

79. Life magazine article: “The Unspoiled Wonders of a Living Wilderness”, 1958.

80. Sunday Ledger-Enquirer 1958: "Columbus Carousel", A series of articles about the Shorter's trip around the world.

81. Nuclear Attack Survival -Civil Defense Literature. Includes:

Georgia Women in Civil Defense
Tentative Evacuation Instructions and Escape Routes
Fallout Protection Handbook
Columbus Enquirer November 1, 1962 article "Food for Fallout Shelters"
Survive Nuclear Attack Booklet

82. Our Town articles by W. C. Woodall.

83. Report of the House Committee on Un-American Activities "Communist Target-Youth: Communist Infiltration and Agitation Tactics" (Jul y 1960).

84. Letter dated March 2, 1960 to Edith Kyle Crawford from J. Robert Elliot, re: "Gate City Guard".

85. Sunday Ledger magazine September 9, 1962 Civil War Centennial Commemorative.

86. Time article April 6, 1962: "The Himalayas: Struggle for the Roof of the World".

87. Columbus College Formal Opening Program, January 6, 1963.

88. Pamphlet: "Unmasking the Civil Rights Bill: The Dissenting Views" by Members of the House Judiciary Committee, 1964.

89. Time November 4, 1964. Election Extra re: Lyndon Johnson.

90. The Jewett Family of America Yearbook, 1965.

91. Copy of letter dated September 26, 1967 to Woman of the Year Nomination Committee submitted by Loretto Samar Chappell nominating Edith Kyle Crawford for the award.

92. Columbus Ledger December 29, 1968. Christmas Clipping.

Box 8: chronological Section (2) Letter Box C

93. The Cotillion Club of Columbus 1970 Debutante Ball Program.

94. League of Historic American Theatres Conference Clipping.

95. Westville pamphlets, correspondence, newsletter, special events releases.

96. Historic Columbus Foundation Heritage Ball programs 1973, 1975, 1978.

97. Edith's "oral history" notes.

98. Okefenokee Swamp - Waycross, Georgia tourist literature.

99. Dedication program Elizabeth & Gardiner Garrard Memorial Girls Club January 11, 1970, with invitation.

100. Clipping for local election, 1970.

101. Chattahoochee Valley Tuberculosis & Respiratory Disease Association Annual Report 1970-1971.

102. Letter and clipping regarding the death of Richard B. Russell.

103. National League of Pen Women Honor Certificate.

104. Travel itineraries for Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shorter.

105. National Geographic map of North American, 1924

106. Antique magazine clippings of Bullock Hall, 1974,

107. Newspaper clipping regarding the effects of the Depression on Columbus.

108. The Medical Center Auxiliary Yearbook, 1973 & 1975.

109. Columbus Enquirer clippings ca. November 1979 regarding the Swift Mill Bell.

110. Jimmy Carter Memorabilia. Includes the following:

Columbus Ledger supplement: "A Georgian in the White House", January 21, 1977.
Invitation to Jimmy Carter fund raiser, October 2, 1976.
Inaugural Committee Commemoratives Catalog
Invitation to Inaugural Party & Parade
Photo of Jimmy & Roslyn with "handwritten" note.
Inaugural booklet
Columbus Ledger clipping, January 8. 1970
The Saturday Enquirer and Ledger January 22, 1977
Inauguration Ceremonies 1977 General Admission Ticket
Sunday Ledger-Enquirer January 16, 1977

111. Time magazine January 3, 1977: Jimmy Carter Time Man of the Year.

112. Time magazine February 7, 1977. "The Carters Move In".

113. New York Post, The 1978 Blizzard.

114. Columbus Ledger-Enquirer September 14, 1978 "Strangling Probe Now One Year Old and Still Baffling"--Columbus Strangler.

115. Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 1979 Skylab clippings.

116. The Saturday Enquirer and Ledger January 1979: Women's Club Burns Down.

117. Sunday Ledger-Enquirer February 25, 1979: "Total Eclipse Will Come to Columbus".

118. Clipping, the Sunday Ledger-Enquirer April 1979: Sale of Durrie paintings.

119. The Ledger-Enquirer September 16, 1979. Moviemaking comes to Parrot, Georgia.

120. Miscellaneous clippings, 1979.

121. Clippings regarding Salisbury Park 1979.

122. The Columbus Ledger February 2, 1979. Dr. Louis Hazouri kidnapped.

123. Clipping, Columbus Ledger January 7, 1980."Capote Story Will Become Film".

124. Clippings Columbus Ledger on Local Women's History.

125. Columbus Ledger March 4, 1980. Snow of 1980.

126. "A Historical Synopsis W.C. Bradley Company 1885-1983".

127. 1980's Miscellaneous.

Boxes 9 – 13

5 Flat Boxes Containing 9 Ledgers from a Columbus store, 1884-1889 and 1 Ladies Album, ca. 1910.

Flat Box #1

1. Ledger. Accounts listed by customer name. 1884

2. Ledger. Accounts listed by customer name. 1886

Flat Box #2

3. Ledger. Accounts listed by customer name. 1986

Flat Box #3

4. Ledger. Accounts listed by date. Dec. 27, 1886-May 9. 1887

5. Ledger. Accounts listed by customer name. 1887

Flat Box #4

6. Ledger. Accounts listed by date. Aug. 10, 1887-Aug. 19, 1889

7. Ledger. Accounts listed by date. May 10, 1887-Nov. 14, 1887.

8. Ledger. Accounts listed by customer name. Sept. 1888-Feb. 1889

Flat Box #5

9. Ledger. Accounts listed by customer name. 1892.

10. Ladies Album ca. 1910. Contains clippings from Vogue and The Southern Cultivator. All clippings pertain to entertaining at home and household management.

Box 14 – Photographs (11 folders)

Folder 1 – Photos 1-14: 2 ½ by 5 inches Cards

1. Moselle P. Foard. Inscribed to "Lizzie".

2. Josie Paxton. July 29, 1878.

3. Lillie Darcom. Inscribed to "Lizzie".

4. Unknown female, inscribed to "Lizzie".

5. "Em”. Inscribed to "Lizzie".

6. "Otis". Inscribed to "Lizzie".

7. "Alice". Inscribed to "Lizzie".

8. Unknown female.

9. Unknown female. April 21, 1873. Inscribed to “Lizzie.”

10. Unknown female. Message inscribed.

11. Unknown female. Message inscribed.

12. Unknown male. Message inscribed.

13. Unknown male.

14. Unknown female, inscription crossed out.

14a. Johnnie Stark. Taken by Columbus photographer.

14b. Unidentified girl. Taken by Columbus photographer.

14c. Sallie Stark. Photo inscribed "ran orphan home". Taken by Columbus photographer.

Folder 2 – Photos 15-30: 4 ¼ by 6 ½ inches.

15. Helen Purce (with child).

16. Annie Will (child age 6).

17. Lewis (child age 4).

18. "Schoolmate at Southern Home School, Baltimore".

19. "Schoolmate of Adelaide Swift"

20. Fannie Frith.

21. "Schoolmate at Southern Home School, Baltimore". Inscribed.

22. “Birdie”.

23. Unknown.

24. “Elise”.

25. “Connie white from hernando, Mississippi”.

26. “Jennie”, 1878.

27. “Schoolmate at southern Home School.

28. Herbert e. Horsley (child, age 7).

29. Horda Yuler.

30. Helen Purce. 1880. (see # 15).

Folder 3 – Photos 31-46: 4 ¼ X 6 ½ inches Cards, unmarked.

31. Bridal photo.

32. Small boy.

33. Painting

34. Small girl.

35. Young woman.

36. Baby girl.

37. Young man.

38. Young man.

39. Small child (girl).

40. Woman.

41. Older man.

42. Older woman.

43. Woman.

44. Young girl.

45. Young girl.

46. Baby.

46. Baby.

Folder 4 -- Photos 47-59: Mounted Ovals.

47. Corinne Bonnie. Her address is on the back.

48. Elsie Berry Preston. Clipping attached.

49. Francoise Legon. Hollins College. May 15, 1906.

50. Mary Watts.

51. Lydia Wilbrite. Hollins College, 1905.

52. Helen Dexter.

53. Grace West.

54. Laura Barbsdale. Hollins. 1905.

55. Hugh Stills (young boy).

56. Frances Clemson.

57. Unknown.

58. Jean King. Miss Dana's School Morristown, NJ.

59. Maude Conade, Lucy Locke, Morgan ?.

Folder 5 – Photos 60-71: Mounted, various sizes

60. Jean Brickley.

61. Jean King.

62. Alice Yarth. (see #68).

63. Anna M. Comee. Miss Dana's School, 1908.

64. "Marie". May, 1907.

65. Marian Denison. 1904.

66. Helene Wilson.

67. Emily de Neuville.

68. Alice Yarth. 1906.

69. Miss Lyons and "Teddy". Miss Dana's School.

70. Unknown.

71. Beatrice Hall. May 1907. Inscribed to "Elizabeth".

Folder 6 – Photos 72-82: Mounted, various sizes.

72. Unknown baby.

73. Isla Virginia Smith. 1904.

74. Agnes Ritchie.

75. Alice Yarth. Hollins. 1905.

76. "Betty".

77. Emily de Neuville.

78. Unknown woman.

79. Unknown man.

80. Madie Liery.

81, Unknown man, 1886.

82. Amhira Bradley. Inscribed to "sweet little Edith".

Folder 7 – Photos 83-91: Unmounted stamp-sized photos, one tintype.

83. Tintype. Unidentified female.

84-91. Unidentified women.

Folder 8 – Photos 92-93: Henry B. Crawford.

92. Henry B. Crawford. Portrait sized. Written on back are his birth and death dates: Dec. 4, 1874-Jan. 22, 1956.

93. Henry B. Crawford. Sepia toned miniature portrait.

Folder 9 – Photos 94-99: Snapshots of the 100th Anniversary of the Civil War, Linwood Cemetery 1966.

Folder 10 – Photos 100-107: Various sizes.

100. Marshall Harrison (first husband). Inscribed with death year 1918.

101. Marshall Harrison.

102. Mrs. Crawford at Heritage Ball, 1971.

103. Henry Benning Crawford.

104. Henry Benning Crawford.

105. Mrs. Crawford and nephew Gardiner Garrard. Heritage Ball. Clipping titled “Crawford Honored Lady” pasted to back. June 11, 1971.

106. Crawford, Garrard and Miss Helen Kyle, Heritage Ball, June 11, 1971, Dinglewood.

107. Henry Benning Crawford at gravesite of Henry Lewis Benning.

Folder 11 – Photos 108-109a: snapshots of Broadway (in Columbus, Georgia) ca. 1930.

108. Broadway ca. 1930.

109. Broadway ca. 1930.

109a. Identifying note clipped to photos.

Box 15 – Artifact Box

1. 3 Red Cross enamel pins.

2. 1-Civilian Defense Corps enamel pin.

3. 1-British War Relief button.

4. 6 USO pins:

2-Interlocking USO design, metal with gold overlay.

3-small bar pins.

1-small bar pin with a star above the "S", denotes service hours.

5. 2-Women's Volunteer Corps Eagle pins.

6. 2-USO red, white and blue tin buttons.

7. 2-Eisenhower campaign pins:

1-"I Like Ike" button.

1-metal "Ike" bar pin.

8. 2-American Red Cross Ribbon/Pins

1-enamel cutout Red Cross with blue and white striped ribbon.

1-bronze service metal with ribbon from Tiffany & Co.

9. 40-small metal Red Cross buttons; two different manufacturers, one bears patent date of 1917.

10. Spread Eagle, red, white and blue pin from Chanel .

11. 2 pins:

1-NRA Volunteer button

1-March of Dimes button

12. 2 name tags with ribbons.

13. Maid of Honor ribbon.

14. 10 cent "Profit Sharing" coupon from White's Store 12th Street Columbus.

15. 1-strip of cloth Red Cross labels and 2-Red Cross Stickers.

Box 16 – 12 Encased Photographs

1. Ambrotype, hand tinted. 1 3/8 by 3 ¼ inches. Half of case missing, wooden case with embossed papier-mâché overlay. Case has a single clasp. The image is matted with a brass plate and is bound by a copper overlay. Subject is an un­identified male. ca. 1850

2. Opaline print. 2 ¾ by 3 ¼ inches. Half of case missing, wooden case embossed. Double clasp case. Brass mat is not attached to the print. Subject is an unidentified male. ca. 1850.

3. Daguerreotype, hand tinted. 3 ¼ by 4 1/8 inches. Oriental veneer "book" case with mother of pearl inlay, hand painted cover. Case is broken along joint to spine. Spine is leather bound with the word "Token" inscribed on it. Case is plush lined. Engraved metal plate book clasp. Mat is brass and consistent in style with those made in the 1850's. Mat is inscribed with the name of the photographer, Emil Jacobs, and the initials of the city in which it was taken, New Orleans. This image is of an unidentified woman. Late 1840s early 1850s.

4. Ambrotype, hand tinted. 2 by 2 ½ inches. Wooden single-clasp cloth covered case is intact. Image has a brass mat and is enclosed with an ornate copper overlay. Image is of an unidentified woman posed against a pastoral backdrop. ca. 1850

5. Daguerreotype, hand tinted. 3 ¾ by 3 ¼ inches. Embossed and hand painted wooden case, plush lined, double clasp. Plain brass mat with copper overlay. Copper overlay is embossed with manufacturer's name, Dean & Emerson of Worcester, Massachusetts. Image is of an unidentified girl. Painted into her blurred right hand is a bird sitting on a book. ca. 1850

6. Ambrotype, hand tinted. 2 by 2 /12 inches. Embossed wooden case, plush lined with a single clasp. Spine is broken. Ornate brass mat with intricate copper overlay. Image is of an unidentified woman posed against a pastoral backdrop. ca. late 1850s

7. Ambrotype, hand tinted. 2 ¾ by 4 ¼ inches. Embossed wooden case, plush lined with a single clasp. Spine is broken. Image is of an unidentified male against a plain backdrop. ca. early 1850s

8. Daguerreotype, 3 ¾ by 3 ¼ inches. Brass frame, case broken, plush lined with a single clasp. Image is of two unidentified young girls posing with a vase full of flowers between them. ca. 1860

9. Ambrotype, black canvas case. 3 by 2 ½ inches. Brass frame with a single clasp. Image is of an unidentified young man in front of a plain backdrop. ca. 1860

10. Ambrotype, 3 by 2 ½ inches. Embossed wooden case, plush lined with a single clasp and a brass frame. Frame was loose easily pulled out to reveal something scratched into case behind picture. The inscription was a scratched out name then the words "All I love." Image is of a young lady and parts of the photo appear to have been painted. ca. 1860.

11. Tintype, 3 by 2 ½ inches. Plush lined embossed wooden case with a broken spine, brass frame, and a single clasp. Image is of a man wearing the attire of a miner in front of a plain backdrop. ca. 1860.

12. Ambrotype, 3 ¾ by 3 inches. Plush lined embossed wooden case with a single clasp and a brass frame. Image is of a unidentified young woman in front of a plain backdrop. ca. 1850.