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F. Clason Kyle Collection (MC 86)

Biographical Note

F. Clason Kyle was born May 29, 1929 in Columbus, Georgia.  He was a descendant of one of the five founding city commissioners appointed in 1828.  He graduated from Rollins College in Florida, and did graduate work in history at Stanford.  He served on the boards of the Little Theatre, the Springer Opera House, the Three Arts League, the Columbus Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Musemont Fine Arts Camp and the Barter Theater in Abington, Virginia.  He worked for both the Columbus Ledger and the Columbus Enquirer and continued after their merger, becoming the Associate Editor of the Ledger-Enquirer Sunday Magazine and travel editor.

Scope and Content

This material covers Kyle's journalistic career as well as reflecting his interest in arts, culture and history.

1900s-1980s                                                                2 boxes (c.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the F. Clason Kyle Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University.  Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

F. Clason Kyle Collection (MC 86)
Columbus State University Archives
Columbus, Georgia


Gift of F. Clason Kyle in 1989.

Box and Folder List

Box 1


Folder 1 – Correspondence, 1940, 1960s-1980s
     This folder contains letters regarding Esquiline and the Moses family, the Abercrombie family, the sale of property in the early period of Columbus, and a 1984 letter from Micki Cabaniss.

Folder 2 – Correspondence between L. A. Wells of the Georgia Ornithological Society and Jimmy Carter, and Carter Gubernatorial Election Campaign Information, April-May, 1970

Newspaper Clippings

Folder 3 – Sunday Columbus Ledger-Enquirer – Boat Show Section, February 24, 1963

Folder 4 – Columbus, Georgia Local History articles, 1927-1985
These newspaper clippings, mostly from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, include:

Sunday Atlanta Constitution, Bicentennial [of Georgia], Second Section, March 10, 1933

Etching of very early view of Columbus, Georgia from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, October 22, 1953

"Shrine of a True Leader" [about Liberty Hall, the house of Alexander Stevens, vice president of the Confederacy, in Crawford, Georgia], Sunday Atlanta Journal, November 4, 1962

"Restless to Change the River" by Tim Sellers, clipping from the Columbus Ledger, February 7, 1963

"Historical Survey is Made of Chattahoochee Projects" by Joe Bailey, clipping from the Columbus Ledger, February 7, 1963

"Columbus: A Brief History" by W.C. Woodall, Georgia Magazine, February-March, 1963

"'Ballad's' Set will Seem Familiar to You: And No Wonder" by Mary Margaret Byrne, clipping from the Sunday Ledger-Enquirer, November 10, 1963

"Esquiline Object of Pilgrimage" by Tim Sellers, clipping from the Columbus Ledger, ca. May 1964

Issue of the Sunday Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, with the front page covering events from 1864, April 12, 1964

"News...100 Years Ago", edited by Daisy Tucker, clipping from the Columbus Enquirer, May 4, 1966

"Langdon House bought by Kyle", clipping from the Columbus Ledger, December 28, 1966

"Old House Purchased for Use as Museum", clipping from the Columbus Enquirer, December 29, 1966

"Membership Drive Begins for Historic Columbus Foundation", clipping from the Sunday Ledger-Enquirer, October 1, 1967

"...Triumph of Greek Revival" by Mary Margaret Byrne, clipping from the Sunday Ledger-Enquirer, April 14, 1968

"Indian Trading, River, Strong spirit Shaped Columbus" by Constance Johnson, clipping from the Columbus Ledger, April 10, 1975

"Eagle & Phenix Mill: Repository of History" clipping from the Columbus Ledger, November 30, 1978

"Memories are Fond" by Mary Margaret Byrne, concerning the recent death of Mrs. George C. Marshal who was born Katherine Tupper in Columbus, Georgia, clipping from ca. January 1979

"Nankipooh Owes Name to Railroad and Opera", clipping from the Columbus Ledger, February 14, 1979

"A Taste for Things Past: Master Chef Alonso Biggs Preserves the Recipes of His Slave Background as Well as the Lore of a Rich Family History" by Pat Quinley, clipping from the Sunday ledger-Enquirer, September 4, 1983

Obituary of Louise DuBose (Nancy Telfair), clipping from the Columbus Ledger, August 30, 1985

Partial clipping concerning the sale of the land lots in Columbus, Georgia as well as the naming its streets, nd

"Our Town" column titled "Old Homes, Rose Hill, Late '80s" by W.C. Woodall, nd

Folder 5 – Newspaper clippings of articles by and about Kyle, 1962-76

Folder 6 – Scouting's Jubilee, October, 1985

Folder 7 – Reprints of John E. Lamar's "Reminiscences of Early Columbus" from 1888, Columbus Enquirer, May 24-June 3, 1982

Folder 8 – "The Road from Bondage" an 8 part series by Liz Benham, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, June 6-12, 1982

Folder 9 – Desk blotter of Edith K. Crawford, nd


Folder 10 – Photos of local advertisements and tickets, circa (1870)

Folder11 – Reproductions images of historical figures including the McKenney-Hall Portraits of American Indians, nd

Folder 12 – Packet 1 - Photos of welcome home parade for WWI troops, 1918 & Packet 2 - Photos of Fort Benning, 1917-40

Folder 13 – Photos of local buildings interiors and exteriors, 1880s-1950s
     Some of these photos are identified, such as Sherwood Hall and the Fontaine home, but most are not . Many are reproduced from material at the Georgia State Archives.  Some are taken from albums and some are postcards.

Folder 14 – Negatives of the statue of Samuel Spencer in AMTRAK station in Atlanta, July 8, 1985


Folder 15 – Allen & Ginter's Album of American Editors, First Series, 1880s

Folder 16 – Publications, 1913-1964

These publications include:

Georgia Landmarks, Memorials, and, Legends, including pages relating to Torch Hill: The Home of Dr. Francis Orray Ticknor (photocopies of pages 230-233 and pages 818-831), 1913-1914

Ford Breezes, vol. 2, No 3, Nov 1923

Program, Columbus Centennial, 1828-1928, April 25-27, 1928

Georgia's Bi-Centennial, Quarterly Bulletin of the Georgia Department of
Agriculture Serial (front cover only), No. 121, August 1932

Georgia, A Guide to Its Towns and Countryside (photocopy of pages 214-223 covering Columbus), WPA, 1940

The Great Table in the Columbus Bank and Trust Company, 1957

This is Columbus, League of Women Voters of Columbus, Georgia, 1959

League Life, Junior League of Columbus, March, 1963

Georgia Magazine, February-March, 1963 and February-March, 1964

Sidney Lanier: America's Sweet Singer of Songs, the Author of the Mashes of Glynn and Other Poems, by Tallu Fish, 1963

Promenade Magazine, Guide to New York World's Fair (1964-65)

Columbus: Georgia's Newest Port City, 1964

Georgia Civil War Centennial Map, 1964

Folder 17 – Publications, 1965-1977

These publications include:

The Gallant City 1865-1965-Program (2 copies), 1965

Once Upon An Island: The Story of Fabulous Jekyll by Tallu Fish, 1965

Squares of Savannah Guidebook, rev. 1965

"Antiques at Savannah", reprinted from Antiques Magazine, March 1967

Tourist Brochure on Columbus, 1970s

Columbus Audubon Society, Observer, Special Publication 1, December 31, 1973

Bartram Trail Bicentennial Proposal, 1974

Priority Listing of Historic Sites Owned by the State of Georgia, July 15, 1975

France and America, published by the French Embassy, April 1976

Georgia Life, Autumn-Winter, 1976 and Winter, 1977

Folder 18 – Publications, 1977-1991

These publications include:

Grassroots South, Fall 1977

Historic Savannah, 1977

"Historic Columbus Foundation, 1966-1978" by John S. Lupold, reprinted from the Georgia Historical Quarterly (2 copies), Spring 1979

Columbus Museum of Arts and Sciences, brochure, 1981

Historic Columbus Foundation, vol. XIV, no. 1, Fall 1982

Columbus Magazine, July August, 1983

The Journal of Southwest Georgia History, vol. III, Fall 1985

"L. Haiman & BRO" by Steward R. Osborn, North South Trader, vol. XII, no. 4, May-June, 1985

Georgia Humanities Council, Report, 1989-91

Subject Files

Folder 19 – The Bayonet, "200th Anniversary of U.S. Army", June 13, 1975

Folder 20 – Bradley Theater, 1978, 1982

Folder 21 – Brown, J. Rhodes-obituary, 1900

Folder 22 – Bussey Family/Fort Benning

Folder 23 – Carr, Virginia, 1975, 1984
     This folder contains Carr's collection of materials about her 1975 McCullers biography, The Lonely Hunter, including reviews and correspondence, as well as a New York Times review of her book, Dos Passos, 1984

Folder 24 – Civil War

Folder 25 – Columbus, Georgia – Founding
     This folder contains typescripts of the Board of Commissioners for the Town of Columbus, January 15, 1828 (2 copes) and Notes taken on the Survey of the Reservation at the Cowetah Falls on the Chattahoochee River and also of the Town of Columbus, commencing 30 of January 1828, by E.L. Thomas, Surveyor (2 copies)

Folder 26 – Columbus High School, 1907, 1951
     This folder contains an Arbor Day Program from March 1, 1907, a program for the graduation ceremonies of 1907 and an issue of the Columbus High School newspaper, T he Blue Streak, Nov 19, 1951

Folder 27 – Columbus Ledger Magazine, 3rd Anniversary edition, April 29, 1928

Folder 28 – Columbus Riverwalk/Promonade
     This folder contains a draft article, "Columbus Promenade Returns", by Clason Kyle, for publication in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, April 29, 1973

Folder 29 – Columbus, Georgia – Timeline, 1982
     This folder contains "The Past 75 Years in Columbus (1907-1982): A Time Line"

Folder 30 – Columbus, Georgia – Tourism
     This folder contains a case study "A Program for Columbus, Georgia (Case Study Problem)", submitted for the Eighth Annual Seminar for Historical Administrators in Williamsburg, Virginia by Janice A Woodruff, June-July 1966

Folder 31 – Columbus Woman's Club House Association, 1928
     This folder contains a photocopy of the membership Certificate of Louise B. McPherson, January 11, 1928

Folder 32 – Cotton Ball Invitation, 1954

Folder 33 – Fort Benning Bridge Opening, Columbus Sunday Ledger-Enquirer, April 7, 1935

Folder 34– Fort Mitchell, East Alabama and the Creek Indian Factory

Folder 35 – The Herald, vol.1, no. 1, Jan 18, 1876
     This is a satirical sheet published in Columbus on Tuesday, January 18, 1876

Folder 36 – Indians, 1968-1970

Folder 37 – Indians - Yuchi tribe, 1958-1973

Folder 38 – Kyle, Clason, 1928, 1948, 1966, 1974
     This folder contains a 1928 ad for the optometry office of Kyle's grandfather, M.B. Clason, a high school report card from 1948, a badge for the opening night of the Metropolitan Opera on September 27, 1965, Clason Kyle's Resume of March 3, 1966 and some of his Christmas Cards from 1974 and a thank-you note from Mrs. Richard L. Hale to Mrs. Crawford for her donation to the roofing fund for the Women's Club Association, October 31, 1977

Folder 39 – Martin, Frank K., program for the Oath of Office Ceremony as Mayor, January 6, 1991

Folder 40 – McCullers, Carson
     This folder contains a New York Times review of the movie, Ballad of a Sad Café, August 26, 1990

Folder 41 – McIlhenny, Henry obituaries, May 1986

Folder 42 – Roosevelt, Franklin, 1930s
     This folder contains Mid-Week Pictorial Newspaper clippings of FDR Inaugural Ceremony Pictures.

Folder 43 –Royal Theatre opening, newspaper clipping, April 29, 1928

Folder 44 – Sampson, Gloria – Drawing of a house, 1981

Folder 45 – Sesquicentennial Issue - I, 1974
     This folder contains drafts of articles for the issue, including "Women of the Year", (Dec 6, 1974), another article on historic houses of Columbus, one titled "Southern Dialect" by Dr. Phil O'Logg, and other articles

Folder 46 – Sesquicentennial Issue – II, 1974
     This folder also contains drafts of articles for the Issue, including several featuring prominent early citizens of Columbus.

Folder 47 – St. Francis Hospital Auxiliary Mardi Gras Ball Programs and Invitations, February 5, 1959 and March 2, 1976

Folder 48 – Vanishing Georgia project – Photographs, ca. 1980

Folder 49 – War Ration Books of Mr. and Mrs. John K. Clason, Office of Price Administration (OPA), 1940s

Folder 50 – Wolfe, Thomas – "The Wolfegate Affair" (about Thomas Wolfe Plagiarism Accusation), Harvard Magazine, September-October, 1981

Box 2

Scattered issues of various national magazines and local newspapers, unsorted, 1930s-1970s.